Rogers, Fido and TELUS now rolling out OS for the BlackBerry Z10

Rogers, Fido and TELUS now rolling out OS for the BlackBerry Z10
By Bla1ze on 28 Feb 2013 02:33 pm EST

If you're on Rogers, Fido or TELUS (Yes, that includes Koodo) and are the proud owner of a BlackBerry Z10, you'll want to go ahead and check for software updates on your device. As reported in the CrackBerry forums and witnessed on some of our own devices, software update v10.0.10.85 is now arriving OTA. Yes, that's the software version -- the OS version itself is and the highest release we've seen thus far, including leaks.

Update: BlackBerry has posted on the Inside BlackBerry Blog a detailed look at the changes this OS brings. You can find a quick summary of those changes below.

These changes and improvements include:

  • 3rd Party App Performance - improved performance for 3rd party applications, so developers can build apps that run fast and smooth
  • Phone, Calendar, and Contacts - fixes for Gmail calendars, improvements in the BlackBerry Hub for logging calls log, general improvements to importing contacts from online sources
  • Camera -  optimized the camera for better photos in low-light situations
  • Browser and Media - a number of improvements to the software in the way the browser handles video playback
  • Battery Life - over 60 battery saving improvements

Kevin also wanted to point out that at this time updates are pushed out by carriers. So if you have a factory unlocked BlackBerry (like the pre-release models or ones that came unlocked at the Launch events, etc.), the updates you receive will be based on your SIM. So if you're in Canada on Rogers/Telus with a factory unlocked unit, you may have received an update. If you're in the USA, not yet.

As of right now, we're not sure what exactly the update contains as the changelog doesn't really say a whole lot but it's safe to say there is some bug fixes in there for sure. If you happen to spot anything new, drop a comment or hop on into the CrackBerry forums and let your fellow Z10 owners know what you've found. Hopefully, we'll also see it roll out to other carriers soon than later.

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Reader comments

Rogers, Fido and TELUS now rolling out OS for the BlackBerry Z10



Rogers was last with these updates with the old BBOS, looks like they are first with BB10.

Let's hope it continues this way! Good job Rogers!

I don't think it is Rogers that is pushing it out, I think these updates come straight from BlackBerry. Could be wrong but look how quickly the updates are showing up on devices.

Just look at the 3g/4g playbook, it still needed carrier approvals and there is no reason to think that the situation will be any different with bb10 so this might simply be Rogers being efficient for once.

downloaded and installed on Rogers,

One item to notice right away is the Hub, swiping to the left or right is much faster.

Are you sure? Looks the same to me, I always thought it was smooth. Would have to do a side-by-side comparison to tell for sure.

I also noticed a difference in the hub movement. The battery lasts a lot longer as well. I believe I saw more ring tones. Individual contacts can now be associated with different ring tones. This was a much needed update and good step, but more needs to be done before the U.S. release.

It's really too bad that we are at the mercy of the carriers s to push us software updates. It's really too bad RIM can't bypass the carriers. :(

As far as I understand, one of the major advantages of BlackBerry 10 is that these software updates no longer need to be carrier-tested. This is probably why we are seeing a software update so quickly compared to what happens under the traditional BlackBerry OS (7-). Under the old model, we probably wouldn't be seeing this update for months.

That theoretical situation does not seem to be the way it has actually worked out in practice unfortunately.

It doesn't confirm anything. BB10 is so immature that it is a 100% certainty that there are going to be bugs on phone calls, sms, mms... (which require carrier approvals) and new bridge features (which also require carrier approvals).

Looks like they've added back the functionality to hear phone calls in Bedside Mode under Clock Settings. Pretty sure this wasn't here up to now.

About two minutes after I posted this, I received notification. Is downloaded and installed :) guess I just checked too soon.

For anyone afraid of the update deleting any apps or settings, it does not.

My findings so far: super snappy and zippy.

