Ripping off BlackBerry: CrackBerry Kevin goes fingers on with the Typo keyboard for iPhone

By Kevin Michaluk on 8 Jan 2014 05:00 pm EST

When I first watched the promo video for the Typo physical keyboard for the iPhone, I thought it was a complete joke. With word that Ryan Seacrest was an investor and seeing how much the Typo keyboard looked identical to a BlackBerry keyboard, I thought it was actually a Funny or Die or Rick Mercer sketch that I was viewing. But the jokes didn’t come. This was and is a real iPhone accessory. And as much as it puts me in an awkward position to admit it —   I can’t lie — it’s actually a pretty damn good one, too.

I’m in Las Vegas this week for CES, and Typo has been here showing off their bluetooth keyboard for the iPhone. The CEO of Typo gave us a couple Typo keyboards to take home, and I’ve been putting it to use the past 36 hours on my iPhone 5s. I’m already at home on it - typing as fast and accurately on it as I do with my BlackBerry Q10. 

This shouldn’t be a surprise though. The keyboard is such a complete rip off of a BlackBerry keyboard that there was nearly ZERO adjustment needed. I’m not a lawyer, but I understand why BlackBerry has filed suit against Typo Products LLC and Ryan Seacrest. It seems completely justified given the near identical nature of the keyboard, and I’m pretty sure there’s no way Typo will get away with selling this keyboard in the current form for very long. One way or another it’s either getting shut down, or BlackBerry will get paid on it (I tweeted the other night that BlackBerry should just buy Typo and solve the problem - it can be yet another way to bring the BlackBerry experience to other platforms).

A Complete BlackBerry Rip Off

There really is no mistaking the Typo keyboard for anything but a BlackBerry keyboard. Be sure to watch the video above where we put this theory to the test. I walked around the show floor of CES showing off just the Typo keyboard to people asking what kind of phone it was. 10 / 10 people answered a BlackBerry. And everybody I have shown the Typo to since then agrees - it looks like a BlackBerry keyboard.

Comparing the keyboard portion of the Typo side by side to the BlackBerry Q10 keyboard, similarities abound. Between the rows of keys, the Typo features the same “guitar frets” as BlackBerry keyboards often do (Bold, Q10 models). The sculpted shape of the raised buttons on the keyboard is nearly identical as well. You’d think Typo tracked down the same supplier BlackBerry uses and a grabbed a box for themselves. Even the font choice and labeling of the keyboard is almost identical. It’s clear that Typo deliberately went out to make their keyboard LOOK like a BlackBerry keyboard. I’m sure Typo will try and argue this point otherwise in defending the legal action from BlackBerry, but I can’t see them winning that argument. I’d be happy to be called in as a subject matter expert and tell this story straight. 

Typo Review: Fingers on with the Typo Keyboard

Looking past the fact Typo ripped off the BlackBerry keyboard in a big way, the product itself is very usable. It’s a bluetooth keyboard built in two pieces, that connect to form a case around the iPhone. Connecting the two halves is easy, and from there all you have to do is go to Settings and bluetooth pair the Typo to the iPhone. Voila -  you now have the classic BlackBerry keyboard on your iPhone.

The installed case looks a little odd, but this is a function before fashion type of accessory, and it could look a lot worse. I actually like the feel of the iPhone better with the Typo on then without it. I find the iPhone so dang small to hold onto these days. The Typo gives it a little more length and heft, and I haven't found any issues with balance when typing on the iPhone with the Typo keyboard installed.

There are two immediate compromises to iPhone users who install the Typo. First, the home button is covered by the keyboard, so if you have an iPhone 5s you won’t be able to use Touch ID anymore. With the home button covered, the bottom right button on the keyboard now acts as the home button. This sounds like it might be a big deal, but actually it wasn’t hard to get used to at all. The second compromise is that you won’t be able to swipe up from the bottom of the display, meaning you won’t be able to pull up the shortcut screen that was added in iOS 7. Overall though, if you’re the type of person who values a physical keyboard, the benefits outweigh the compromises.

