The RIMPIRE is Striking Back! Can you feel it? Stock Price up, Sentiment Less Negative...

By Kevin Michaluk on 30 Aug 2011 01:08 pm EDT
RIMPIRE Striking Back!

Is it just me, or does it finally feel like the RIMPIRE is Striking Back? After months and months of negative sentiment in the media and a stock price that's been continually deflating, my BlackBerry senses have been tingling and my smartphone intuition has been giving me this feeling that things are finally starting to come around.

There are a lot of factors at play here, not all of which are in RIM's control. Of course, we're FINALLY seeing BlackBerry 7 Smartphones hit the market, and we've been seeing a lot of positive reviews out there for them. Obviously, these are the Best BlackBerry devices EVER (upgrade now!). We've also watched Google announce its intent to buy Motorola, HP kill off webOS devices, and Steve Jobs resign as CEO of Apple. Add it all up, and it's crazy times in the smartphone space. I'm not sure anybody knows exactly how things are all going to play out, but today we're seeing RIM's stock price above $30 - the last time it traded above $30 was June 17th. 

For the longest time I wanted to avoid scrolling through my RSS reader - aside from BlackBerry fan sites mainly staying positive, it was pretty rare to come across any BlackBerry-related stories that weren't touting doom and gloom for RIM. But these last few weeks have felt different. The new BlackBerry 7 Smartphones appear to be selling like hot cakes (were hearing lots of stories of the Bold 9900/9930 selling out in stores) and with more rumors popping up of the QNX-powered BlackBerry Colt, there's more belief out there that RIM is going to be able to get through their technology transition and keep on fighting in the smartphone wars for years to come.

Overall, I'm feeling pretty good today about the state of BlackBerry. Am I alone here? I hope not. I don't think I am. But I want to know for sure. So vote on the poll above and sound off in the comments with your thoughts. Oh, and if you want your own RIMPIRE Strikes Back T-Shirt, you can download the logo here to get your own made.

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The RIMPIRE is Striking Back! Can you feel it? Stock Price up, Sentiment Less Negative...


Let us help.....start giving away RIMpire swag.....t shirts, etc....and we can wear them around.....proudly!

Waiting to see how OS7 device sales are. RIM needs to sell phones to new users and converts to gain back share and compete against Apple and Android. There was a boatload of Berry users with old devices chomping at the bit to upgrade (thus my new 9900). It's how they capture new users that will tell the story and whether or not they need to wait for QNX to do that. Oh and RIM - don't rush any more unfinished products out the door!

Well, going by the number of people who have set wikitude to public status, the phones are selling really good. People allll around me, and I highly doubt most people set their GPS location public so good signs.

I read somewhere that sales were good at Sprint and somewhat light at AT&T. That would make sense though. I think most AT&T users, myself included, are waiting for the Gretzky.

They've already started selling OS7 devices. The 9810 is OS7 but most of us are waiting for the 9900/9860 like me :/

I stopped into five Verizon stores (both company owned and non) and none of them had a 9930 for sale. Each of the reps I talked to said that as soon as they get them in stock, they are sold. One of the reps was a Crackberry guy and he said even he can't get one because they can't buy one from company stock if buyers are waiting for one. Yes there is a waiting list!

That either indicates a brisk demand or not enough product to supply the stores. Maybe both?

And I'm happy to say none of them tried to steer me to an iPhone or Android device. They could tell it wasn't worth their breath. They all made comments like "BlackBerry has finally come back" and such.

We encountered the same issue. We had to go to three stores to finally purchase four Bold 9930's.
Still, the stores only ordered five units to start so keep it in perspective.
I have friends ask me what kind of phone to purchase from time to time and although I was using the old Torch (still very nice), I could not recommend BB for many of them. However, with the new, much improved devices, I just don't see how to recommend any other device.
I am very familiar with the iPhone, HTC Evo 4G, Palm Pre Plus, and frankly, the BB is FINALLY putting out a world class device.
The new BB are just awesome and not only for heavy texters or e-mail madmen, it is just an awesome device all around.


