Roboto hits BlackBerry 10 - another fine game from Union

By James Richardson on 8 Jun 2013 07:30 am EDT

Union have brought yet another fine game over to BlackBerry 10 - this time in the form of Roboto. The game is split over 30 action packed levels where you must guide Roboto and his hoverboard over jumps, battle bad guys defy gravity.

On-Screen controls are a piece of cake. You have left and right tabs on the bottom left of the screen and over on the right is your fire button as well as jump. Holding down the jump key will allow Roboto to hover for a short while to get him past obstacles. Along the way you must collect treats which will get you through to the next level.

I suppose the game kind of reminds me a bit of Sonic the Hedgehog - although not as manic, but it's a real beauty. The colors are eye popping and game play is wonderfully smooth - all very worthy of its £0.75/$0.99 price tag.

Features of Roboto include:

  • Over 30 levels of gravity-defying action
  • 5 unique weapons
  • Platforming gameplay with a physics twist
  • Invest in your game with character upgrades
  • Eye-catching cel-shaded graphics

Give it a go and let us know in the comments what you think? It's a little gem this one.

More information/Download Roboto for BlackBerry 10



It's a good game. Free if you bought it on PlayBook :)

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Game play and graphics look good


What phone case is that on the Z10?

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Looks like the transformer shell/case

Available on the Crackberry shop of course... lol

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Z10 only!
Again and again and again...

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Hey relax! We have Cut The Rope! =)

They should make these games available on the Q10 as well.

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Tell ya what I will swap you my Z for your Q ;)

Just kidding :p

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No way!
I'll stick with my Q!

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One of my favorite PlayBook games and free to me as well.


Looks pretty cool!

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Winston Loh

Good to know...

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The reason u didn't buy the Q 10 is because I knew most game would be made for a full touch screen device. And I like to watch movies too so win win. Q10 nice phone but meant more for business.

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Fluid controls, like the game.

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