The Typo keyboard is a little narrower than the physical keyboard on the Q10 or Bold 9900, but I found it easy enough to adjust to. It’s still wide enough that I can type quick with two thumbs. The buttons are quite “clacky". It’s a loud keyboard to type on. Some people hate this, but I don’t mind it. That loud audible sound helps you get into a good rhythm while typing. The buttons don’t take too much pressure to push, and they have a relatively quick return rate (they bounce back up fast enough to keep up with you). There’s a clear and distinct click to each button as it’s pressed. The buttons have a little bit of looseness to them, especially compared to the Q10. On the Typo you can put your finger on a button and wiggle the button a little bit. The tolerances are not that tight, and the build quality comes off as feeling cheap in comparison to the Q10’s keyboard when you examine it closely. BlackBerry keyboards can really take a beating - the Typo appears like it may not have the same long lasting durability to it, but that’s one of those things you’ll find out with time.

As mentioned in the video, there are some differences on where alternative characters have been placed on the Typo compared to the BlackBerry keyboard. The % symbol is on the P and the @ and & symbols are on a button to the right of the spacebar. The ? and ! have been flipped as well. On the Q10 the ? is on the V and ! on the B. On the Typo the ! is on the V and ? is on the B. Maybe Typo thought this was enough of a visual change in the design compared to BlackBerry to get away with the rip off job. The Typo keyboard also has a button to turn on the backlighting. And a button immediately to the right of spacebar allows you to hide the touchscreen keyboard (and holding will power the keyboard off).

One thing to point out to is that the Typo won’t necessarily make you a faster typer. In an all out typing race in controlled conditions, these days you can type faster on a touchscreen keyboard than on a physical keyboard. BlackBerry’s BlackBerry 10 touchscreen keyboard is incredibly fast to type on. That said, the benefit to a physical keyboard is that you can type more accurately and likely faster in more conditions. I rarely walk and type with an iPhone, because while moving and typing I make way too many mistakes. With the Typo on the iPhone, I can walk and type as I would when using my BlackBerry keyboard. Also, physical keyboards always win when it comes to things like entering passwords or email addresses. People who have used physical keyboards know all this of course. It’s worth pointing out for those who have never used one before. 

That all said, it comes down to typing experience, and for that I’m finding the Typo performs well enough. It’s definitely not the best keyboard ever made, but I’m typing well on it. More than acceptable. For people who want a physical keyboard and have $99 to spend, it’s a viable solution. Personally, I’d rather use the iPhone with the Typo on than off. I think that actually says a lot for the Typo.

As for what the future of Typo looks like, I don't know. BlackBerry is suing, and rightfully so in my opinion. Typo is going to fight it. In the meantime, they are still available for pre-order at

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Ripping off BlackBerry: CrackBerry Kevin goes fingers on with the Typo keyboard for iPhone



I think they will get away with it since it's for iphone. Iphone will win a lawsuit about rounded corners, but this blatant rip-off will probably go unpunished...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

I don't think it is about getting away with it. I think Mr. Chen will just seek Acknowledgement (BBRY as the innovators that they are). Damages (for infringement) and Cash!!!! for obvious reasons. Think about it. If you get used to your iPhone with a BBRY much closer are you to a BBRY?

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While true, that's also a very dangerous situation to invite. How many people have flatly refused to switch to iOS or Android due to poor keyboard options? If Typo provides a "decent enough" keyboard like Kevin has described, then for an additional $100 I could see a lot of people opting to switch from their BBOS devices (or even Q10/Q5s) to the iPhone + Typo combo. It gives them the keyboard they love with a larger screen, better third-party support, ecosystem, and social media options. Say what you will about using apps versus a great browser like we have on BB10, but for the past 6-7 years people have been trained to look for the "app for that." It's going to be hard to convince people otherwise, especially without full functionality across popular mobile sites or services that are essentially app-only like Instagram.

BlackBerry might make a killing off making a cut of each Typo case sold, and that might reintroduce people to the thought of using a physical keyboard again, but again it's dangerous territory to be in if they decide to abandon BlackBerry altogether. Either they bury it completely so it never sees the light of day on iOS, or they buy the company out, don't release it on iOS (or find a way to incorporate some BlackBerry services into it) and adapt it for use on Z-series devices as an alternative to the on-screen keyboard for the stalwarts out there.