Looks like RIM is the most secure anchor point in the smart phone arena, stable and moving steadily forward. So if they can continue to attract the innovating talent and WOW the market when then really need to, they will remain a strong player for sure. Licensing QNX might be a crazy bold move to increase market share, specially with the Android shake up, really depends on RIM's markup for the hardware they sell. Go beyond a Blackberry App store, to a QNX platform App Store. Potential is there for sure.

By secure I assume you mean from a data security perspective, and I don't think many argue that point.

From an investment standpoint, it is still very much wait and see. They basically abdicated to Apple and Android, and I'm not ready to let them off the hook just because a couple of their newest phones have gotten 'less negative' reviews than in the past.

The 9900 is a great start, but they still stumbled badly on the PlayBook, and not all that long ago.

They need to get Apps going! The apps that are on the phones and the PB are no where near as visually stunning as those on the iPad. I am getting sick and tired of checking appworld and seeing low quality apps foe the PB. I mean, I can download someones portfolio? How is that helping to sell product?

Agreed, as well as getting the premium apps from other platforms onto both BBOS7 and QNX. Kindle, anyone?

Have you not checked out the Awesome Game DEAD SPACE? With the introduction of this awesome game, I think now you will see more and more aps coming in. With the Good Press happening now, and higher stock prices. Things are positive lets keep it on the positive swing.

2 games by EA does give me some hope, but having spent 500 bones, 2 games is no where near enough, or promising enough for me to recommend the PB to anyone.

Well the 9900 is really the reason plus the fact that QNX is coming for the stock to be trading higher. I have heard from multiple sources the Bold 9900 is a quality device and its in demand, not only that its selling well from the places I checked .. So this was a good move on the part of RIM. I can't say for the popularity of the other devices .. but 9900 is doing well and for good reason :)

oh we will Strike back !! but hey KEVIN where are THE T-Shirts !? if you take a look areond the forum lots of ppl want to buy them !!

I just ordered my 9860 from Telus, fingers crossed that it will arrive tomorrow. Time to let my good old Storm 2 get a good long rest in my drawer.

They still need to reorg the management and fire the two at the top, in my opinion. It's very much in danger of being too little, too late.

Agreed. RIM seems to be doing a little bit better with BlackBerry 7, but it's not anywhere near what they need and it's definitely time for one or both CEOs to go.

Your suggestions would be right, if the OS7 would be 100% great devices. But they are unfortunately not :( The weak camera without AF and the small battery on the Bold 9900 will discourage a lot of people from buyin it. I hope, Apple will not bring a HW qwerty keyboarded device this year. This would be a disater for RIM, a lot of poeple would switch to it.

At least two things will help RIM get better media coverage: native stuff and Android player on PB, and Colt. If RIM executes there, then I'll really be excited. Hopefully then my RIM stock will be back in the positive territory.

A big time for RIM will be September. Their Q3 earning release will have an effect on the stock as well as the Playbook 2.0 release.

If PIM is addressed, we might get a shot up on the stock price. And if their earnings are above expectations then lookout...

Of course some analyst looking to short RIM will probably make up some bs statement. But until they stop short selling... well, thats a whole other post...

I do feel a slight uptick in RIM confidence, and think they should capitalize on it with the release of Playbook v2.0... ASAP! Which would hopefully carry into QNX HH release.

I am very excited to be a new crackberry user. I traded my HTC Evo for a Curve 8530 to a friend back in April because I wanted to try out Blackberry OS knowing the 9930 was coming this summer. I loved it! I love the no gimick, deep OS. it did everything a phone should do and between the convenience keys, the keyboard shortcuts, and the optical trackpad it did everything extremely efficiently and smoothly. The build quality even of the Curve felt great and of coarse the battery life was amazing. I loved it so much that I really started looking into Blackberry and became very confident that the Playbook would be the best tablet on the market and now I am very happy to have my own PB. I then waited like a little boy for Christmas for the Bold 9930 because I knew by this time that Blackberry builds quality communication devices from the ground up and this next one seemed to be the best phone yet. I now have my 9930 right next to me as a write this on my PB and I am still amazed with this phone even after watching and reading months of positive reviews. First off the 9930 is a solid machine! The OS with the 1.2 ghz processor and "liquid graphics" is ultra smooth, the resolution is outstanding, call quality is better than anything I've ever used and the keyboard really does make you want to keep typing for days. Blackberry Bridge is my favorite feature of all tablets and with the 9930 and the ability to use all internet based apps of the PB anywhere while being secure and not being "tethered" really blows me away. Needless to say at this point, that I absolutely think Blackberry makes the best mobile devices and my attitude towards the company is a very positive one! I'm so glad there is a mobile company left that masters the communication first and the toys second. Keep up the good work RIM

