Rogers and RIM offering BBM Music free for 6 months

BBM Music
By Bla1ze on 2 Feb 2012 02:01 am EST

Since the release of BBM Music we've not really heard a whole lot from RIM on how the uptake of the service has gone but they're still moving forward with promotions to get it out to a wider audience it seems. A new promotion for the service is happening right now for current Rogers customers where if you download BBM Music from February 1st up until March 30th, you'll get 6 months of the service for free.

A few caveats to keep in mind, the promo is for new and existing users but only if you're still under your trial term -- if you're beyond that, it won't work. Basically, you're just extending the trial. With that cleared up, if you've yet to try out BBM Music and are on Rogers, now is a great time to give it a go. Thanks, John!

More information/download of BBM Music


Well that's silly, I only got a trial for 1 month. Sure I'm on Optus down in Aus but it would have been awesome to get a longer trial period.

Bella Maria

Never leave room for regret


I believe Virgin Mobile Canada also has a free 6 month for BBM music as well.


Never mind. Virgin Mobile Canada only has it for 30 days. My bad. Here's the link


I would like it if it just came to more countries to start with!!


wow so once trial is over u cant get the 6 months free thats always good :s


More countries please. Nevermind bbm music, what about bb traffic, bb news, bb podcast for more countries.


could they not have shopped the picture to give it 5 stars? i didnt notice that earlier when i first posted.


that's RIM's marketing for you!


RIM marketing? Are you for real? This is a screenshot of this blogger's phone. You should think before writing garbage.


that's what I thought, 2 1/2 stars! ouch!


maybe there needs to be more backlash outside of the states and to an extent Canada because it seems RIM just wants to hand out as many "incentives" to the latter because they're struggling in that market. Thanks rim, can't wait to try bb traffic one day and maybe even have bbm music at a subscriber rate that isn't comparable to the US.


In the usa they are also giving 4 months free for anyone that signs up in February.


Its too bad I think had RIM made bbm music free to use or a one time purchase fee I think it probably would have been huge maybe even the next blckberry killer app after bbm of course


I agree. I don't see the benefit being worth a monthly subscription.


Att is doing this as well. Does anyone know how to extend a trial without deleting and reinstalling bbm music?


Hmmm ... so loyal *paying* BBMM subscribers get nothing? Very unfair.


Exactly, screw the early adopters again!


Dude, it's 5 bucks a month!


Works for SiriusXM. Give them free subscription when they buy the car, depending on the maker, after 3, 6 or 12 months, they are hooked and will sign-up to pay.

BTW, my Dodge Challenger came with 12 months free, but a BMW only comes with 3 months. Cheap Germans.

El Platanero

I'm not even worried about free time. I used to pay for slacker which didn't make it as easy for selection and that was 10 a month. Five a month I don't even check my banking account. I just want them to work out the bugs. Love the app but sometimes it gets on my nerves.


I'm already long past my trial and I never extended it. Does this mean I have an extra 6 months if I redownload it? Or am I out of luck?

Alpha Omega

AT&T has the same offer, when you go into App World.


Yep. I saw the same offer on AT&T yesterday!


For AT&T, do we just have to redownload it to get the extra 6 months?


Had it on my first torch. That got replaced under warranty. And it won't let me download it on the "new" one.



Telus Canada have it for 4 months free.


So once again the early adopter is screwed and the hold outs get a sweet deal. Nice...


The BBM Music app rocks -- very well designed and it works well, but I'm not so sure I'm sold on the concept. I like to own my own music. I like the fact that I cannot play my own music unless I am subscribing to the service. Agreed, I still have my purchased music but it gets a bit grey when you have other music that you don't really own but shared by others. The $5/month allows you to into the "club" to share but not own.

Agreed with SuperGenius: early adopters should not get screwed out of a deal. Everyone deserves the same fair deal.


Le boo. I installed a couple months ago and never got much of a chance in 30 days to use it.


My chager came with 3mo free Sirius radio after that I was hooked and subscribed. BBMM I'm not sold and I was a beta tester. I'm currently in trial but see an extenTion ...I'm not sold on bbmm so I won't subscribe.


Well I'm in Toronto on Fido and i just signed up and i get it till June 1st 2012. That's 4 months if my grade 11 math serves me right.


i have 8 gigs of music stored on my media card, why won't this app recognize any of it? what up? so far i'm not impressed lol.


Go back and read what this app is used for.


yeah not for what i wanna use it for. delete.


And of course they don't let you take advantage of this offer if you've already used up the free 1 month. Smh

the brother

I'm on Rogers and this free 6 month deal is not appearing for me. What is the trick?

"the promo is for new and existing users but only if you're still under your trial term..."

My trial date was set to expire on Feb 27/ what gives? HELP

the brother

I'm on Rogers and this free 6 month deal is not appearing for me. What is the trick?

"the promo is for new and existing users but only if you're still under your trial term..."

My trial date was set to expire on Feb 27/ what gives? HELP


Hey I used the one month free trial when the released it as a beta and now when I go download it, I can get the 6 months free. Is there any possible way to get the trial extended for 6months? If I had knew this was gonna happen I def would have waited it out so I could get the trial version for 6 months.