Rock File Manager - FREE app that lets you zip, compress, extract and more!

By Kerri Neill on 18 Jan 2012 09:04 am EST
Rock File Manager

I'm always on the lookout for new apps (especially FREE ones) that can accomplish more than one task. Once again our wonderful forum community turned me on to an amazing application called Rock File Manager by Rock Soft. This app is jammed pack with usefllness. Rock File Manager allows you to manage pretty much every file on your device quickly and easily with a few cool extras for FREE!


  • File management, copy, move and change file attributes.
  • Extract part or full zip rar archive to target folder.
  • Compress files into an archive.
  • Quick search and highlight result, search files has never been so cool.
  • One click to install COD files.
  • Favorites function, add your favorite files to favorites for a quick visit.

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Reader comments

Rock File Manager - FREE app that lets you zip, compress, extract and more!


I've been using it since the first day, and IMO it's the best file manager ever on BlackBerry. The UI is nice, functions is good. Search is easier than FileScout. I don't have license for FS to know how it integrates with dropbox, but compare to the free version, Rock File Manager beats it up.

Works nice. I have had it for a while. I like the being able to install cods when working with hybrids.

The developer is very nice just email him about installing cods. I most def had to donate this app is awesome.