Ripping off the Band-Aid; BlackBerry board allegedly pushing to sell company by November

By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Sep 2013 04:53 pm EDT

After years of us complaining that it's always taking BlackBerry too damn long to bring new products to market, it's looking like they're finally going to deliver something ahead of schedule. Only problem is, it's not a new product. We're talking about finding a new buyer / strategic partner for the company (that's irony right there).

News today from the WSJ states that BlackBerry's special committee is putting things on the fast track and looking to complete a sale of the company by November. The news comes on the heels of Microsoft buying out Nokia's handset business and while BlackBerry may be working hard to get things done, it doesn't mean a deal will come to fruition in that time frame.

Reports have stated that BlackBerry may look to break up certain aspects of the company rather than a full-on sale including sending off BBM into it's own entity

We'll do some recon on this one and see what we can dig up, but for the most part nothing has changed since their original announcement though things may be moving along at a faster pace than expected. Personally, if things are going to change, I'd rather they happen sooner than later. It's better to know where things are at rather than be uncertain about where things are going.

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Ripping off the Band-Aid; BlackBerry board allegedly pushing to sell company by November



All I ever wanted was a physical keyboard on a device with a large screen... can't believe this will never happen... sad indeed.

Fastest browser, best keyboards, tightest security, best communications (next to BBOS7) most fluid and stable OS and still BlackBerry can't get the word out. It's almost comical.

Agreed. Without an even app playing field, it won't matter. To increase market share, gotta have the most popular apps in BlackBerry World. None of this sideloading stuff.

Just have to run some ads touting what I just wrote. If BlackBerry is going to go out, go out with a bang not.a.fucking whimper.

They're not going to make any extra marketing efforts now. Don't be surprised if the Z30 doesn't come to market too.

Can't seem to get that "Coming Soon" monkey off their back right up until their last breath, even the company for sale sign says "coming soon" . . what sad irony (but I'll be hoping till the end, and maybe even a little beyond that)

Now this is something that makes sense. No point in spending cash if they a re on an accelerated time line which is what the WSJ article seems to be saying.

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same here..this is all i want.a qwerty keyboard with a 16:9 or 4:3 screen. just a thought, if microsoft bought nokia already, why not apple buy blackberry??? they will own both worlds then... well, just a thought. how i wish.

Why do some people say they want BS companies like Apple, Microsoft or Google to buy BlackBerry? If any BS company buys BBRY then BBRY will become BS. Say goodbye to everything good and say hello to no privacy, bad security, no more removable battery, expandable storage, standard ports or any of the other BS Apple, Google and MS do.

You should BBRY to strive by themselves or sell or join forces with great, pro constitution and consumer companies like Mozilla, for example.

I have an update for you:
Search for the article "NSA can reportedly tap smartphones, access BlackBerry email" on Endgadget. I am not posting a direct outgoing link.

I know but being able to prevent NSA from accessing your info is one thing, being able to keep corporations and clever hackers out is still worthwhile.

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Well, let's just prepare for the worst. Would like to see BlackBerry back to its glory days, but it seems so unlikely at this point. Godspeed BBRY, I'll still support you whatever happens.

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Why wish bad fortune upon another company? Apple knows how to grow their market share on a quarterly basis despite releasing only one smartphone per year.

I personally do not do it but that are hundreds of thousands of fans of other platforms that laugh and want bb to die. The question is why? What part of their lives is hurt by another company existing? And why do people want less choice?

I wish they would put that much effort in their own marketing tactics. I don't see how selling is going to help them, what was the point of waiting this long for the bb10 platform then? To sell it?

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Well, they did say that they had to "build value" before considering a sale. I guess the value is there...

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Incentivized failure is the bane of the capitalist model. Hrmm. Just realized my days here at the ol' CB may be numbered...BUT...I plan to stick it out until at least my Z goes sideways on me (in a not good way, I mean).

I think the Blackberry Executives will get a big bonus if they sell... this is enough for them to find a buyer soon.

At last someone hits the nail on the head. Some kaching is waiting for a lot of the bbry senior management for sure

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The article: sourced from WSJ

Agence France-Presse/Getty Images
BlackBerry Ltd., BB.T +4.93% the beleaguered smartphone maker that has put itself up for sale, is aiming to run a fast auction process that could be wrapped up by November, according to people familiar with the matter.

