twilight baseball scene

its the song from the twilight baseball scene

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twlight soundtrack

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twilight baseball scene


And this is why Twilight fans are retarded. The song has a name, it wasn't written "for" the movie, it's called Supermassive Black Hole, and has been used for many other things as well. It's not "The Twilight Baseball Scene Theme"

*Bangs head against desk*

Fracking emo-tards.

Supermassive Black Hole was already added, and Twilight (or Muse) fans requested that just the instrumental be added also for ringtones. It was called this ("baseball scene from twilight") to be funny, I believe, because all the comments on the one with lyrics said how much they loved this song from that scene in Twilight. Anyway, give people a break. I agree most people are as you said "emo-tards" but ya know... lol

OMG you guys have nothing better to do then to run your fingers on and on about someone work ?? dang ppl get a life, i only made it coz i liked the song and yes i knew the name of it and didnt care and no i'm not a "emo tard" as you have put it i would rather die them become one of those crying oh i hate me life i need to die emo kids so get off your computer and get a life