RIP BlackBerry PlayBook: 2011 - 2013

The dreams of seeing BB10 come to the BlackBerry PlayBook were officially shattered today...

By Team CrackBerry on 28 Jun 2013 07:23 pm EDT

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RIP BlackBerry PlayBook: 2011 - 2013



Heins Ketchup isn't going to like this video one bit, but... It's quite fitting if you ask me.

At least there is finally a conclusion.

I thought this site was supposed to be professional. I am surprised by this.

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The yahoo IMAP problem is not a BB problem. It's a yahoo problem. You keep losing the password and the same thing happens with windows mail. I haven't tested on other clients but it seems to be a yahoo issue.

I'm disappointed with the playbook decision too.

If you want faster browser on playbook- I installed FAST BROWSER APP, its in app world, that make playbook browser same speed as my Z10, I was shocked how much its better than original browser. Hope that helps, to whomever wants fast browsing. Honesly, if you have that you almost dont need BB10 on playbook anymore.

Samvel2001 I can empathise with you buddy I to was with Playbook since day one on April 19, 2011, paid $600 too and feel betrayed. That being said my wife and I are into tablets, not tiny smartphones. There is nothing here for me at Blackberry anymore as they have no tablet.

Heres my advice. With the constant cancellation of BB10 to Playbook I knew Heinz ketchup was gonna pull this crap, so I migrated over to Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 in April. My wife got an iPad mini yesterday and both tablets have a million apps and are as fast as a Ferrari. Keep and use your current Playbook and use it for what it is. I use mine as a great web browser/hd movie player/ and gaming machine on my HDTV...without a current OS or good apps that's all it good for. Playbook doesn't have Skype or Magic Jack for Christ sake!!! Get yourself either a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (or 3 that's coming in early July) or an iPad mini. These 2 tablets are number one for a reason. Blackberry has no current tablet. Forget them and migrate to Samsung or iPad mini. The grass is greener here...believe it.

PS let me put it to you man to man. If a woman betrayed you and cheated on you would you want to be her ''embassador''? This is in essence what Blackberry has done to its loyal users today. Dump them and move on.

I got my PB 64 used for $200. It has been buggy and problematic from the start. I was hoping for some updates to address the issues, but nothing. I was all in for a Z10 but I admit I'm not sure about BBRY's commitment to their phone line. I was initially convincing people to consider the Z10. I am super quiet now. Not sure where BBRY is going. I'm considering the HTC one.

bodden96 well have you tried to reformat and re-install the OS to get rid of the bugs? That might help. And BB did say they were gonna support Playbook with its current OS.

I can understand you not wanting to recommend or support Z10 with this news. Most of us now feel like this. Id never recommend Z10 after this.

As for a good phone, Samsung Galaxy S4 or HTC One are both excellent choices and I'd get one of those. Since I've had a great experience with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, I'd recommend The Samsung Galaxy S4 but Ive heard great stuff about the HTC One.

Go to youtube and check out ''Mobile Tech Review'' channel. They have great professional reviews on both these phones.
Heres the links to both reviews.

If you read the forums a lot of Crackberry nation is livid right now... I think this was a great way for the staff to both show empathy for their members and also lighten the mood a bit. I see nothing "unprofessional" about this.


You nailed it.

Also, no "working" Playbooks were harmed in the making of that video.... that was a dead unit I've had sitting around forever.

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We should organise a petition for getting blackberry bootrom unlocked, than we can at least work on cyanogenmod rom and install it on playbook. This device is not bad 1GB of RAM (most of android and apple devices has that ammount of memory), 1GHz dual core (still good CPU which can be used on other OS). This current PB 2.1OS is full of bugs, it is useless. Opening bootrom would be only logical thing that they can do...

Good luck with that, its not gonna happen. Playbook has no apps. Without good app support a tablet is nothing more then a movie player/web browser. Forget Playbook and move on.

"no "working" Playbooks were harmed in the making of that video.... "

that´s good... I was really a bit upset when I saw this video first.
It´s frustrating, the whole day was very frustrating, but there´s no need to destroy a great device if it still is working.
The display, the sound, it´s still great... but it's sad when You think what it could have been.
We have two playbooks, and we still love them... our children, my wife, me.

If they had a somehow working version of bb10 for the playbook, I think they should give it to us... so we can decide by ourself if it is fast enough, if it is working good enough for us. Maybee only to see bb10 on our playbooks make no sense.