BlackBerry announced in August that it had formed a special committee of board members to "explore strategic alternatives." Since then, the company has held preliminary talks with parties interested in buying part or all of the company, one of the people said. It has narrowed its list of potential bidders to seek out in a sales process expected to begin soon, this person said.

It is far from guaranteed any serious bids will materialize or that the company will pull off a sale in that time frame, if at all. But BlackBerry's board is pushing for a quick resolution to the sales process, one of the people said.

The push to find a buyer comes after one speculated buyer of BlackBerry, Microsoft Corp., MSFT -2.15% struck a deal Monday to buy the handset unit of Nokia Corp. NOK1V.HE +0.50% for $7 billion. The deal could add to pressure on BlackBerry's sales, analysts say.

The Microsoft-Nokia deal likely "secures" for Microsoft the No. 3 position in the smartphone market and "further relegates [BlackBerry] to the also-ran bin," MKM Partners analysts said in a note.

Fierce competition from bigger, more nimble competitors like Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co. has relentlessly whittled away at BlackBerry's sales. The Waterloo, Ontario, company once controlled more than half of the U.S. market for phones that handle email and Web-browsing, but now has just 3%, according to research firm IDC. Its future prospects were further dimmed when two devices it introduced earlier this year—the all-touch-screen Z10 and a keyboard-equipped Q10—fell short of expectations.

The rapid erosion of BlackBerry's business likely helps explain its desire to conclude the sales process quickly, and salvage as much value for the company as possible. Its stock, which once traded above $200, now changes hands at just over $10. The shares rose 43 cents, or 4.2%, to $10.64 in mid-afternoon Nasdaq trading Wednesday, giving the company a market capitalization of about $5.6 billion.

What's more, the company's announcement of a strategic review may further dampen its sales, particularly to corporate, or enterprise, customers, analysts say.

"Our view is that enterprises will further delay implementations and even die-hard consumers will catch wind that BlackBerry is for sale and not commit to the platform," National Bank analyst Kris Thompson said in a note to clients Wednesday. "The longer the strategic review lasts, the uglier BlackBerry's outlook may look."

It is unclear who held the preliminary talks with BlackBerry or its representatives, but private-equity players and possibly some Asian tech companies are expected to at least consider a deal for the company. Any BlackBerry deal will likely include more than one buyer each taking over part of the company, one of the people said.

Prem Watsa, a director of the company and the chief executive of its largest shareholder, resigned from the board when the strategic-alternatives announcement was made, citing "potential conflicts that may arise during the process." That was viewed as a signal by investors that he was potentially interested in participating in a bid for the company. Mr. Watsa hasn't respond to requests for comment.

Last week, a member of BlackBerry's special board committee, Bert Nordberg, said in an interview that the company should sell off "subsets," without specifying which, and that it could survive as a "niche company." BlackBerry has weighed spinning off its messaging service, The Wall Street Journal reported last week.

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It will depend on what the buyers intentions, might be the best solution for the brand, although I doubt it

Well, it really depends on whether the source is telling the truth or just BSing before jumping to the conclusion that there are buys lined up already.

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"...BlackBerry board allegedly pushing to sell company by November [2013]..."

This means a fire sale, with low price in M&A terms.
That's not good for BlackBerry. It's good for the buyer.

Well, at least BlackBerry can see that M$ had just *bought* its way into 3rd placed smartphone platform by buying Nokia.

Too bad BlackBerry did not have the vision to rush things before this happened.
Late again... a (bad) habit of BlackBerry...

I don't think MS bought its way into 3rd place - nothing really changes for Windows Phone other than the fact that they didn't lose their biggest hardware partner. I don't think MS's deal has any guarantee of better sales or anything. Their 3rd place position has been earned already, although it's still pretty close and can be reversed (they did have a head start).

I wonder if there are potential suitors that have been on the fence, maybe waiting for the price to drop lower, and BB is forcing their hand now. Either way, BB needs to act fast because even many of the faithful think BB is dead. I think BB will still be around for at least a few years - even if bought by a competitor I think they'd wind them down rather than put things to a halt, especially for the major corporate accounts and governments that use BB.

