Rocky Mountain Human Services deploys BES10 and BlackBerry 10

By Adam Zeis on 11 Dec 2013 10:17 am EST

BlackBerry has announced today that Denver-based Rocky Mountain Human Services has deployed BES10 and BlackBerry 10 devices to their workforce who serve over 7,500 individuals . Using BlackBerry, RMHS has seen increased collaboration between employees working remotely thanks to email, BBM and social services. 

"The productivity benefits on the BlackBerry Z10 smartphone are unmatched, empowering our employees to be as engaged on-the-go as they are in the office," said RMHS spokesperson, Annie Davies.

RMHS also praises the enterprise-ready benefits and unmatched security of BlackBerry 10. Always great to see big organizations like this one choosing BlackBerry.

Press Release

Rocky Mountain Human Services Chooses BlackBerry to Enhance Mobile Productivity

Deploys BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 and BlackBerry Z10 smartphones across organization

DENVER, COLORADO and WATERLOO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - December 11, 2013) - BlackBerry® (NASDAQ: BBRY)(TSX: BB) and Rocky Mountain Human Services (RMHS), today announced that RMHS has selected BlackBerry's enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution - BlackBerry® Enterprise Service 10 (BES10) - along with BlackBerry® Z10 smartphones to enhance mobile productivity.

BlackBerry 10 is the platform of choice for RMHS, whose workforce serves more than 7,500 individuals that face challenges from developmental delays, cognitive and intellectual impairments, brain injuries, aging and social conditions. With BES10 and BlackBerry 10 smartphones, RMHS has seen increased collaboration between employees working remotely using email, BBM™ and file sharing on their smartphones. Workers also benefited from using the BlackBerry 10 browser to access both internal and external web sites.

"The productivity benefits on the BlackBerry Z10 smartphone are unmatched, empowering our employees to be as engaged on-the-go as they are in the office," said RMHS spokesperson, Annie Davies. "Our employees often require access to confidential information while in the field. The Citrix Receiver application allows for a seamless transition from employee workstations to our BlackBerry Z10 smartphones, because we can access the same applications and files securely behind our corporate firewall."

RMHS considers BlackBerry 10 a key enabler for employees to share information securely with their clients and colleagues. In addition, BES10 offers a single console that enables RMHS to centralize control of all devices, and access the full range of security features and customization tools within BES10, allowing RMHS to tailor the BlackBerry Z10 smartphone's functionality to their needs.

Building on more than a decade of enterprise mobility management expertise, BES10 with BlackBerry 10 smartphones is a clear choice for security-conscious organizations. Ramon Llamas, an analyst at technology research firm IDC said, "BlackBerry has been, and continues to be, the gold standard for mobile security. Providing a full turn-key enterprise solution has been in BlackBerry's DNA since day one, and that's why companies continue to put BlackBerry on their list."

"Companies like Rocky Mountain Human Services invested in BlackBerry because of the incomparable enterprise-ready benefits and the unmatched security the BlackBerry EMM solution offers our corporate customers," said Andrew MacLeod, Managing Director for North America at BlackBerry. "The combination of BES10 and BlackBerry 10 smartphones offers powerful productivity and security tools for organizations, giving both employees and IT departments peace of mind that privacy is maintained while sensitive work information is protected."

BES10 also lets customers manage iOS® and Android™ devices, providing the same level of security for those devices accessing data behind-the-firewall as for BlackBerry 10 smartphones, so there's no need to invest in multiple MDM solutions or a patchwork of security products to support a BYOD deployment. Corporations continue to invest in BlackBerry products and services, with nearly 30,000 BES10 commercial and test servers installed globally to date.

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Rocky Mountain Human Services deploys BES10 and BlackBerry 10


I just hope they are making more sales than the ones they announce. They have to keep going hard to stay #1!

Posted via CB10

That was 25 thousand BES servers (now 30k)
This company would only represent 1 or 2 of those servers (depending on how they have their BES set up)

I noticed that before they were saying over 30k, now it's nearly 30k... I hope that's just a typo...

