Rock and Roll all summer long with a free subscription to Slacker Premium Radio!

Slacker Radio
By Michelle Haag on 30 May 2012 08:45 pm EDT

We're giving away free subscriptions to Slacker Premium Radio! Details below!

Summer is quickly approaching and that means travel, long days at the beach, and plenty of opportunity to listen to great music on your BlackBerry. Streaming radio apps are great for not only hearing your favorite tunes, but also discovering new music, and one of our favorites for BlackBerry is Slacker Radio. With free and premium options, there is something for everyone.

Listen to all of your favorite personalized Slacker stations on your BlackBerry for free! You can listen to over 100 stations programmed by music experts or create your own custom stations right from your BlackBerry. You'll have detailed artist biographies, full album reviews and more. Best of all, with a Radio Plus subscription, the music can be stored on your phone so you can listen even when you don't have a connection! While Slacker Radio is free for everyone to enjoy, a subscription to Slacker Premium adds on-demand music access, removes ads/skip limits and includes the ability to cache stations/playlists/entire albums to your mobile device for listening without Wi-Fi or data use. You can compare plans and find out more information at

So, let's get summer kicked off right, with some free subscriptions to Slacker Radio! Whether you listen to it on your BlackBerry, PlayBook, or some other mobile device, you can take your music with you and rock all summer long. We have four 3-month subscriptions and one 1-year subscription for Slacker Premium Radio to give away this week. To enter, leave a comment below and let us know where you'll be rocking this summer! One entry per person please. Contest ends Sunday at midnight. Good luck!

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Reader comments

Rock and Roll all summer long with a free subscription to Slacker Premium Radio!



Question is where I won't be rocking out! Beach, work, road trips church, court pretty much anywhere I can

Semper Fi

I love Slacker Radio! I have it on all day while working. This summer, I will have it on while grilling and entertaining my guests.

Saint John new brunswick. I listen to slacker everyday, either on my pb, 9860, or my desktop pc. Love slacker, been using it for a couples years now.

I'm a huge radio guy (listen to it on my computer all the time). Just graduated from Uni and will be rocking this summer at home as I look for a job.

Hopefully visiting the family in Southern California this summer. My 2 year old daughter and I listen to slacker radio everyday.

I would love to rock this they gave me a premium for 30 days earlier this month due to an outage! Awesome! Is subscription good from both PlayBook and phone? Because the 30 days was only good on my phone :(

slacker 4 the win!!! ill be rocking in my mother basement!! woot woot. REPRESENTIN' ALL REAL GANGTAZ

With a playbook, 9930, and unlimited data I'll be rocking everywhere I go...

But sadly, it will most likely be at the office. :(

Gotta play some Slacker Radio over at RIM headquarters, maybe some music will cheer them up and get them motivated to get BB10 out in September/October

Oh and I'll be at the beach a lot this summer, so busting out the Playbook playing beach volleyball will be awesome.

This subscription would go great with the Playbook I just bought tonight! Haven't even taken it out of the box yet!

I would listen on the plane to my parents house, on the way to Georgia, and most of all on our hopeful trip to Ireland!

Work, of course! Sometimes on my Playbook, sometimes on my Torch 9850. Would love to win an enhanced subscription!

Thanks CrackBerry !!!


I'm gonne have two nice trips this summer... Alaska and Iceland... I Will be bringing my playbook with me so I can have something to do and music to listen to in my hotel rooms. Can't wait!!

I listen to slacker a lot! Weekends in the backyard without slacker playing thru my radio just wouldn't be the same. I'd love the premium app!

This would be awesome to win because neither my 9900 nor my PlayBook support the XM Radio app... so please, pick me!!! :D

I'll be rocking anywhere between my BB 9630 or my PlayBook. Both no doubt near me at home/work. Vacation is later this year in fall.

Would love a premium subscription. I would rock out at 50,000ft when flying all over the USA using that awesome cache station option that premium offers.

I would love love LOVE a premium subscription!! I would rock out on our patio next to the pool! Please consider me in your contest!! Thanks so much for a great start to the summer!!!

I recently installed a playbook in my boat (check the forums) and slacker radio would be pretty sweet to go with that. I've been useing the free version for a couple years

Hey I live on the west coast. Beaches, mountains and the ocean that's where I will be rockin it this summer. Oh ya with Slacker shut your eyes and fantisize you can rock any where you want! Wants....,needs this subscription mine expires in 39 days :-(
Sent from my 9900

I love my slacker radio specially enjoying my free month of premium. I saw Bonnie Raitt in concert and have her station on all the time.

I'll be rocking the summer @ work :-( but fortunately I'm allowed to use my BB at my desk so I could enjoy some tunes too ;-)

I absolutely love Slacker radio so it would make my summer if I won at least a free 3 months...although the year would be AWESOME!!