I really hope that they either go private and continue on or partner with someone that won't just split them up for pieces.

OMG !!
Why Why Why ??

I used to adore Nokia and Blackberry. They are the founder of Cellphone world.

Why are we losing these giants ??

It is an extremely sad year

It's a decision coming from Blackberries top executives, what do you think. Since when has anything that they said been for the best?

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I guess we should take any "allegations" with some skepticism, since we don't know if the source is reliable.

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If true, this would be a material development. Until we hear it from the source it is just speculation further contributing to the uncertainty around BlackBerry. I call BS.

Totally agreed, because the article itself doesn't reveal anything else new except for this one person source.

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Defying an alligator is very dangerous... they have lots of teeth and and much faster than they look!


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They better move fast as they don't have a lot of time. I'm w/o question a BlackBerry fan, but the demise of this company will be studied in business schools for many years to come.

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For a BlackBerry "fansite" there's a heck of a lot of negativity around here. Has everyone thrown in the towel? Did this article really need to come out, or could it have waited a couple of months until something was actually confirmed by them?

It's news that needs to be reported in any case - hiding from the possible reality isn't going to help anyone.

While I agree that it maybe news that needs(depends on your definition of need) to be reported, but this (possibility) news isn't anything new based on what has been splashed all over the web. I think at this point we want to focus on official stuff when it comes to this topic. Between so-called experts, trollers and mis-led consumers, this type of article coming from Crackberry (which i read on other sites as "source") only going to verify and possibly validate the rumors and not to mention has hurt the brand tremendously more than it has already.

I really hope Blackberry realizes the potential in the technology they own and try to push forward with initiatives that help with scaling BB10's roll out. I still think their are tons of other options on the table before any talk of SALE should come up and if it comes up, be specific on what SALE means in the context they are using it and not allow vague use of the word to hurt their market reputation even more and any potential developers to bring their apps to the platform. Microsoft, Apple and Google took years to get where they are and Blackberry isn't doing too bad in getting their BRAND NEW platform on the market. Like anything in life, change takes time.

Thank you @inspectrheck!
Why does everyone think that BB is for sale??? They are most likely selling off segments of the company and patents not fully utilized by them. Additionally, they have spin-off BBM which in the future might become public company (provided it does well) and lastly they may go private with partners to concentrate on execution of their vision including BES10 MDM.

Yes I'm agree.. enough we've had with all the biased and blinded contributions from Bla1ze and Kevin regarding the miracast and playbook fiasco that we have to say the truth.

Perhaps it's just another strategy by the competition to keep driving nails in the coffin built by others for BlackBerry and again Crackberry and the media are helping it along. Why don't we let BlackBerry speak and until then put these no name sourced stories out to pasture?

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

Kev I could really use some kind of good news/positive spin because right now I don't know what to do. It's like my BlackBerry World is falling apart

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What ? Jesus christ dude, It;s just a SMARTPHONE. Kevin hopefully WILL NOT put a positive spin and give you facts on what he believes or how he sees it based on what he knows.
Why would you want him to put a positive spin if there should not be any ?

That's like Keven please I could really use some negative spin right now on WP and Nokia as that is all not good for BB right now.
Man I seriously hope people get out more and see life outside. Hell go for a Jog or something.

There is one thing I would like from Kevin , I would like Crackberry or whatever he wants to call it to stay as is because this place is one of the better if not the BEST places to share ideas and posts with. Even if at times I can't believe how loyally obsessed people people become with there Brand.

Please don't lecture me on how I should react. Ever since buying my first BlackBerry at a young age I have been looking into technology/business as a future career choice. I've invested years of time in this company. BlackBerry is the reason I'm into technology. BlackBerry has practically shaped my future, and now there's the possibility that they could disappear, and your telling me to chill?

It's a lot more than just a smartphone to me, so please think about other people's point of view before making comments like that.

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"It's a lot more than just a smartphone to me, so please think about other people's point of view before making comments like that."

I'm sure to most people it IS just a smartphone, and therefore his comments were appropriate for the majority point of view.