I saw the bell notification, and thought "Hey weird, I didn't have a reminder/alarm set, wonder what that is?" Oh cool, OS update!

My update on Telus was about 145mb, btw.

Just download OTA no problem. Can't see any noticeable changes
Hopefully some bug fixes!

Well done Rogers!

agreed!! I use the calendar all the time, and it's been a real pain so far trying to schedule anything using the handset.

How does this work if you have an unlocked phone and using a totally different carrier in another country? Back with BB 6 you could download any OS update and just remove the vendor.xml. is the software package version (it contains the OS, radio files, etc). is the OS build.

Didn't you previously post that you got the notification? Or am I the one that is having a bad day? lol

Yup. People will just blindly post something without bothering to read the previous comments. Common sense sometimes isn't that common.

Are u now suggesting it's an obligation to read every comment b4 makin your own...who does dat consistently? Lol who has dat amount of time everytime!!!

did you not see the 10 people post above you saying its out for Telus? lol I just got the notification a few minutes ago and am downloading it as we speak.. turn your Wifi on and you should get the notification.

At this point I think some will report bad battery life later on today and it might be because they will "play" with the phone a bit more to find what changes have been made. In a few days an accurate comparison will be made.

Rogers is really putting effort in supporting the Z10 and the new BB10 platform....why? Because they know it is slick, fast, and reliable......they know they are going to make a lot of money off of it.....and rightfully so....Blackberry is back with a vengeance....and it is good for the consumer.

Everyone I've shown the Z10 to at work is impressed. Today I showed one guy what the phone could do and he said he's picking it up. I only demo'ed it for about fifteen minutes, let him browse around a bit, and let him play Beach Buggy Blitz so he can see what the resolution is like. Off the hook slick, fast, and reliable.

I just responded to an email while the update was installing and it simply paused it, sent my reply, notified me that it was paused so that when I went back to the update screen it resumed. Nice!

Update about the updates.. Mine was almost done and now it appears it has started over.. Not sure why :( perhaps sending an email wasn;t such a good idea?

On the bright side I will have to change my user name ;)

I have access to a higher build for STL-2 (Liverpool). BlackBerry is working hard fix bugs, improve performance and memory usage (browser needs some optimization). Since I currently only have a STL-1 (3G+ device only) I have not had a chance to test it.

So far the on the STL-1 seems to run a bit more smoothly, but it is really hard to say without controlled tests. Several bugs have been fixed (e.g. Voice command "Schedule an appointment" now actually starts the Schedule process instead of doing a search, and screenshots seems to store pictures in the right location correctly)

ActiveSync stil has issues with non US characters in passwords and does not support message forwarding status (ActiveSync 14 feature).

I really would love to see a more fresh application icon grid. They blue background with the rectangles around the icons and text is a bit boring imho.

well done Rogers well done!! BlackBerry, that's impressive, you keep your promise, well done too!

Now, the question here. Is it only for STL-100-3 only? or will it be available for STL-100-2 which is also a qualcomm Z10 as well? Can I inject that to my phone? I really wanna have the update!!! my Z10 is the STL-100-2..

Speaking of text messaging:
Did they fix the "search" bug?

E.g. if you have a user named "Firstname Lastname" you can start composing an e-mail and write "fi la" and it will find the user named "Firstname Lastname". This does not work when composing a text message.

@ ezapper2...txt messaging is still in the Hub, you just have to turn it back on in the settings.

@ screen froze on restart, did battery pull, and voila,,the phone fired up beautifully...

I have been stuck on the "Software Update Complete: Preparing to restart" for about 20 minutes now.

Anyone else having this problem?

What should I do?

looks like they fixed my problem with the volume being lowered when accidentally pressing while in sleep mode . I would put my phone in silence mode without even knowing especially when taking in and out of holster , glad they fixed that.

No issues for me on Rogers. Downloaded installed and rebooted fine. I almost panicked when it rebooted as my music and pics were blank. Forgot the phone takes time go index.

