Rogers: 2009 BlackBerry Lineup & $50 Pearl Flip!

By Kevin Michaluk on 18 Oct 2008 10:47 am EDT

$50 Pearl Flip!

Lots of tidbits here if you're a Rogers BlackBerry junkie....

BlackBerry Pearl 8220 for $50 - Remember that $50 Pearl Flip rumor? Looks like it's going to pan out, though instead of on T-Mobile it's $50 on Rogers on a 3 yr contract. You can check it out at (in-store special only)! The Pearl Flip isn't available on Rogers' website yet nor in Rogers stores, so whether this is Future Shop jumping the gun or there's something else at play here I'm not quite sure. And they have it in Black and Pink. Thanks to MobileSyrup for sending this in. Check it out here >>

Rogers BlackBerry 2009 lineup - BGR got wind of what BlackBerry smartphones are coming to Rogers for 2009, and it's lining up nicely with my logical predictions:

Rogers is coming back into the mix in 2009 with a pretty impressive lineup of BlackBerry handsets. This isn't by all means a definitive list, (read: possibly more devices, etc.) but it should whet your appetite a little bit. Without further ado, as told to us by one of those world-famous RIM ninjas, we have:

  • BlackBerry Curve 8900 in Q1
  • BlackBerry Storm variant in Q2
  • BlackBerry 9220 (Magnum, think BlackBerry Curve 8900 with 3G) in Q3
  • BlackBerry 9900 (Pluto, think Bold with touchscreen) in Q4

Good stuff all around for Rogers, minus the delay on the BlackBerry Curve 8900. The other day I made my prediction it would be pushed back in North America until early 2009 (vs. coming in November as has been expected) and this information confirms that. This also helps clarify the 9220 vs. 9900 confusion. Looks like Stop-N-Go's mid-August predictions of the 9220 that we broke here on were SPOT ON.

But at least more reasonable data plans and a $50 flip from Rogers has them looking less and less like Robbers by the minute (if only they would scrap this 3-yr contract stuff). Now that Telus & Bell are making way for supporting GSM, hopefully Rogers will give us less reasons to SMASH in 2009.

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Rogers: 2009 BlackBerry Lineup & $50 Pearl Flip!


Caught this post on my Bold while driving by a Future Shop today, so stopped in to see if they had it. Blackberry specialist was not aware of its availability on the web; he then went and checked chainwide availability only to find there are no units at their warehouse yet. No date provided for availability.

I have a blackberry curve 8320, i want to install dictionary program into my phone, so what will i do?
Is the english vietnamese dictionary in Nokia can use for blackberry?
Thank you very much
Kim Tuyen

This is the wrong place to ask that type of question. Check out the forums for all the blackberry information you could ever desire. If you cannot find and aswer to your question in an existing thread, then start your own asking your question.

Also the search feature is your friend. A quick easy way to see what information is available to you in the forums.

Good Luck !!

Rogers is gonna own my soul if they launch all these darn device, screw contracts, they'll be asking for my soul signed over to them with the agreement written in blood.

wow for once that we can be proud of being a customer of Robbers? $50 vs Tmobile's $150 sounds good to me!! I just hope prices will continue to be reasonble with future devices with 3 yrs contract - not like the $399 for the Bold!

Does anyone know if a future shop in the greater Toronto area actually has the 8220 in stock? Why would they tease us with a flyer promo........

The 8220 should be available within the next couple of weeks. It's not a FS exclusive phone. they jumped the gun on advertising it. Rogers Q4 launch is slated Nov. 4th - new rate plans, new data plans. lots of new phones

and for anyone waiting for the 9500 storm - rumour has it that it will be a bell and telus exclusive phone as it is confirmed verizon exclusive in the states. there will be a GSm version on Vodafone in the UK