Oh, get a grip, lol. It IS just a smartphone. If you really want to get into the technology field as a career choice then you better get used to companies coming and going. And while you're at it, better broaden your horizons and develop skills that are transferable: you WILL change companies, by choice or not. This is a stupid phone, not a religion.

You missed the point of my post entirely. I'm not sitting over my keyboard, crying about the demise of BlackBerry. I'm trying to explain my attachment to the product, so he can better see where I'm coming from.

I'm also well aware that companies come and go. I'm not an infant, and I've been around long enough to see this happen in all sorts of business to a boat load of different companies. Does this mean I have to be happy that a product/company that has real value to me might go away? No.

I'm just expressing my opinion towards the whole situation.

When someone as a smartphone if the meaning to your existence then you've completely missed the point to life ( living ).
Saying that your so emotionally attached to a Company's product so much so that your completely demoralized is an not healthy. I mean this in the nicest way possible. Maybe you might to talk to someone, a friend or someone that can relate to or look up to so that maybe they can make you realize it is not the end of much really, in the big picture there are better day's ahead and you will learn to like some other product just as much. I used to have an AMIGA Computer when they first came out and was sadly bummed out when they did not make it and went out of Business. What did I do ? I moved on. Life does not revolve around our Material objects.

Thanks for being respectful, but you've got me all wrong. Please re-read everything I said and take it exactly the way I wrote it. I'm just saying I have a long history with the company, and I'm sad to see it go. That's it.

I'm not a nut. ;) I've got a social life, and my life doesn't revolve around BlackBerry. :)

Alright, sorry if I misunderstood. You know Ive come to realize ever since I started out with my first Smartphone the 1st Iphone that what truly makes Company's special is the People , the Customers. I learned over years of going from one platform to another when It suited me. I mean I transitioned based on what I had learned on my own and MOSTLY from joining Forums like ( XDA Developers ) and CrackBerry , so on. What did I learn ? I realized that the Community was more helpful most time then the Company it's self. I can't tell you how many times I never got a solution from Apple or even Blackberry ( my old torch.. oh god the issues ) when the Community Forums were there 90% of the time with people like us and developers working together to find a solution or even a temp solution most times which was still better then nothing until the Manufacture could resolve the problem. So BB might not survive ( I hope they do ) but hey as long as Users band together and support each other then all is not lost.

Yes, let's just be like everyone else and put a negative spin on everything BlackBerry. Why do you think things are not going well?

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

Wonder how you'll make this sound positive. There hasn't been a single good news in months (years?). Even good news of the past turned sour: 1M unit order, Q10 will sell like hotcakes, App Store improving (with 48k+ trash apps), strong in emerging markets, Playbook, etc. Thor has been doing good building hype and back a few months ago everyone said "still too early". It was true then but it's no longer too early; it's loud, clear and obvious. Thor's hype was just hype, a shiny gate at the entrance of a cemetery.

When a company says "we're desperate" as loud as BB does they kill their business. Whatever momentum they had faded and they slammed it into a wall themselves to make sure there is nothing left of it. Someone said: no one is going to buy passage on a ship if the captain is bailing out himself. So true. Yes they might find a what? It will still change, only the brand will remain.

Z30 will not make it to the shelves. Wait and see. Z10, Q10, Q5 are not selling and a few inches with improved processor won't help. BB management knows, we know.... who would take the risk of having a cash hit with inventory build-up, obsolescence risk, marketing costs (just joking here), supply chain costs, right before a sale when everyone knows they'd only sell a few?

"a shiny gate at the entrance of a cemetery"

Wow! That was GOOD!

Permission to plagiarize at my leisure?

As a bidder for BlackBerry it is clear they'll wait until the share price hits rock bottom before agreeing to any purchase price. The only asset which BlackBerry has at the moment is patents. A patent hoarding company is the likely buyer come November. The declining assets will be sold-off piecemeal once a final corporate restructuring is executed. Wow! Thorsten is a fraud.

what are you planning on doing if BBRY sells themselves and there is no BBRY products anymore? no more

Great.....thanks grim reeper!

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

WTF? It is a BlackBerry news site, and a fan site of course, but news concerning the company should be out there. I find it depressing as well but you gotta face the situation.

