Rogers and CIBC bring first mobile credit card payments to Canada using BlackBerry smartphones

By Michelle Haag on 2 Nov 2012 05:46 am EDT
Rogers and CIBC bring mobile credit card payments to Canada

This is an exciting and historic day for Canada! Today Rogers Communications and CIBC will team up to complete the first mobile credit card payment in the country, launching the new program initially on the Rogers BlackBerry 9900 and 9360 with other devices to be introduced at a later date. These BlackBerry smartphones are NFC enabled, which will allow customers to pay for items at retailers using their CIBC credit card. The program was announced several months ago, and is finally launching.

By teaming with Rogers and CIBC, clients will soon be able to experience the convenience of paying at the checkout counter with their mobile device while enjoying the existing benefits and security of their CIBC credit card. Since clients will be able to access their existing CIBC credit card, they will continue to earn loyalty rewards as they do today.

The first mobile credit card payment in Canada will be made this morning in Toronto at a Tim Hortons, with David Williamson (Senior Executive Vice President and Group Head, Retail & Business Banking, CIBC), David Robinson (Vice-President of Emerging Business, Rogers Communications), and Simon Whitfield (Olympic Triathlete and medalist) present for the event.

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Rogers and CIBC bring first mobile credit card payments to Canada using BlackBerry smartphones


I know the TH distribution (TDL) center in Debert and that cup is fake...they are waaaaay bigger! lol
Cool story though so I passed it on to my wife. She's a director at Timmies and will get a kick out of it.

RIM and all RIM fans need to jump (and stay!) all over this - this could prove to be a seriously incredible marketing tool.

I believe the vast majority of technically inclined people / smartphone users will notice when someone in line in front of them uses a phone to pay for something... And seeing how it will initally be RIM utilizing this technology, it could really make RIM users & fans stand out. (Think of that Samsung commercial where they're mocking iSheep, and they see the Samsung users 'tap' their phones together...)

It's in RIM's best interest to get as many carriers and banks utilizing this ASAP - every single time someone will use this technology will be an incredible marketing tool!

"The first mobile credit card payment in Canada will be made this morning in Toronto at a Tim Hortons"

The funny part is that this statement is a complete lie. I know someone who has been testing this for the last month or 2 on their 9900 so its far from the first time its been used. still pretty cool though

All im asking for is blackberries with friggin credit cards in them!

Need the infooooo (dr evil voice)

When will we be able to get the CIBC APP???!!!???

Well i have rogers. I have a 9900. But i dont use CIBC. Royal bank please get on board with this. The carriers, the phone, and visa are all clearly willing and compliant. Its the banks that have to make the next moves.

+1 (and +1 for RBC gettin on it!!)

It's too bad they partnered with the smallest of the 'Big 5'

I highly doubt with CIBC's client base, that we'll see this in action out there in short order.

If they really want to get this moving, they need to have RBC and TD on line very soon. Or after BB10 rolls out, get Scotiabank and their Scenecards partnered up right quick.

This has a TON of potential. I just don't see CIBC being the one to carry the ball effectively. I'm sure CIBC is banking (pun intended) on people signing up for their services....but I highly doubt that'll happen.

Hi guys. I understand why you'd want to see this come to other banks and we certainly have this goal too!

Our ultimate vision is to create an open wallet for our customers where you could store multiple cards from multiple banks and card issuers.

We hope to make this a reality in the next year.


This is very cool! but nothing here says how you can download this and when you go to the CIBC site it just has a picture. HOW can I put this on my 9900 ???

Blackberry putting nfc in all these bb7 devices is starting to unfold as a smart move. For the last year we havent done anything really. But now when everyone starts using nfc blackberry will have as many nfc devices in the hands of people as almost anyone else.

Exciting stuff! I'm curious with whether Presidents Choice Financial Customers would also be able to use this feature, since bank services are provided through CIBC. I'm thinking that it might be an exclusive service for its loyal clientele.

Well done CIBC and RIM!

This idea is going to pick-up fast when the public starts seeing people putting this into use - it's the "cool factor" that will really help this pick up momentum. I'm totally going to use this when I switch to Rogers in Q1 2013. :)

And I'm sure the other banks and mobile service providers will roll out this feature within the coming months.

I'm also sure Apple will also "innovate" by being the "first" to offer NFC in their iPhone6 next year.

~I am BlackBerry by choice~

What type of reader has to be in the store? Is the roll out at retailers going to require something they don't currently have or are the Paypass readers compatible?

Now I really want a new BB that has NFC but since BB10 is just around the corner, I will have to wait till then. It would've been really cool, though, to use this feature in a busy store during Christmas shopping to really get the maximum exposure to new people wondering what this magical device is.

Yay! NFC payments via BB are now on this continent! Hooray. Partnering with both a major carrier and company. That's good news for it getting closer to the US.

Am I right in assuming that you need a special SIM card? That this won't be just an app you put on your phone and go with?

Not buying the technical need for an NFC SIM. the NFC has nothing to do with device to network communications so why do i need to talk to the network differently than before?

Also how much is Robbers charging per transaction? i'm sure there is added cost to the customer hidden somewhere, i mean this is Canada we are talking about.

Hi. There are no fees for Rogers customers at all.

The only fees charged will be to the card issuer (bank, etc), a small fee for "renting" the SIM.


OMG the banking service charges are going to go up now!!!!!!!! The CIBC guy is going to buy a double double. We will pay dearly for that.