Truth be told though, it'd be hard for me to give up the software keyboard on the Z10. My little brother got a Z10 less than a month ago with the $200 sale after only using an Android device, and the keyboard was the first thing he bragged about to our older brother, who's using a Nexus 5.

I see your point and I agree that it is a dangerous ground to be treading. With great risk comes great reward.

I am still using my Bold 9900 and have played with every BB10 device out there(US carriers). I want the Z30 but it hasn't arrived to T-mobile yet. I had my wife sold on switching from her Note I to a Z30 but the longer BBRY takes to release it online or T-Mo to pick up, the more she looks around. I took her to Verizon to see the Z30 and now she has her sights on the HTC One Max since the screen is so huge. She doesn't even look at the Z30 anymore.

The good thing is that both are still on Verizon so she can't make a move yet. I am still sticking around though. Riding with BBRY is like a long relationship. It has it's ups and downs. In time however the bad is all behind you.

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That's true, and unfortunately it's not looking too good on T-Mobile for BlackBerry right now. But, with the AT&T-compatible Z30 passing through FCC testing last month hopefully you and your wife be able to get GSM-based Z30s soon.

That's real good to know. I was unaware of that. I am very excited now. Thanks for the information.

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The only problem with that is the bottom bezel is so vital to basic use on BB10 that they'd likely have to include a touch-sensitive section above the top keyboard frets and incorporate bluetooth-based gestures. Then again, they achieved something similar with the touchpad on the keyboard case for the PlayBook so who knows...

If I would be in BB place, I would allow to sell it for like 50$ per keyboard.. 1milion sold 60m buck for free. Its what MS does with android. Its clearly a copy, and not intended to be more. Typo know that they do patent infringement, Im 100% sure they counted on that when they thought of the idea. and I think that reflects the 99$ price - which is huge!!.

+1. Typo knew and counted on BlackBerry to sue. That's the best publicity and validation that their accessory is just like having a BlackBerry keyboard. They couldn't have wished for a better timing for the lawsuit to be announced just before they showcase the product at CES.

Yeah... unless they lose the suit. Then they can't sell to anybody, and there goes all possibility to make any money.

CB10 : Z10 STL100-3

+1, but also depends on the possible consequences of losing the lawsuit and/or what type of "defeat" they suffer.

Hey Kev, speaking of Typos...7th last paragraph, second line, 6th last word - it should be "than" instead of "then".

I've wanted to make that joke since I heard about this product! LOL!

Speaking of charging, would having this constantly tethered drain the battery life even more on the iPhone?

I haven't noticed a big drop but will watch for it more closely. I think it goes into standby and wakes on first Key press.

Posted via CB10

Yup, a great deal of people are influenced by celebrities. The other owners of this company knew Ryan Seacrest's name means as much or more than his million dollar investment.

Yeah I heard that too. What a loser dude. And out of all the celebrities he chooses to mimic, he picks a host. That's all he does. Host things.

K now I'm just hating, but I hope BlackBerry buries them. I heard on CBC that they're not looking for license fees - they want it shut down completely. Smart. You want a keyboard, you go BlackBerry

Posted via CB10

I agree with BlackBerry. License fees are a drop in the bucket. Say they get $5 per keyboard. $5 million extra profit last quarter that would not have made any difference.

It looks cheap , and whi iphone users will switch to a physical keyboard? maybe they will swtich to a blackberry instead

The case doesn't feel too bad as it has a soft touch finish, but the keyboard does feel on the cheap side as outlined.

It's a bandaid solution. Not pretty but works better than I expected.

Posted via CB10

Shape of keys and frets are more Bold like. Narrowness is more Curve like. But I'd say more Bold feeling in terms of looks. 

To watch a video a person would have to remove the keyboard/case right?

This is a very interesting topic as BlackBerry is beginning to sue this company, I really hope typo doesn't get away Scott free! I like the idea about BlackBerry buying this company.

