Never Would Have Made It

One of the most inspirational songs you will hear

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Marvin Sapp

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Never Would Have Made It


In my own opinion and I am allowed one, I truly believe this is the number ONE song for 2007-08. It has helped me personally through many struggles because in the end, I know deep in my heart, I never would have made it without Jesus.
Peace and Blessings,
Phenomenal Diva - Divine Inspirational Virtuous Anointed

If ever a song were true this is it.JESUS is my everything and I made it. Without him nothing is possible. I been there I know. GOD bless U all! Praise Him!!!

It is my belief that one cannot know how powerful God really is unless you go through some things in life and see first-hand that he is a healer and a deliverer. This song is so powerful and so definitive of life that it is one of my all time favorites. I pray that God continues to bless you all. Thank you for adding this song!

I will try to upload all the religious ringtones I have on the site. I do have quite many. The Lord is my salvation I and I truly beleive in spreading the gospel

Does anyone have any ringtones by Mary Mary, i.e, Shackles, Heaven, In the Morning? They are my favorite. Thks!

BTW: The Never Would Made It Ringtone is awesome! Thanks for uploading it!

No, it's not a shame because it's never too late to begin fellowshiping with other believers and you can do that outside of church. Such as Bible study groups or worship service. I would encourage you to go to church because you will experience something well worth it!

This is the greatest song i am so excited i found it here.Please get more gospel songs & thank you so very much. I love christian music because i am a christian & i love the Lord.Thanks MPGirl

Thank the Lord for thee annointing upon this man of God. All hail King Jesus Christ. Family lets continue to do a great job by reaching out to the lost thru the annoiting music thru cyber. In Jesus Christ mighty name.