RIM's New CEO Addresses CrackBerry Nation "Give us feedback; help us always get better!"

CrackBerry talks to Thorsten Heins
By Kevin Michaluk on 27 Jan 2012 07:55 pm EST

Part V and Conclusion of CrackBerry's Interview with RIM's New CEO

As we concluded our first Q&A with RIM's new CEO, I quit with the questions and opened things up for Thorsten Heins to address CrackBerry Nation directly. For all our longtime members, readers and BlackBerry fans around the world, this is for you... an address to CrackBerry Nation, from the CEO of Research In Motion himself:

First, I want you to be our #1 Fan Club, that's for sure. Second, give us feedback. I want you to be with us, I want you to help us to always get better, and give us credit for what our people are doing. Understand how much and how hard the people here are working and I think you're doing a good job of this. I'm ready to stay in touch with you Kevin and your base. We will make this a journey together, and it's going to be fun. 

Honestly, it's hard for me not to get emotional reading those words. When CrackBerry.com went live in February 2007, I really didn't know what the future would hold for us. All I knew was that I was hopeful and excited for the future of BlackBerry and CrackBerry. As Resesarch In Motion enters a new era, I'm having the same feelings again as I did five years ago. Hopeful and excited. Let's Rock & Roll This CrackBerry Nation!!

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RIM's New CEO Addresses CrackBerry Nation "Give us feedback; help us always get better!"


Ok, Thorsten Heins is the best thing to happen to RIM since QNX! I have great admiration and respect for this man for these interviews. It's so great to see a CEO that cares so much for his fanbase and customers. He genuinely makes me excited for the future of RIM.

Thank you Thorsten, and thank you Kevin!

All the best to Mr. Heins and RIM! Here's to a stellar 2012 and a bright new future for our beloved BlackBerries!

Thorsten just needs to look on Crackberry for his feedback! There are several applications necessary to complete the PB and a new OS that needs released next month. Get that done.

Here is my feedback: In your marketing of Blackberry to generate more sales, why not use these celebrities that are walking around with their Blackberry in their hand in the "celebrity sighting."? Like her or not, Kim K. has a huge following and if you used her, Paris Hilton, and several of these other big names in your commercials, or even pay them to mention Blackberry on their Twitter, sales would go up. Also, you should advertise more of the BBM feature...especially to teens who txt a lot. So many people who don't own a Blackberry have no idea what BBM is! You have a great feature...ADVERTISE IT!

PlayBook and BlackBerrys need killer apps like Skype, Guitar Pro, true business collaboration tools, cloud based services like Calendar, mail, contacts, and tasks, and being able to share these between devices. Push BES Express as well! It sets you apart and makes a strong case for small businesses.

Tap into iTunes, Amazon, and others for content. Build and leverage other partnerships to add value to App World and the feature set. Look what Apple did with Siri. It's not 100% but they found their killer app to encourage users to upgrade.

Killer apps and tons of content are compelling!

Today, people are making devices that require iPads because of tools like Garage Band!

Drop the Curve and Pearl. Reduce the number of devices to get better life out of them; last year's 9900 can be sold next year at 75% off the original price. Still a great phone! Rebrand the 9860 as something other than a Torch, and get rid of those damn numbers. We want names not model numbers!

You've got great products, but RIM does the lousiest job at selling and pushing their products to the foreground. The Superbowl is almost here. Will I see a BlackBerry or PlayBook commercial? Even if you're not shoqinng a product, you can show your successes and rebuild the brand name!

Release os2!!! tonight!!! Thorstien for President!!!
Patiently waiting on that one guy to point out how Kevin typed the word research wrong.....lol I can see your excitement within your typing Kevin! Blackberry is awesome and Crackberry learned me as to why Blackberry is awesome! I love being a part of this community even though you have to deal with a few people here and there that will crucify you for you lack of grammar and or spelling.Im looking forward to a new era of BlackBerry and thank god for Crackberry, because this site allowed me to really get to know my device and because of that i will be BlackBerry forever...now please release os2 tonight!!

Seriously cool CEO to reach out to CrackBerry like he has done from the very moment he became CEO. I'm really excited to have this guy at the helm.

I'm liking what I am seeing so far as well in that he does seem interested in engaging the BlackBerry fan community because he definitely does need cheer leaders.

What I am worried about is that I don't hear him talk about his vision for where he wants to take RIM beyond the launch of OS 10.

I mean I don't want to hear company secrets, but I need to know that he doesn't think that RIM has demonstrated innovation in a positive way in the past. I don't like that he keeps talking about to much innovation being the problem at RIM. If he thinks what was going on at RIM was innovation he should quit.

RIM has been schizophrenic and reactionary, not innovative or visionary.

He talks about how he wants to get current BlackBerry users to upgrade. Good luck when the whole reason they didn't is because RIM has screwed them the last few product cycles by not offering new the new OS'es for existing in market phones since OS 4 to OS 5. OS 6 users got screwed, OS 7 is last of breed.

If he doesn't get why people still buy iPhone 3Gs but not Storm 2 then he needs to quit. People need to know that they will be supported in a product that they are buying with new software. Heck Nokia has attempted to murder Symbian but N8 owners are still getting new versions of the OS from Nokia. Support your products to build LOYALTY in the brand.

Really innovate. Work with suppliers to get cutting edge SOC's in your products. OS 7 launched last August and already seems dated from a hardware perspective. Plus what's with some have NFC others don't. Some have touch screens, others don't (talk about shooting your self in the foot with app developers). How come some have 4GB and some have 8GB in the high end of the line? It wasn't innovation in OS 7 hardware development, it was schizophrenia. Nail down the core feature set and implement it across the line. Fewer resolutions, all touch screens, minimum memory requirements, same set of sensors in all products etc...

Plus, anticipate! See where the market is going and get there FIRST!

Learn from the strengths of your competition. Why does Microsoft give away an Xbox to customers who buy Windows Phone? Why does Microsoft have their logo on the dash of 85% of all cars Ford sells? Why does Apple put mac computers in iPhone commercials?

Now, if you figured it out, what strengths in other markets does RIM have that it can leverage?

We love RIM and the world loves a good comeback, so make us proud and knock everyone's socks off!

A lot of you are terrible at giving feedback, here is an example.

Let us talk about what RIM isn't, they aren't MS. Not only do I not want MS in my car, but they can afford to throw their name around and half bake stuff, such as their systems and OS's because of the billions in reserves they have and their many markets, RIM can't.

When you give feedback, stop whining. Say something like this:
BB Bold 9900 Flagship device

Pros: great keyboard, sturdy build, crisp screen, thin, stylish.
Cons: Weak cpu compared to other flagship phones(Galaxy S2, iphone 4S), metal band disrupts signal, low battery life, no autofocus, low amount of apps, no flash, could use more RAM.

See how this makes it a lot easier to understand what they did right, and wrong? Now if you want to throw in a personal experience, that is great, but the facts should not be interlaced in your feedback.

I will go on to say, it is high time you cut back the models of phones you have. Making it easier for developers and customers. Maybe a Bold and Curve series?

Bold and Curve each having touch and keypad models.

I know RIM is not Microsoft or Apple or Google. But guess what, those companies exist and they are the companies RIM needs to successfully compete against in order to grow it's business.

I don't care if you don't want a Microsoft logo in your car, but clearly you do not understand why RIM so desperately needs a CMO if you do not understand why Microsoft has their log in 85% of the cars Ford sells.