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

It is crazy how much they ripped off BB. I thought that the first time I saw it. Good idea, but BB should make money off of it if something like this exists.

No, they should shut it down completely. The risk would be copy cats making keyboards that are not identical to BlackBerry thus not sueable.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry should make money and shut them down as well...
Not compromises... they must shut it down.

Posted via CB10

Thinking about this, I just assumed that when using it and composing a message, the onscreen keyboard wouldn't be displayed. Watching the video I'm proved wrong.

It looks ridiculous and one of the benefits of this attachment (at least to me anyway) of having the full screen real estate when typing just isn't there.

As mentioned in the post, if you hit the button to the right of the space bar it hides the touch screen keyboard. My bad. I should have made sure the cut we used in the video had it hidden. It doesn't hide automatically but button hides it.

Posted via CB10

Which is interesting because on iOS the virtual keyboard is supposed to go away when a Bluetooth keyboard is attached. On my iPad it does that unless the keyboard is inactive and goes to sleep, then any key press dismisses the virtual one and away I go. So that's probably what you're seeing happen hoob15

... if BlackBerry does end up owning TYPO instead of shutting it down, would you still question Kevin's promotion of it? no, you wouldn't. you would want BlackBerry to make it rain on an iPhone accessory.

Posted via CB10

"promote" is the wrong word anyways - more a "review", which Kevin did quite fairly. Pros and Cons, and the option to buy for iPhone users. Just more money for BlackBerry when they win and/or end up owing TYPO!

Posted via CB10

It's a fraudulent product, and should be treated as such. Doing a review lends legitimacy to it. I view this product with the same contempt I have for cheap, overseas knockoffs.

Sure, show it to people as example 'A' for patent infringement. But don't do a review on it as though it's a viable consumer option. It's piracy, plain and simple.

Posted via CB10

Kevin, don't be surprised if the lawyers call on this video as evidence. The fact that everyone thought it was a BlackBerry proves their point. LOL

Posted via CB10

That's the most convincing point... doesn't really "lack merit"... if it's perceived on a large scale as a BlackBerry, then it's almost done... let's remember, apple sued sammy for the rectangular shape...

Ferrari ZetaDieci

None! Everybody said BlackBerry. We did speak to one guy who was a real techy who said I know what you're doing here.... trying to get Ryan Seacrest in trouble! Then he said yeah, it totally looks like a BlackBerry keyboard.

For the record, I wholeheartedly agree that the keyboard looks like a blackberry keyboard.

That being said, for this "test" to be valid, one would need a control group - that is, a keyboard that does not look like a blackberry keyboard. My hunch is that people would still say it was a blackberry keyboard. Many people equate "keyboard" with "blackberry" these days.

Hm. If you watch movies really closely, you'll notice that 8 out of 10 smartphones used in movies are BlackBerry devices.
And it would be often in a movie that they do refer to the mobile as BlackBerry, bit very seldom iPhone, almost never I heard Android.

Posted via CB10

The BlackBerry form factor is iconic. If you look, you may notice that the silhouette of qwerty handset is often used as a universal symbol for mobile phone. Sometimes, in the U.S. at least, you will see something that resembles the silhouette of an iPhone, but still the qwerty "blackberry" is still often used.

Yeah. Vegas. The air is so dry. Killed my voice. Feeling like crap this week. Will recover when I'm back home.

Posted via CB10

Too hot and your vocal chords aren't used to the heat. Once you get back to the 'peg where it's -40 those vocal chords will tighten right up and you'll be back to your old self.

Z10 STL100-3 | | Bell | CB10

If I were apple I'd be buying typo out. This could very well turn people back on to BlackBerry. Especially if the upcoming keyboard phone is really good.

Posted via CB10

Hey Kevin looks like you no longer have any need for a BlackBerry now that you got a physical keyboard on your iphone!


Posted via CB10

Did you not see my P'9982 unboxing?! I'm in BlackBerry heaven right now. Typing this via cb10 app on p'9982 right now!