CrackBerry has sadly joined the ranks of the anti BlackBerry rags out there. If it isn't based on solid fact then it shouldn't be put out there to be read and speculated on. It is pathetic. All it does is further the negative sentiment as it comes from an allegedly "pro" BlackBerry site.

Or is CrackBerry really BGR now?

I'm disgusted.

Posted via CB10

About time someone say something. BGR is just jaded because BlackBerry stopped paying them for positive articles. Its called "Alternative Advertising". That's why 9 out of 10 articles from them are about Apple.

Posted via CB10

Is the WSJ article that Kevin quoted, can it be believed as fact? It doesn't really tell us anything new, except for this one person source. Can it be a hit piece put out by the short seller or can the source be the CEO himself?

Posted via CB10

As the situation we are on, all those bad news are just economical, stock market and speculation moves.
CB wise, I guess all those bad news/reports/trader opinions still are food to write review articles and such...

But again, that article didn't add any real information! Even that November...who knows

Well then you need to find another place to go cheer your self up then. There is Nothing Wrong with Crackberry. It's by far one of the best if not the BEST site for opinions and post's.
I'd rather be here and have ALL of the different perspectives then on a site that promotes ALL positive posts about a product. If u want that then go into the Apple Forums.
Crackberry is more valuable "BECAUSE" it is exactly contrary to what you say or think it is.
The problem is , your out of touch with the times .

If they were passing off rumor and speculation as fact, then that would be an issue, but otherwise it's all fair game.

Let us not be confused between uninformed pessimism and factual somber outlook. There are excellent reasons to believe someone will pick up BB but for what we know the situation remains indeed dire. Reading our updates on CB skews our view because everyone here is a hardcore BB fan.

A more rational approach would be to forget all the name, forget it's Blackberry and look at the cold facts anonymously. If you landed on planet Earth for the first time today and analysed known facts and figures without really knowing what this company is then you would probably conclude rationally and objectively that it is on its death bed. I'm as proud a canadian as they go and it hurts me to see this debacle but professional judgment here leaves little room for hope.

No one doubts that the company will survive, this is certain. The question here is not whether it will survive but what will be left of it. Considering the depth of the announcements and the general setting the only way not see an obscure future is to maintain false hopes. Write down a list of all the things you think could happen (good or bad) and put a % next to each and you'll find the sum of bads is way above the sum of goods.

Many people survive a massive heart attack every day. But if it leaves them paralysed and dependant of a caretaker to feed them then survival means they keep their name, they continue their lives for years in a wheelchair but they're not really living anymore. That's not what we wanted for BB, we wanted her to be running the Ironman and winning. These days are already gone and while I'm sure BB will survive its infarctus, I'm sad to realise today that she'll only be a shadow of her glory days.

I enjoyed the CB article on "What if Cisco" and although the analysis makes good sense I would personally think the buyer would have to be big, American and thirsty for business.

- Has to be big so to have deep pockets to foot the bill
- Has to be American because anything outside of north America would not be approved by authorities for security reasons. No one would buy BB without it's security prestige.
- Has to be thirsty for business and that means a high-tech company with a weak presence in the phone industry.

I put the above together and HP sounds like a good horse to bet on. Their history in this industry is lame but they cannot afford not to have phones in their portfolio as the industry shifts away from PC and servers. IBM would have been good had they not reoriented solely on service. Sony could be good for making cute devices but they're a consumer business and don't have real business service line.

Could be good if the mobile business goes to a company that is more competent in selling and marketing.

Posted via CB10

As with many businesses in Canada the management team becomes complacent and begins believing their own hubris about corporate immortality. If BlackBerry had remained focused only on enterprise clients including government, rather than chasing the fickle consumer, the situation might be significantly more positive today. Thorsten should do the honourable thing by plunging the dagger into his own heart. The shareholders should be revolting in the streets demanding blood.

So what is going to happen to Crackberry? What is going to happen to those of us who went out and bought Z10's? I would like to hear from Kevin what he thinks will happen if/when Blackberry is sold off and what it means for us consumers and this site.

Same here. That's my big concern. Will it mean that I'll lose support all together for my device?

I see they nolonger use BIS with the 10, but of what great impact will the enduser face!

I just hope that if. Something goes down, it's NOT to Microshit.