Why would I even mention cars in particular? Cause RIM is a MUCH bigger player in automotive infotainment then Microsoft, yet no one knows it. Thorsten had better be on the phone like yesterday to Volkswagen and other Automakers using RIM's software.

Why do I say RIM's when QNX is much older then RIM? Cause RIM owns it now so kill off the name QNX Software Systems and re-brand it RIM. I don't want a Microsoft logo in my car either (though I do have one cause I own a Ford), but I damn sure want to see Powered by BlackBerry or Powered by RIM in my next car. It's not phone manufacturers RIM should be talking to about licensing BB 10, it's car makers. The QNX Porsche at CES shows that at least some one in RIM has the right idea, but they need to get on it and it should have been the BlackBerry Porsche.

RIM has major brand building to do. The CEO had better have the vision to extend the brand. If RIM wants a truly mobile computing future they had better leverage everything QNX is in from cars to home automation to anything else that consumers interact by slapping a BlackBerry logo on it.

They need to get consumer interest up and by letting people know that RIM is a hell of a lot more then push email and BBM these days they will get more interest in their products.

Apple uses iPhones to sell Macs. Microsoft hopes to one day use PC's to sell phones, and is already handing out Xbox consoles like candy to get different demographics interested in Windows Phone...

All the competition is already leveraging other aspect of their business. RIM has grown it's portfolio and it needs to launch a marketing assault on all fronts, not just TV and internet ads.

Yes, I love RIM and I agree with everything Thorsten has said so far but he really needs to demonstrate that he has a vision for RIM that will achieve the mobile computing future he talks about. He needs to make sure BlackBerry 10 phones work better and work instantly with other QNX based systems already in peoples homes and cars and people need to know it RIM now that makes all that stuff that's in all the products they already interact with.

I'm not hating on RIM, I think they have the greatest talent and the best technology on the plant. But they need step it up cause they are up against giants who are already very very good at leveraging all their assets to be successful in their mobile businesses.

This guy is good! Definitely a leader.

Like many leaders, the honeymoon period is over before you know it, this time 2013, I wonder what will be on CrackBerry.com

RIM delivers...
Breaking News...BlackBerry 10 Phones require a BlackBerry 7 Phone for Email and PIM. Thorstien says scheduled for 60 days... ;-)

Good Luck Thorstien! Wish you all the best!

This is just fantastic!!!! What blackberry needs a CEO who actually knows and cares about his customers and wants them to be happy......I ask you this who couldn't be excited about that!!! Its just exciting knowing your viewpoint is being heard.... My new wallpaper says 'lets rock & roll this" and that should be the updated motto of blackberry.....Keep Rocking on Kevin, and crackberry nation

Great stuff, but I am worried that RIM can stay profitable with it's current portfolio for the next 3-4 quarters (March, June, Sept, Dec). They will be selling the same phones for the next 10 months, the BB OS10 phones won't be generating revenue until Nov/Dec at best...a bit scary!

The best thing that can happen is RIM surprises everyone and releases the BB OS10 phones in September!

Shrink the new 7" to 5.5" 3g - make it 4g compatible tablet, Look at the Galaxy Note. The one phone that if it comes to Verizon before the new BB10 phone will make me jump.

Alright, I'll Bite. How about another beta release with one of the originally stated solutions to show us and the world that all of this isn't just all talk with no foundational background. That would finalise convincing me.

Congratulations and great work, Kevin! I'm ready to rock it! Blackberry all the way for me! I bought into the Playbook concept on Day 1 and my second 64G arrived today. I can't bear the thought of being without a Playbook just in case something happens to my first one.

Can't wait to get OS2 rockin' on both of them... Yeah, I'm hooked!

"Second, give us feedback" WTF??? We do already. All he has to do is read the forums.

Why is he asking US to do ANYTHING? It's his job as CEO to do things for us, his customers.

Why didn't he pledge to dedicate one person to monitoring the Crackberry forums and ensuring questions and issues are dealt with and responded to by the appropriate person or team at RIM? That would have been huge for us, and low cost for him. Not to mention how valuable it would be to him if he's truly interested in customer feedback.

Sorry, I don't mean to rain on your parade, Kevin, but it's all hot air and singing the Barney song at this point. Him asking us to do something for him is ridicuous.

- R.

Feedback is through the forums and through Kevin's feedback. Did you think he's asking you to call him with your feedback? He's not! You don't like that a company is asking for its customers' feedback? Why are you such a Debbie Downer. Who hurt you?

Where do I send a CV for this job? I'd be glad to be paid to read CB forums, create reports and send the info to RIM.

Ummmmmm let's undumb this. Create a link on the site called blackberry feedback to RIM on the top bar beside Devices and Latest OS. TThorston Hiens to look there for input, Kevin. Oh and get some press out there to shut the media owned and influenced Apple people up. It will cost a bit in the beginning to get a large return in the end.

Best to you, Mr. Heins and RIMM! Love my Playbook, and loved my Torch, although I now have an iPhone 4s as well. Feedback: Speed up getting OS 2 out for Playbook. Even if it has a bug or two...get it out and fix anything that shows up, just do it FAST. Second. Get the 10 series phones out ASAP...go into OVERDRIVE and push out at least ONE of them quickly. We're losing too much US market, and RIMM has a GREAT product. Third: press on with the cross platform stuff you're doing...use some highpowered marketing, and let the world know that RIMM is alive and well.

Uhh with the media's opinion of Blackberry as it is, you really think they'll let a bug or two slip by their attention? Obviously it'll be the only thing they write about in the reviews about how "RIM can't put out a complete product" and "an otherwise "ok" OS is brought down by several bugs"

Apparently RIM has asked himforinput on the site. Not his but the peoples. Not that his isn't valid. But the whole not one of the whole input.He and this site are offered to be a link. Make it happen.

Seriously those were the questions? How about asking him the future of BES and BIS with active sync? Are bb10 on schedule? Sorry, but wanted more from you Kevin than how efficient. RIM might be.

I'll give you a quick feedback...I love my playbook. We have bought so far 5 of them, for relatives etc... but, some of them have the infamous receeding power button and some dont... I called RIM and first, guy was a douchie, second, the guy affirmed that the button is fine when is under the level of the others, something i dont agree with...thats my feedback right there...start taking proper care of the customers who have bought the product and tell support to grant warranty..

