How good is your driving? Try out Road Trip for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 3 Aug 2013 05:23 am EDT

Games like Road Trip have been around on other platforms for a long time and in fact there are alternatives in BlackBerry World, although I think they are all Android ports and possibly not even by the same developers as on Google Play. We now have a official native BlackBerry 10 game and it's really good.

The concept of the game is just to drive your car along the road collecting coins and avoiding the other traffic. Sounds simple, but I can assure you it gets pretty heated at times. The car auto accelerates, but by pressing the display you can activate a boost. This isn't unlimited and is shown up at the top left of the screen as a green bar around the speedometer.

You'll need to ensure you use the boost at the right times, so don't waste it. The reason being is that there are canyons that you must jump over and you'll need as much speed as possible to make the jump. Controlling the car is achieved by tilting your BlackBerry left and right so it couldn't be easier.

The graphics are pretty sweet with Road Trip and combined with nice background music and realistic sound effects it makes for a great experience. As you progress through the game and build up your collection of coins you will be able to spend these on unlocking new cars. There are 10 in total but I'm not good enough yet to have unlocked many - however I will be playing Road Trip on a regular basis as I may be in love with it! There is the option to buy the cars from in-app purchases if you really want to but I won't be going down that road.

Road Trip will set you back £1.50/$1.99 which is money worth spending in my opinion. Let us have your thoughts in the comments if you give it a go.

Full features of the game include:

  • Unlockables and upgrades!
  • Amazing 3D Graphics!
  • Stunning Soundtrack and FX!
  • Simple, yet Engaging Gameplay!
  • Responsive Controls!
  • Get Coins and Buy Better Cars!
  • Challenging Missions!
  • Radical Air Maneuvers!
  • New Items in Upcoming Updates!
  • No ads!

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Reader comments

How good is your driving? Try out Road Trip for BlackBerry 10


Because women actually know how to drive on an actual road, do men should be great at this game. Isn't playing video games what you do best?!

via CB10 on my AT&T Z10

Not a bad little game, but in game purchases have meant I had to delete it, hate games with in game purchases ridiculous especially when you have to pay for the game to start with.

Posted via CB10

Pointless as you can't use the in game credits that you earn by playing the game either, it just wants your cash.

Posted via CB10

That's all I do with any game. I have never purchased coins in any game and I modify and upgrade to the max with no problem.

Posted via CB10

I like this game and reading the developers blog it's nice to see that people are starting to give blackberry some notice. Now if we can get a few bigger names to do that....

Posted via CB10

I don't like tilt control games... is there another control option like in beach buggy blitz?? I want to try this game but I know I won't like it if there's no alternative control scheme. and even though it doesn't cost much.. lol its too much if I never play it... if somebody could let me know plz... thanx =)

Posted via CB10

l just love it...though somewhat difficult.!/2013/08/happy-birthday-mr-president.html

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I have literally been looking for this exact kind of driving app and my prayers have been answered! Easy to navigate and play, quality-built and extremely addicting! So ideal for public transit commuters like myself who want to kill time but might not otherwise have a data connection (e.g. on the subway).

Graphics and interface work fantastically on my Q10! The music/sound fx is fun too and I love that I can quickly mute it with the volume button. And the fact that the game's developer, Slightly Social is Canadian makes me even happier/prouder!

Slightly Social team, from one Canadian to another, thank you so much for expanding your iOS games to our country's beloved phonemaker. I'm very impressed with Road Trip and I'm excited to see what you release for BB10 next.

Posted via my lifeline, I mean my Q10.