THE RIMPIRE STRIKES BACK - Wear the logo, support Research In Motion!

By Kevin Michaluk on 9 Jul 2011 03:22 pm EDT

Ok, so *arguably* it may be more fitting for us to try and play off a Rebel Alliance theme over The Empire as we fight for BlackBerry in the mobile wars, but I've always been wayyy more of a Darth Vader fan than Luke Skywalker and seriously, THE RIMPIRE STRIKES BACK is just frak'n awesome (plus in real life Darth would crush Luke).

I fly out to Waterloo tomorrow, hometown of Research In Motion and birthplace of BlackBerry, so figured the best way I can show my support for RIM at their Annual General Meeting of Shareholders Tuesday night would be to literally wear it on a t-shirt. Looks pretty hawt, right?? 

The new logo is up on megaupload for all to enjoy, so if you want to make your own RIMPIRE STRIKES BACK t-shirts, stickers, wallpapers, etc. you can download the .eps file at the link below. Huge props to CrackBerry member 4speed for tossing out the new slogan on our The Way I See It CrackBerry Nation, We've Only Just Begun post earlier this week.

Download THE RIMPIRE STRIKES BACK .eps file from Megaupload

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THE RIMPIRE STRIKES BACK - Wear the logo, support Research In Motion!


Pretty sure it would take George Lucas about 20 minutes to get his lawyers to draw up the cease and desist if they tried to sell that.


Maybe could create some sort of contest where BlackBerry fans could pull off a publicity stunt in their local metropolis. The CrackBerry council (ABCJ and yourself) could then decide which stunt was the best. To honor the winner, they would receive a t-shirt with the CrackBerry logo and "#2 BlackBerry Fanboy(girl)" signed (in permanent marker) by you, the leader of the BlackBerry Nation. There could be some other prize included as well sponsered by the store. Like a Bold 9900/9930 and a PlayBook. Maybe throw in a trip to receive their prizes at a banquet hosted by yourself and the CrackBerry Council. Well, maybe I am getting a little crazy here... Haha!

Thanks for keep the BlackBerry fire burning!


P.S. BlackBerry pie is better than Apple and any Dessert that Google can come up with!

You gotta blast the Darth Vader theme on your PlayBook when you walk around with that shirt too Kevin!

Go knock some sense into them at the shareholders meeting for me!

+1. Don't forget the mandatory deep methodical breathing sound effect as well! (May creep some people out if you decide breathe like Darth yourself...)

Kevin, it looks great, you should change the color theme of the site to Dark Force colors for a week!

Feeling amped (insert warrior scream). I may just pull out my 9700. Waiting for the 9900. Cannot get here fast enough.

My current device is the iPhone 4 (and yes I am an Apple fanboy but I will never admit Apple is perfect), but my FIRST smartphone was a Blackberry Pearl (cannot count the T-Mobile Dash I had prior to the Pearl).

Always have and always will cheer for RIM - as long as they don't get bought by "That Damn Google."

Great idea, but, did no one see how the Star Wars movies ended? Let's hope the Rimpire doesn't have the same ending ;)

I addressed this in the blog post... remember.. that was  MOVIE. Darth Vader would have wasted Luke in real life :)

The BlackBerry Alliance just doesn't have the same ring to it.  

Though who knows.. just watch... i bet RIM will announce they're changing their corporate name to BlackBerry, and the RIMPIRE angle will go away. haha

So since it's not like the movies we can expect a message from RIM sent to your Playbook saying: "help us Kevin Michaluk, you're our only hope"


What a great idea, but won't you get into trouble with LucasArts? Copyright issues? Hope not! And I do hope that Rim bounces back. I think people will get tired of Apple's tight fisted censorship crap and Android's scammers and hackers ( would you trust an OS from Team Douche?) . RIM and Blackberry is ready to catch the falling masses as they jump ship from the Apple stinking sinking barge and the fraud ridden Android app markets. RIM has superior products in the past as well as in the near future and I look forward to seeing a Rim Revival!

I dont think LucasFilm will have a huge issue as Kevin is not SELLING it and making a profit. But I would suggest making sure George doesnt have an issue. Hell he let Family Guy do his movies, I am sure he's a nice guy about it.

But Kev, AWESOME SHIRT!!! I'll be having that as all my wallpapers, including ones not on Blackberry Products (Laptop, Android Tablet (Waiting on 3G Playbook))


You will be a hit wearing that to the meeting.
Hopefully, I will see you there, and grab a picture of it on my BB.

This is so pathetic and so are you 'rimpire strikes back'. get a life, your doing all of this to show your support for a company that thinks it can just give up handsets that look the same as previous models with a outdated OS. what has RIM done for their consumers in the changing market? They've done F all!!

The t-shirt looks shite and so will you wearing it in Waterloo

So I guess when iPhone, Droid 1, 2 & 3 , Droid X and any other HTC handheld gets refreshed, they look different to you. Are you on drugs or are the robots and Steve Jobs magical innovation holding your mind hostage.

Hi Guys,

I have downloaded the .eps file, but it is in black. Is it possible to upload the file you guys have used to print it on a black shirt? Or are you gonna sell them in your shop?


Am I the only one that thinks "The RIMpire Strikes Back" sounds like a Star Wars spoof porno? Don't get me wrong...I'm a die hard BB user. I'm just saying...

Same feelings bout the porn connotations in the name. Just think what some chick would be thinking if you wore it out. Better have a big thick book of rebuttals with you. Anyway - love the post/debating shirt

Glad you will be there Kevin. Please convey that we in the Crackberry Nation have been very loyal, and patient, and expect something great from them, and soon. We want something that will just blow everyone out of the water. Patience and loyalty are running thin here. We need hope.

The Romans did many good things for civilization... :)

Also, CafePress is handy (albeit a bit expensive) for T-Shirts and goodies like this.

TiPB should make a "RETURN OF THE JEDi" shirt, and Android Central can make a "A NEW ASOP" shirt. Put those together with the "RIMPIRE" shirt, and you have one mighty fine box set!

Has anyone made wallpapers/BB backgrounds yet? Share! Gf gets mad bc I probably love my Bold more than her. Well at least today I do. TIP: reading blogs while getting bitched at does not make things better. FML

I'll turn the .eps into a .jpg or .gif for anyone that wants it. If you want color specific, just let me know.
As for myself, I'll be making one of those shirts with a BBLogo center of the back between the shoulder blades.

Here is a link to the .jpg zip folder containing Red, Blue, and black Rimpire logo

Hey, I don't want to necro this but... I tried to download it, but... It is on Megaupload, could someone upload it on another place?


Hey, I don't want to necro this but... I tried to download it, but... It is on Megaupload, could someone upload it on another place?