Seriously, this site sits and bolsters every move RIM or the new CEO makes...... Now Rim has asked you CB to become a part of this awsome creatio n process as a whole. The ball is in your court, do we just want to be the voice who speaks of BB or the one who takes the ball and tries to get the basket.....Let's see where this goes or are we just a voice.

i pray to god the browser in 2.0 is alot faster than the crap i've been using on 1.0.8. i always get the checkerboard effect. trying to visit canoe.ca or ottawa citizen is a mind-numbing experience. the pages take forever to load or don't load at all.
i can honesty fire up the old ( i mean really old ) laptop and read entire articles before my playbook even loads the main canoe page.
too often the browser just freezes and i have to close the browser and re-start the PB.
i bought the playbook as an upgrade to the laptop, but sadly, it is worse

the apps are buggy, too. sound cuts out mid-game in angrybirds. $5 for a worse version than other people get for free. not to mention angry birds seasons is late on 2 updates that other platforms already have.

so, to recap; improve the browser and app experiences.
i say this as a dedicated blackberry customer and supporter.
( eagerly waiting to buy a BB10 phone )

i just went to the canoe site, then to the ottawa sun link opened an article, no problems with the browser zipped from page to page, very fast

STOP THE BLACKBERRY FREEZE!!!! EVERYONE on earth knows that Blackberry is KNOWN for Lag (The little clock) KILL THE CLOCK...make phones faster #PLEASE

Ivan S. Harris

The clock is no more in BlackBerry 10. See PlayBook OS. The clock is a single-threaded Java "feature" I will be happy to say goodbye to :)

The most important thing RIM has to do is to maintain its reputation as a tool that working people can rely on to get things done with. As far as I'm concerned, the other phones on the market are toys that make calls. BlackBerrys are different. The BlackBerry owner is expected to know a thing or two about how the device works and how to make the device do the things you want it to do. iphones do all the thinking for you, and you just go along for the ride. BlackBerry folks get into their phones, where iphone people just look at the outside, and see only what the techs at apple want you to see. They never even see their batteries! Please, Thorsten, don't make the fatal mistake of trying to be like apple or anyone else. Maintain the functionality and durability of BlackBerry first, and then make the device pretty and slim. Keep your priorities straight! Working folks need phones that work. 99xx is a wonderful device, but making compromises on the battery life was a big mistake. Working people don't have time to worry about whether the phone is going to make it through the day. Remember, whatever you do...it's gotta work first!

I agree 100% I switched from iphone 4 to to 9700. It was a big downgrade in hardware and in many cases functionality, but what I wanted was a phone that allowed me to quickly access email/contact/cal/tasks/notes and seamlessly integrate with Outlook. This basic thing is better on blackberry than any other phone in my opinion and I hope RIM will keep this and build on in, not try to copy others.

And here's my point perfectly illustrated...from the 99xx forum just a few minutes ago:

Let me preface this by saying I started with a Blackberry 950 and have had pretty much every GSM Blackberry with exception of the Storms/Torches so I do have a bit of perspective on what I am about to say.

The 9900 is a great phone in so many ways however.... What the was RIM thinking in releasing this processor with this battery specification? I am running the beta 205, the exact same apps as I was in my 9700. I moved my Facebook to poll at 3 hours vs every 1 hour (on the 9700). The flippin battery sucks @ss compared to most prior models.

Juiced my little stainless lined beauty, fresh off the charger this morning.
Today was mostly meetings, listened to a little (and I mean a little) audible (audible book player - highly recommend to listen or read Unbroken btw), did a few emails and texts. Boarded a US Air flight late this afternoon *poof* 9900 dead. Now sitting here with my phone charging off my laptop so I can use my gps when I touch down. Just waiting to finish this before playing some Modern Combat on my Playbook. I look like an electronic hot mess going on in this seat.

I really don't care who you are as a user of this phone, you can not be happy or have a realistic expectation of using this phone for work. I can't get through a half day to three quarters of a day with the same workload I had on the 9700. I travel for work so in the past week have been in 4 different states in major metropolitan areas. I have had to insure I have chargers in tow whether car or office. It's not oh, it's your apps (and this is without wifi or bluetooth), or it's your coverage. Yes, these are factors for a plus or minus on typical usage but it's not a root cause for having to look at your battery all morning dreading the big drops going on with no usage. This is just a poor design.

I am so torn on returning this and praying somehow i can get a 9790 to use on T-Mobile. My 9700 has been a work horse but now due to the abuse I have put it through the last couple years it is ready to give up the ghost. RIM, why oh why did you do this? I can live without the autofocus, the lack of real UMA kind of stinks, but again, livable, can live wondering why half my headphones with exception of the supplied ones work, or the questionable transmission ghost issue (it's a beta issue). The battery though is a fundamental issue. Will it get to a useable level with the firmware advances? Probably not.

You used to be an innovator, now we have to crawl to the forums for the latest beta or see if a certain fault is common because the original shipped version was half baked. Thank goodness for resources such as Crackberry and others however it seems like we have to spend in inordinate amount of time combing these sites for fixes to get a what we expected in the first place. Heck, now that I think about it OS6 never was great on my 9700 till the berrylicious hybrids came out. Yes, it shipped with OS5 but OS6 was an official upgrade.

I guess with the changes going on at the executive level of RIM I fervently hope the RIM of old comes back. Innovation and solid product launches. Look at your history, give us the bullet proof RIM devices, it just worked out of the box products of old. Yes, we are so far removed from a 950 these days with the hardware inside and the firmware interactions combined with the crap we load on the phone ourselves to hose it up. Get the core values of what the RIM products stood for back and forefront in your offering. This is just a small request from a loyal follower who is very disappointed in your flagship offering.

Now T-Mobile, how about a 9790 launch???

He thinks amount of text makes him seem informed. The whole thing could have been said in a few points. When everyone skims past the post going I ain't reading all that.

The long post was originally written in the forums...I stole it because it illustrates exactly the point I was making. Maybe it will attract Thorsten's attention! One can only hope...

Some good points, but you can't have your cake and eat it also. Or can you? Battery Tech just isn't keeping up with all the features, the size, and amount of time people are spending on their Smartphones.

I have the 9860, doesn't last an entire day either. 9700 was a fantastic phone, was my previous phone also. I miss it! :-)

Well what's d point of havin a cake if you can't eat it! Really!! I share the sentiments in the original post! Whoever made the decision to put such a poor battery in such a high-powered phone shouldnt b working at RIM! Route one: it's atrocious! You don't need any considerable time for this battery to go flat!! Cosmetic should never have trumped reliability and functionality with d battery here, especially not at RIM where battery life was such a strong point: just look at d 9700! Very disappointed!!

I'm with you on that!!! Kids would like a BlackBerry for BBM but parents don't want a data plan.

Good to hear about the focus on time to market.
I am not sure that they need to have 20+ models. Maybe a handful of devices would work better.

RIM needs to better understand their weakness in Apps. Most high end developers want to develop for the most popular platforms - It is not only more profitable, it also is more efficient for them to focus on devices where they know their apps will translate easily to a manufactures new devices. With blackberry it seems each app works differently on each device even if current ( and sometimes does not work at all) This issue HAS to be resolved ..well, if you want others to develop for your platform.

Compete - Compete - Compete ...yes -- with iphone and Android ! BB fans always say you do not need to be like your competition - today, you realize you are not. Innovation is key to BB future, and we know RIM can do that -- they also need to be in sync with market needs. Example release of playbook without Skype or VPN (that works beyond simple home networks ..example Cisco)

I love my BB7 device and my PlayBook. My biggest feedback is to work hard on bringing us Neflix and Skype capability. Those are THE apps that will bring people to #TeamBB

Thorsten, you need to get these key apps delivered as NATIVE software (not running on an Android emulator on top of OS2):

1. Netflix
2. Skype
3. PDF Reader - complete with search, bookmarks, annotations
4. Kindle - promised in 2011 by Amazon
5. Medscape
6. Skyscape
7. DLNA - promised in 2011 by RIM
8. Hulu - this is deliberately barred by hulu

Tight delivery schedules with firm dates for release on PB.

If nobody else will say it I will. Netflix sucks. We have an HD device then we need HD streaming. Hulu is an option, epix. Has slim Pickens but works non the less. Netflix? Sucks

Skype yes, though RIM would need to approach Microsoft on this and get it worked through asap.