I don't get it. Seemingly you'd be ticked off and would want to destroy a running Playbook as I'm sure you have access to loads of unsold stock. Smashing an already dead Playbook is redundant.

I think the video was fitting. BBRY, nee Rim, called this the first Professional Tablet. Showing that their professionalism lasts all of about two years.

How sad it is ,I noticed today nobody had the balls to post FIRST,we all feel the same today and joking around just doesn't cut it.Maybe next year?

Yes, it's as childish as a poop joke, as annoying as a flashing pop-up banner ad, and as stupid as a grapefruit-shooter tailpipe on a Yugo -- but still extremely popular on this site. The fact that jojo believes that it is a show of "balls" to do so only demonstrates the point. Methinks that perhaps you were employing wishful thinking?

BlackBerry won't be around next year so the point is moot. I'm beginning to regret buying the BlackBerry Z10 from a company with no integrity.

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Agree in double. Double regret because buyed two. They should tell much earlier they can't deliver BB10 in Playbook. You know who is laughing? People who said me all the time I was crazy buying this tablets and RIM is finished. I always saied no and talk about BB10 in the tablet. I'm very sad with this decision.

All of you look in your settings and then go to about. choose hardware. I bet most of you are using a gig of your 2 gig of ram right now. How in the world could they make BB10 work on the PlayBook with it only have 1 gig of ram?

The funny thing is I figured that out about a week and a half ago. I was looking in there and noticed I had only 848mb of ram left. I told myself, "Ah BB10 isn't coming to PlayBook.'" I think Blackberry is doing the right thing letting us know now instead of leading us on. I'm sure they fought the good fight and tried, but like you said the PlayBook just can't handle it. Oh well. My Z10 works very well and I am super pleased. Hopefully they work on the bridge if not oh well again.

"I think Blackberry is doing the right thing letting us know now instead of leading us on". Actually, I think they led us on and then let us know.

Yep pretty much did the same thing and decided NOT to load BB10 if it came out. So Heinz throw us a bone and return the BRIDGE back to it's full function this way we'll have some use for the PB

Bingo, mine reads 1 GB free. So why the hell didn't they figure that out sooner? I was always suspicious about BB10 running on the PlayBook because it has HALF the RAM!!!

Because the premise was that it would somehow be optimized for the PB's lesser hardware capabilities, probably by stripping out features.

Well on the PlayBook first cut out ALL phone related code. True it wouldn't be as snappy, who knows maybe some of the elites here at CB will get an "unofficial" version running.

What a thoroughly inane comment! People aren't mad because they couldnt make BB10 work on PlayBook. They are mad because BlackBerry deliberately lied and misled customers that BB10 was coming, even as close as March 2013 (just 3 months ago).

What, you're saying that BlackBerry didn't know the hardware they built? Or you're claiming that BlackBerry didn't issue out 1GB Dev devices? Or you're saying that not one out of the thousands of BB employees could do the same check on running RAM on their Z10?

What, you're saying that the engineers didn't do anything and just sit there laughing at us for three months?

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I would like to believe because they had issued out the initial dev device with only 1gig is why they felt they could make the PlayBook happen. In the end it isn't the dev device. It is a different piece of technology with different specs. They couldn't make it run on the device like it should. I bet they feel the PlayBook is a better representation of BlackBerry with the current software versus a poorly running BB10. Who knows though, they could have said let's tell the masses we're going to do it and then don't just so we piss millions of our customers off. :)

LOL Nice vid in a perverted way. I considered doing this to my Playbook after I heard the news. Either that or taking it to a band saw and chopping it in half, but whats the point? I'd lose a great Movie Player/Web browser/Gaming machine I use on my big screen HDTV. But sadly that's all my Playbook can ever be now as there is no BB10 upgrade for it. No app support, no BB10, no deal.

I saw this coming months ago and switched to Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and its awesome. My wife got a iPad mini yesterday and its all they say it is. Literally a million apps and speed faster then a Ferrari. Gonna get myself one on Monday too.

Still enjoy my Playbook as a secondary tablet. Heinz ketchup loves to talk sh!t and say tablets have no future, but the truth is this guy is really out of touch if he believes that. Tablets are here to stay Mr Ketchup man. Maybe after all the negative press your crap decision of killing Playbook has generated, and after Blackberrys stocks go down, you might reconsider BB10 for Playbook.

