RIM's JanuBerry contest kicks off January 16th on Twitter - Win tons of cool prizes!

By Michelle Haag on 14 Jan 2012 03:15 pm EST
Research In Motion is sponsoring another contest this month on Twitter, with lots of great prizes available to be won. From January 16th - 27th, questions will be posted to the @BlackBerry twitter account. To enter to win the prizes, answer the question, and be sure to include the hashtag #JanuBerry in the message. You can enter once per question, and every 10th correct answer wins a prize. You can win all sorts of things from a BlackBerry Bold 9900 or Torch 9850, a BlackBerry PlayBook, BlackBerry cases, BBMing gloves, BlackBerry beanies, and BBM stickers. You should probably follow the @BlackBerry twitter account if you want to play, as winners will be notified via direct message. Full details and rules/regulations can be found at the link below.

More information on the #JanuBerry contest sponsored by RIM
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Reader comments

RIM's JanuBerry contest kicks off January 16th on Twitter - Win tons of cool prizes!


Yah... I want those BBMing gloves, cause I don't want to cut the fingers off of my full fingerd cycling gloves to use my BB on the bike. :-))

Looking forward to this, starting off the new year with a free prize from BlackBerry, will be AWESOME!!!!!!

They give the finger to the rest of the world, as usual. We buy blackberries, we pay for the service, and we deserve it.. Thanks RIM.

Has anybody gone to tbe effort to find out from RIM why before assuming some kind of conspiracy. It may be that there are legal reasons that are too costly or insurmountable to make it worth it.

Well most likely that in America they are loosing marketshare like no tomorrow and the rest of the world they are doing fine .
Therefore we who support RIM don't get any goodies :(
Guess it makes sense for them but it is so unfair :(

Wow! A lot of missinformed people...

Clearly this is for legal purposes. RIM doesn't "hate" the rest of the world... No one here has any idea how these sort of things work and the amount of legal mombojumbo that goes into it. Just to give you an idea: why do you think the contest isn't opened to residents of Quebec? Well for a few reasons to start... a good portion of them having to do with the INSANE language laws in the province.

Quite likley, but you dont see ANY promotions, competitions or anything else of there ilk outside the US North America.

True, but I guess the official BlackBerry store doesn't count. Or the BBM Music launch party in London...

These things, when done internationally, probably cost 5x more than their initial profit return.

Why do I bother to read these RIM competitions when i know its always North America only EVERY )~%$@ing TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like the VAST majority of BB users are sick to the back teeth of this discrimination and bias from RIM.

Aside from RIM snubbing their noses at the rest of the world as the USA has done pretty much from its birth, what about contests for those that don't believe in Twitter and Facebook?

Exactly! While there may well be legal reasons for the NA restriction, there's no excuse for the Twitter requirement. The result is that us non-Twits feel discriminated against and unloved.

Ever heard of no participation necessary? Twitter is a social network that easily allows people the share information. There is no better venue for a contest which seeks to promote the brand.

If Cottonelle tissue paper was having a sale, would you complain that it isn't fair because you wipe your arse with Charmin or some other brand?

Take it or leave it...

(not trying to be a dick but all these complaints are starting to piss me off...)

starts day before my birthday........gonna have to be on the loook out for questions to answer.......RIM would be nice if other Crackberry users around the globe could enjoy the contest

Wow, bunch of whiners on here. Participation is not mandatory. Yes, it would be nice if it were available to the world and without Twitter, but give me a break. It's a contest, not a census. Heck, normally this would be USA only if it weren't a Canadian company.

When a competition is marketed on Crackberry then it needs to be stated up front on the main page of the article which countries the competition is open to.

I live in Australia and shouldn't have to go hunting through all the dross of the rules and regs to discover that I am ineligible to vote.

Oh - yes and we have Twitter here too ..... most countries in the world have access to it ..... but just cause you've got Twitter means naught when you don't live in a country open to the competition!!!!!!!!!

"If the eligible entrant resides in Canada, he/she will be required to answer a time-limited, mathematical skill-testing question without assistance of any kind, whether mechanical or otherwise, which will be administered by Sponsor at a pre-arranged mutually convenient time, before being declared a Winner."