RIMPIRE STRIKES BACK: BlackBerry Super Fans talk BlackBerry 7, and welcoming in a new fan!

By Kevin Michaluk on 18 Aug 2011 02:44 pm EDT

With BlackBerry 7 Smartphones beginning to hit the market, I can't help but feel we're gaining some momentum again on the RIMPIRE STRIKES BACK front.

Loyal BlackBerry super fans are obviously stoked about the new lineup. These are by far the sweetest BlackBerry Smartphones to date (enter to win your choice of a new BB7 phone here!). Be sure to check out the video above from the recent BlackBerry 7 Fan Night to see what super fans are loving about the Bold 9900/9930 and Torch 9850/9860/9810. Yours truly makes a brief appearance at 4 seconds in giving the 'ole Rick Flair Woooo!

But beyond the loyal fans, what has me really excited are the number of tweets, emails, forum posts, blog comments and calls I've been seeing and receiving from people who are currently on other platforms but are switching to BlackBerry to give the new phones a go. Some of these are ex-BlackBerry users giving up the iPhone 4s and Android phones they left BB for, while others are picking up BlackBerry for the first time. Looks like we have have some new BlackBerry fans emerging here!

One such fan is Matt Miller, over at ZDnet, who posted an article today titled Becoming a BlackBerry fan when it's not cool to do so. I'm not a fan of that article of course - seriously, I'm way cooler than any iPhone or Android fanboy I know, but the article is a great example that there's continued hope for RIM in the mobile space. Matt is a cross-platform guy, and has his pick of phones and tablets from every platform. And right now, BlackBerry is the one he's becoming a fan of:

I enjoy Android, but grow tired of low battery life, constant app updates, and all the different user experiences. iOS devices are great, but I am not a huge fan of the current application-focused UI... The funny thing is that I am now becoming a RIM BlackBerry fan - at a time when people seem to be writing off the company and device as past their prime. Let me explain why.

You'll want to jump over and read Matt's full post, but the short answer is that when it comes to a no-compromise mobile experience, in a world where people own both phones and tablets, the combination of BlackBerry Bold 9930 and BlackBerry PlayBook is a killer one. Welcome to the BlackBerry Fan Club Matt!

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RIMPIRE STRIKES BACK: BlackBerry Super Fans talk BlackBerry 7, and welcoming in a new fan!


Thank you for posting this. I especially like reading from reviewers that are cross platform as I believe they can be more objective.

Grate Post, Hey New Fan welcome to Rimpire where battery and app's are a blast.

Hey App's are a blast but my point app is not available for OS7, any one have same issue.

This is the kind of stuff we need on here! Videos of people converting to the new 7 lineup...people talking great about the new phones, blackberry fans loving the new stuff! I for one have vented enough about the downfalls on the forums and i still don't think i can change from a blackberry to any other phone! This kinda stuff makes me happy to own Blackberry products and also gives me great incentive to purchase the new ones in times of doubt! Keep these kinds of videos, reviews, and posts coming... especially if they have to do with android and iphone 4 users converting to Blackberry now and being happy to explain why the love it better than what they were experiencing before!

Great Post and article from Matt Miller

Nice positive article. Thanks.

And the guy at ZDnet is right, if you give the products a chance and don't come at them with all the baggage they are damn good.

I can't wait to switch from my Android Evo to the 9850. I'm sick of all of my posts on FB, G+, and Twitter looking like I'm drunk. Oh, that's when I have enough battery life to actually make a post.

I totaly agree with Matt Miller. I can't wait to pick up my first Blackberry ever on Sunday. Coming from android, I'm mostly excited about the keyboard and battery life. Don't like the boring apple UI, nor can I stand itunes. I need the best communication device possible. For wasting time I have my tablets.

Hi @Nu2blakbery,

Alex from RIM here. We always love hearing from new BlackBerry users. I personally use the Bold 9900, and its large keyboard is my favorite yet on a BlackBerry smartphone. Its battery life is also what you’d come to expect from a BlackBerry. There are great features in all our new BB 7 devices, so it really comes down to preference.

If you want to get a head start on getting the most out of your new BlackBerry smartphone, check out our BlackBerry 7 “getting started” guide on our Inside BlackBerry Blog: http://bbry.lv/pWdLeh.


Alex, RIM Social Media Team

I see you've noticed my CrackBerry Kevin celebrity sighting :) http://forums.crackberry.com/general-discussion-f2/crackberry-kevin-bbs-facebook-album-636310/

not to be a killjoy, but why would i lock myself into a 2 yr contract with one of these new os7 phones if the QNX ones will be out in less than a yr? from what i understand, they will not be able to run QNX. so i don't really get why anyone would want to lock themselves into a contract on an expensive phone that will be obsolete in a matter of months.

I agree with this, which is why I am now with an iPhone 4. I debated whether to get an iPhone or one of the new Blackberry's, after my disappointment of the short life span of my Torch. It's sad to see that BB devices last only up until they decide to play catch up, once again. Every BB, lately, seems to mimic the nightmare that the Storm users had to entail. At least, I know with my iPhone, it won't be obsolete, after getting it. Can't say that about my ex-Torch. SMH.

to be honest i personally was in the same situation as the zd.net guy.. i had iphones for nearly 3 years and just became unbelievbly tired and bored by them!

The best part of Matt's write up was the comment section below. Looks like these new phones will give RIM much needed momentum at last!

I can't wait to get my BB Bold 9900.
I'm calling my carrier tomorrow. See if he can do me a solid.

I want to turn on that feature that will let me see how many People at the 'EX' this year have BB's

i saw the engadget article... and the video they are showing is a diffrent one.

what is that about?

yea these features are nice but common RIM they have been in phones for a while now ..plz catch up . im still not impress with the lineup. Android and iOS is still leaving you in the dust. Release some phone with some specs that can kick some a** already. Releasing a vid with an Android home icon ..smh..doesn't look good at all.