Posted via CB10 on my Q10 running

CrackBerry doesn't go anywhere.. as long as there is users out there and the devices are working, the site will continue to exist. Simple as that, really.

So glad you didn't have any typos there, sure wouldn't want to stick around for MicrApGooBerry ;-).

As long as you have devices you can sell accessories too you're ok... Typical attitude really.
'Bout time you showed your supporters some real support for once.

Exactly. The Site is more then just BB. It has really something special here and that is because of it's users , more people just don't understand.

Then Crackberry should buy the OS and license it! I love the OS it would be great to see it survive some where!


Yes it was as you point out but in fairness, it's more open as Open webOS as it was webOS 3.0.5 and what have you (not like it matters because it's still dead). HP really missed the boat by not allowing support for the TouchPad with Open webOS (and their new phones). I really believe that had they done so that it would have taken off. I bought a 9810 because it was Pre like with the slider keyboard and large touch screen. webOS brought me to BlackBerry. The PlayBook was a hint at the future - little did I know it was a fitting look at a dead end future. Coming from webOS, I was already in love with the gestures and ease of use and it's still light years above the competition.

So now I've been on two losing teams. Both have excellent products but terrible management, marketing and ultimately they relied on the carriers to keep them afloat - who helped kill them outright. Had BlackBerry sold their own devices (like Google and their Nexus line) then perhaps they'd have a fighting chance. They also should have kept their word on the PlayBook getting updates. I would have bought a PlayBook v2 myself had they done so.

Oh well, too little too late. It would be great if some other company cleans house here and releases a winner. But after seeing this happen two times now, you'd be a fool to think that's going to be the outcome.

Hmm.. I've talked about this in the forums before, but maybe I'll write up a blog post on it in the near future to address any questions / concerns. Long story short though, the CrackBerry site will continue to run for a long, long time for anybody and everybody who has a BlackBerry or interest in BlackBerry. If there's less BlackBerry news, reviews and app content to cover, you'd maybe see less blog posts happening on a daily basis, but we'll keep everything going as long as there are people with BBs and I'm sure the forums will keep busy for a LONG time. And for those who leave the platform to buy phones from other platforms, my hope would be that they transition over to our other excellent communities - Android Central, iMore and Windows Phone Central (remember, with our Passport login you can join the other sites in literally one click with your same username). To be dead honest, we've already seen this happen a lot over the past couple of years - jump over to our other sites and you'll find a lot of familar and super active users who were formerly active on CrackBerry and are now active on our other communities. As for our team members, as a whole Mobile Nations is rocking and rolling bigger and better than ever before (we're actually at an all time high across our network for traffic) and we're not slowing down anytime soon. Lots of good stuff to come.

Kevin. Can't you buy it. Come on. Sell a car, maybe a few hundred devices you have bought since launch and BUY BlackBerry! You know you want it!

Posted via CB10

I'm hoping that CrackBerry will be around for a long time as I love my email address.

While I am a Nexus 4 and a Nexus 7 user now, I'm still a BlackBerry fan at heart. I still use my Z10 on wifi and love how the OS runs. Definitely watching this closely.

I'm a Android user and I will admit that your Site is by far more relevant and informative then most out there and of course, its USERS are the reason to come here. It's one of the reasons Ive installed the Crackberry App and come here on a daily basis.

CrackBerry will be around for as long as its advertising and online store revenues are. It's a business like everything else.

holy crap this ended up so far down the comment chain you can't even tell who I'm responding too anymore . . . this was in ref to a guy wondering what's going to happen to bb10 owners if the company sells . . .

If BlackBerry ceases to exist as a product distinct from its competitors, CrackBerry like its namesake will whither on the vine and eventually die. After a few years of absence, hardcore BlackBerrians will create a website or blog devoted to the products much as happened with other technology.

I am not surprised. All I ask is that we get to continue having fantastic devices that are unique and awesome. I also require did device to have.

On it.

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I totally agree. It was marketing that failed us. Majority of users need to be brainwashed by the tv. We missed on this one. No way new subscribers would actually read something. Like we do.