Just got off the phone with Bell - they have no idea when they'll have the update available - totally clued out

i did the update then lost all my text first my text message box wouldn't even work until i restarted for the 2nd time

yea but i had three unread messages while doing the update and didn't check, now i don't know who texted me

Did the Rogers update, had to pull the battery since it got stuck on the second Restart question. Took a while to reboot, so be patient. Glad Rogers isn't last to update like usual.

I believe this update will also fix an issue with BDS6.2 and Lotus Traveler where you cannot connect to your Traveler server using HTTP (only HTTPS). I was working with BlackBerry on this and ended up setting up my BB support contact with a temporary email account. He was able to connect via HTTP and turned out it was due to his OS version being a slightly newer build and the fact that there was an open bug for this. Unfortunately I didn't grab a screen cap of the version he had but this *looks* like it.

Will know for sure tomorrow...

BIS doesn't really compress today's type of data and all a BIS account would do would be slow things down without a lot of compression.

On Telus in Ontario. Got the update, 149MB like everyone is reporting. Went through the download process and thought everything was ok...

Now it is again showing an update, but this time it is 741MB ???

Does this seem normal? Anyone else have this?

On Rogers in Ontario. Same issue. Mine restarted when it seemed I was almost done as I think I lost Wi-Fi connectivity for awhile but it was going so slowly that I thought it was stuck at 9% so I cancelled and restarted it. I am now back at 1%.. It's going to take awhile at this rate. Strange.. Mine switched. when it was stuck at 9% it still said 149MB at the top but 741MB on the main area. Mine now says 741MB in both areas.. Weird.

I connect the phone to my computer and started Link. Showed a software update. Files were already downloaded (I assume the 149MB initial step). Looks like the update will proceed with Link easier.

Can the update be done on the phone itself without having any issues with ones documents and all? I want to know.

What a dy, got a $100 fr beta testing some apps, an Update for my Z10 and Just got my transformer case from ebay France all at the same time!

so what about those who have an unlocked phone they got from Rogers but live in the US where do we get the update from?

Thank you Fido for once I get updates, even with Rogers wer were always last or not at all and i had to sideload. Updating as we speak.

headache!!! did the update with fido did not find my contacts, no hub or pics ,so checked for updates again and they did have another one 355 mb will see.

...Pretending to download on my imaginary ATT BlackBerry Z10! Just had to say that, makes me feel better! :)

Hey Bell Mobility - get your s**t together! I transferred my personal Telus account to my business Bell account. Don't make me feel like I made a MOTHER EFFING MISTAKE!

How are they the only carrier who hasn't sent a bloody update? I'm kinda angry. I feel like a child of a ghetto-ass family whose parents couldn't afford the stuff everyone else has. :(

I'm with you Joski - I switched to Bell from Rogers 10 months ago and I've been on the phone with them twice today and they have nothing to say at all about the availability of this OS upgrade. No ETA.. nothing. absolutely useless..

welcome to my last 2 years. I don't know how you guys on Rogers were with older BB's but I can guarantee you that Bell has always been last to send OTA updates for every other OS for the last 2 years. What's worse my updates were never days or weeks behind - I had to wait around 3 months after Rogers sometimes. Also, Rogers carries more flagship phones than Bell will, and they often get new phones earlier than Bell. If I can convince them to match my old Bell plan I'm switching. Bell is terrible. The downside is that Rogers often farms out their customer support line to other provinces and countries

Telus Ontario ... so far downloaded the 149MB and now installing that 149MB ... no glimmer at this point of another 300+MB download. Will be running this through the paces for a few hours, and will report anything (new and not here already) I find.

yikes!! I didn't get the other download, just the initial 149MB. Restarted and going again ... now I'm just killing the battery looking at everything :)

I have [you were CC'ed] as "cc" and use it all the time for texting so this is a huge fix for me. Awesome!