Netflix?... seriously?... when a rental/purchase service with movies available on release day of the DVD/Blu-ray was just announced? With HD quality available right off the bat?... makes Netflix look like even more of a joke, even if it's only $8 bucks a month for all you can eat streaming content.

Besides, someone could easily over-do their data package if they keep streaming netflix videos since our lovely Blackberry is one of few that can tether for free.

Here's my idea: you say you want feedback but how do you get it?

Create an app called "blackberry listens" that links to a website where you submit suggestions to blackberry.

Make it simple: if you want sign in credentials, connect to it through the phone's PIN. No painful sign up required.

i always have times when I'm using my torch 9800 or Playbook and I think "damn, i wish it had this option".

Anyway, I'd love to see this on my device, but try to minimize it's footprint, nobody wants bloatware.

Now there's someone thinking. Great Idea. Then the answers don`t just come from the everything BB does is great people and BB gets valid feedback. Whether it be Good or Bad.

ONLY ISSUE - Those that don`t own a BB device have no way of telling what they would like to see. Still need a forum on the web.

INTERVIEW-RIM CEO eyes "significant" plans for BlackBerry1 hour ago by Thomson Reuters

* To present plans to board in 2 weeks

* Says RIM "not turnaround candidate"

* Promises LTE PlayBook in Spring

* Says has plan for U.S. revival

I got this news through my brokerage account. RIM is set to launch new LTE playbook. It's definitely leapfrog over Apple :-) Celebrate Blackberry fans

I will celebrate when it has a 3.5 - 4 inch screen and you can make phone calls with it... :-)

Bridge works really well IMO.

Need to throw down some tradition BlackBerry ideas such as small screens -- go for a 4-4.5 inch super amoled display, break the conservative external case design and go a bit more new age, and deploy and fully exploit every feature the phone has to offer, as you're doing now with NFC partnerships. Too bad my 9860 is in the dark :(

RIM needs to stop being too conservative. At least one product line should be radically different AND all-touch to bring it to Apple and Android.

The large displays Androids have attract attention because they are crisp with brilliantly sharp displays! Go big!!

Even with all of the negative press and most of my friends abandoning Berry to go Android or taste that forbidden fruit, Apple, I never wavered...BlackBerry has been with me for a while now (9 years); From the birth of my first child to the start of my small business, its been BlackBerry all the way and I've always been able to get things done!

Cheers to you, Kevin, for providing a community for us users and abusers and for staying true to the brand that has this technology thing ON POINT! If you ever need someone on the CrackBerry Team in Los Angeles, CA, look a sistah up!! I'm on Twitter:@keturahishere.

Cheers to you, Mr Heins, for believing in RIM and I look forward to following your journey as CEO! I can't wait for what RIM has to offer its users this year!

2012 is gonna be a good one for all!!!!

The shareholders made a great decision when they selected Heins to lead RIM from now on. I'm sure we will see more positive changes that will make RIM an ever stronger competitor in the smartphone industry.

My God, this sounds like Obama all over again!!!!! Prove what you are saying new CEO and stop giving him accalades for stuff he has yet to do. Give those accalades once he has proven his worth as CEO and not before. Everyone had all these good things to say about Obama in the beginning too.....wellnow we have a different upinion of the GREAT man ehÉ Prove your worth with more than promises Mr Thorsten Hiens and I will praise you whole heartedly. Come on people get real, all he has done is make promises and yet no results.

C'mon, man, Obama is a superhero compared to the previous POTUS or any of the nut jobs vying for the GOP nomination. The current crop of GOP candidates want to persue the same policies that almost destroyed the US in the first place. Surely you wouldn't want RIM to do the same things that knocked it from its perch.

My God, this sounds like Obama all over again!!!!! Prove what you are saying new CEO and stop giving him accalades for stuff he has yet to do. Give those accalades once he has proven his worth as CEO and not before. Everyone had all these good things to say about Obama in the beginning too.....wellnow we have a different upinion of the GREAT man ehÉ Prove your worth with more than promises Mr Thorsten Hiens and I will praise you whole heartedly. Come on people get real, all he has done is make promises and yet no results.

"all he has done is make promises and yet no results" -_- You do realize he's only been CEO for a week right?

Seriously, some people think that you can just wave a magic wand and magically solve all of RIM's problems...it's a tough situation but this is a new guy, new face...all this negativity in my view is generated by blogs/tech news sites just to generate more hits..but he deserves a fair chance and if he doesn't deliver then bring on the mobs with pitchforks.

The fact of the matter was not the promises. They are fine and great if he makes them happen. The fact is the praise you are giving for yet making any of them come true. If he does fantastic. I will be right in there giving wholehearted praise and a bit of aplogy for doubting......til then.....I will remain reserved.

Who let you use the internet? Do you understand why people fail? It is from people like you who don't allow them to succeed. Success takes time, period.

We aren't saying everything is amazing, but here is what we are saying. Wow, I am proud the the CEO has actually taken the time to address his biggest followers on a personal level and ask for feedback.

When is the last time the CEO of: General Mills Cereal, Ford, Kraft, or any company ever game a damn about what you had to say? If you aren't a shareholder, they don't want you to share your opinion.

And now, about the Playbook. The Playbook isn't damaged, and tossing around new names will only confuse people and go back to what RIM has done wrong, has many similar products, with so many names and labels. Heck, in some countries, the carriers don't even know how to set up blackberries!

Make everything simple to setup, release things on time and in full working order (Playbook I am looking at you).

Imagine if you had to call tech support to drive your car, because it parked different than any other car? What if that house you bought didn't come with a kitchen stove until the next year? Or when it came, it was a potbelly, and you had to bridge it to your furnace(sold separately) in order to work?

That is RIMs main problem

Yeah, RIM decided to eat the Storm name because they screwed up and didn't release an all-touch device in nearly 2 years while the competition was flooding the market with all-touch devices. In ditching the Storm name, they've admitted and highlighted their screw up.

I would have bought a "Storm 3"!

Instead they released the Storm replacement with no real name, just a model number. Well, the Torch name they gave to the 9860/50 was so confusing to the customer and sellers/carriers, so they had to refer to the device number. So dumb.

As a beta tester since 1997, I do understand that people fail. I also understand I am not gonna set myself up for a failure by going oh joy and yes I have been contacted directly lots of times by both operating system, hardware and software companies.

How long have you been on the internet. I was there when it became the internet and not green cytax code )if you know what that is).

If he succeeds all for him. Many have failed before him and many will after and some will succeed and I hope he is one of those successes.

Heaven forbid that shareholders will select a CEO! That was the board who recommended him. Shareholders should vote board members in but not the CEO. It's not a popularity contest.

I for one am proud to see the new CEO reach out the way he has already!!! With all that is "on his plate" these past few days, it is refreshing to see a person of his stature take the time and speak to "us"!!!
I don't recall the late Steve Jobs personally doing the same through TiBP forums (if he had....I apologize).
Let's stand behind this company and show our support!!!!!

Can we seriously praise someone for asking your input and yet not doing anything with those opinions. Can we praise someone for saying he is going to do this and that and yet hasn`t done any of this and that. I could say I am gonna reinvent the internet, until I give some viable sign of doing so, I wouldn`t go yeah he is going to reinvent the internet cause he says he is. Give me proof and I hope you can and do. By the way I love my BB Playbook 64 Gb. Give me a tidbit and I will stand up and listen.