I will always use my Playbook to some degree and am happy BB is still supporting it with its current OS. Of course I really don't care one way or another as I left team blackberry. And now use Samsung and iPad. They are awesome tablets and what else can you do it you have no use for smartphones and are into tablets like my wife and I. Shame BB has no tablet at all cuz not everyone doesn't give a eff about tiny smartphones. RIP Playbook!!!

Felt like doing this to my Playbook after I heard the news. And I love how Heinz Ketchup is laughing at us in the video. Heard many say this is the beginning of the end for Blackberry as they only sold a measly 2.5 million Z10s since the launch. iPad sold 3 million in one day!!!

Yep, I sure got a lot of use out of mine. Bought it on launch day, argued with my friends, defending it despite it's limitations, saying that a lack of an email client wasn't such a bad thing. Waited months and months and months.

Watching the price of the thing drop as RIM decided to abandon it, knowing that I had paid full price for this thing. Was completely worth it. I sure got my moneys' worth out of it.

What a colossal pile of crap.


You nailed exactly how I feel right now. Was a launch day evangelist. Felt duped when the price dropped. Feel duped now believing Thorsten Heins when he promised to give us BB10. How many people bought one or more based on this promise?

2.5 years and whole lot of false promises. I'm I the only one losing respect for BlackBerry. You can only lie to people for so long before they get really pissed off.

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My playbook And i have been through alot, together lets face it how many people do you know that still have a tablet from 2.5 years ago they still use, even ipad or android they are all getting the new tablets, even cellphones we had from a year ago are not good anymore, they should have brought in a playbook upgrade 1.5 years ago, they should bring in a playbook now with 4GB Ram and a quad core processor i would buy a bb10 playbook with that much RAM and a different design with a dock station and USB 3.0 ports, and if they can get a full working microsoft office on it, that is something i would pay for.

the playbook was good but time to say goodbye is long overdue

Thinking about going back to my Nokia Lumia 920. I'm not feeling the trust with BlackBerry right now.

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Very upset no bb10 for PlayBook. However glad they didn't put it on to find out it sucked. PlayBook so slow lately I don't use it anymore either. Sad. I really liked it. Browser is so slow now.

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really? I still use mine on an almost daily basis and it's still pretty snappy, no different than day 1

Do you have a BB10 device yet? Before I got a Z10 I thought I would still use my PlayBook, however FirstBerry101 is right, the browser is soooo slow comparatively.

I find it the same. Keep meaning to do a full security wipe on it to see if it improves performance.

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Got my 64GB Playbook, mint condition with extras for $100. Used it on a flight to Sydney and to show off some pictures. Got my money's worth. If you paid $599 for the thing, I shed a tear for you. Otherwise it's still a steal for what it does.

Blackberry charges too much to its loyal customers. It's doing the same thing with Z10 and Q10 launches. Never buy any Blackberry products when they are launched, you can buy them much cheaper after couple of months.

You know, I'm as critical about BlackBerry as anybody. And they certainly deserve criticism today for this decision. But.....
I buy and sell all kinds of phones off eBay and Craigslist. I have sold iPhones, Androids, and a few Palms Pre's, But mainly I dabble in BlackBerrys. Because that's where the money is. I ALWAYS get top dollar for my BlackBerry handsets. Even ones that I felt had been beat to hell.
I have bought and sold a few 64gb Playbooks and lost money on every single one of them. They never had any value to speak of. But let's be fair, BlackBerry makes a top notch handset that impressively holds its value. One of the reasons I continue to own at least 1 Blackberry.

Man, where do you live? I know of nobody outside of my extended family and friends working at BlackBerry actually has a Z10/Q10.

I paid full price for mine. I bought it for what it was at the time, I was happy to watch it improve over the last 2 years. I have used mine a lot. My mom uses hers about 6 hours a day. I feel like we both got our money's worth. Sure it's not super fast, but neither is the laptop I bought in the same time frame.

I'm sad BB10 is not coming but at the same time, not surprised. It's 2 year old hardware, that's almost ancient in the tech world. And yeah, I know, other two year old tablets get upgrades, but they are never as snappy or as good as that one that just came out.