From what I've seen no ones really said it yet, but HUGE IMPROVEMENTS IN SCREEN ROTATION!! Pictures and apps change orientation very quickly now, no more getting stuck and having the tilt the phone in stupid ways.

Why does Bell need to be different from everybody else? Everyone updates, nothing for Bell. Everyone doesn't need a BlackBerry plan for the Z10, but Bell absolutely needs one. If this is what Bell will continue forward with, I think I'm going to be jumping ship to another service provider when my contract is up.

I have an unlocked Z10 running on AT&T in the States and when I connected to BlackBerry Link, there was no update available.

Worried about AT&T...on their website they announce that the htc ONE is coming soon, want you to sign up for notifications concerning its ETA...but nothing for BB Z10. Nothing. Neither one is actually *here* yet but the htc ONE gets the advanced publicity. That bites.

I hoping that the hold up with Bell is that their version of the update will include Mobile TV. But I'm probably just foolishly optimistic.

I have noticed that now when I delete box and foursquare, and restart, those placeholder icons don't come back they are gone for goood!

Here are the changes in the new update for BB10
Today we issued a software update for BlackBerry 10 smartphones that’s focused on your feedback. It’s already available from some carriers and we’re working closely with all our carrier partners to get it to you as soon as possible.

It’s almost been a month since we officially unveiled the new BlackBerry 10 smartphones and many of you already have a BlackBerry Z10 in hand. You’ve been using it for weeks, and we’ve been listening to your feedback, and have been working on an update just for you. Here are just a few of the improvements you can expect after updating your software.

3rd Party App Performance
We’ve improved performance for 3rd party applications, so developers can build apps that run fast and smooth for you. With this update, you might want to keep an eye out for some fresh new app launches in March, like WhatsApp.

Phone, Calendar, and Contacts
Among the top improvements and features are fixes for Gmail calendars on BlackBerry 10. You’ll also find improvements in the BlackBerry Hub for logging calls log and how conversations are handled. We’ve also made general improvements to importing contacts from online sources.

We’ve optimized the camera for better photos in low-light situations. You’ll love the difference this makes for photos where you don’t use a flash – like the Time Shift Camera feature.

Browser and Media
With more and more of you using the gorgeous screen on the BlackBerry Z10 to consume online videos and media, we’ve made a number of improvements to the software in the way the browser handles video playback to provide a fantastic experience.

Battery Life
The software team has included a number of battery life optimizations with over 60 battery saving improvements since launch to keep you moving. These combined improvements are designed so that you see improvements in battery life and heavy users especially should see a longer average usage per charge cycle.

If this is the new BlackBerry then I'm glad I bought a Z10 buy I'm even happier I bought stocks :)


On Rogers in Ontario. Just updated and rebooted once. No issues at all - all my texts were there once the Zed finished rebuilding the Hub.

Tried to update -
On Fido,, 149 mb
Started the update on WiFi, downloaded 100%,
Installed 100%.

I then didn't get a notification to restart,
and now it shows there's an update to download at 0 mb.
The only button to press however is a cancel update button
that does nothing. I tried restarting the phone twice as well
after giving it 20 minutes to ask me to restart, cancel update
button persists.

Anyone else with this problem?

Connected over WiFi to Blackberry Link and watched the update data inexplicably disappear. I had the option to update again and it went smoothly this time.

Weird, but I'm glad I didn't wind up having to reload and start from scratch.

WOW ..... This IS HUGE NOW!
Now this has got to be the BEST phone in the world.

It fixed all those things that some were bashing about.

Nice job BlackBerry.

I 100% Believe!

Yes! I can finally back up my phone. Just did a full backup today (after attempting and failing to do so with the older OS).

now when i get a text and look at and even delete it the notification star stays... i have to reboot to get rid of it

Wow, I am so pleased to see BB making updates to address frequently known bugs/issues! I hope they know this does make me more confident when pre-ordering one in the USA! Go TeamBlackBerry!

