Rock and Roll all summer long with a free subscription to Slacker Premium Radio!

Slacker Radio
By Michelle Haag on 30 May 2012 08:45 pm EDT

We're giving away free subscriptions to Slacker Premium Radio! Details below!

Summer is quickly approaching and that means travel, long days at the beach, and plenty of opportunity to listen to great music on your BlackBerry. Streaming radio apps are great for not only hearing your favorite tunes, but also discovering new music, and one of our favorites for BlackBerry is Slacker Radio. With free and premium options, there is something for everyone.

Listen to all of your favorite personalized Slacker stations on your BlackBerry for free! You can listen to over 100 stations programmed by music experts or create your own custom stations right from your BlackBerry. You'll have detailed artist biographies, full album reviews and more. Best of all, with a Radio Plus subscription, the music can be stored on your phone so you can listen even when you don't have a connection! While Slacker Radio is free for everyone to enjoy, a subscription to Slacker Premium adds on-demand music access, removes ads/skip limits and includes the ability to cache stations/playlists/entire albums to your mobile device for listening without Wi-Fi or data use. You can compare plans and find out more information at

So, let's get summer kicked off right, with some free subscriptions to Slacker Radio! Whether you listen to it on your BlackBerry, PlayBook, or some other mobile device, you can take your music with you and rock all summer long. We have four 3-month subscriptions and one 1-year subscription for Slacker Premium Radio to give away this week. To enter, leave a comment below and let us know where you'll be rocking this summer! One entry per person please. Contest ends Sunday at midnight. Good luck!

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Reader comments

Rock and Roll all summer long with a free subscription to Slacker Premium Radio!



This would be great to listen while I am reading my down loaded ebooks from the library at the cottage without having to be connected. Gotta love Blackberry and my Playbook. Nothing beats the Playbook as far as I am concerned.

Slacker to provide the sound track to the 2012 Olympics here in London, England (the original London by the way :-))

Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup! I will be rockin'm in the car, on the job, at the beach, and at the pool with my younginz! Hook me up!

Rockin all over the place this summer! Mostly in Thunder Bay, Ontario, but I'll be bringing my PlayBook with my new Slacker Radio subscription with me on all my golf trips to northern Minnesota and all my fishing (and hunting in the fall) trips up to Kenora, Pickle Lake and all the surrounding lakes in NW Ontario!

Would be great to win this, I could stream tunes through my bluetooth helmet as I wipe through traffic!!!!!!!

I would love to rock a subscription to Slacker Radio in Rochester, New York aka Roc City. Upstate style!!! Thanks Crackberry!

Without a native Pandora application on the PB, I extensively use Slacker to stream my music. Would love a whole year subscription!! :)

A subscription to Slacker Premium Radio would mean I can listen 25/8 and literally have it on all the time.......of course that means that my Berry de 9930 would be permanently attached to a power source, but having great music all the time is awesome.
Thanks in advance CrackBerry and Slacker Radio!
Special Thanks to Michelle Haag for pushing this.......I know you had a hand in this!

Don't judge me people, sucking up never hurt anyone :-)

I'd be a slacker if I didn't bother to enter this contest to be a true Slacker. Although, if I win would I then be a Crackberry Slacker?

I'll be rockin' anywhere the Alberta sun shines. I'd love to get a premium subscription as most of the stations I pick are usually limited by the "free/lite" version.

Bold 9900 and Playbook 2.0

We've got trips to California wine country, camping in southern Utah (Bryce, Zion, etc.), house boat on Lake Powell and a great beer fest in northern Arizona planned. All great times to be rocking with Slacker.

Slacker is great to have along on my devices. It will tour Western Canada with my this summer.

Cheers !!

Free offer like this could lead to a forever more subscription to the premium.
Should would like to try it as I listen to the free now but am so tired of all the commercials.

This would be great for the family vacation at the lake side cabin we have booked in central BC, Canada.

I really do not want this. I listen to Pandora on the road and Slacker just locks up. So, really, do not give it to me. Really

I would love to have this and would use it alot at our cabin. Its located in the Whiteshell about 13 Kms straight north of caddy lake, MB.

We used to have to take the train and since MTS and Rogers got together to share their HSPA+ network we are able to get 1 bar on our phone and have been able to use a Wilson Electronic Cell Phone Booster to get a full signal inside the cabin.. The iphone 4 (that is now used as an ipod) still barely get signal.

Either way, raido stations are limited to the Kenora Radio Station and i would much rather beable to stream music with Slacker raido!


What better place to jam out to all your favorite music than on the beach all summer long? I hope I win!

This is one of my fav apps (even if I only have limited use) free premium would be sweeeet!!

BlackBerry Torch 9860
BlackBerry PlayBook O/S 1.xx.xxxx

The sad truth is... if I win, the only place I'll be "rockin" my new Slacker Premium account will be to work and back. Help a brotha out CrackBerry!!!

I'll be rocking during my road trip to Ontario this Summer. I'd love be to able to stream music with my Blackberry via Slacker! :)

I've always loved Slacker Radio, it is an excellent companion at my work! My work requires approx. 30+ miles of travel a day to 26 Federal Plaza I work for DHS but I hope to take Slacker with me on my trip to Malone,NY to protect our Border and protect USA

Thank You CB

Great app that I use all the time on my Playbook while hooked up to the stereo. As soon as the music gateway is released, I'll be using it even more. This would be a great way for me to give the premium app a spin. Thanks.

I use this on my playbook, free version... A free premium package could be enjoy while on the road cruising in beautiful Prince Edward Island, Canada. Good luck all.

Going to be rocking summer at home. Will more than likely take a trip to New Orleans, but other than that, local beaches and attractions. Would love to be rocking Slacker while on the beach.

I listen to Slacker at work, but look forward to Rockin Slacker on the shores of Waikiki on my honeymoon.

boy i couldnt live without my slacker! having a premium subscription would be great. while everyone is at the beach this summer i'll be at work protecting and serving. slacker is my partner.

Jesus I would love this app. Always thought about subscribing but wondering if it would be worth it. This would coax me I'm sure!

Be enjoying Slacker at Wasag Beach Ontario Canada Rockin the cottage life all summer long.


I jam to Slacker on my Playbook all the time while on vacation. Used it at the ski cabin in Boone, NC, last winter and planning to rock it at Myrtle Beach SC this summer. Sign me up!

Where can I used it, really simple, there are moments at work when you need distraction, and the ability to have your music and all the music slacker can give you will be a lots of premium fun

I'll be rocking everywhere I have a connection. Unfortunately, my work site is a secure location and I can't have transmitting devices, but everywhere else I can.

I'll be rockin' out while workin' out at the gym and on the beaches of Lake Michigan. If I have a chance, I'll be rockin' out at my desk at work as well! Slacker helps me get through my day!

sweet id love a slacker subscription i flip back and forth from pandora to slacker in the car or at work if i had a subscription id stay on slacker all the time.

we have dropped siruis for slacker in our livingroom, deck, office, kitchen. Can't wait to take it on the Alberta to Ontario road trip.

I'm trapped in an accounting office. HELP!!! (pssst--I'm bad at math) Please help me with free music to drown out the numbers.

And bring back your Celebrity Sightings post--always my fave.