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Is BB just run by nerds who love their own product, but are too awkward and nervous to market it? My contract is up on the 9900, and I'm about to get a Z10...and now this news. I use Android and iOS for work - both are awful, but exceptionally well marketed. The masses don' t necessary buy what's good - they buy what they're told to purchase.

It's already up in after hours. It's gonna go high. Maybe then BlackBerry will decide not to sell. Lol

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It's a long story but the way BlackBerry has done a complete turn about in reputation here, one of its biggest markets, it's inevitable that it will cease to be a hardware manufacturer. I love my Z10 but the amount of unhappy BlackBerry people I've coome across saddens me. All quality issues. Pity.

Posted via a BlackBerry 10 - iPhone killer device

In the span of the past about 2 weeks, I've gone from "they'll be fine! (although some partnerships would be really good)" to "they're screwed."

No company can sell any product without spending lots and tons more cash on advertising. BlackBerry has such a low profile it's hardly surprising sales are poor.

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I'm will literally shit on this Z10 and throw it into the forest if this is what BlackBerry finally succeeds at accomplishing.

Posted via CB10

Uh I'll take it. As long as exccent working order. Heck even with sh!t on it , i'll still take it. :)

You may want to wipe the shit off before you pick the phone up to throw it in into the forest (unless you plan to shit on it in the forest.)

If a CrackBerry user sh!tes on their phone and throws it in the forest, but there's nobody around to hear it, does it make a sound?

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10!

Meanwhile that hopeless Heinze walks off with over 50 million. No wonder he wants to speed things up. But he will release everything else late and slow. Figures!

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Come on Blaize he got up at the AGM 6 weeks ago and said we have a 3 phase plan etc and we are still early in phase 2 yaddy yadda and 4 weeks later they effectively pulled the plug with a strategic partnership press release.

I stopped blowing the BlackBerry horn, yet I personally stuck with them in hopes of improving themselves. While I love my Z10 there is room for improvement. In a lot of areas.

I fear it's one of those shames that will never be. So much potential squandered..

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well, a lot of people likes ketchup so that 50 million is way way off, we're talking hundreds of millions here!

Well the WSJ articles just quoted a source, what source they have I'm not sure if its reliable.

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Yup its done , the only positive is BBRY has done the head cutting, provided a clean balance sheet vs NOK .
It has Prem Watsa and maybe CPP, other pension funds and Cdn Govt. putting a floor to the bidding price. So my educated guess is $20-$25 per share. So I am sure the shorts are probably hedging and the shorts were right from day one ! Next what happens to BB from here ?? yes....sad sad and hopefully the $20-$25 takeout happens !!

[cont'd] ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

--Q10 and Canadian all the way!

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Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10!

Am I reading this wrong? Or are people overreacting? Selling the company doesn't mean BlackBerry is gone... Just look at Nokia...

Agreed, even the WSJ seems like it just rehashing old news and than adding in a source (a person as quoted by the article). I'm not entirely convinced of the reliability of the source.

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While there is a possibility for BlackBerry to live on as a name brand, in regards to Nokia though, they are officially done. Unless your comment was meant as sarcasm, which I would have completely missed...

Exactly what I was thinking. I'd love to see BB succeed on its own but if it can't this could lead to a bigger backbone for BB, and much better marketing as well.

Depends on what the purchasers intentions are though,...

That will depend if the company is sold, it would to who?
If a direct concurent, don't think about BB10 os to survive (better than others and I cant imagine any potential buyer to replace its own with BB one...)

Agreed, but impossible to stop them!

I just wait for the results on the 27th.

The worse is that since the announce by the company of this "council", a lot of enterprises are waiting to renew their bb devices (one upon others : Morgan Stanley, 100k employees). Communication is really bad in BB...

I was actually thinking of purchasing a Z30 but with this news I'm gonna take a long pause and think of which ship to jump too next!! For the record I will go down with this ship!! Its sad but I guess it was inevitable, with BBM going cross platform, the failure of the PlayBook, poor decision making from management, lack of apps and let's not forget the broken promises!! Thanks for the memories BlackBerry

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I am not surprised by this. Let's just hope that whomever buys the company will not just take the parts they want and leave those of us who are using BlackBerry out in the cold. That would suck if they did cause I just bought my Q10

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Its over for security for consumer phones. The Govt. want open platform phones, so consumers get a pick of Droid or Apple or Windows and Blackberry gets sold for patents, licence BBM and the enterprise business.


