Robotek and EVAC by Hexage now available for the BlackBerry PlayBook

Robotek by Hexage
By Michelle Haag on 10 Jun 2012 03:34 pm EDT
I was excited last week when Hexage announced that they were bringing their awesome, futuristic games to the BlackBerry PlayBook and BlackBerry 10. I was even more excited when I woke up today and discovered that they've released 2 more titles already! Robotek is one of my favorite games (having played it on a different platform a few months ago) and EVAC --while I haven't played it before-- was an instant buy for me, knowing how much I enjoy the other Hexage games.

Robotek is a unique blend of strategy, action and RPG with more than 200 levels spread all around the world. Rip through your enemies with lasers, electrocute them or fry them with microwaves. Deploy your own robots to fight for you or steal them from your enemy. Protect and upgrade your forces or throw them away in a ruthless wave of destruction.

  • Rewarding skill system with more than 30 levels.
  • 9 upgradable slot symbols to fit your own style of play.
  • 4 special abilities including the devastating Nuke.
  • Play thrilling hotseat duels with your friends!
  • Online hall of fame - Your scores can only grow.
  • Signature soundtrack by Kubatko

EVAC is a mix of genres with arcade, action, stealth and puzzle gameplay elements with 32 meticulously designed levels,  each with a different twist. Play stealthily to avoid encounters, prepare traps for your enemies  or just rush as fast as you can right in front of their eyes.

  • Creative gameplay - think of your own ways how to beat the game.
  • Online leaderboards - Your highscore can only grow bigger every time you play.
  • Signature sound by Kubatko

You can grab Robotek for free and EVAC for $1.99 in BlackBerry App World along with the 2 games Hexage has already released, Radiant and Radiant Defense.

More information / download Robotek
More information / purchase EVAC

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Reader comments

Robotek and EVAC by Hexage now available for the BlackBerry PlayBook


I 2nd that. These games are so good, these apps have left me with a few gigs free on my 32 gb playbook. Might need to get a 64 gb!

I was super excited when I read the headline and super disappointed when I found out that it had nothing to do with the cartoon series Robotek. Surprised they were allowed to use the name...

Is anybody gullible enough to follow a shortened link with broken English posted in web comments? It sure screams "I'm a drive-by virus site! Visit me and you may as well throw away your PC!"

Beat Radiant the other day! Radiant Defense proving much more difficult. Robotek is my current fave and so glad to see it's already available!

I'll soon have to trade my 16GB playbook for a 64GB one if I'm going to be getting games loaded on it. :D

The 3G one when it comes out and wind gets it... Maybe maybe. I'll then give me 16GB one to a neighbor for $200 or $150.

Decisions decisions... 16 goes FAST!