Posted via CB10

That's terrific news, always like reading the official statement to see what aspects gad these companies hooked

Posted via CB10

They make close to 100 bucks for every phone under BES management. So it does not matter if they are using BB phones (they might make slightly more money in this case because they bought these phones) or iOS or Android phones. So if they are managing 7500 hundred phones, they pulled in 3 quarters of a mill. Not bad - for a company o f BB's size. They need to keep doing this.

Thats 7500 clients served by the department. If each caseworker has roughly 100 clients then they are only managing about 75 phones.

That's what I like to see! Sign those customers up BlackBerry. Once we see corporations embracing BES10 the share price will start to move upwards which is what we all want. Keep going BlackBerry!!!

Posted with my gorgeous Z30

Sinks it? A fly lands on a BlackBerry building and the stock dips worse than the great depression.

Posted via CB10

I'm really glad to see this news especially since I reside in Denver. Not to mention this is exciting news for the BlackBerry brand...


Posted With Either My BlackBerry Q10 Or My Z10 On AT&T

B.E.S is on the rise but the stocks seem to keep declining. Hell, time to buy BlackBerry stock while it's cheap. Go BlackBerry

Loving 10.2

I believe at this moment, BBRY stock buy/sell decisions are based on the consumer market not business market. If BBRY was like they were several years ago when business was their niche, stocks would react positively to this news. But once you go consumer, that's the focus in regards to stocks.

Think if Harley Davidson started selling cars, their stocks will be looked at differently due to an additional variable. More products avenues, more to be considered which isn't always a good thing if it's failing.

Not 7500 phone users. They support 7500 clients or people that are assisted by their service. The article doesn't state how many employees there are or how many phones this means.

What's misleading about it Bird?? Did you think it was 7500 workers? It clearly stated they serve 7500 individuals, and what issues they deal with.

I'm guessing you didn't comprehend it and now you're blaming BlackBerry.

#IchooseBlackberry10 (BBM#25)

What's to get excited about when it doesn't state how many products this company is acquiring?

It's like someone saying they renovated their house when all they did was install a coat rack.

1. The article is about BES10 not BB10. Re-read it without the negative nelly attitude and the message comes through loud and clear. They're not talking about cell phone deployment here. Its a server. I suspect you're jumping to conclusions a little too quickly, probably based on some deep seeded hate for BlackBerry.

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I don't think it's misleading

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Not at all. At least, if you actually read the article. :)

"We are truly alone, the scars on your heart are yours to atone" (BBM#18)

What exactly is misleading about "... RMHS, whose workforce serves more than 7,500 individuals that face challenges from developmental delays, cognitive and intellectual impairments, brain injuries, aging and social conditions. "

They are clearly talking about who RMHS serves NOT how many they employee. There is not dishonest there.

As stated further below I should have used a different word. Putting "BlackBerry 10" so close to "7500 individuals" is a deceptive tactic. I've worked in public relations before so I know how it works. Smoke and mirrors at its finest.

All I want is some honest numbers from BlackBerry which reflect performance improvement, not on how many clients one of their customers serve. It's a reasonable request.

Every bit helps. My work has started upgrading some staff to z10's. Can't wait to get rid of my 9300.

Sent from my Z30

This is awesome news and more enterprise should be jumping full force onto BES10 and BB10 for obvious reasons.

Yay! It's nice to hear some good news once in a while. Even though it's small. Puts a smile on my face.

Posted via my Man of Steel: The Q10

takes a while for enterprise to make the upgrade, companies don't move on a whim like consumers do. This WILL be a trend, as more and more companies upgrade to BES10 in the coming couple years.

I think its clear companies STILL have confidence Blackberry WILL be around to support them.

Chalk up my company to that list...but I can't say who I work for except a large government body.

Posted via CB10

Good news to read. Big or small each client is a plus. One base at a time; that how one wins a baseball game. Home runs are nice but the real gains are to be by just getting on base one bag at a time. Great work, BlackBerry!

Posted via CB10

So we're talking about a regional non profit in one state with 273 employees. It's unknown how many BES10 and BlackBerry 10 units they're actually adopting.

If this is a victory for BlackBerry, it's a minute one. This shouldn't even garner headlines.

As opposed to the piece by piece layoffs that keep happening as part of the ALREADY REPORTED 4500 layoffs? What do you think about that reporting?