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If you want faster browser on playbook- I installed FAST BROWSER APP, its at app world, that make playbook browser same speed as my Z10, I was shocked how much its better than original browser. Hope that helps, to whomever wants fast browsing. Honesly, if you have that you almost dont need BB10 on playbook anymore. Good luck

I think they have something else planned but they are keeping it hush hush... I'm behind them 100 percent. There is more to come, mark my words...

Anthon CB10

If they did and didn’t mention it to prevent the massive loyal fan base shit storm, they are idiots.

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I oddly agree. I think. I hope. That they have learned to keep frickin quiet until I can go out the next day and grab one. I'm chill with my PlayBook as it is since I use my Z10 for everything. PlayBook comes in handy when I have to charge Z10 at nite for podcasts and basic life answers from the Web.

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Someone called Tech Support and asked about apps for PlayBook but they told him to wait for the 10. Either they haven't heard the news or Heins has something planned.

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Yea that is pretty accurate...I am still going to use mine but something tells me that there won't be any updates coming...maybe it will become outdated before too much longer.

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Guess I'll have to go buy a couple when they go on sale. They're great for watching movies. And the games and apps that are there are still good. It'll just be like Apple and their IOS, not changing for years to come.

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Agreed. Hopefully soon i'll be able to buy a 64gb Playbook for the kids for really cheap. Add all the games ive bought on one device as my og 16gb Playbook has been out of memory for a good year or so.

This really shouldnt be a huge surprise to us because if we googled all the official Playbook OS10 articles it would only be enough you fill up a posty note.

Say goodbye to playbook (the best idiot tablet)...and blackberry too

Note : They dont have any capablity to build any tablet, only for idiot tablet they have.

Ya was great till I switched to the z10 and lost full bridge function. Yet they didn't have to break a good playbook. Someone would have used it. I have 4 and leave them attached to TV's. They make a great "smart tv" so to speak even though Heins is a traitor. He is selling BlackBerry out. You watch.

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!

Really wanted that browser, bridge and keyboard. So disappointed.

Posted from my Z10 via CB10

That's basically how I feel. What does bb10 on the PlayBook actually mean? I don't think it needs, or makes sense, to have the Hub for example. Just improve a few key features like the ones you mentioned. There's no reason why they can't do that.

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Meh, I paid full retail and got thousands of hours of use out of it and it still runs like a champ. Wish I had a 64g one though. Great device.

Really sad - I hope there is a way to unlock the boot loader on this thing, like the HP Touchpad... actually, would be funny if it would be possible to get jelly bean on it before the bb10!!!

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10

Enough resources? That's a curious comment how exactly are you in receipt of that information?.

My understanding is that they had engineers and staff working on this... as they have stated many times OS10 was coming to PlayBook. Is there some available information around how many resources were allocated to this particular initiatives? Especially considering the scrutiny a publicly traded company must endure when they release information about products and then retract that same information.

Would a class action suit by investors be possible given that the announcement and stock completely tanking were closely linked?. Could some of the 'C' suite and product managers associated with this deception be brought before the Courts or a Securities Commission to account for their misleading statements regarding strategy and inability to execute and meet any form of plan?.

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When I say enough resources I am speaking of the software 1.0, It was an incomplete software with a lot of bugs. The PlayBook was a DOA product from day one. BlackBerry tried to play in the tablet market but they lost, obviously it was a bad decision made by Mike and Jim, I still think that Thorsten would never released a tablet in that conditions.

Posted via CB10

They didn't say there won't be any updates just not bb10. I understand the disappointment but it is what it is. And that's that

Posted via CB10

PlayBook is just an expensive paperweight, without any future updates to improve its functionality. Truth be told, I have not used my PlayBook consistently since I bought my Z10. It feels so slow compared to the Z. BlackBerry really should explore pushing out some kind of update. Since it is not going to be BB10, at least improve the browser and camera. Something. Poor PlayBook. Died at such a young age.

Still works for me as an e-reader, and although the browser is a little slow it still works perfectly well for online banking, news reading and checking eBay and Amazon. Works fine as a video player and connects to the TV. I see no reason to replace it in the next couple of years.