Posted via CB10

You might just be called as an expert witness,and Ryan might just feature you on one of his programs in your yoga pants to discredit your step you're playing with the big boys now.HAHA!!!

If he goes that low, he will discredit himself and have to "bayl out" of the whole thing.

There is enough dirt to dig up about nearly anybody, if you are looking for it. Just ask Monica and Bill.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

The video almost suggests that Kevin is endorsing this product! Maybe CB Kevin & Ryan Seacrap are friends!

I feel honored & pissed all at the same time. At least I know my Q10's keyboard kicks your iphone's keyboard's booty.

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

Neither promoting or discrediting. Just giving my opinion. Good and bad. People have been asking for my take on typo, so I gave it.

Posted via CB10

These people obviously didn't read your pre-CES disclaimer that you'll not only write about BlackBerry...

Ferrari ZetaDieci

Ah quit busting the guys balls, he essentially did a product review. The more the keyboard feels good like a BlackBerry keyboard the more likely BlackBerry will be able to win the case.

Posted via CB10

Once it gets into the market, it would wise and a must for BlackBerry to make a commercial making fun of the Typo product as a copy cat or to say the Q10 is the real deal. Great way to get BlackBerry in the minds of consumers.

Posted via CB10

Can't pass up an opportunity to promote a company that is trying to rip BlackBerry off... way to go Crackberry!

Some things cannot work together, iphone and a keyboard is laughable....from the video, you can see a virtual keyboard and a physical keyboard....pretty damn funny huh....Blackberry for life!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I kinda liked the idea of a full screen and the keyboard, maybe blackberry should release the same

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Isn't it too long? Idk it just looks to long to be comfortable and the center of gravity is probably very messed up. And everytime you want to get rid of the onscreen keyboard, you need to to press a button... :dumb:

Posted from my bangin Q10

Thanks for the write-up Kevin. Clearly Blackberry is being challenged on their own playground and needs to put serious effort into their products. It's annoying to see iphone users craving a keyboard yet none will move to BlackBerry because key apps are unavailable. Hopefully there will be some migration back to BB with OS10.2 and an improved Android runtime. Fingers crossed.
PS: I own a Z10 and wish I'd waited for the Q10.

Posted via CB10

Just seen it on the Imore site, interesting, the Kevin review is for 4.40 minutes and on crackberry it's 4.46 minutes. Did Imore edition some of the negative views from the review?

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Soo you walk with two chagers one for your keyboard and one for your iPhone ? Hmmmm.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

How about a video of you smashing said keyboard with a sledgehammer? definitely brings new meaning to the term, iPhoney. BB should come out with one when they win. market it with BBM4ALL as BBKB4ALL.

No that would not be a good idea, I like Kevin's independent view on things, it also is good for BlackBerry to realise this to, especially that Kevin is also a BlackBerry fan.

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That would be an awesome idea. Kevzilla go smashy smashy and I am sure many others in this thread would LOVE to see that video. heck send me one and I will do a great dramatic job of it.

No, no, no. Kevin would lose respect from some of his fans.

I also like to see what other mobile brands are up to so I can compare my BlackBerry mobile

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Why couldn't he do it? He wouldn't lose any respect. Heck he smashed a PlayBook lol, why can't he do it on a keyboard thats a blatant copy of a BlackBerry keyboard? I say do it! Kevin smash!

Posted via CB10

Send it to the "Will it blend?" guys for disposal.

Get them to post a link back to CB and the one and only real keyboard phone.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Have to admire Kevin's balanced view on the Typo keyboard, but to promote this at the end of the review, giving the Web address and saying " tell them Kevin sent you " mmmmm!

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Predictions - Typo will extract Kevin's review of the keyboard as part of the keyboard promotion. "As endorsed by Crackberry Kevin, a BlackBerry fan "

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As John Chen was also at CES, did he or any of the BlackBerry employees speak to Ryan Seacrest or the Typo crew?

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I'm all for them protecting their IP. But where the hell were they when Samsung and other OEMs were ripping off their keyboard and phones back in the day.