I think that should be reported on CrackBerry as well. 80 families in Waterloo affected 2 weeks before Christmas is just as relevant. Balance is needed.

Lol! Once again, you totally miss the point! This is getting comical Bird! Laughs!!

#IchooseBlackberry10 (BBM#25)

The point was the layoffs, as everything negative towards BlackBerry is given immediate media attention, however something positive, like new business which will help keep jobs, is immediately bashed by by you and your ilk.

The layoffs have been planned and known about for some time now. Want some more news? More will come. And when they do it will be 'the sky is falling' again from Chicken Little.

And when good news comes, Chicken Little's cousin Birdman will be there to downplay it.

You didn't understand the point. Forgot to take your vitamins this morning?

#IchooseBlackberry10 (BBM#25)

Selling an unspecified amount of product to a small organization in Colorado is not going to save jobs when there's still thousands of job cuts on the table. It doesn't warrant a press release when it's a BlackBerry corporate sales rep doing what's expected of them.

Your retorts now include personal attacks, which is uncharacteristic of you.

The vitamins comment was humor. You used to have a sense of humor when we argued.

The rest was true.

You're not getting it. You're taking a press release that laid out facts as misleading. When someone brought up a valid point of negatives getting all kinds of press while you're bashing positives, you didn't understand it.

So...maybe it doesn't have anything to do with vitamins. Sorry. I don't know why you're not getting it then.

#IchooseBlackberry10 (BBM#25)

Good question. With a $30 billion profit last fiscal year, there's basically zero pressure on Samsung to release those figures.

So their failures don't matter, yet BlackBerry's successes are deemed failures. Ok. Got it.

#IchooseBlackberry10 (BBM#25)

Based on your comments on this thread, I'd say you are leading the negative charge. Maybe once in awhile you should just let the good news stories sink in and not open up to trash it.

Posted via CB10

You. When you downplay and bash every plus. Small wins are needed to get big wins.

I'm starting to think you are going to keep bashing until BlackBerry is #1 in the market. Something no one is expecting or even working on. So, how long are we going to have to hear you whine and complain?

#IchooseBlackberry10 (BBM#25)

All I did was questioned the vagueness of the press release and the reason behind it. You've turned this into something much larger. No need to stress over it.

Nope. Don't even try.

You saw a press release that showed a new customer for BlackBerry and tried to blow holes in it because you saw people were happy about it.

You are not a child, and we've had enough interactions that I know you are not a stupid man, even if I think you've made a stupid phone choice, I don't really think you're stupid. You know what press releases are and how their handled by companies. You publisize the positive. Exactly what they did.

In a day when media is going crazy about more planned layoffs that we all knew about, they dropped a press release showing a new customer. An American customer at that! Good news. Small wins will lead to bigger wins. And we all recognize that.

Why you choose to come and try to sink it? I don't know. But you're coming across like Hybrid all of a sudden. And I thought you were better than that.

#IchooseBlackberry10 (BBM#25)

From this interaction I've taken away a couple things: BlackBerry's new style of PR has the desired effect (even though I disagree with their tactics), and also the inability to change someone else is not worth the effort.

Thanks dude.

The more companies and firms sense stability within Blackberry ,there will more adoption with BES and Blackberry phones, but a plug for the z10 it's a great phone,

Great news!!! It will only be a matter of time when BlackBerry will be the go to provider of enterprise services and mobility.

Posted via CB10

BES10 is what is going to save BlackBerry. Revenue from service is very high margin revenue.

Once BES10 is deployed with a wide enough user base, maybe companies will realize from well BES10 and BB10 phones work together and might pick up business sales for hardware.

Posted via CB10

Who "serve 7500 individuals"? Who "serve"? That could be 50 people. Or 10. You know it can't be too many because they would say how many.

These press releases are worse than silence.

PRESS RELEASE - - 23-year - woman buys a Z10 in Fresno. The twenty to thirty market is a key demographic for BlackBerry and the entire smart phone market. Sales like these are the key to success for BB10 in 2014. This young woman had the choice of many smartphones but she chose BB10.

She still has 12 days left to return it but we are certain that she will not do so.

My point is this is rather tone deaf. Can anyone at blackberry be creative with marketing?