If you want faster browser on playbook- I installed FAST BROWSER APP, its at app world, that make playbook browser same speed as my Z10, I was shocked how much its better than original browser. Hope that helps, to whomever wants fast browsing. Honesly, if you have that you almost dont need BB10 on playbook anymore. Good luck

yeah me too. remember everyone.. WITHOUT PLAYBOOK, THERE WOULD NEVER BE BB10, NEVER!

thank you PlayBook, you've done your job pretty well for the last 2 years and you're still standing strong. my salute to you, this is the REAL BlackBerry i've been longing for and you've successfully inherited that character to your kids, the BB10.

i'm not gonna buy any new tablet, i'll keep and USE my playbook till death do us part.

+ 1. Seems like many speak before they think around here. Ok they tried to get BB10 running on the PlayBook and it didn't work out, I'm sure if it was released and didn't work well the same people would complain the same way. PlayBook's OS was the foundation for BB10 so I still love mine the same and will continue to use it. I do hope to see some updates including BBM and Bridge fully functioning if BlackBerry isn't planning a new tab in the near future. I'm on your team #BlackBerry and I will stand by you in this dark time as any other true fan would through Thick and Thin.

I love my playbook too, mine is super fast, after 2 years, and I think will go on much longer, also I suggest to anyone who has logginsh browser to install FAST BROWSER APP, FROM APP WORLD, that really really times faster than original playbook browser. Good luck to all, playbook is great even without bb10!

I'm not sure what has me more upset. The fact BB10 will never come to the PB, or the fact that someone took a hammer and then willingly killed their PB in such a brutal way. I'm giving my PlayBook an extra hug tonight, it had a hard day today and needs to know I still love it...

BlackBerry should release the OS code to the hacker community and let us tweak it and get it running. I know people are playing with hybrid Operating Systems by patching different versions together. Do you think it could be a community project?

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Yes. This is literally the only thing they can do right now to fix giving up on it themselves. HP did this with their touch pad, BlackBerry should take their lead.

I hate this cause I own one and use it daily. Another dinosaur to go with my old Win XP tablet. But given the challenges heard today for BBRY, maybe good to stay focused. Get a real damn marketing program. Be aggressive, not so *nice* like Canadians. Make the hard deals. Get a powerful spokesman and let Thor focus on internal activities. Get a pulse!

I don't know....liked my PlayBook yesterday and still like it today. I would rather they put the resourses into moving forward than trying to resurrect a 2 year old tablet. I will still use mine and my Z10. Nothing has changed for me.....but then I am not a stock holder.

People are being baby-la-la's

My PB still works fine, it does what it always did

Posted via CB10 from my awesome Z10

I disagree with all comments. I am not fred of waiting an I can look for a new small Tablet. I have a Surface Pro and haven't even charged my playbook since I got it. Pro is an AMAZING product, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. I think I'll get a nexus 7. :) Still have my Z10 which is what BB wants.

We have 6 of them at home and we use them to even do a video call with the z10 which works great

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Between my two PlayBook's and accessories I WASTED over $1000. Got totally soaked by BlackBerry. Now the app developers will fade away and the updates will stop. Screw you BlackBerry. My next phone will be a something else.

Posted via CB10

When someone with a playbook calls another playbook it rings on the Z10 as well and works great

Posted via CB10

Shame on BlackBerry, they promised us a bb10 update for PlayBook. The only reason the company is surviving is because of us BlackBerry loyalists, and they have just given us all the middle finger. I regret staying with BlackBerry with my Z10, it will be my last BlackBerry.

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Me too. If I had known I'd get screwed on the PlayBook I would never have upgraded my Bold to a Z10... would have gone to an Android of some type and stopped the bleeding. After many years of loyal support I'm officially done and BlackBerry can kiss my ass. I won't deal with lying ass-tards.

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I feel like this is something BGR writers want to do to all BlackBerry devices.

I got my PlayBook a month after it came out and can say I got my money's worth out of it. I'd buy a new BlackBerry tablet if it had BB10. If nothing comes out within a year, I'll look at an iPad.

In the meantime, I hope BlackBerry at least gives us some good updates on the PlayBook. Fix a couple little things. I won't be taking a hammer to mine anytime soon. I still use it to read in bed when my contact lenses are out, and I still log into Amazon Instant Video in the web browser.

Well, that is truly sad. A technically good tablet without much in the way of app support and now no BB10. My cell phone contract is up within 60 days. I was trying to decide on my next move and this just made my decision a no-brainer. Farewell Blackberry, you can join my Palm in the tech drawer of forgotten devices...