Hi @sir.dangerfield,

Alex from RIM here. It’s great to hear that you’re enjoying your new Bold 9930 and PlayBook. Stories like yours are truly great to hear, and I don’t think I could have said it better myself.

If you’d like to share any further thoughts and experiences with us, you can reach us here, or on Twitter (@BlackBerry) or Facebook (

Alex, RIM Social Media Team

Hey Alex, I really appreciate the response. This once again shows the depth of your company. Also shows us here that RIM is listening. I'm a stickler for customer service, but this is above and beyond and this kind of response will keep customers like me happy and loyal in between purchases. Can't wait to see what next

The Patient's(RIM) condition has been upgraded from "Critical" to "Serious but Stable".RIM's still on the OS 7 ventilator til' they can get that QNX transplant..............

They've got it close but I've been optimistic throughout, and I agree that the turnaround is looking good. They won't be completely out of the woods until we get QNX phones and some major PB updates (v2), but I think that the BB7 devices and the 9900 in particular have done their job of keeping them afloat until then.

I don't know about the enterprise market, but from the consumer perspective, it seems that none of my friends is thinking about switching from their IOS or Android platform to a new blackberry. However, to those old blackberry fan like me, these new devices are good enough to keep me staying on this side.

The OS 7 devices have been trickling out the door where I work. The average consumer who can care less about specs is driven by price. They think "Why buy a Bold 9900 for $150 when the 9780 is $50?".

And the PlayBook has NOT been selling. The best move RIM can do is offer it up as a door crasher for half price in December. They need to create a larger user base so third party developers will hop on board and start developing for QNX.

I am very happy with how things are turning out! I was in a deep state of depression over RIM and how everything was just caving in negatively on the company! For a while it sucked to be a blackberry owner... and i had to vent many times (on as well! This is all natural... but i'm still loyal and staying strong just as the company is. The anger is subsiding and the great pride rising greatly once again! My blackberry love remains even though i had to get mad and give it tough words every now and then recently! The reviews cooled off my doubts of the New phones and i am more excited about owning one in the coming future! Hopefully crackberry chooses me for the BLACKBERRY 7 giveaway contest (come on 9900... come home), so i can be happier sooner than later! hahaha... but overall i love how everything is changing for RIM! People are interested... people want the new Blackberrys... despite the iPhonies and Android sheep continuous denial about RIMS momentum gaining and their constant negativity spewed towards the products and OS, RIM continues to flourish... THIS AIN'T NO NOKIA... THIS IS RIM... THE RIMPIRE STRIKES BACK.... PROUD TO BE A BLACKBERRY OWNER and FOLLOWER... Many More Years To Come! Long Live RIM

I have my nose pressed up against the glass, but can't join the party. As an AT&T customer, I'm being denied the Bold 9900. And just to rub my nose in it, they emailed me that I'm now eligible for a phone upgrade! Then today, they mail me a coupon for a discount on phone accessories. What is taking them sooo long to sell the blasted thing already?

"For the longest time I wanted to avoid scrolling through my RSS reader - aside from BlackBerry fan sites mainly staying positive, it was pretty rare to come across any BlackBerry-related stories that weren't touting doom and gloom for RIM." +1
Hope so much that RIM will recover again to be the BEST.

