Sugar Pie Hunny Bunch

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The Temptations

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Sugar Pie Hunny Bunch


A for effort, but F for execution. This song is by the Four Tops, not the Temptations. Those of us whose era was the 60's (go Boomers!) are amazed that such a mistake could happen, however, it has to do with the passing of time, and knowledge lost. We thank you for putting the song on, but would like to see the correct artist reflected.

If you've got "Just My Imagination" or "My Girl" that would rock my world! This song is actually by the 4 Tops...

C'mon guys - it's not THAT old!! I looked and looked for this ringtone- couldn't believe you didn't have the Four Tops, happened to find the Temps - not to pick more, but the actual name is I Can't Help Myself, not Sugar Pie HONEY Bunch, but that is the most common reference to it, so I give you that. Also, the lead-in is what everybody remembers and gets people moving and you cut it out? PLEASE re-do this one!!!! You will make many of your customers very happy. :D

Why does this give me the message that I'm not authorized to access this page when I try to email or download this ringtone? I am signed in.