Use my LTE PlayBook every day. Do I need an OS update? Yes. Does it need to be BB10? No!
Love it and will keep using it. Messages app is the hub.... just saying...


Posted via CB10 on my Q10

True, but constantly pissing off your loyal supporters will not make a successful blackberry. If you're not going to deliver, don't promise you are or set expectations.

Todays excuse is the same bla bla bla as all this future of mobile computing buzz. They do not deliver and seem to be dishonest liars happy to be finally done with the device or just not competent!

I use mine daily, has amazing speakers so I use it for music and movies. Also I have some great apps installed and with game support from Gameloft I'm enjoying MC4 on my PB. Sure I almost shed a tear about the news today, but just yesterday I was using it so, meh, we all saw it coming.

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I bought my 32GB PlayBook day 1. I have no regrets paying full price for it. It had given me plenty of use and continues to do so. I still prefer it to any other tablet out there.

Posted via CB10

Things come and go, GM cut Pontiac which was iconic, Ford cut Lincoln, thats yhe way business goes to survive, regardless people will still buy blackberry bcuz it is a good product and the bext quarter should be a good obe

Posted via CB10

Lincoln is still alive. Ford cut Mercury. I'm ok with killing the PlayBook if it makes business sense. I still use my PlayBook, but would prefer a lighter device. My iPad mini is lighter, but I don't like the operating system.

I have a Z10 and love it. There is no other phone that tempts me, so I am still a BlackBerry fan, and wish them well. Jumping ship won't help BlackBerry to satisfy customers, so I hope all the angry people on here can get over it.

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I can't believe they have turned what was the most promising tablet besides the iPad it no abandonware. Disappointing. Let's just hope BlackBerry can do something spectacular with bb10.

It was a piece of crap to begin with.Glad i sold it within a weeks time.Although i got bombarded by my own Crackberry people but it is what it is.

I was the first to buy my playbook day one in Belleville ON. I was first in line to buy my Z10. Today, is a bad day. BlackBerry had a chance to be the "anti APPLE" I suppose that is why I liked them. BlackBerry has dropped the ball with regard to looking after the loyal folks and developing some partisan support. How much resources should/would it take to move this transition along to the playbookd?. I bought in to the idea of the Playbook, BB10 evolution even dropping by my BOLD for the new Z10 (which does not have as much functionality as the Z10) and liking it. I am trying to be a believer, but a bad day...

It was okay they didn't do it...but they shouldn't have promised they would...this doesn't instill confidence in the shareholders at all...

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I am happy that BlackBerry finally announces no BlackBerry 10 for PlayBook. From an engineering perspective, it may not have enough power and existing PlayBook apps won't run on BlackBerry 10 (due to new OS and resolutions) .

From a resource angle, I would rather see BlackBerry spend elsewhere.

Breaking a promise isn't fancy but it is a wise choice at this moment.

And to be honest, my PlayBook would continue to work and serve me well for a foreseeable future.

Posted via CB10

I still love my Playbook! I bought it before there was ever a mention of BB10 on it! As long as Devs keep making new apps and updating older ones all is good! On that note even if devs don't, I will still use it until it dies!

I'm not defending blackberry but if you want a faster browser try fast browser in the app world. It cost 1.99 but Its worth it. It has a button at top right to disable java script when you dont need it and that speeds it up. Maxthon browser is free and it has a download manager to download videos off the internet. Ultimate search is free also. It has search box and you choose google or yahoo or bing from one search box. Saves typing in search.

I rather have them work on their phones and perfect them first before tinkering with the PlayBook. Besides they know that they need more power under the hood before they add bb10 to any tablet. Would you tow a trailer with your smart car? Common sense will prevail and so will blackberry! Love my z10 and happily waiting for 10.2.

Everyone needs to chill.

This is a new OS and there will be growing pains . Apple and Samsung went through this too.

As for the no BB10 for PlayBook, get over it.

BlackBerry will survive.

Canadian Z10 owner on Telus

This is really more a case of bad news for BB10, than for the Playbook (in more than one way).

Given the cited reason; If the OS is indeed that unreasonably and uncompetetively resource hungry; that does not exactly inspire confidence in its future as a ubiquitous platform for convergent technology, which sounds to be what BBRY has been aiming for. (Even if one assume "less versatile" devices would use a tailor-cut QNX setup, rather than a full BB10 wardrobe.)

I am sure more than a few analysts and inverstors must have had that thought.