Those wondering what is going on with Bell... I just spoke to a Bell rep and he said he is aware an update is out there but he can't confirm when its gonna be pushed by Bell. He threw out a something about first week of March be he still won't confirm it. Well first week of March starts tomorrow!

Well I updated my Telus Z10. Phone works...emails come in but now no longer go out. Also I do not think BBM is working.

BBM is is my email but it screwed up the outgoing email on my pop account.

Not to be a complete a** about it, after all, at least there is somewhat of a change log. But I really wish that BB would be substantially more forthcoming and exact in terms of what's been enhanced.

The logical question of reading "Browser and Media - a number of improvements to the software in the way the browser handles video playback" is what, exactly, were the improvements made. Be specific next time please.

This is brutal.....I go from a working Z10 to one that will no longer send email from my main account. Thanks !

So I am wondering if one can download this somewhere and install it manually? I live in Peru, its gonna be a while until they get the Z10 here (9900 is still 900$ of contract, got my unlocked Z from ncix Canada for less) and even longer to get the updates rolling..... Is there a "leaked" version of this update somewhere? Any help is welcome ;)

Did anyone get two updates?

I go the above (149MB file size) but also (12MB file size).

The first I was prompted to restart. The second did not.

Clicking on Text messages actually goes to Text messages instead of the last item you had open in the hub.

BB Bold 9780 - .668
BB Bold 9900 - .440

Awesome! Just update my family's 2 Z10's. Looks like BB is working hard and listening to their users. Keep it up! :)

~I am BlackBerry by choice~

How come they didn't fix the obvious problem in the calendar? Very perplexing that they would have a new update without a fix to this obvious bug.

Wow!!! These improvements are fantastic.

Thank you Team BlackBerry for listening. This is true collaborative teamwork where the company has listened to it's customers to solve issues noted.

Keep it up!!

Some companies would say "You are doing it wrong" Not BlackBerry!

So impressed with this customer service.

Well, I believe something is wrong with the info but I'm happy about it... I have a Z10 working on Digitel Venezuela (where the Z10 has yet to release) and I got that update Yesterday.

After the update all of my Print To Go documents unsorted themselves into the Not Sorted folder. not a big deal with only a handful of documents, but as I add more I won't be too happy to resort everything when an update is rolled down.

Wow ..... this is amazing.

I'm so Happy with this phone.

The iPhone has nothing on this.
The Americans are going to be all over the Z10. It's no wonder why iPhone sales recently dropped off a cliff.

People are saving their money to buy a few BB - Z10.
And the BBM over Wi-fi is truly amazing.

I'm loving this phone more and more every day.

Thank you so much BlackBerry. I will always trust you to do the right thing.

Believe **

"'s no wonder why iPhone sales recently dropped off a cliff."
You can usually always tell who's posting drunk, but in jimcmf's case, I'm not so sure. He might just be a French fry short of a happy meal! How else do you explain him characterizing record sales as dropping of a cliff?

Lame, Bell has not released this, who knows when they will and on top of it Europeans are already getting newer versions than even we are here..

That's version with OS version

This is a terribly ineffective method of releasing updates. Not winning any brownie points with me. Part of the reason why I hate Android is because not all devices get updates at the same time and a lot of them over time don't get any updates at all or are at best severely behind. Updates should be Apple style - BlackBerry should just push them to everyone.

Thanks to Team BlackBerry for providing us this update. Good to see that you are incorporating feedback!

Some questions for Team BlackBerry (or those people in the know, maybe CrackBerry KEVIN? ) -

** 1. will all updates have go through carrier-partners or only the ones that touch the radio-code?

** 2. Also, can you please "ANNOUNCE" your OS update cycle? For eg: maintenance/bug-fix updates will be released every 4 weeks. Major updates/feature enhancements will be updated on 6 week cycles or what?

