THX Beginning of Movie Sound by THX

THX Beginning of Movie Sound by THX

generic movie start up

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THX Beginning of Movie Sound by THX


If I use this in a stop motion lego movie that I'm making, could I get sued or fined? If so, should I put a citation or something? Thanks!

There is no way that u can get sued for this cause you are not making an profit off of it, besides I think its great....I work for a movie theatre so it's perfect for my BB as a ringtone. Thank You.

Recently Version 5 was recommended by RIM and Verizon for the Blackberry Storm. What a disaster! One new Blackberry Storm later and hours and hours of support and the Techs at verizon had to uninstall Version 5 and reinstall the previous version. The voice command to dial would not consistently work, the one number dial lost connectivity and it kept loosing the Navigator. While standing in line, I had opportuniteis to chat with others who needed assistance and most were there because of all the problems with the upgrade to Version 5. Maybe someone from RIM of Verizon will read this ..........and care.

I downloaded the THX mp3 and went into my desktop manager.
I copied the file and it asked me to convert it, so I did.
When I try to add it to my ringtones, it says that it cannot be transferred. I have an Curve 8330. I`m a nOOb, so I`m a bit confuzzled:s Any ideas what I did wrong?

This sound freaks me out every time cause it sneaks up on me. I always have to turn it off before it gets super loud. Great alert. Thanks.