RoaderRunnerGPS - Analyze Your Walking or Running Workout with your BlackBerry Smartphone

By ObiGeorge on 6 Nov 2009 11:21 am EST


RoadRunnerGPS is a great app whether your an avid jogger, runner, or just walk your dog each day. It uses your BlackBerry's GPS to give you an in depth summary of your distance traveled, average speed, pace, calories burnt off, and the time it took you to do so. Its built in mapping shows a detailed description of where you are, where you have been, and how you got there. After each trek you can upload all this information to the online server for review. If you're a runner or walker, you know how invaluable it can be to see all your stats, and not having to buy a separate GPS device is a big bonus. RoadRunnerGPS is available via BlackBerry Appworld for $4.99 with a 14 day free trial.

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RoaderRunnerGPS - Analyze Your Walking or Running Workout with your BlackBerry Smartphone


ill have to give the trial a shot, i run a lot, and when i say a lot, i mean 20 or more miles a week, so this will come in handy as i often leave the berry home due to its size but to have my gps tracking me as i run, i always have the phone incase of an emergency all in one device.

I run anywhere from 20 to 30 miles per week also and I just don't think I can bring my clunky storm with me. My workout clothes don't have big enough pockets!

I've been looking for an app like this. I've got a 15 miler scheduled for Saturday and would like to test this out. I need to get one of those arm band things that I see people wear with their ipods.

I will also need a case so I don't get road crap, sweat, etc. in around the screen.

Thanks for everyone's interest in RoadRunnerGPS. I wanted to let you know that if you are getting the message "this app will not run on your device / carrier" it may be because you are with Verizon.

We do not support RRGPS for Verizon since the GPS capability of the device is locked out from third party apps.

Believe us we would love to have Verizon on board!

Uh... The GPS isnt locked out for the Storm and Storm2... Every other gps enabled software I have loaded onto the Storm2 works.... There are a lot of VZW Storm owners who would be interested in this program.....

I just installed the trial and when I select start I get the following:

"License server problem. - Tunnel failed"

Then it tells me my trial is up and asks for a license key.

Is this because I'm on a WiFi connection and dont have a data plan? I also cannot set my profile. I've tried restarting the phone....

I saw the comment about not working on the Verizon network. Thought you should know the trial version is working perfectly on my Verizon Storm with OS 5.x. Hopefully there will be a way for Verizon customers to purchase the software before the 14 day trial expires.

I am a switch over from Alltel to Verizon. It was unable to connect to the GPS for me. Didn't wait around long enough for an error, gave it about 2 minutes, didn't work so i just ran.

I thought VZW finally unlocked the GPS on their BlackBerry Devices... Thank God I read these comments, as I was just about to dump 5 bucks on this app...

How did you download this? I am on Verizon and when I go to BBAW, it tells me that it is not available for my carrier.

Not all Verizon BB have their GPS locked. My Storm works fine with third party geocaching apps. Why won't RoadRunnerGPS?

The demo (link above) works on the Tour (Verison) os 4.7. It seems very smooth and the distances are accurate. I just had to turn the GPS to "Location On". I hope there will be a way to purchase the app after the 14 days are up.

Hi Everyone:

If you own a Storm or think that your device may have unlocked GPS, you can download a 14 day trial at: Click on "Try It" and follow the instructions.

The app will run on your device regardless but if your GPS is locked out you will get a message stating that the device has no GPS capability.

We could not formally support Verizon on the AppWorld because there is no way to specify "Storm only" on "Verizon" and "other models" are allowed with "other carriers". The device choices must apply to all supported carriers.

For those who would like to purchase the app, we are putting in place purchase capability from our website through PayPal. In the meantime, please enjoy the free 14 day trial. If we don't have the purchase capability within that time frame, we will extend your trial period until we do. We look forward to your feedback. Please email if you have questions.

I'm running the trial and it works great. I don't even have BB Maps installed - I prefer Google Maps.
So obviously I can't use the map feature of this app, but the other features still work well.

I'll be buying this.

Kanavan, get your info up to date. Verizon no longer locks the GPS on the Tour. But, I downloaded the trial installed it and then get the same java exception error I read about elsewhere on this site.

Most important, and what is really pissing me off, is that there is no option for support anywhere!!! Your website says you are a "young energetic technology company committed to providing high quality mobile applications:, If that's true, you need to set up support system or you will be out of business quickly.

Can I just say wow!!! Been looking for something like this since I gave up Nokia as I missed their Sports Tracker software

I will definitely be purchasing this after testing with one run last night

Few requests

1. Ability to share runs EASILY - nokia made it too complicated. I run with a mate who is useless with technology

2. Pause option

3. Ability to name routes, and to re-run a route

4. Option to import old runs from KML or GPX. I've got a lot of runs on my old 9crap) software I'd love to import

Other than that, keep up the great work

Hi Everyone:

An update for Verizon customers. If you are interested in purchasing RRGPS you can now get it directly from our website. Please go to and click on "Buy It Now!". We really encourage you to go through the 14 day free trial first to make sure GPS is not locked and all network communications are working.

Hi, I have installed RRGPS trial version on a Verizon BB Tour. Love the idea of it for my training! Yesterday, very cloudy weather and tried to use on a run - satellite signal inadequate to start - bummed (my longer run day). Today, my rest day, bright & sunny, started program when walking the dogs. It worked & got msg sent to my account! I was so excited to come home this evening and log into my RRGPS online account on my computer to find the following msg, "Your dashboard is empty because you haven't uploaded any workout data from your device yet. So go give it a try and then come back here!" I am a bit bummed. Longer-time users - worth the trouble?

If you have the new blackberrys from verizon that do not have gps blocked and you are still having issues with
"GPS Navigation not Available/Supported"
Then try the following
Options>Advanced Options>GPS>GPS Services (make sure it is on Location On and not E911 Only {you can always turn it back to E911 Only after} and make sure the Location Aiding is Enabled).
Hope that it helps