** 3. Do you've plans to support APT-X (high quality codec) for streaming music over Bluetooth?

** 4. Have you seen this thread on official BlackBerry forums?

and this thread on CrackBerry forums:


This is awesome, finally an OS that gives the actual users the opportunity to mold the future of the OS through suggestions and criticism. And updates within a month of release!? Nice one!

- Spades

The updates are amazing. This is what I want to see with a company, updates that make its products better and better. Good stuff BlackBerry.

Well this was the best update experience I've ever had with any BlackBerry, and phone, or computer, I've ever experienced.

Not saying it's improving the phone a ton, but just the process was beautiful. I got notification on my Telus Z10, and decided "WTH" and didn't bother backing up or anything. Just went ahead and started it. Then as it was downloading I thought ... uh oh, maybe I should have kept track of all my sideloads etc. But then I realized I could still use the phone! So I started a bunch of screen shots to remember my config of folders etc (having these get destroyed many times previously on pre BB10 BBs). I was able to use everything during the download. Couldn't do anything on the old 9900 when it was even downloading a little app. Thing would freeze up tight. The download took about 40 minutes, including being plugged in to charger at desk connected to wifi, then leaving and going over carrier driving, making calls over BT car speaker. Got home it installed, rebooted. Took a little time to rebuild the Hub and first use of apps was a little sluggish while they refreshed themselves.But it all smoothed out

The amazing part for me was that all folders, everything, was just as it was prior to starting the process, even my sideloads! They all worked! I still can't believe it! in fact, it seems some are even better than before!

This process has me eagerly awaiting the 10.1 updated, with the rumored Android 4.1 player. That is going to be huge!

Good job Blackberry!

Looks like you stole somebody's phone. Just go to the original carrier or RETURN IT to the owner. BE HONEST.

Huge improvement in HUB performance. Also the issue with leaving HUB mails in landscape mode is resolved. I was a having a problem where if I unlocked my phone and if it was left in HUB landscape mode, I could not get it back to portrait or even swipe out of it till I played with it for some time. That alone is worth the upgrade.

Also gmail integration with calendar is hugely improved, so is the camera.

Maybe getting it to the big USA market late is turning out to be a great ploy whether it was deliberate or accidental. My phone experience after the upgrade today is a massive improvement.

Now for BlackBerry to fix little things like Due times for calendar and remember. A proper notes application. Ringtones. Volume on calls. Abandon their Twitter native client.

I still haven't got my Z10 yet, since i live in the Dominican Republic (Caribbean), but honestly, i have goosebumps to see so many positive posts and happy people about BlackBerry. Keep up the good vibe.

GO BB !!

Hello everyone,

So just a quick message on the battery life. I have been running the new build since it was released, and I have to report that the battery life is definitely improved. I was even able to watch part of the hockey game with NHL Game center without eating up 1/2 a battery. Now I have not tried a super heavy test, but with the regular things that I do on a regular basis its MUCH improved. I do realize that there might be some apps out there that can chew through the battery, and I have not tested those yet (GPS).

To give everyone a better Idea.
Before Upgrade: I would be on 4GLTE and using the Phone quite heavily, and it would last about 1/2 a day before I needed a charge.
After the Upgrade: I charged it FULL at 3:00 PM and its 12:30 now. I am still on 4G LTE and am still at 60%. (that was watching part of a hockey game).

I hope this helps everyone out a bit.

Thank you!

Everytime i get into a sprint store and i ask when the bb 10 will be finally release the personel look at me lyk lost like thay dont @+-_ know what im talking about duh.....uh....excuseme? Wtf....please crackberry keep leaking info from usa companies.

I have a question about these updates, as the article pointed out that updates will be pushed based on carriers.

What happens if I am using a different model of z10 than what i supported in my country .
Like I am using stl100-2 the UK version, where as i live in Dubai and am on DU network and the model being sold here is the non-LTE model.

not sure how the updates would work and hope it won't push a non-LTE model update on to my LTE device.