This post is a joke, right? There is negetive sentiment on RIM for a reason! It took them 8 months into 2011 to release a phone, they're laying off 10% of their staff, they're losing market share constantly as todays report shows & they have zero leadership. One of their CEOs gets pissy & walks out of interviews for god sake. Stock price is a reflection of finally releasing new devices & also following the current gains that all stocks are seeing, don't count on it to last.

RIM need new leaders with actual vision, without that things will get worse regardless of crackberrys RIMpire bollocks. Stop ignoring the facts & report the actual news for a change, ignoring it won't make it go away.

Moron! Go troll somewhere else and next time, READ the feed completely before writing something that makes you look like a fool.

:) I love how facts are trolling. So tell me, genius, what has changed for RIM in the last month? Are they cancelling the layoffs? Are they gaining market share back? Did they suddenly increase guidance?

Fact is, nothing has changed except for a little boost in sentiment for the new phones, late as they were, and that won't last. Sorry.

you stupid hate when somebody like me comes here and rubber the true in your faces. blind ass idiots. and start calling them trolls.. please

you stupid hate when somebody like me comes here and rubber the true in your faces. blind ass idiots. and start calling them trolls.. please

I think the same. I love and use Blackberry, but RIM and the people here should face the truth and do some really big steps in the development (QNX?) and not to move forward like a snail with the OS7. Bold 9900 is a step in a good direction, but not enough. RIM can hold with this phone the current customers, but not to get a lot of new users.

I was going to drop a few grand on stock when it was at $22 but was lazy about getting it done. I'm a little ticked to hear its over $30 now, but very happy at the same time!

Wait until 1st quarter 2012. You will once
again be able to purchase RIM stock at or close to
all times lows.

New IPhone will have landed.
The world economy will be a little worse.
The holiday blues will be in full swing.
The OS7 thrill will be worn out.
Folks will be waiting on QNX powered phones.

RIMs recovery, if it happens, will be a long slow
rise. We are talking years of steady innovation and execution
of their product lines and services.

I wish them the best, but dang it, finish the damn Playbook!

I have decided and I am sure other PB owners have as well
to wait for the PB to be finished before investing anymore hard earned cash on BB phones.

RIM needs to make good on the PB and on future QNX items.
The terrible way they released the PB, the tons of bad reviews given the PB, the continued back slaps from RIM to its app developers and PB customers is still ongoing and or fresh in peoples minds.

This will not make things easy for RIM to gain good solid ground in market share and sales.

One step forward on a very crooked path. Lets see more!


Nothing's done yet, but yes, it's a good start. Waiting for the QNX phone... It will be LEGEN....

The new phones will give RIM a little bump in the next couple of months.

While some are thnking that the whinning about RIM has died off the reason
for this can be debated.

1. People are getting happy and BB is meeting their needs.
2. People have given up and have moved on.

I wish RIM well but they have a long ways to go yet before I get all warm and fuzzy.

CB only puts good news on the main webpage.
Can't blame them much as BB is their bread and butter, but it does not paint
the full picture of RIMs condition.


BLACKBERRY phones suck. no dual processor, no front camera, chip ass plastic and screen, come on guys, why you are so blind, and why you guys, just happy with a little...

the only good thing of bb devices is the bbm and sometimes because is always down or we have to do a battery pull because freeze up the screen, (a least 7 times a day),

190 mb of apps, when i have more than 10 gb's in apps in my iPhone 4 of 32Gb. no hot spot. come on what kind of crap is that.

no offense, leave iPhone or android for any of the 7OS devices is a step down for any of us (iPhone or android users). sorry but here are my 2 cents. and i guess i'm leaving something out.

GREAT ARGUMENT!! With this logic I can't see why RIM is still around, seriously!!11

With 'chip' grammar such as yours I'm sure your post is taken quite seriously and will be followed by many faithful followers >_>

I love the interwebz and all of its 9 year old minded blissful posters who have such a vast understanding about these markets and devices.

You're so right, in fact, if Blackberry wanted to be l33t it should have a 3D hologram, I mean, R2D2 had it in 1979..