They weren't ripping them off. If you look at a Samsung ect. keyboard you can tell it's not a BlackBerry. This one looks like a BlackBerry with the scalloped keys ect.

Unfortunately, even I have to admit after seeing Kevin's review, if the keyboard is that good, then BlackBerry could potentially loose more of its customer base to iPhone with the option of the add on keyboard.

Darn shame

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Well apple stores do sell complimentary gadgets, and this could be an advantage to selling more iphones

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Say it aint so,there goes the farm.I wouldn't buy them if I were bb ,what would happen if they broke after a couple of months?BB's keyboards are tough and proven .

Don't worry. This is such a blatant rip off of both technology patents and trade dress that they will sell just enough of these to pay their lawyers before BlackBerry shuts them down or buys them.

Posted via CB10

Interesting comment. I saw A CNN news caption on my local news channe not to long agi that this is the final nail in the coffin for BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

It wasn't surprising that many people thought it was a BlackBerry phone. But it's great to see consumers recognised an iconic brand feature.

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It's interesting, will BlackBerry consider buying Typo out and then licence this out or sell to consumers directly?

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Does it slide on your P9982?
Just kidding - I know it is too narrow ;-)

It would however be fun if TYPO launched a slide on keyboard for the Z10 :-o

"The CEO of Typo gave us a couple Typo keyboards to take home"

Not much of an Observation Junkie, are you?

Apple and iphone users say physical keyboards are dead, in the past and definitely not cool. So sales should be zero right?

Posted via CB10

I bet the sales would be good if /when the keyboard goes on sale, especially all the free advertising from the lawsuit.

People will buy it for the curiosity factor.

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It's a disgrace that BlackBerry haven't won this suit yet. It's a clear copy and Seacrest is too stupid to realise that. "BlackBerry lacks merit" HA biggest load of crap I've ever heard!

Posted via CB10

I like what the article says about the Typo keyboard:

If Typo has just ripped off the BlackBerry keyboard, then at least it ripped off the best.

So true!

Posted via the Z30 on CB10

if you are in landscape mode with the typo on, will the keyboard shown up on screen to tap in landscape or do you have to switch to portrait type tour message, then go back to landscape?

Posted via CB10

Look. Maybe this works in BB's favor. If they buy Typo as Kevin suggests, or get paid a settlement, but isn't it possible more people using keyboards would cause them to consider BB in the future?

I guess some people may abandon BB for a Iphone with Typo and others may come to BB?

Anyone have comments?

Via CB10 & Z10 or Q10

I never have any issues on my Z10 because of the predicted swipe text, the typo product would be useless on this.

But I hope BlackBerry do release a full screen with a keyboard

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I use a ps3 mini keypad as a physical kb for my z10. pairs up nicely and has a mouse option. great for connected to tv while lying in bed.

Hey here's this for those who like a good Conspiracy Theory: what if this Typo keypad is a deliberate copy of the BlackBerry keypad just to draw out all the BB fans and generate all this free publicity. Then with the largest possible interest generated, the keypad is withdrawn from the market and replaced by Typo version 2 that is sufficiently different from a BB keypad (complete with lightning connector instead of micro USB) so that no patent is breached and BB has no basis for legal action and indeed suffered no quantifiable loss. But Typo is firmly in the public eye and off to a flier....

this is awesome if BB can sue Typo and get a few million maybe they can stay in business through 2014! keeping fingers crossed we can at least get back our market share from Microsoft!

They will stay in business with a few millions but yet you expect them to go bankruptcy with the current 4 + billions in cash....logic....

Posted via CB10

Plagiarism at its finest, what a rip off! If you want a touchscreen device with the greatest physical keyboard in the game, get a Q10 (or at least a Q5), it's that simple. All this added cases on a iphone to try to get the BlackBerry typing experience is just odd. First they tried to copy the bb10 touchscreen swipe up gestures on that jailbroken keyboard, now this. I guess that just goes to show Apple (and/or 3rd party companies) respects what BlackBerry brings to the table more than they would admit.

So since this Typo experiment is going to get canned, will it ever be possible for someone to make a legal gadget of this nature? Or is BlackBerry just too dominant in the keyboard field?