Somebody! How to update my OS if I have a carrier which does not support BB service. Will it be avalable through internet. I press check for the update and the result is - You have the latest OS version. Somebody help me please.

I noticed the added ability to enable phone calls during bedside mode... also bedside mode now runs in landscape (didn't for me before). Everything is great - I noticed a lot of small bugs I had noticed are gone. Very nice!

Ummm No.
Not sure what lots of you are doing during the update process LOL. I just hit "Download" and let it do it's thing for about 10 minutes then it asked me to restart, I hit Yes and let it get reset for about 3 minutes and everything is perfect.
I'm non Rogers.

Yes, but it seems to have resolved itself. Couldn't send through one of my accounts (POP3) last night but I'm able to this morning.

That is the last straw for me for BlackBerry. How dare they listen to user and make improvement based on what their customers says.
I will go to Apple who tells me I am doing it wrong and tell me what I should do. I don't have time to think for my self damn it.

JK - I will own a iXXXXX when they make a iKillMyself and I feel suicidal.

This was an extremely smooth and relatively quick update process - on Telus and two stages for me (149 MB and I think 742 MB). I updated late last night during the third period of the Leafs game (yaay another W) and played with it for a bit before packing it in for the night. There are some immediate improvements - it's definitely a bit smoother, scrolling in the browser is better, and it preserved everything during the download and update. But holy crap that was a big update file - reminded me of the original playbook updates!!

Kudos to BlackBerry (and Telus) for the fast release! Others have posted and I agree - I can't wait to see what's in the 10.1 update (especially the rumored Jelly Bean runtime!!).

I appreciate the quick OS release but really only 2 issues on that list matter to me. I would love BBRY to release a point release and not a double point release. I just want more meat

Hey Bla1ze....any way you can crack a whip at Bell? Kevin? As you can see I have no confidence that they will have the update available any time soon. PS...Bell sucks at this!!!

Can anyone confirm that there are two downloads? 149mb is OK but a second one at over 700mb is too big for my connection over satellite at work. I was hoping that the second stage people are reporting is only the extraction of a compressed download.

I am on Rogers and there was only one download of 149 MB.
The update was in two steps:
1) download (149MB)
2) apply download (no size given)

Step 2 seemed to take a long time (20-30 minutes) or so it seemed since I was on the go at the time.

Not sure where folks are seeing another download.

The update is pushed as a diff against the current released OS version. That's the 149mb update. If that update doesn't complete successfully, then it pushes a non-diff update, which is > 600mb.

My phone also took a long time to boot the first time following the update (it got to 100% and sat there for a while), but it did completely boot. I tried rebooting a few more times after that, and each time was fast, so my guess is they're finishing the update as part of the reboot, just be patient.

This update has greatly improved screen rotation responsiveness and speed. I have noticed this in viewing html emails the hub, viewing videos (you can fly back and forth between landscape and portrait instantly) and in the browser.

Huge improvement. I no longer have to tap my phone for it to turn the screen.

This phone is just getting more awesome by the day especially now that NHL Game center is on it :)

Updated last night with Telus and it went very smooth. I did notice one very minor issue. After I deleted some core programs like Twitter that I don't use, I noticed that I had another small update about 11megs. After that update was installed the programs were back. Checked again no updates, delete apps... update now available. Not a big deal, but might explain why some people have reported small updates after the original one.

What about all of the old Bridge apps? I won't upgrade to the Z10 until they restore the Bridge to the functionality I have now. I'm too spoiled!

Still, I'm excited for everyone else though..... :)

Echo the positive comments on the smooth update (Telus, 149MB).
Restart was definitely slow -- about 10 mins.

Two HUGE improvements as far as my Z10 experience has been:
1. Charger detection fixed and is now instantaneous -- I had quite a few issues with my charger being slow to recognize or not being detected at all.
2. Screen rotation speed much, much better now. I still wish there was a twisting gesture that would manually override the current mode at any time - that'd be slick.