In short; I think your the offspring of some deformed super savant idiot who had the unfortunate belief in the pull-out method.. and you inherited the ability to achieve super human levels of stupid.

Merci et ne replique surtout pas!


you stupid hate when somebody like me comes here and rubber the true in your faces. blind ass idiots. and start calling them trolls.. please

Dual Core Processors: What good is an overpowered processor on a phone for other then finishing a task 0.5 seconds faster and giving you a 4hr battery life?

Front Facing Camera: Yes because I'm gonna stop in the middle of the street and say "let me facetime my bff"

Plastic Screens: Because when they drop from 5 feet off the ground, they actually stay intact and half the consumers who buy phones can't tell the difference between plastic and glass screens.

And if you're doing a battery pull 7 times a day, then something is seriously wrong with your phone (unless you have a Storm which I can understand).

To the app problem, yeah I agree Android/iOS has plenty more apps then BBOS but who actually downloads and USES that many apps?

Like people stated before, it's all about what YOU want. Don't force your opinion on others. If you want an iPhone or an Android, by all means, get it. No one is stopping you. I've used all 3 platforms before and I just happen to like BlackBerry the best.

@tonusso, please go play in the worst traffic that you can find... I do not care what you think about Blackberry phones. Go somewhere else and spread your negativity about RIM because your negativity is not accepted here. I am excited to see that RIM is turning itself around. Today I just upgraded my Blackberry phone to the Torch 9810, which, I believe is one of the best phones on the market... RIM has done an excellent job with the new phones.

Yes and no...

Sure, it's another major competitor (especially in the tablet space), but I don't know how much RIM was actually losing to HP.

On the other hand, I think a lot of investors are looking at HP's killing of WebOS as an opportunity for the market to consolidate a bit.

So, yeah, it kind of DID work that way.

screw all this shit bout rimpire i was suppose to get a new 9900 tonight instead none them phone companies sellin off contract whats with that

After all the 9900 has won a lot of peopLe over. @Jon4Lakers has recently been impressed with it. I always saw him as an iPhone guy but his articles and videos are usually very good.

RIM is going the right direction.... And I'm following it! 3 months ago I sold my 9800, being tired of holding an outdated device and moved to android with a Galaxy S2......Very nice phone but it feels like cheap..... When I first saw the 9900, I thought "Nice but still not what I want from RIM".... Then I purchased an Evo 3D three weeks ago..What a mistake!! I gave it back 4 days later (Serious issues with 3D not working)...And that 9900 started to grow on me, I realized I was missing BB so bad..... Today I received my Evo 3D replacement and guess what? I even didn't take away the plastic and put it on eBay... I ordered this afternoon a Bold 9900 with 2 docks, I will get it tomorrow. As I write, I'm feeling like a child waiting for his xmas present; I'm looking at dozen of unboxing and review videos and can't wait to have it!!! Still not perfect but the 9900 will be remembered as the phone who saved RIM. Now I'm looking forward to 2012 and QNX BB.

1- vzw has the phones in stores! they are awesome! i know of some serious android users switching!
2- talked to a connection at vzw and the 9850 will be available on 9-15 in stores!
3- i have no speculation as to rimpire but i am still deciding to come home! there is still that security!!! read my thought in the forum "switching to BB or another device"

can you just PLEASE just put the rimpire pic in as a jepg!
TOO many problems trying to get the download & weird file to open!
Thanks you!

An ".eps" file is a file you'd take to your local promotional products store and have them produce it directly for you.

"Are you feeling what I'm feeling, that things are starting to look more positive for BlackBerry again?"

"Director of Developer Relations, on why he is leaving Research In Motion"

CB items posted within minutes of each other.

I am busting a gut on this one...ROFL

Remember, he wants his benefits, pay and such so he will not bad mouth
RIM right now. His actions speak louder than words!