Posted via CB10

I would sew the crap out of them as they are doing. No need to make their keyboard cross platform, if people want it, they can buy real experience, which is a BlackBerry phone!

Posted via CB10

To be fair on the 10/10 people thinking it was a blackberry. The first thing that comes to mind when you think of a phone with a keyboard is blackberry.

Posted via CB10

It's ridiculous how similar to a BlackBerry keyboard the TYPO is. I can't see how they would have come up with this, almost, exact match to the BlackBerry keyboard.

Posted via Q10

If I were an iPhone User I'd go with the Boxwave Keyboard Buddy - Backlit Edition case. Slide out QWERTY case with full access to the TouchID sensor. Reminds me of my beloved old school Nokia 810 Internet tablet actually. Enjoy your same Typo cases Kevin, I suspect they may be a collector's item one day.

Iphone accessories advertising on!?

Whatever happened to this site? Shame

Posted via CB10

One of the good things about recent iPhones has been battery life. I wonder how continuous connection of the typo keyboard via bluetooth impacts battery life. Bluetooth isn't as bad as it used to be, but it still seems like an inefficient way to connect a keyboard.

Incidentally, this was a good review, Kevin.

Posted via CB10

Actually thought the one on the right was the BlackBerry till Kevin pointed it out

Posted via CB10

Hey I know this doesn't come to the subject but I want a blackberry Z30 and I don't know where to buy it from I'm currently a Z10 owner had it for like a month and love it especially it's keyboard I want the next big thing closest to this 2014 man love so many phones on CES I don't want to betray blackberry want to stay loyal but need that Z30 to do it. If I can't find one quick I might go back to Samsung with its galaxy S5 or note 4. Help Kevin or anyone

The fact that Ryan Seacrest can proudly announce this product which is such a blatant ripoff is a sad commentary on the state of business in the 21st century.

Posted via CB10

Interesting to see... funny that it takes away some of the main upgrades in the 5S.

I also wonder how this product will hold up after long use... I can see it getting worn down quite fast.

Now it does seem like it has a market... BlackBerry users and since we recently reported the dumbest user it should be able to trick us all into spending more money for an iPhone and than another $100 for the Typo lol

Posted via CB10

Personally, I'm glad that Kevin did the review, because we get to see just how fugly that phone looks with the keyboard. The fact that it needs a separate charger is ridiculous...I think that will work against it, as I can't see people wanting to carry around 2 chargers and cables. Additionally, it adds length and bulk to the iPhone, shich makes it difficult to put it in any existing case. Overall, I don't think it would ever take off, but if the lawsuit is successful, I think it will disappear completely. I personally don't think Blackberry is interested in making any accessories available for Apple that would take away potential customers from BB devices.

Overall, good review Kevin.

IMO they saw the fact that BlackBerry keyboards are still a selling point, so decided to try and glue one to an iPhone to catch those who miss their BlackBerry keyboards. Hope BBRY either wins/buys the company, it'd be a great profit stream!

BlackBerry Z30 STA-100-2 running :D

Reading this, something just occurred to me for the first time. Perhaps a buyout by BlackBerry was Typo's endgame all along. Make a product you know infringes so blatantly that the public will think it is a BlackBerry product. Demonstrate demand at CES, then quietly negotiate a deal with Waterloo.

Perhaps Seacrest et al are not clever enough to play that game, but how else to explain a product that even a simpleton can see is a blatant ripoff? Surely the promoters must have known they wouldn't get away without facing an unwinnable infringement lawsuit.

Posted via CB10

So what does this tell you about the typing experience of the iPhone do you say?

'It's a CROCK'!!!!

Posted via CB10

Did I miss something- I was wondering what Kevin thought of the feel of the buttons, the experience of pressing them, if they felt cheap or would wear out easily. Honestly, a $99 is ALOT of money for that. I also thought the point about impacting the swipe up action of the new OS was interesting. Obviously not thought out well enough. What's the chance Apple may buy them and then BB would have to go head to head with Apple? We know how that goes in the US.