Let's rock and ROLL out OS2 Early....like January early! I know I know but who says its not ok to dream.

The greatest piece of advice anyone could give RIM is this: Become developer friendly. A lot more developer friendly. Currently, you're not worth the trouble, RIM, which is why you don't have Words with Friends, your Rhapsody app sucks in comparison to iOS and Android, and you're the only major mobile platform that has to develop their own in-house Twitter app. Apps sell smartphones and RIM has shitty ones in comparison to the competition.

I'm curious about the new PIM setup on OS 2.0.. does it work through BIS+google like the PIM on my 9900? Or do I need an Exchange account and use ActiveSync? Right now I maintain my calendar and contacts and email on google, and use BIS to access all of this on my phone. I also have a work email (IMAP) setup with BIS. Will I be able to do the same thing on the PB 2.0? How does the mechanics of all this work?

Most interested in this... thinking about buying a PB before the end of the month, while the price drop is still in effect.

Arg, and when is BIS going to support multiple google calendars? and google task sync? It pains me that these are still not available. How will these work/not work on the PB 2.0?

Task sync is killer! RIM should not rely on Google for cloud services. I don't use RIM's native sync because it only syncs the default calendar. So annoying!

Advice: buy a PlayBook! PlayBook OS 2.0 rocks!!! Biggest surprise at CES according to Gizmodo, and the PlayBook in-car infotainment was voted Best at CES!

Sadly, in today's world you have to have the top apps in order to attract people. I've always told people that I love my BlackBerry because it cannot be beat as a communications device. Not to mention the options that it offers me, where other platforms don't give options, they dictate the usage. However, many respond with, "I don't really care as much for communication, as much as I care for being entertained". Not to mention the; "well, if it's such a great communications tool or device, why is it missing Skype"? Unfortunately, that's where I can't really defend BlackBerry. I personally don't like to video chat with anyone unless it is my wife and kids, so I've never been big on Skype, but SO many others are, and they're not compromising. Businesses rely on it heavily also. I know I have to use it at work every so often, but I use a computer for those occasions.

I love my BlackBerry and many of us do, but if what RIM wants to do is get people to come back/switch to BlackBerry, they have to get the apps, features and specifications that people shop for these days.

I think Apple has proven that the phone doesn't need to be cheap in order to sell, so if it costs to have something high end, so be it. Just MAKE sure that it packs what it should to compete.

PS- I think the people at RIM are doing a good job. But now I want to see them do an AMAZING job. Knock it out of the park, 'leapfrog' the competition and let's definitely "Rock and Roll This"!

Dont be crazy. They really dont care about our opinion, its just a nice PR for them. Get back to the earth.

Hi Kevin, this most certainly is a step in the right direction, the crackberry nation represents a very powerful platform for RIM to always know what the consumers truly need, listen and implement.

However, i believe that RIM is not paying enough attention to the emerging markets. There has been a lot of moves by RIM recently to do just that, but it just has not been enough. In markets such as Nigeria where i live, i believe RIM knows that they have the upper hand due to the lack of high speed data infrastructure that other platforms like ios and android can work on suitably.

But just like things changed in North America against RIM, things can also change very quickly in these very important emerging markets. What i would love to see would be more very low end blackberry phones made specifically for these emerging markets, where BBM has become a very important means of communication especially for the poor.

Nokia got in on the game a while back with some very low end phones i'm sure they sold enough to affect the bottom line positively worldwide, but the boom of the smartphone has taken over events with regards to Nokia it seems these days.

The whole world is a playing field, ios and android have the upper hand in North America, but the story is quite different in other parts of the world, and these emerging markets, while they might not give much per unit, the huge numbers will more than make up for it.

I know all i'm saying is not news to RIM and most people, but RIM needs to decide whether they want to compete with ios and android, or do business to increase the bottom line and make shareholders happy. Shareholders don't care about who's number one, they care about their money.

Hey Kevin,

As a CrackBerry User and Abuser since Day 1, I want to say how much I appreciate all the hard work that you and the CrackBerry team on this website are doing. And I feel very hopeful and confident that RIM will be back in the game, especially with this new CEO at the helm. If quality and reliability are built into our future BlackBerrys, everything else should and will fall into place.


I for one am also excited to see what RIM has going onward. I pledge my support to Kevin and RIM. I personaly am tired of the retoric from the haters. Let's show them what BlackBerry,RIM and CrackBerry can achieve. BE BOLD! And let's show what can be achieved.

There is a BlackBerry Feedback Tool in App World. It is a direct communication source for submitting feedback without having to go thru a lot of channels. You can provide feedback about the Browser, or General Information.

I've submitted feedback and troubleshooting issues several times. 3 times I've gotten replies even though they don't guarantee a response. I've provided Event Logs that have documented several of the problems I've encountered.

So, when I encounter a problem, I click Menu>Submit Feedback, and type it up.


if you want feed back then i hope youre listening up. how about a program that gives early adopters of the playbook a significant discount toward the purchase of the second generation playbook when it is released. i think its only fair considering how big of a price cut it received shortly after the original came out. if i remember correctly apple has done something similar with their iphone and ipad products. i think its only fair to the early adopters that their loyalty to the brand and product line should not go unnoticed or unrewarded. while im sure that we all love our blackberry devices, apps and other products, its to be said that it takes a lot to continue purchase, use and support a product that for some, can have them ridiculed and feel like they need to leave the blackberry ecosystem. it was said that the morale of the company and its workers needs to be addressed and get better. well the same can be said about the morale of the customers that purchase the products that the company produces. i thinking i can speak for us all that purchased a playbook on launch day or within the first couple of months prior to the deep price cuts that it still stings having paid a steep full price and not having been acknowledged for our loyalty and unwavering support. a little bit of recognition can go a long way.

I have been watching the ups and downs of rim as of late with great interest. When the first blackberrys came out, they really caught my eye. Sadly I was too young to buy one at the time. Bought my first blackberry in 2009, the curve 8520. Currently I hold the iconic bold 9900, which has the best of both world (keyboard and touchscreen) and I just love it. While I do agree that the battery life is short, there are some apps that can make it even shorter. In my experience almost any mobile security app such as mcaffe or lookout will do this. I admire the new CEO for reaching out to the Crackberry nation and I wish him the very best in turning around RIM to make them number one again!!!!

This probably won't get read as it's at the end of the line......but 'give us feedback'......is he f'in kidding. We and the rest of the world have been giving them feedback for years now, most all ignored except what suited the high mucky mucks needs. Now that RIM is the the crapper he wants feedback.??????? Here is feedback........deliver what you promise sometime in the same decade you promise it, and stop delivering dozens of duplicate products to the market. How many BB models are there now??????????? One iPhone pretty much, and maybe the need for three different BB's, 5 tops. More of the same old s__t. Cannot wait until my contract expires so I can get an Android.....like it or not, at least there is some forward thinking there......oh yeah, we have BB messenger.....now if only someone else I know had a BB!!!!!

Thorsten, please let me save bridged e-mail attachments to the Playbook's memory and please let me choose which browser to launch when clicking on bridged e-mail internet links.......it's so annoying the way it works now..........Thankyou in advance.......let's Rock this thing!

Well it's definitely refreshing to see a CEO reach out to its core fans, users, and community. I think he's already taking good steps towards turning things around.

I won't say there's any advice that could be "do this" or "don't do that".
I don't have the cards, even the rules.