Hi Everyone,
I need some advice/help.......pls!
Thanks in advace
# I have a storm 2 and the contract gets over next april. I will be eligible for n upgrade in nov.
My worry is that this handset is giving up slowly(screen has cracked/hangs few times and ofcourse there are no software updates since BB6 came out).
My worry is if i upgrade to the new Bold 9930 or 9850 i will be locked with them for another 2 years.
The unfortunate part is that Iam really looking fwd for COLT /QNX phone due in early next year or acc to kevin last quarter.......see i owuld be happy to wait for the colt but th eproblem is that i the verizon is a cdma company..and cant give me a sim....(i have a spare 9810 BB6 pearl GSM handset).
I dont want to leave a blackberry phone as i love everything about the concept of blackbeery(have been a user since 2007 )....was a member of
if verizon gave me a sim..i woould gladly put it in my 9810 aand use it till COLT comes out and then sign my contract with again.
If i leave verizon i have to probably still pay something towards the price of the phone on top of monthly bill till april.
Pls suggest that i dont get locked for another two years with a bb7 phone(iam sure its a great device/s....but will be salivating once colt comes out) adn cant use my pearl 9810 since erizon doesnt give a gsm sim for USA.
appreciate all comments and input.
Cheers and many thanks

It really IS different the last few weeks. Not just hype, but a real buzz. And coming not just from new products - but CHOICES that we can argue/discuss between. Sure, some of us are still waiting based on our carrier, but the CHOICES we have now!

I think RIM still has quite a ways to go to get itself back on it's feet, but I think that there is a renewed since of hope. I defected from Blackberry just over a year ago to the iPhone 4. With the release of the Blackberry Bold 9900, I found myself yearning for the Blackberry experience again and took the plunge and purchased the 9900 - and I LOVE it. It's not the Blackberry I left over a year ago. It's a sleek, sexy phone with speed and functionality to boot.

RIM needs to continue to innovate and create a vision for what the products they want to deliver. The Blackberry name is an iconic one, and it needs to live up to it. The new Bold 9900 is a step in the right direction, but it's the tip of the iceberg of where RIM needs to go. But in the meantime, I am happy to be back to Blackberry! :)

RIM definitely going in the right direction, quality gear out in the shops world wide ......But what's with the abysmal marketing,have they no budget,they could be doing so much better with a strong in your face marketing policy.It's frustrating to see what the average person can see but not RIM MANAGEMENT.........

Rim is going back up.goldman sachs and their ilk have made their $$$$$ shorting rim so they covered their shorts and took profits......Move along children,nothing to see here.

The jury is still very much out on RIM. Kevin, take it from your Mummy, it's better to be a loving critic based in realism than an overly enthusiastic cheer leader. Encourage them, applaud them when they do something right, but hold RIM's feet to the fire . . . and don't confuse small victories with winning the war of renewal.

I picked up my first os 7 device today and I have to say that I'm truly impressed. Awesome device, very slick very responsive super smooth. I'm using the 9850 on Sprint's network and I am loving it (tell me how you really feel about it Trini lol). These are the best bb in the field, it will be alot easier for me to grab back some of my users who left and when to the I-world and andriods (I am a bb-admin for my company) so it is a little more personal for me to have rim doing their thing (saving my job). I am a little disappointed that I was not able to test the nfc but all in all very happy with where rim is heading. On an Rimpire note: May your bbm be with you always!

Be good CrackBerry we love you!

I gotta say, I'm more than proud to be part of the Blackberry family. Picked up the Bold 9930 a couple of days ago. Betrayed from my Droid X, and so far, I'm not missing it in the slightest.

I never knew what I was getting into when I first purchased it. All I knew was, I wanted a good physical keyboard... And that's not the only thing I got. I had a Storm 2 back in the day and I wasn't too happy with it, but I WANTED to be happy with... Desperately.

Now, I don't have to try. I just absolutely love using my Bold. I keep finding reasons to type on it, and I'm more fluent on this than I ever have been on a touch screen keyboard. This whole thing being an example of my typing prowess. :)

See you all in the forums!

Got my 9900 this morning..... That's a wow BlackBerry, a premium device! is like going from an Honda (No disrespect) to an Audi! My cheap plastic Galaxy S2 is on sale now, so happy to be back to BB, to see that notification light blinking again. The 9900 is much better in person then on pictures/videos..