Why the hell should BlackBerry line typos pockets and reward them for stealing their own keyboard design???

By that logic apple should have put in an offer for samsung....

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Not sure if someone mentioned it already but Ryan Seacrest demoed the device on jimmy Kimmel last night, even jimmy said it looked like a blackberry. Ryan, pretended he didn't hear that.

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Anyone willing to pay $99 on a $850 iPhone either has more money than financial sense, or their addicted to Apples. Get a Q10 people!

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It's so stupid, you have a phone with inferior specs, with a keyboard attachment that you have to charge separately, and drains the phones battery faster by running the bluetooth just to type. $850+$99=$949 or a Q10 for $549? Hmmm what a tough choice? I'm happy with my Z10 for $399.

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Maybe if BlackBerry had produced a Z10 with a Q10 physical keyboard, they might've had a hit on their hands?

That's what is pissing me off. BlackBerry always said it won't work. Now Kevin just used one and it wasn't that bad. And it was just an accessory not even built in. Time for a Q30 with a real screen. At least 4inches. Samsung makes every type of device and let's the market decide if it works. BlackBerry needs to do the same.

So the Q10 short keys and Intuitive keyboard is the BB10 OS, So BlackBerry is after the design of this keyboard correct ?

But if you compare Q10 keyboard + short keys and Intuitive keyboard vs this TYPO toy there is no comparaison !

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Man, this looks like so much work just to have a keyboard, charging, putting it together, turning on the keyboard. And it looks terrible, the phone looks way too long and narrow.

Simple solution, buy a Q10.

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THAT'S ridiculous. Who told them they could brainless copy for free!? Like come on Seacrest. I thought you're smarter than that.

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It uses Bluetooth which is not secure enough for government use. The encryption implementation on Blue tooth is not FIPS validated. If you are concerned about security I would not want to use this to type passwords or other sensitive content.

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Kevin, you are a lightning fast typer on that keyboard. I am impressed.

Throw your old Q10 my way when you become too obsessed with your P'9982.

Way to push their product Kevin. Just head on over to Typo dot com & don't buy a BlackBerry. SMH

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BlackBerry should make this keyboard for z10/z30 users. I miss my keyboard but I can't give up the screen space on my z10 now.

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I'd be interested to know how many people think other phones with keyboards look like a BlackBerry. I have read more than a few comments online from people saying that it is just a keyboard and BlackBerry can't lay a general claim to phones with keyboards. I haven't heard of Blackberry suing over the Samsung Link for example, probably because it doesn't really look the same.

What ever happened to BlackBerry QWERTY keyboards being archaic technology?

This is thievery at its best.

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People talking about Kevin promoting their product should snap out of it and just let it go. Look at the title folks "Ripping off BlackBerry" <--- I don't think he's promoting it especially when many users asked for more info on the previous article posted on CB.

If CB bash the product, they sound like "sore losers in denial" and if they praise it "they're promoting it".

No-win situation.

Why dont Iphone users admit that Iphone sucks!! In near future iphone will probably develop a case which makes it look like BlackBerry.... lol...

Typed with Thumbs on my Z30.

Great product endorsement Kevin.

I was going to buy a BlackBerry Q10 but now I looks like I don't have too.

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I hope BlackBerry sues this company into non-existence. This is theft plain and simple. I agree with some of the other comments that BB should make an attachment for Z10 and Z30's.

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I've recently moved from iOS to BB10. Previously I've had a 3GS, 4, 4S and 5. I've now got a Z10 and PlayBook. All have been / are good phones / devices. My choice of phone would never be swayed by an accessory. Are BlackBerry going to lose customers to Apple because of the keyboard? In my opinion. No. Court action is a waste of time, resources and money.

PS BlackBerry could always invest the money saved in getting BB10 to the PlayBook ;)

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People need to shutup about the playbook. No offense dude but im sick of hearing about that outdated piece of hardware when there are better cheaper alternatives out there!

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Sorry, man. I'm still rocking my PlayBook and will keep it until it dies or becomes so obsolete it's unusable. It can STILL do many things other tablets can't do even after 3 years.

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