But, writing this, I have some basic thoughts :
- Loyalty is 10th the cost of conquest.
- A brand needs its own identity and being proud of its DNA
- What is efficient is clear and must be told in less than 15 words ("Explain to me as if I was 10yo")
- Being #1 is not a goal, it's a consequence.

From what I've read, I believe these thoughts are roughly those of RIM's new blood. I support this: keep it this way, never rush nor bind.

Love this series, Kevin. Thanks so much for getting it out here, and of course many thanks to Mr. Heins as well for reaching out to us. This is the message that needs to get out beyond CrackBerry ... although CrackBerry is certainly a great start, and far more attention than we seem to have gotten in the past. In particular, the points touched upon in part IV need to be broadcast loud and clear. Way too many clueless writers, bloggers and so-called analysts are running with the 'no changes are needed' message, completely oblivious to the fact that change is, in fact, already underway, and has been for 18 months.

I'm very excited for RIM again, and I'm optimistic that Mr. Heins is the kick in the behind this organization needed. Best of luck to you, sir!

Hey Kevin I got an idea that would probably help the BB10 and BB7 phones with battery life and even more speed. Instead of using the snapdragon chip that the android phones uses, why don't RIM invest time in the intel chip that was presented at CES. It already shows it can fit RIM battery life guidelines and it has proved to process faster and more efficient than the iphone and galaxy nexus plus it is single core, so by the time they make the dual core it can be dropped into the superphones of BB10

How about instead of pushing existing customers up to BB7 devices you first fix all the problems will BB7 devices????

Doesn't that make more sense?

There is nothing wrong with the BB7 phones. In fact they are wonderful, far better than most anything on the market, if you ever bother to use one. I have a 9850 since they were initially available, and it is terrific. I use it for all sorts of business and entertainment tasks. 7.1 brought mobile hotspot, so a quantum leap in capability. Perfect partner for my PlayBook over Bridge.
BB7 phone + PlayBook with 2.0 will be an awesome system, if only RIM could get 1/10th the attention from the media and sales outlets.
Blackberry is for Doers, not just for viewers.

My two cents:
Apple fans will continue being iphone customers but there are other customers that don't want a 3.5 inch iphone. The question as to whether it will be android, WM7, webOS or QNX remains to be seen in the next years to come. The real question to ask is why didn't webOS become widely used when it was clearly superior to android. I believe they didn't make a thin 4.3 inch all screen phone. As an owner of a HTC HD2, it's going to be interesting to put an xda webOS rom on my phone and see how it works. So far HD2 can pretty much run anything, win6.5, WM7, meego, android CM7, and yes even CM9 ICS.

Coming soon you'll be able to purchase ZTE or Huawei with webOS on it and probably with a open boot loader. So then you'll be able to choose what phone operating system you'd like to dual boot or use. The point I'm getting to is that manufacturing hardware is getting more competitive and op sys software is becoming user interchangeable.

The statement that RIM is open to licensing it to others is interesting, but I suggest RIM figures out how to sell rom builds to individuals. I'd love to spend $10-$20 on a QNX rom build for my HD2. That's basically how you get QNX on phones if you don't make a 4.3 inch phone, make roms that people can put on their older android phones. HTC EVO, Samsung galaxy, etc. Now you are putting QNX out there for experimenters and then it becomes main stream. Now you are getting market share and interweb cool chatter without even manufacturing a proper 4.3 in phone. [ok, fine, someone will ask about the UI and active bezel, the answer is write code to dual mode the software so it works on non active bezel systems]. Get a basic "ecosystem" music, movies and books (in house or Amazon arrangement?) and now you are interesting.

Samsung put android on their phones and made money. I assume RIM knows how to make phones and if making a 4.3 inch screen phone is too difficult... sub contract it out. Create a sub-division called strawberry or droidberry and start peddling dual boot phones with ICS and QNX on it. BB keyboard phone products are fine, but RIM isn't even in the game with big screen phones. If QNX adoption rate falls flat, hey, at least you are selling android phones while continually upgrading QNX software.

Whatever RIM does, they do have to change the tone of the tech web sites and investor chatter as it is becoming self-fulfilling prophecy.

p.s. I'd like to download recent release Blu-ray movies to my playbook from a movie market (not streaming). It's crazy that the playbook is powerful, kicking out 1080p to a 50 inch 1080p tv and I can't download HD movies for it. It's a great little HTPC but no content.
p.s.s . put a toggle scroll bar on the browser. Browsing with it hook up to a 50 inch tv with a bluetooth keyboard like Logitech Dinovo Edge. Can't scroll nicely.
p.s.s.s. make a proper charging pod with a HDMI plug in back so it can sit there hooked up to power and HDMI as a HTPC.
p.s.s.s.s. make a commercial showing a cute lady walking into to her place. She has got a nice big screen tv and amplifier and nice speakers and a playbook. She swipes the screen on her playbook and presses some music. Boyfriend comes home and asks "what movie are we going to watch tonight?". Show her turn on the tv and use a keyboard to pick a brand new 1080p release movie and purchase it for download. She says "Let's start making supper and it should be downloaded by the time we are ready". Break and back, they are sitting down, and she presses play with dinner all made and the movie starts playing and he says "Wow, this is beautiful and so are you". Fade out and screen and voice over, "Rim Playbook, "what are you playing with tonight?".

Nice ideas, if you're a hacker. I code a lot too, so I say that with respect. BlackBerrys must be like an appliance, solid, reliable, and secure. You won't get any of these if the OS will run on any hardware or allow other OSs to run on the same hardware. Not a chance.

not a hacker by any means. creating custom roms for customized dual boots " strawberries " oses are a great idea for the individial users but how does that all tie into the bes bis infrastructure. how will rim servers able to cope with the security issues, which is the main strength of rim. andriod is the most customized moble os to date but has the weakest in security. Apple and microsoft sees this, which is why they r resistent to customizing their os. Giving individual users chioces foe their phones is agreat idea, but if so many users doing the, wont we have a major problem with some form for fragmention like we r xperiencing now with andriod.

imho, i dont belive rim should follow down this path if rim treasues is security. i dont belive rim should compromise the intergrity of security for the sake of user convenience and market shares.


No matter what RIM do with playbook (new os2.0, 3G or integrated email), Playbook will never be successfull . Its not because playbook is bad tablet. I think it is one of the great tablet (great hardware and very good OS). Reason behind that Playbook brand is damaged. No body wants to get Playbook. After RIM upgrade OS, Playbook will get good review for sure. but It won't help them to sell millions of tablet like Apple IPAD.

Here is my suggestion

Launch new tablet with
- new 10 inch tablet
- completely new design with black and white color
- Give new name to OS (BB10)
- Give new brand name ( Surfbook, BoldBook etc..)
- Market heavily new tablet in USA

Nothing personal, but I disagree 100% with everything you said except two things:

- new sexy name to replace BlackBerry 10;
- market heavily!!!! Absolutely!

These both go hand in hand.

A 10-inch tablet is really unnecessary right now as it will have to be priced too close to the iPad because of increased manufacturing costs. The PlayBook must sell at a lower price tag to compete.

Btw, I have two PlayBooks and I'll be buying #3 soon. Not sure yet if I should wait for the LTE/HSPA+ version.

