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Riz performs Ping Me Baby live from the DevCon10 [video]

By Bla1ze on 4 Oct 2010 05:41 pm EDT

A little surprise popped up for those in attendence at the BlackBerry DevCon10 party. Riz, creator of the insanely catchy hit Ping Me Baby was there to perform live. Honestly, I missed the performance live so glad to see that it was caught on video. Check it out and don't forget you can grab the ringtone from the CrackBerry ringtone gallery as well.



Gotta admit the tune is pretty catchy


Lol@every body putting there bb up


better than the black eyed peas


I think he really is that good when you consider the black eyed peas is 4 people and he is only 1 guy but still bringing as much energy and enthusiasm to the table. Rock on Riz...BRAVO.


I find it really funny how RIM and Riz think this song is the BEST thing ever made - but the entire building could care less..... There is like 6 people who surround him... lol. FAIL.. a huge fail in my opinion


Can this someone make this stupid ass song and "performer"
go away.


Wow. I have to say I liked the song a million times better when it was faceless. This dude is highly annoying. I'd like to hear it never again.


Then why did you even watch it?


You're really asking this? I came to this conclusion BY watching it. It's not really a difficult concept.


Can you point out one thing about this guy or his performance that is truly annoying. And oh by the way for every one thing that you can point out as annoying, I bet I can point out 10 about you that is equally annoying to me.


i fucking want it back after watching this abomination



lol I loved this track. Sharing it NOW!


.... this guy befriended me on my My Opera blog account long before I ever knew who the heck he even was, or that he even liked Blackberries, or that he even wrote a song about Blackberries. And what's the chances the dude is, also, like me, a rabid Opera browser user? Bizarre.


I hate auto-tune. The original was actually very catchy, but if it's auto-tuned I immediately think the singer isn't very skilled.


Can Y'all stop hating and give credit to where its due? Dude is not the most talented but give him credit for doing what he love. And if you want to know more about him research on him instead of judging him through eyes. Thats what's wrong with mankind


To know what is wrong with mankind, we must first understand the word itself. Mankind is basically made up of two separate words, "mank" and "ind". Makes no sense, and that's why neither does mankind. That's what is wrong.


I myself take words and break em down for different meanings.. here's one for you. Knowledge. Know|Edge. The L seperates know and edge... knowing the edge of something helps you from leaping to your death. a.k.a. Always know your limit.


For anybody to question this guy's talent is absolutely ridiculous. He created an infectious song from nothing and had every BB user that has heard it since singing the chorus. Don't lie...you've caught yourself singing it at least once. And as for his live performance, do you know what it takes to get on stage in front of a packed house. He sings on key, he ad-libs here and there and most importantly he keeps the crowd engaged. Textbook live performance in my opinion and for anyone to criticize it says more about your personal issues than Riz's talent.


As a long time BB developer, I have been to four out of the last five DevCon's and let me tell you, this was completely out of the norm in regards to audience participation. To see us geeks let loose and wild out is rare and I have to applaud Riz for being able to break us out of our shells. I was one of the people up there in the video and it was a welcome change to what we are used to at these events. Kudos Riz, four out of five geeks approve and apparently so does Blackberry.


You have to consider the crowd are more like nerds and geeks and not people who see concerts and performances as much, well not of this much energy and enthusiam. But in my book people are people. No difference, anyone can be a nerd or gangster or whateva else... its your choice.


I have to say, I didn't think he'd be this cute in person but after watching the video, I am more of a fan. Thanks Crackberry.


Well since Riz removed my comment i will just post it here. You arnt that smart Riz are you?

Terrible song man... Terrible. Im gonna make a song about blackberry's cool email setup application and autotune the shit outta it. Im going to make millions...


While you're out there stalking Riz's videos to leave your comments, yes hes making millions and enjoying his life. Don't all you haters realize that whether your comment is positive or negative, Riz still wins because you took the time out of your life to view his video.

Music is meant to be fun...it's like art, you don't have to like it and your distaste for it does not automatically mean it's bad. It just means it does not appeal to you. But with over a quarter of a million views on Youtube, it's safe to say that you're in the minority. PING!!!