I have an update for you:
Search for the article "NSA can reportedly tap smartphones, access BlackBerry email" on Endgadget. I am not posting a direct outgoing link.

No back door on Blackberry. Blackberry cannot open the network. but remember you have a gmail on your BB, just hack or request a backdoor to your gmail account on Google and yes this can be done. But how they got BB phones were thru video camera setup to video which email the BB phone was using eg. Gmail , Yahoo mail etc.. No backdoor on Blackberry period .

and i just placed my order for a q10 for 2 years.......i sure hope this wont effect general consumers in terms of updates/support/etc

So taking BlackBerry private doesn't even make sense anymore, right?

I'm a bit devastated. And I hate the marketing game most of all.

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I think the bids are to actually take the company (or parts of it) private. There are several pieces of the business that fit together: hardware, OS, BES, BBM, QNX (since it is a separate entity with its own market, including the automotive industry), and possibly several others.

Most of the pieces need each other to survive. Can BES survive if there aren't secure devices to use with it? BYOD Secure Workplace can only go so far. You'd have to partner with a hardware source to supply OS licenses. BBM needs a way to monetize itself if not being sold on handsets. QNX is about the only thing that I see which could be pulled out and sold as its own entity. Everything else seems to rely on the other parts in one way or another. Without it being a complete sale, partnerships seem to be the more likely alternative.

My identity, what will happen to my identity?!

I hope what whatever comes, that something survives. Bb10 on Z10 is the best mobile device I've ever used.

BlackBerry is dead. Long live BlackBerry!

Get the Q. We will still have support for as long as that device will be relevant. And it is awesome.

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"Wait a dew weeks 'til after the earnings call."

I was planning to buy a BlackBerry Q5 but the price might drop like a stone in the aftermath of the September 27 earnings report. So I'll wait a few weeks before's not as though current inventory will suddenly disappear given the unofficial lack lustre sales estimates. Maybe a Q5 for five dollars off-contract just to clear the inventory from the wireless carrier's warehouse.

Ge it! Great device! And it will not ended tomorrow whatever happen soon for the future of the company!
Q10 is really a very good device with lot of potential.

Agreed. It's great and I love it, but it is little late to the party. OS7 should have been what OS10 is.

This is a positive thing. The management at BlackBerry has been horrible.. everything RIM does just takes TOO long! Some new blood and a new direction willl serve the company well.

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Blah, what's the point of releasing the z30 then? It's like they're giving up completely. Hopefully they get into a partnership and not a full sale.

Z10? Why yes it is.

If, and a big if the z30 gets on the shelves no one will buy it as blackberry won't advertise it properly and the reps will still push iPhone and Android, where is the good news please Kevin???

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WTF is this! God I'm so sick of BlackBerry failing a at EVERYTHING. Such simple things such as better marketing and paying off devs can't be done, but now their hauling ass to sell the company off as quickly as possible!?!

Not only are they incompetent, but they're quiters as well!

Ahh! Rant over

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Not sure I get all the subtile details but if someone like Prem Watsa is bidding with other in order to take the company private, BlackBerry wont disappear nor their products, they will have less spotlight on them to roll out BB10 devices and improve the chill could be good news after all

This article is another reason why a. decisions need to be made quickly by BlackBerry and b. why taking the company private may be a good idea. There is virtually no hard news in this article but it is spreading quickly. It hurts device sales, employee morale, client confidence and who knows what else. About the only thing it helps is the stock price and the reputation of the analysts who get quoted in the article. That is probably good for their end of year bonuses. Getting BlackBerry out of the news cannot be a bad thing and cannot happen soon enough.

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@alan510: Yeah, that is true, which leads me to wonder, why is BB Board letting these things out... prior to a "strategic alternative" being deployed... I think the whole thing is staged and we have been watching the movie for a long time now... I only hope that this great OS keeps coming out to people's hands and I am almost definite it will, because it is such a huge investment just made, and these things do not "just happen" like,:
-"lets develop BB10 and see what happens.."
-"hey cool idea... let me write you a check... how many millions was that?"