+1. Apple fanboys will never use the PlayBook but they are a small minority. Most people will look at ads for performance, features, and tasks they may want to do. Apple has spent boatloads on direct ads and indirect media coverage so that is what many people know. With 2.0 and strong advertising, and aggressive pricing, PlayBook will be successful. Tablet market is young and evolving. Stay tuned.

Oh and if RIM did swictch to the intel chip they could drop BB10 in second quarter maybe third with dual core chipset.

My feedback is that I take back previous feedback I gave about a year ago. I think I sent it to a support email, but I said something like "who cares about battery life, stop putting out low-spec junk and get with the program!!!"

Well, now I got a Torch 9810 and the battery only lasts from when I leave work on a full charge at 5pm til about 11am the next day. And this includes about 8 hours when I'm sleeping (read: not using it). Although 18 hours of battery life is bounds and leaps ahead of most high-end Androids, it is unacceptable to me, coming from a 9780 that lasted 2-3 days.

I got stuck with a dead phone and no way to contact the people I was supposed to be meeting up with on my first day with it, because I saw I had about 20% left and thought to myself "oh, no problem, I'm still good for a few more hours." I used to be able to brag about my phone's battery life to iPhone/Android users but that's a thing of the past now.

Mr.Thorsten, if you are reading these comments. I only have one advise; forget the numbers. You are Blackberry, or maybe the slogan should be " WE ARE BLACKBERRY ". We are still a legion of users around the globe. Let andriod and ios run their mouth. Apple once said about microsoft. Microsoft has become a giant bloated corporate entity where every move is a target, whereas Apple is small and nimble. Being small enables one to move with better percision and relative unpredictialiblity. PLEASE keep your goals and agendas secret. It worked for Apple, why wouldnt it work for Rim.

Steve Jobs was Apple, not the other way around. I have always admired him, as well as, Bill Gates since their early days. You are not like them but you dont have to be. You can create your own mark and elevate Rim to where its supposed to be. Rim does not have to beat the others just create your own mark. And as much as i painfully have to say this, forget the US market foe now. It should NOT be the primary focus for Rim. To start your regrowth, main focus should be international. US market, at this moment in time are extremely baised towards Rim, saturated with andriod and ios. Thd media alone is putting Rim in a gauntlet for target practise, sponsored by rivals.

Rim's image is torn to pieces and you need to do more then repair it. Recreate your powerbase here in Canada and reach to strong supporters around the globe. Your products were behind the times but with bbos7 and qnx, its your second win. Ok, so i have more then one advise.


Agreed, and so investors think RIM needs to refocus drastically? The US only has 350 million people. There are billions in other parts of the world without BlackBerrys, who actually want BlackBerrys. See lineups and unfortunate stampede in Indonesia!

also rim was smart to build factories in different parts of the world, so as to cut down on import taxes. make berries affodable to local markets. thats why ppl in that part of the world loves their berries. its alot cbeaper then iphone. only the xtremely rich able to afford iphones. 99 cents mayb cheap to us but in thses developing countries thats a meal. i think that should be one of rim straegy, focus on that market for global awareness and create unique innovations from those user and focus groups. its a global market but also a niche market thaglt rim can capatialize on.


Marketing suggestion: Add top 10 online tech blogs/news sites to payroll for positive feedback - it will stop the trolls from continuing with their "sky is falling!! the sky is falling" claims. Then keep another part of that budget for CLEVER and/or FUNNY ADS that showcases BB Advantages and ridicules iSheeps and those other martian geeks.

When u bring us OS10, u better keep the features and advantages that have kept me with BB, or you will lose me to another brand. Playbook is awesome, but i kinda get a feeling this OS will not keep apps running in background when *closed* (e.g. whatsapp, msn messenger) like the current OS does... this was a huge disappointment on iPhone which led me back to BB!! These apps are not reliable on other platforms because the need a "push" feature to alert you and not realtime like i need and love on my BB!!

Bold 9900 & PlayBook 64GB Wifi

Thorsten, there is noting you dont already know, but I have already purchased an iPhone but have not yet activated it. Just waiting for my corp email to support it, and why you might ask?

I have the might torch 9810, and when I want anything done it freaking freezes on me. Its absolutely the most annoying thing every. That damn clock. It take over 45 secs to load google maps? seriously? wtf....

95% of the apps in the app world are boring. They look like sh*t and their icons look even worst on the bb.

and oh ya, the random reboots. just when i need my damn phone, oh no, wait, its rebooting again... it sucks... absolutely sucks

i am very very disappointed in that you said that bb does not need an over haul.... i couldnt disagree with you more. You need to take this puppy and turn it around 180 degrees but its not working


Make a solid device (hardware and OS). Don't rush things that are not ready for market. I'd rather buy something that's 100% then be an early adopter having to work out the bugs. When devices hit the market they should be more then ready to rock, with few issues.

As a general rule most past models each had their own "quirk" as far as a shortcoming that users just had to put up with.

As far as models?

- Flagship/Bold (qwerty/touchscreen, all the bells and whistles)
- Curve (entry/midrange qwerty, lower specs and pricepoint, but still solid and reliable. Make this a HUGE "bang for the buck" because its likely the bread-and-butter model for RIM)
- Touchscreen slab (internal specs equal to Bold, just full touch instead of qwerty)
I think these would cover the bases.

While there is likely a market for a entry full touch (Curve Touch) model, a slider (Torch), or maybe another variation (Pearl/pearl flip/style) I think (opinion only no facts to base this on) that you will have better product by not trying to have a form factor, specs, color, shape, size and weight for each niche market you stumble accross.

Just sell last year's models in emerging markets. They won't be so far behind in the near future! Don't build new devices that have to be supported and require apps and testing! You're killing yourself and your developers!

I suggest that you join Crackberry like any other Blackberry user and follow up every day.
You will find a treasure trove of what makes people happy and unhappy when it comes to RIM and Blackberry.

Would you quit making so many different types of BlackBerry devices? For what it's worth I believe you're spreading Blackberry too thin. Concentrate on the 3 top selling ones and make them the best.

My comment to the CEO: thanks for touching base with Crackberry, but don't waste any more time on this forum. You have more important things to do internally, reading feedback from forums is the last thing you should be doing. Get your house in order. Fire incompetent managers, right now. Make sure BB10 phones comes out ahead of schedule, 4th quarter is way too late: if that means putting off the PB updates so everyone can work hard and release the phones early,nthen do so, obviously the world doens't care too much about the PB, so make it a lower priority.

Pineapple, BlackBerry 10 is based on QNX so whatever RIM is doing on the PlayBook will also work on BlackBerry 10. That's all part of the bigger puzzle! This is why the PlayBook is essential to RIM's future. Investment analysts are so clueless sometimes :)

Also, Heins is right to ask for feedback. Always best to listen first before setting a new direction!

Hopefully, BBX is quad-core and you have the Nuance-Sirius app. The Bold 9930 is the perfect platform with a full qwerty and touch screen experience.

Enough with the "get to know me" interviews and get to working on all those promises, and no more RIM jobs for your loyal Blackberry followers. (Blackberyy 8320, 9000, 9800, Playbook 32gb) RELEASE 2.0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want to see the more commercials and marketing also no boundaries to the technology that blackberry can have.

on of the best articles ive read on crackberry was the article entitled FOCUS and the new ceo should take a look at that article i cant recall if kevin wrote it but it was a very good article and RIM could learn a few things one of the sentences that stood out was the comparison of the iphone and the fact that blackberry has released 32 phones from 2008-2011 thats crazy man do we really need that much phones

Something I forgot to mention that others have alluded to: build the best phones. There is no need to have a "flagship" phone so that it stands above the 9860/50 or 9810. Each should have had the same device RAM and NFC.