The word 'bloatware' is the first thing that came to my mind. It's pretty bad when you make Android look svelte by comparison.

This would be a great example that illustrates the difference between winner and looser. And BBRY is absolutely not the winner this case.

Posted via CB10

Anyone think that maybe as BB10 evolves they know it won't run nicely on the PlayBook and abandoned their plans. I wonder if apple fans complain this much about a two year old tablet?

Posted via CB10

Except the iPad 2 (which came out a few weeks before the PlayBook) is still being sold and supported. In fact, it'll get the latest version of iOS, iOS 7 this fall.

Just got done doing some banking, checked out the news and my calendar on my trusty PlayBook. Still a good tablet just as it is.

Via Zeppelin 10

I will still use my Playbook. It was the giant albatross around the neck of the company and its biggest punchline since the first Storm. I'm not giving up on BB yet, but this doesn't do much for their credibility.

Remember the iPad 2 that came out at the same time? It's getting an update to iOS7 in September.

Not dreams. When I bought my playbook it was supposed to happen when BB10 was developed. It is a ripoff and I have totally lost faith in Blackberry - their word is not good . The is RIP Blackberry, no matter how much people may like the new phone, an irresponsible company who doesn't care about customers who stuck with them is not worth supporting. .

Pretty dramatic and somewhat entertaining video but I won't follow suit any time soon. My BlackBerry PlayBook is still functional. My other three family members are still using theirs every day. I'm a bit disappointed yes but I kind of expected this kind of outcome so nothing from BlackBerry really surprises me anymore. I just hope the focus their resources for BlackBerry 10 and move forward.

Post via CB Z10

Wait, when I get home am I going to find my PlayBook bricked?

It's still a solid little device. I use my Z10 for email and social networking these days, but get my more serious writing, and more importantly: Web comics from the Playbook.

Seriously, I've read over 6000 Homestuck updates on the thing: with the built in Flash player it's practically perfect for it.

I read Scary Go Round and Bad Machinery, and Gunnerkrigg Court from start to finish on the tablet.

As long as I can continue to read my comics on it, I'll consider it money well spent. A better keyboard would still be nice, though.

"In vino veritas, in aqua sanitas."

Don't know what I am more disappointed in, Playbook not being supported or more lies, changes in plans, whatever you want to call it, by Blackberry. Eventually you have to feel like you can't trust anything that is being said.

A pretty dumb and wasteful post! The PlayBook is a good tool. It was pretty clear that it was not getting a lot of near term support it's discontinued, still useful.

I remember arguing the finer points of the PlayBook over the Ipad with the Salesman at Bestbuy vividly. The fact I bought 3 really stings

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I do not like the video and I will not blame Crackberry one bit for producing the video.
Because, it reveals how Blackberry dedicated users feel about the demise of the Playbook.
I guess we can probably use it as a Dummy Tablet ,,,,,,underline Dummy !!

Got mine for $80 with a rapid charger dock, case, leather journal and extra charger that I'm using for my Z great deal :) the battery lasts for days and the browser works really well when I need a bigger screen and it doesn't take up a lot if space in my bag.

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I have a PlayBook 16g. It's a great tablet without BB10. (I'm not experiencing the browser slowness that others complain about, but then I do not expect 'Bridge Power' browsing to be as fast as wi-fi). I expect we'll get some more updates and they'll make the PB a bit better. I've got modest expectations so I tend not to be disappointed.

Welcome to the real world of Corporate America

not sure why you would email a CEO.. they don't give a f**K .. just looking for the golden parachute.

eg Leo at Hp.. almost killed the company and got millions... where's the logic...

too bad .. actually thought Blackberry was ethical.. silly me...

never again Blackberry or Apple.. ( now that's another story )..

Even at a premium price it still is 2 years old. It would need an upgrade. Mine has collected dust since I got my Z10. PlayBook just not powerful enough than my Z10. Let's be realistic.

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The dreams? Wasn't this a promise from BlackBerry? Truthfully it was my $500ish PlayBook purchase and the subsequent lies that BlackBerry told that sent me from a HUGE fan boy of RIM straight into the arms of Apple.

My PlayBook has been awesome! We use it to rent movies, check emails, Facebook in. We hook it up to my NAD receiver while using the Nobex app to listen to radio stations all over the world. With just using Nobex alone, who needs to pay for satellite radio!

