Rogers, Fido and TELUS now rolling out OS for the BlackBerry Z10

Rogers, Fido and TELUS now rolling out OS for the BlackBerry Z10
By Bla1ze on 28 Feb 2013 02:33 pm EST

If you're on Rogers, Fido or TELUS (Yes, that includes Koodo) and are the proud owner of a BlackBerry Z10, you'll want to go ahead and check for software updates on your device. As reported in the CrackBerry forums and witnessed on some of our own devices, software update v10.0.10.85 is now arriving OTA. Yes, that's the software version -- the OS version itself is and the highest release we've seen thus far, including leaks.

Update: BlackBerry has posted on the Inside BlackBerry Blog a detailed look at the changes this OS brings. You can find a quick summary of those changes below.

These changes and improvements include:

  • 3rd Party App Performance - improved performance for 3rd party applications, so developers can build apps that run fast and smooth
  • Phone, Calendar, and Contacts - fixes for Gmail calendars, improvements in the BlackBerry Hub for logging calls log, general improvements to importing contacts from online sources
  • Camera -  optimized the camera for better photos in low-light situations
  • Browser and Media - a number of improvements to the software in the way the browser handles video playback
  • Battery Life - over 60 battery saving improvements

Kevin also wanted to point out that at this time updates are pushed out by carriers. So if you have a factory unlocked BlackBerry (like the pre-release models or ones that came unlocked at the Launch events, etc.), the updates you receive will be based on your SIM. So if you're in Canada on Rogers/Telus with a factory unlocked unit, you may have received an update. If you're in the USA, not yet.

As of right now, we're not sure what exactly the update contains as the changelog doesn't really say a whole lot but it's safe to say there is some bug fixes in there for sure. If you happen to spot anything new, drop a comment or hop on into the CrackBerry forums and let your fellow Z10 owners know what you've found. Hopefully, we'll also see it roll out to other carriers soon than later.

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Rogers, Fido and TELUS now rolling out OS for the BlackBerry Z10



Hot Damn...Swisscom??...Don't know who you are but good on you!

Bell....Some day soon #BellSucks

I give up!!

I have been known for being an impulsive buyer so please tell me if what i am going to do sounds insane or not. I have a beautiful white unlocked BBz10 that I have working with Bell and Wind non of whom have pushed the fricking updates yet. I have been itching like crazy to get that update since I read the above posting and I am seriously seriously considering activating a rogers or fido prepaid line just to get it.... the cost will be 20 dollars ,,,,, would any of you do that or is this just crazy ... and why the flip has crackberry not managed to get us a darn link to that official OS release like in the past.

BBis the best and I am a crackberry addict.

From a Bell customer...go to Rogers!! Save yourself the aggravation that we're experiencing. Keep in mind that I'm extremely frustrated and bitter!!

Bell claims to have the fastest LTE network in the world (like to see the proof) but they're as slow as a garden snail with OS updates.

BlackBerry® will be one of CTV top-tier sponsors and will play an integral role in this summer’s inaugural season of “The Amazing Race Canada....what aspect of BB10 you think they will focus on for the show?? @YongeStreetr

I have a strange question. I ordered my Z10 and then found out Head Office will be testing the BES10 until early Q2 and in the interim, the existing BES will not support the Z10. Therefore I have not activated the SIM card and am strictly using the phone as a WIFI device. (Yeah, I know that sucks, but it is what it is.) I am on the Telus network and have not seen the upgrade come through, probably because it is only getting access from WIFI, not OTA, Would that be a safe presumption? Thoughts??

A follow-up post is needed to hear how the camera now performs in low light conditions...robust updates are always welcomed :)

Bells update is going to include the Bell Apps - Movie, TV ect. Thats what the delay is. Hold yer horses.....or whatever

Dear All,

Need some advice. I bought my z10 from canada, I am now in Malaysia, using Digi and its working fine, now my z10 is running on bb10 os version, no issue with the battery etc.. but was just wondering do the patches release must be carrier based? or will blackberry release a version that can be upgraded using BB Link? anyone can advice is really appreciated. Im really loving this phone and Malaysia will only get theirs by mid of this month and i have already been using Z10 for 2 weeks. everyone was asking and want to grab one when its available. cheers.

My Z10 working under Virgin Mobile UK , they dont have phones with BB10.
So what now?
Any chance that i get upgrade to new softwre?

Yes I also called (Saturday March 02, 2013 5:30pm) and they confirmed v10.0.10.85 will be released on March 07, 2013.

No big deal. Phone works great but looking forward to the
upgrade in 4-5 days!

I downloaded the update yesterday and was ( 130 MB -

for my white Z10 on Vodafone Qatar ...

What I noticed after installing it :-

- Improvement in battery life about 25 - 30 %

- Lag and very slow response from the keyboard ( why blackberry??? it was good and fast)hope they fix it right away >>!!!

- The updates reached the white devices (Z10s) but the black are still waiting!! ( I smell RACISM LOL) but true cuz have both at home.

I am having big heshes (issues) on the Z10 the battery is blinking awful, every radio app, and movie app crashes (flixster/Poynt et al Nobex/Tunin Radio) and it's just started turning itself off sporadically - my poor Z10 need that update extra pronto... Still loving the Z10 honest its amazing but the heshes my goodness my patients are being tested because it's so close to great...