RIM's BlackPad to have dedicated OS build, created by QNX?

By Michael Hepples on 19 Aug 2010 11:30 am EDT

Rumors are swirling today from "inside sources" that RIM's acquisition of QNX back in April will result in a brand new OS for the BlackPad, rather than a revised version of OS 6. There really isn't much more information right now. We've been under the impression for quite some time that this was the case. Given what the QNX business model is (ie: building embedded OS') it sounds rather logical to put the two together and come up with the idea RIM took them on to build a new OS. Today's news makes for some interesting additions to the speculation already floating around about RIM's plans. If this really is the case, how much of a departure will this be from the OS form and functionality we are used to? I for one am very interested to see where this goes, and if there is any more to come from this.

Source: Engadget

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RIM's BlackPad to have dedicated OS build, created by QNX?


this could turn out to be really interesting - lets just hope they dont underestimate the value of putting some powerful hardware on the tablet!

this could go either way it could be really bad or it could be really good hopefully meets somewhere in the middle of totally know but yet familiar to us addicts...

Afaik, QNX supports Java, which is the base for the BB OS. It should be backwards comptaible with some apps, if RIM does it right.

The Blackpad should (a la iPad) support apps written for smaller screens, and vice-versa (if this QNX extends to smartphones). I am really looking forward for this device (and hopefully it will support BBM or allow to plug your BB and use the pad as an expansion or an extension of the same service (it is free to dream, right?)

I posted an article on my tumblr blog contemplating whether or not it would be a QNX OS build or it would be an Android build. Most likely QNX. I HIGHLY doubt that RIM would slap a bigger OS6 onto a tablet.

Brand new device type for RIM, with a brand new OS, I can see the logic there. They may be putting their QNX purchase towards building the brand new BlackBerry OS every one seem to wish OS6 was.

Putting a new OS on the BlackPad would allow RIM to get real customer feed back on the OS, and if it fails they don't have to scrap a newly designed phone...

This is complete speculation based on nothing but extrapolating information from various other rumors, but is it probable that QNX will be handling a second, separate, OS for RIM"s "non-keyboard" devices (i.e. Blackpad & Storm Series)? Maybe it is just wishful thinking on my part, however I think it would be a wise decision on RIM's part if they were headed in that direction.

I have loved both of my Storms, but a better more fluid totally redesigned UI is what is needed!

OS 6.1, anyone? OS 6 for 'legacy' (aka 9700-based devices) and 6.1 for Storm 3/BlackPad based devices. Makes sense to me as RIM has been overdue for a major hardware refresh for quite some time now.

Blackberry OS migrated to more or less the same UI with a foundation of QNX would be amazing. Then blackberry would just need to resolve hardware.

I don't know if many of you have used QNX is... but there is no comparison for its level of responsiveness, even under very heavy load. It's stability is also the best you'll find outside of very specialized aerospace systems.

Let's hope RIM actually makes use of this resource.

I want to be able to bluetooth my 9700 to it to act as keyboard, use the usb cable or have some sort of slide out keyboard... It's one thing that is often commented on is how hard it is to type for any length of time on the iPad without sitting in very odd places.

I already see African American lawsuits against RIM for naming this device the Blackpad and offending them. Why not call it the RimPad or the BerryPad. Someone needs to get fired here!

I already see African American lawsuits against RIM for naming this device the Blackpad and offending them. Why not call it the RimPad or the BerryPad. Someone needs to get fired here!

If anyone expects this to be anything that will compete with any other tablet, you are sadly mistaken. RIM has not yet decided to address the consumer base in which it has and therefore is out of touch with what consumers want. I do not expect it to sell, at least not in the US. RIM join the rest of the world by uping processor speed, using better screens, please we really need you to step it up!

I can see now this won't be something I purchase but that doesn't mean others won't eat this up like hot cakes. Businesses are all about taking risks and I have to take my hat off to RIM for trying new things...

...not yet another mobile OS - likely incompatible with everything else out there...

No point in BlackPad unless a) we're not re-designing the wheel and all the accompanying software and available product out there, and b) the device actually has features that...ahem... *current popular* pads do not - such as SD / microSD support, USB support, the ability to connect to peripherals, etc - to essentially be a standalone and not a companion device. Otherwise, it the Palm Folio (or worse) all over again.