The all-touch device should have been kick @ss to compete with similar devices from Apple and Android. Instead, it was short-changed to give the 9900 the limelight. Rubbish! Now, it looks pretty lame and isn't even been marketed much by the carriers.

Sorry, but it makes me feel 2nd class just because I wanted an all-touch experience!

Also, when every darn competitor pushed out a front facing cam, RIM chose not to in BlackBerry 7. Why? Apple has it and so does Android, but RIM is holding back for BlackBerry 10??? That's just plain dumb!

Love many of the new apps like Traffic and Travel and even BBM Music. I don't paeticularly like the format of BBM music, but the app itself is very well designed! Kudos to the developers!

Love the browser on BlackBerry 7 too! Smokin'!!!!!!

Canucks are usefully reticent about taking on debt. however, there are times when debt can be the best weapon in the arsenal.
RIMM should do what EBay did last year-- borrow $2 billion at 2%--they could buy back 1/5th of the shares and put the onus on the anal shorts.
borrowing cheap money works great if there is a credible application. the top 10 institutional holders own 50-60%. jim and mike own like 12%.
the food is always better with fewer cooks in the kitchen.

As stated by others do something to correct the error in selling us early PB owners a full price product and then making us wait almost a year to receive what was believed to happen in the first few months. Why should customers want to continue to support RIM. I have the Torch 9800 and then you announce the BB 7 phones would not be able to upgrade to BB10. So now the rumor mill indicates late in the year for a new phone. People are abandoning the BB wagon because everyone wants the latest gadget and for RIM it does not look promising for anything new coming in the near future. I am happy with the PB and have no desire to have a PB2 but would like to upgrade my phone when my contract allows in a couple months. But because I bought the PB at full price I am not sure I desire to buy anymore RIM products until it becomes clear that the item is working properly and that it only has a one year life before being replaced by another model.

please please please come up with an OS 6 update that will let the users get rid of some of the main screen sections such as "favourites," "frequent," or "downloads!" the OS 7 interface is so much more convenient!

First I want to say This is my first post, and love this site keep it up!. Now back to the feedback.

Long post, good post man. I keep mines short. Biggest concern that I am realizing now is the good Apps. Its on Android, Its on Apple, But THERE IS NO BLACKBERRY version Why does blackberry takes the back seat on this one??? And if there is a blackberry version. there is no updates in Months.

Another problem. What is up with the memory for apps being too small. Why Can't you install apps on a microsd card or make the memory bigger?? No wonder there is no killer apps on this platform. This has got to change.!

From my first blackberry, the great 8330, I've had numerous blackberries and I must sadly report it could have been a smoother ride.

Got to the first Storm, it was virtually impossible to type on that thing. Went to Tour 9530 with the now famous trackball issues to a second Tour that had to be repaired for squeaking issues. Then I upgraded to a Bold 9780 with a hardly working GPS and finally to a bold 9900 with no auto focus, a very poor battery life and a squeaky trackpad!

I think the new CEO has his job cut out!

Time for RIM to send some love my way... Anyone at RIM wants to send me a Bold 9790?


To the folks who complain about the BB7 devices: STFU.

I'm rockin' my BB Torch 9800 STILL.

You're complaining about a 1.2 GHZ processor and a lack of a front facing camera?

I don't care.

I'm going to save up money to get the 9930. Yep yep. I don't mind the lack of auto-focus right now.

It looks sexy.

I want it.
And I will have it.

To hell with BB 10, that can wait.
I have my eyes set on the freakin' Bold 9930.

I love my blackberry! i have been using them since '07 and am addicted. I even once switched over to android, and ended up coming back to blackberry within days. since we are leaving suggestions, my dream blackberry phone would be a bold 9930-like phone, with a front facing camera for video calling (image video chatting on bbm! or skype!) sigh... and of course LTE. Another thing i would like to see is compatibility with android apps, true compatibility. also, i do like the idea of widgets like android has, if bb could have something like that.. but im sure now im just dreaming. Other than that, what would be the ULTIMATE smartphone ever.

I bought a Bold 9700 so that I could support Enterprise users. Thankfully, more "Enterprises" are moving away from BB. Recently, an IT Employee was awarded an "Innovation" award for developing a CAC (Common Access Card) application for iPhone. Let me just say this to you BB myopians who insist that superior messaging makes BB's worth it. I pay full price in plan and hardware costs for a device that does e-mail well - and that's it? My less technical friends are doing more with their iPhones then this crummy "Flagship" Bold could ever do. Apps suck, device sucks, BROWSER sucks so bad that...I am at a loss for words.

I have enjoyed watching RIM go from cock of the walk in 2006, to reaching out to "Kevin" for ideas in 2012. I'll be watching on my iPhone, on a browser that works, and getting real value for the cost of my data plan.

All the best to the new Ceo n congrats tocb team. i hope that krindle and many good apps that are available to ipad and android are made available to us very very soon.

I've owned BB's since the old clamshell model. I currently have an Storm 2 that was the Red Headed Step Child of the company, and left out in the cold.

Please get the new "10" series out, because I'm not buying a series "7", knowing that they well be replaced in the near future. Don't want to be left out in the cold a second time.

I am cool and fine if only Thorsten really knows where he is going to take RIM.
Here's my feedback for the newly appointed CEO.
I have been using Torch 9800 for 13 months now.
The phone, speed wise, works "ok" to slow, even with the latest software available. A lot of freezing, - as I'm using just anything but very basic apps (scrolling through Facebook friends' list, NATIVE GTalk, Google maps that always freeze for good 30 seconds as I start the app, leave alone the third-party IM+ which in moments makes Torch barely usable).
Apps inventory is subpar. It's not a secret that just a fraction of market's "killer" apps are available to BlackBerry users, and even those cost more and even with that are often functionally castrated – as compared to the iOS or Android versions.
No UMA. No Flash support (why, actually?!) Battery life got worse as compared to 9000 and 9700 models.
Oh and that little black clock that kills many of BlackBerry's very own advantages, starting with the voice calling quality. If it's frozen, no one is going to call through, even with the world's best speaker and antennae.
Software developers are obviously not interested in creating apps for BBOS platform. Will QNX / BB10 draw them to RIM's products? I am skeptical about that. But, as they say, hope dies last.
Good luck to RIM anyways.

CRAP! I should have said this way earlier, now nobody will see it lol.

RIM, allow us to get rid of the camera shutter sound. Are you out of your mind? Not only not giving us the option, I found out after buying the Torch that now the QuickLaunch function to do it has been disabled, either for the Torch or OS7. What on earth is wrong with you people? I can't believe this is still an issue in the year 2013. Get. With. It.

thorsten! please don't take the buttons away in the new phones. buttons are a huge reason why i love bb!!

this includes the call, menu, back, hang up buttons!

Great feel on the Bold. It fits in my hand so well. Perfect size. Keyboard is awesome.

Camera. Just O.K. won't cut it. It does not need to be some unusable 12MP gimmick but I say bring back AF and take it up a notch.

BTW, I love BlackBerry and thanks for asking us what we think.

All I need for as native apps for playbook is:
Todo List

All synching with my smart phone or outlook.