RIMs New Marketing Strategy - Get Them Young!

CrackBerry Kids
By Kevin Michaluk on 28 Mar 2008 01:18 pm EDT

Two CrackBerry.com members emailed me photos this week of the youngest BlackBerry Addict in their respective families and I just couldn't help but make the post (with parents' permission of course!).

In both cases, the parents were out of the room for just a minute and walked back in to discover their child was already showing signs of full fledged CrackBerry Addiction. Exhibit A: two thumbs a blaze'n on the keyboard. Exhibit B and C: I love my BlackBerry so much I want to eat it (happens to me all the time too!).

I think we've stumbled onto RIM's new marketing strategy... get'm while they're young and you'll have a BlackBerry Addict for life!

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RIMs New Marketing Strategy - Get Them Young!


in pic one I have seen that expression many times over, entranced by their bb's while the rest of the world goes by. Cute pictures.

I have so many people coming to me with "my baby did something to my Blackberry! I can't use it" that I have a drawer of "old" Blackberries that are broken that I give them. One of my people called me the other day saying that no one can hear her when she uses the phone. Turns out there was chocolate in the microphone. Hmmm......

HAHA! I like the first pic where he is holding it right, thats funny, my son tried to bite it too and left a big scratch on my screen :(
but luckily, I was able to switch it out so now, he's not allowed to even look at it!
It's mine!, mine!

My 8 month old daughter is absolutely fascinated by my Pearl; whenever she sees it she tries to take it away from me, and when I let her hold it she gets so giggly! She's teething so I do have to take it away when she tries to chew it. I bought her a toy cell phone but she didn't like it, only her Daddy's Pearl will do!

TOO CUTE!!!! I wish that's what my son would've done with my 3 week old Pearl 8130 instead of dunking it in my glass of water!!!!! Good thing for insurance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gotta love them!

wow, that's very realastic expression boy has shown, in first pic from top.

he quallifies to take part in crackberry idol contest.
i hope other boy must be very rich to have insured his bb.

these pics are so cute.