Other: calendar time selection fixed (was THAT the "major problem" that everyone was talking about?). People mentioned that the Hub is smoother. I didn't notice that on my own, but after reading the comments and paying more attention I think I agree.

Still blown away at how good the first release of BB10 has been (though to be fair to the critics, BB10 was 18 months late overall!). Wicked that the update is here so soon, and definitely essential before the US release. I'm really thinking this global beta test that BB is cleverly conducting prior to the US launch was more orchestrated than any of us will ever know!

On a side note: I love when I'm gesturing around the phone in front of friends on other platforms and I look up to see their mouth gaping open and they're like, "holy $hit that's sweet." If you had an iPhone before, go try checking between the browser, your email, and Facebook and count how many times you swipe left to try and get the Hub. Love the Z10.

Can anyone comment (or provide examples of before/after) as to the quality of photos since the update? Any noticeable improvements?

The improvements I noticed is that the pictures are a lot brighter when using the front facing camera than they used to be. It was often hard to get a decent pic on the front camera before. Looks much better now. The camera on the back takes amazing pictures IMO.

The broken email issue seems to be just with Authenticated SMTP (port 587). That seems to have broken. You can send via your carrier's SMTP server on port 25 with no user info if you're on cellular data but if you try to send via your ISP's SMTP server on port 587 with your proper account credientials, nada, zip, zilch. Sits there and spins.

The size of the update appears to be determined by the apps that have been previously installed and then removed. If one of the default apps had been removed i.e. Twitter (2Mb) or FourSquare (3Mb) it wants to load those back in. If you delete them after the update and then check for updates, it will show a small update as being available and presto, the app is back.

Getting my new Black and White z10's for me and my wife on Monday. Rogers is awesome! got a sweet deal from them after negotiating. $99 each phone and activation fees waived. SWEET!!!!!! cant wait! All this reading about the z10 and the videos on youtube,,,,,,,I couldn't handle it anymore and made the call to Rogers yesterday :)

I chatted with Bell this morning and they suggested that the update was several weeks away as they were performing upgrades to their system to push the updates out quicker. You would have thought that they would have done this earlier!!! They do share the same network with Telus and they got the update out properly. Too bad I have a three year contract with Bell and have to go through this B.S.

Too bad that BlackBerry themselves can't do OTA updates without the carriers!.

C'est la vie!!!

this morning BlackBerry tweeted a 130MB OS the hell the carriers shrunk it down to whatever size they're offering?
to be honest...I've never trusted carrier updates...always went for the official ones (UNALTERED version) from RIM...
that's my 50 cents

Coming soon!!! from Bell Mobility via twitter:

Bell Mobility ‏@Bell_Mobility

Hi everyone! The BlackBerry 10 update will be available soon. We’re double & triple checking everything before we roll it out. Stay tuned!

Just had another 9MB update from Rogers. No reboot required. Same version.

EDIT: I think this is some of the base apps that I had deleted initially as they re-appeared after the update was finished.

just had another 15mb added just now, not certain what it is yet from Rogers

Update, thats what i got too, base apps added

I am on Bell and I just installed the upgrade.
Since my phone is unlocked I borrowed a friend's Rogers SIM card and turned the mobile network off. WIFI on.
When I checked for updates it was there. 157MB. Downloaded and installed very smoothly. No second upgrade. 4 apps (Rogers I believe) had been added: Sportsnet, My Account, 1 Number and Anyplace live. Sportsnet seems to work fine - not that I will ever need it. The other three I deleted. Now off to test for the Exchange 2003 bug.

Typical Bell!! Always the last to do anything meaningful!! If I didn't have a 3 year contract I would be LONNNNNNG GONE!! They are not double or triple checking...they were just as bad with OS7 updates. #BellSucks