RIMPIRE Strikes Back: BlackBerry represents at Comicon Montreal!

By Kevin Michaluk on 20 Sep 2011 12:01 pm EDT

Over at our sibling site TiPb.com, Georgia and Rene hit up the COMICON in Montreal to survey all the geeks, nerds, cosplayers and booth babes in attendance to find out which kind of superphones are getting used most by superheroes these days.

Is iPhone reigning supreme? Is Android gaining steam? Or is good 'ole BlackBerry still holding their own in the smartphone wars?! Check out the video above for some good times all around! I think Georgia and Rene went into this thinking they'd hear mainly iPhone as the response, and we're a little surprised by the amount of BlackBerry users. Go RIMPIRE! :)

Source: TiPb

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RIMPIRE Strikes Back: BlackBerry represents at Comicon Montreal!


You can obviously tell they're telling them to say iPhone for some of the clips either by editing the clip so it looks like they said iPhone or putting that word into their mouth. Proof is that last chick, she says blackberry, camera guy cuts the clip and she starts dissing it. Not surprised though. Its like Kevin doing the same thing and Tipb users expecting them to say they use an iPhone. One word..Rigged!

I've been living in Montreal for the last 3 years and I can say I keep seeing more and more Blackberries. At work (CBC/Radio-Canada), I see 2 Blackberries for every iPhone and 6 for every Andriod phone. I also get starred at alot when I walk around with my Playbook looking all smug and all, fitting it in my back pocket. But hey! Haters gotta hate right?

you got that right. People that have iPhones/Androids generally have less friends and excess time on their hands so need a million apps to keep them occupied and make them feel like they have a purpose in life.

BlackBerry will make a come back. One thing I can tell you is the store's like Verizon have the BlackBerry's on the back wall & the Andriods all in the front of the store. I have been to my local Verizon store a few times lately & can tell you the sale's people don't tell customer's about the new BlackBerry's & Iphone's. Until BlackBerry can get the carrier's from steering people away from BlackBerry's & to the Andriod's it will be a tuff go for BlackBerry's. I hope BlackBerry can put pressure on the carriers to get the sale staff from black balling BlackBerry's.