The RIMPIRE Strikes Back at Mercedes Benz Miami Fashion Week Swim!

RIMPIRE Strikes Back!
By Kevin Michaluk on 21 Jul 2011 12:21 pm EDT

Michelle has been doing a great job on our weekly Celebrity BlackBerry Sighting Round Ups, but when Miami-based fashion blog sent us in this photo taken this past weekend I just had to post it up. Seriously, bikinis + blackberrys.... how could I not post it?!

The photo was captured at the Mercedes Benz Miami Fashion Week Swim event, at the Mara Hoffman show. Gotta love dueling BlackBerrys in the front row capturing the models walking down the runway. Definitely a RIMPIRE Strikes Back kind of moment. Now if only we can get some RIMPIRE bikinis made up, they'll be a nice compliment to the RIMPIRE t-shirts. Click the photo to see a bigger version. Enjoy!


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The RIMPIRE Strikes Back at Mercedes Benz Miami Fashion Week Swim!


I was at the U2 concert last night (sponsored by Blackberry) and I have two smartphone related observations to report:

1. 3 years ago, at basically the same concert, there were very few people recording the show with smartphones. A few people had Flips, a few more had video cameras, but apart from one or two people, no one was really doing video on their smartphones. Picture taking was happening, but it was really 50/50 between smart phones and point and shoot cameras. Fast forward to today, and it seemed like 50% of the crowd was using their smartphone to record parts of the show. In fact, at one point, all 10 people around me had their hands up recording the show. It was a bit annoying because it blocked the view, but the level of consumer technology for the average consumer was impressive.

2. Of the phones being used to record the show, it was probably 50% iPhone, 30% Android and 20% Blackberry. It was hard to tell if the BB's were being used just for pictures, and not recording. I was actually pleasantly surprised at the amount of BB's used for media purposes, because the general consumer thinks only the iPhone or maybe an Android device can do media.

Anyhow, it looks like RIM still has a foothold with a subset of consumers realizing that their Blackberry is as powerful as the Apple or Google device in their pocket.

I work in Manhattan and live in the area and I must say that everyone I've met in the last 10 years that is the slightest bit important in terms of business uses a blackberry. I'm in the printing industry and I meet PR people, fashion people, real estate people, architects and developers, music and TV people, etc etc etc....they all brandish a BB of some kind, probably 85% Bold, 10% Curve, and 5% Torch.

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