Go RIM/BlackBerry/PlayBook and go Slacker!!

Would be great to win the subcription, i use the free version everywhere, would be cool to test out the full and see if i might continue the subscription afterwards... :)

My flight departs on June 3rd with destination Orlando, FL! Walt Disney World here I go!!! :D This will be my wonderful companion!! Please pick me!!


Slacker radio would be perfect for me because well, I am in fact a slacker. However this summer I'll be slacking around in Virginia Beach.

Best of luck to the other slackers. :)

Slacker works so well and sounds so good on my PlayBook's speakers! Not so good for my neighbors trying to sleep in Redondo Beach though...

I'll be rocking on the new second story deck we just built, as I BBQ for everyone!

Was looking at trying Slacker and this would be the perfect opportunity.

Cheers Crackberry!!

great -- more free music. i'll never get a job in the music business. don't choose me. thank you.

Slacker Radio Rocks so being able to get the Premium service would make it almost too much rock to handle ;)

Love Slacker Radio, its always plug in and every time i go to my friends house it comes with!!!!!!!

Be taking this all over ontario, Wifi or Bridge its always hooked up, and work great in the car while i work on some landscaping lol

Will be rockin' all over Ontario this summer, and hopefully I get the opportunity to visit Bulgaria as well, wheeee :-D

I've always loved Slacker Radio, it is an excellent companion at my work! My work requires approx. 60+ miles of travel a day, but I hope to take Slacker with me on my trip up the east coast to NY! I hope I win!

I can rock and roll all night and 'part' of every day. I have errands. I can rock from like 1-3.

I'll be rocking in Southern California soaking in the sun! 8) would be nice to have some cool premium tunes to have as a playlist to all the summer fun..

I will be rockin' out at Wild Waves the park with the fam multipul weekends in our cabana, also at the light house beach to do bon fires and do some fishing. Would be an amazing prize to win!

I used my BlackBerry media library and slacker combo last weekend to listen to music during a party. Now wouldn't it be great if the rest of summer gatherings had music without ads? Or even better a whole year so I can use it for other events around the year like Christmas party and Halloween music? Hope I win this!

Pick me! This would be awesome during my travel to see my twin! Yes, I know the way to San Jose! Can't wait!!!!!

I like Slacker Radio a lot but recently canceled my subscription. Would love to win a subscription for the next few months. Will be rocking in my pool and on my boat down the Jersey shore.

All 4 BB s in this household absolutely love Slacker. We listen to it while working on hotrods in the shop and as the radio doesn't work in my old Mustang, Premium Slacker would be a great treat.

Team Blackberry 4 Life.

Use it to hear the edm playing in New York. Premium sub would make my summer while I listen under the stars.

Team Blackberry 4 Life.

Use it to hear the edm playing in New York. Premium sub would make my summer while I listen under the stars.

cant wait to let it rock the PUB!!! I got a PUB here in El Salvador, Central America, it would be so awesome to conect my pb to the dj deck and let the app going!

I live in Jupiter, Florida! I'm from outerspace it seems! Need some Slacker Radio in my life!!!! Beam me up, Crackberry Kevin, great leader of the Supreme CrackBerry Nation!!! LOL

I will be jamming all summer long to slacker radio in Maui, Hawaii. CruisIng the beaches all along the island.

I really hope I win this one! Will sound so awesome on my BB Bold 990 and my Playbook! Pick me Please!

We'll be rocking and rolling it across the country this year as we do a little family road trip in the USA!

This would be great to win while still working this summer and for my trip to the beach later this summer!

My moto is "Always Be Rockin' Baby, Always Be Rockin' N Rolling" so I will always be rockin' in the USA again this summer baby! First thing when I get up in the morning until last thing before I go to sleep at night, always be rockin' baby, always be rockin' not rollin' all the time, especially in the sweet, sweet summertime!

If I win, I'll be rocking out back by the pool with either my Torch 9810 or my Playbook hooked up to our outdoor speakers.

I rock slacker pretty much everywhere! Its the reason I'm over my data allowence every month. I even bought a sim while traveling in the US so I could feed my slacker addition. I rock slacker in the car with my Alpine A2DP stereo. I rock slacker at my desk at work. I rock it on my back deck with a Creative Labs D100 Bluetooth speaker. I rock slacker while camping. Serious Slacker Addiction...

Listen to free Slacker or Pandora everyday at work or on my daily walks for past several years. Be rockin' this summer in Chile; St. Louis; Cumberland Caverns, Lake Lanier, & Gwinett County, GA

I will be rocking it out in Tampa,FL taking some summer classes at USF then maybe Charlotte, NC for a short trip in a month or so

I use Slacker ALL the time...especially while I'm on the treadmill. I would love a few months, if not a whole year, free to use one of my favorite apps.