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to bo honest=facebook app is total shit to compare apple( which i don't like) and the rest of all of an apps is garbage, am i wrong??

Would've had more credibility if it was actually ON before whacking it. If it's a dead device in the first place it doesn't make a point... Just looks like someone being cranky. Sorry dudes..

I have tried so hard to like my Z10. I'm done trying. I'm jumping ship to Apple. I might even try Windows phone 8 since I use a windows pc and an X box.

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Why the hell would you smash that playbook? Because BB10 wont be officially released for it...? Talk about over melodramatic! What sort of message does this send to anyone who watches it? I expected more from this site.

Anyone who is claiming to dump blackberry for this reason, claims that blackberry has let them down, not delivered..... This is like buying a car and then complaining when the manufacture doesnt upgrade the engine to the newest model.

I get that blackberry said it would come. Now they have said it wont. It was a strategic decision to dump it. Some people bought it for 100 dollars and are complaining they wont get bb10 for free........ give me a break. Any company that gives away its proprietary software, that cost them years of time and millions of dollars, for free is doomed to failure

Even if it means throwing hundreds of thousands of dollars into something that has a limited lifespan anyways, and that no one is willing to pay for? Yes, promises are more important than pure economic viability.

I don't believe in keeping all promises but you do have to honor your word. Clearly this backlash is the result of his dismissiveness to his word. A simple letter to Playbook owners outlining the why and saying what may come in future pbos updates would have prevented this negativity.

Ipad 1 in the house here... still gets updates!! It is still and always has been better then my PlayBook with a camera. Sorry guys, if you haven't used one don't say otherwise. Browser and everything is better except the PlayBook is more fun using the OS.

So sad I fell for the blackberry lie (again) and paid full price...

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I have bought 3 PlayBooks, one for me and 2 for gifts. All 3 are still much loved and used. The PlayBook is not dead - nothing has changed since yesterday except people's perceptions. I remember hearing last year that the PlayBook specs did not meet requirements for BB10 OS and I am not surprised at today's announcement.

I was a little doubtful that the PlayBook RAM and processor could gave run the 10 OS. Mine doesn't seem to be able to have the message application and the web browser running at the same time without one or the other shutting off unexpectedly. Oh well.

I can understand people being upset, I was one of those initial buyers who spent $500 on it. However it has served me well for over 2 years now, and has a perfect spot on my desk, I use it to browse when my computer is in use (either gaming or watching tv).

BB10 would have been nice, but I half expected it wouldn't get to the playbook just based off the amount of ram it has.

I'd like to see some updates to speed up the browser a bit, but other than that I have no gripes with it

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"who needs bb10 i use my playbook every day and it is still a good tablet and i like it and who cares!!"

Yeah. It is. The reason we want BB10, though, is the apps. Today, BB10 is what developers are targeting. Without BB10, the PlayBook, while still just as good for what it does as it's ever been, is, as a platform, dead.

Open it up, RIM -- if not the OS source, then at least the bootloader. Let us toss Cyanogen or webOS or similar on our paperweig--er, PlayBooks. After today's middle finger, please, at least give us that much.

WTF the whole BBPLBook is a totale dumb ass to compare to other platforms to be honest, not even to compare to bloody ipad , the ALL what was keeping me with it is my loyalty to them, since now no more US=> just them, sorry but fells like...

My BlackBerry PlayBook stay with me! Maybe the updates will bring us the bridge functionalities that we had on bbos. I'm definitely looking forward to the updates.

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This is really a ludicrous post.
So what.... Yes, PB is still useful (at least for me). But hardware and software vise unfortunately not so and I rather look into the future. Is it going to be with BB? I don’t know. It’s just a tool like any other. Love is gone… Too many broken promises…

Wow... I knew what was gonna happen in the video but it still shocked me to see it

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Wow, suddenly all the "what's the big deal, the PlayBook is still useful to me!" posts are coming out. I guess all the BB employees got home and have made their way onto the site.

Sorry guys, this "decision" is unacceptable. It would be unacceptable if Apple did it, or if MS did it, or if Samsung did it. Abandoned in barely two years, what developer is going to write or update apps for it now? (I'm not). I'm moving on. Before you joke about letting the door hit me on the way out, remind yourselves that about 4 million others did the same last quarter. Garbage like this is going to accelerate that.