Oh no, it's a robot invasion. Can you save the world with Robotek for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 18 Feb 2013 08:52 am EST

Robotek for BlackBerry 10 smartphones is quite different to anything I have played before. While the concept of the game is normal, the way in which you control your robot is quite strange. Imagine a mix match of a fruit machine and a robot battle and that's kind of what you get with Robotek. Confused? Let me explain.

So let's get the confusion over and done with. You control a robot on the left of the screen. Your mission is to fire weapons at the robot on the right of the screen. But in order to select which weapons you use you must spin the slots which are made up of various weapon icons. Depending on the combination that roll in will determine what is fired at your opponent. The icon on the left spins a little slower than the other two so you do have a chance of matching up pairs. The more icons you can get the same - the better the weapon that will fire. It takes a bit of getting used to but once you have the hang of it it's fun.


However, just to make things more complicated (or exciting) you have three choices of icons to spin. Warfare is the first. You can use this to teleport in new robots or repair current ones. Next up is Hacking which can help you if your quest if the enemy has the upper hand. And then finally is Powers which will help you damage and destroy enemy robots.

Below each robot is your current life which is shown in a coloured bar. The more you get hit, the more it diminishes until it's game over. Luckily there is an extensive tutorial at the start of the game. Without that I would have been lost. If you fancy delving deeper into what's what with the game there is also a web link supplied which will teach you all about the different weapons and droids available.

Within the slots, if you tap an icon you can have a quick look at what weapon it is and what strengths it comes in. 


Overall the game is pretty extensive and the developers have put a lot of time and hard work into the it. The graphics and sound effects are pretty sweet and we are lucky with Robotek as the game is actually Built for BlackBerry.

With 200 levels; once you have been playing for a while you can hop around the globe choosing which ones to play. While on the below map you can pinch to zoom and tap on each level for a bit more information.  


Robotek is a free game however there are in app purchases if you want to progress at a faster rate. I'm not a great fan of these but it all depends if you want the most from the game. If you start playing Robotek and get hooked then chances are you may well want to be the best you can and grab some upgrades.

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Reader comments

Oh no, it's a robot invasion. Can you save the world with Robotek for BlackBerry 10


Ive been playing this since I saw it in BB World. Good game. Its like rock, paper, scissors in a sense with 3 different attacks.

Computer sometimes has a very unfair advantage...... (ex: getting 3 off the same icons in blue: attack and red: summon spins)

Really good game to kill some time with. Can always exit and come back and pick up where you left off.

I've also been playing this game since it came out for the PlayBook, and I enjoy it a lot. One correction to make to your comment, wasabi: the unfair advantage you mention does not go to the computer player as you suggest; instead, it's quite the opposite: it goes to you. The computer player is limited to getting a max of two three-of-a-kinds in a row, but there is no limit to how many you can get. (It does seem to me that the computer's robots are, in general, more resilient than mine, but I could be imagining that.)

Great game, although I find I'm playing it less frequently now that I had to start over from the beginning due to a wipe/restore I did on my PB in a failed attempt to fix a problem with Bridge.

Question for James: Is "fruit machine" common British vernacular for a slot machine?

One of my favorite games for the PlayBook. The web link James mentions provides an invaluable strategy guide that can save you some frustration once the levels get more difficult.

Most important: never try to attack your opponent directly without having some robots on your side!

Also, and James may have mentioned this in his video review, there is a multiplayer mode that can keep the challenges coming once you've beaten the map.

Good to see this on BB10. One of my best time killing games on the Playbook. I'm very glad that as soon as the Z10 hits the states I'll be able to keep playing.

Agreed! Quite enjoyable in the summer while the BBQ cooks your supper and you're enjoying a drink on the deck.

I have this game on my Playbook and it rocks. Nice to see it on BB10.
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