RIMAGEDDON saga continues... Anonymous RIM Employee writes an Open Letter to RIM Senior Management Team

By Kevin Michaluk on 30 Jun 2011 11:21 am EDT


And the RIMAGEDDON saga continues... this time in the form of an anonymous letter sent into BGR by a fairly high-ranking RIM employee. The intent of the letter? To catch senior managements' attention and make some changes around there. Here's a couple of paragraphs picked from the full letter:

We are in the middle of major "transition" and things have never been more chaotic. Almost every project is falling further and further behind schedule at a time when we absolutely must deliver great, solid products on time. We urge you to make bold decisions about our organisational structure, about our culture and most importantly our products.

RIM has a lot of people who underperform but still stay in their roles. No one is accountable. Where is the guy responsible for the 9530 software? Still with us, still running some important software initiative. We will never achieve excellence with this culture. Just because someone may have been a loyal RIM employee for 7 years, it doesn't mean they are the best Manager / Director / VP for that role. It's time to change the culture to deliver or move on and get out. We have far too many people in critical roles that fit this description. I can hear the cheers of my fellow employees now. 

For the full letter you can jump over to BGR at the link below. Be sure to jump back here and sound off with your comments. It touches base on a lot of good points, from the culture to some of the (bad) decisions that have been over the years and points out where some of the big problems in the organization lie.

It's funny, over the last few months I've been contemplating fairly regularly about writing an Open Letter to RIM here on the CrackBerry blogs. I've actually had a lot of you email or tweet or PM me that I should do one of these. I've stopped myself though, because the realization I keep coming back to is that it honestly doesn't serve a USEFUL purpose.  An open letter to RIM makes the assumption that RIM's senior employees and the CEO's don't have a clue as to what's going on around them. Trust me, THEY KNOW. They're not stupid. I guarantee there's not one thing in this open letter that RIM's CEOs and top management don't already know and haven't thought about. If I thought I could tell RIM management in an open letter something truly useful, I'd have done it already. 

What makes me exceedingly frustrated though, is that if knowing is half the battle (thanks GI Joe!), and I believe RIM already knows all this, the other half is action. From an outsiders perspective, I can't see the action RIM is taking inside the company. I would hope and expect that RIM is in full force action mode right now. But from this employee perspective, it starts to become more clear that RIM isn't doing enough, soon enough. And that, my BlackBerry friends, is NOT cool. I say RIMAGEDDON jokingly.. I DO NOT want to see it become a reality.  Come on RIM!!

Read the Full Open Letter to RIM

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RIMAGEDDON saga continues... Anonymous RIM Employee writes an Open Letter to RIM Senior Management Team


I WANT RIM TO SUCCEED!! Come on, i know you can. I dont wanna buy an iPhone 5 or a Android device on 2012 i want a QNX Powered Super BlackBerry SmartPhone!

I am a loyal BB customer. I'm writing this from my PlayBook bridged to my Torch. When I got my Bold 9000 people were just starting to switch to the iPhone. When I got my Torch the iPhone and Android phones were already kicking as$ and had better specs than the Torch (processor, resolution, etc) but I got the Torch anyway. I really like it, but why didn't it have the Torch 2 specs? Now it is hopelessly outdated and doesn't have mainstream apps I want to use. My contract is up in August, can anyone say I should get the Torch 2 or the Bold 9900? RIM has already announced the move to QNX, so who is going to develop for those? I want RIM to succeed but I truly think their future is in doubt and senior management is not accepting reality.

Read no further. I have it on very good authority from a senior employee from BGR that they indeed faked the letter.

Thats a great email. good on him for having the balls to say how he feels and the fact he does want to see change and have the company move in a more positive direction! not a bb person myself anymore but i don't want to see them go down. they serve their roll in the business world and bbm still cant be beat. but if that's all you have and don't improve they will continue to crash.

I'm glad someone said it, but I have always believed if you want to comment on something, you should put your name to it. I know that he/she is probably worried about being fired, but I still feel to put the power behind something, it has to have a source that is legitimate. Its like someone in the media getting a quote about a story from an anonymous source. That source could be anyone.

that guy is as good as gone. I hope Apple hires him since he is such a fan. He is 100% right, but I am sure he will be weeded out and fired.

He isn't "such a fan," he's just using a modern-day example of what RIM should aim for. How can you even say that he is such a fan of Apple and then go on to also say he is 100% right?

There's always a place for a u-turn, but in order to do so, gotta be in the right lane to do so. Lets hope RIM moves into the right lane, to make that come back.

You also have to be in the inside lane to make a u-turn which in some places like the US would be the left and in Great Britain, I believe it would be the right, but I am not for sure if the OP meant right as in the direction, but really meant right as in "you are right."

this apple keynote video from '97 is just epic!
rim should do that or at least follow, jobs answers nearly every question thats quite similar to RIMs situation at the moment!

Good read. Hopefully they start turning things around quick and stop being stuck up, ego proud, self centered CEO's.

Kevin, I have long held the belief that RIM knows what's wrong....yet as this open letter points out, they still do nothing. That is 100% a direct reflection at the leaders....period, end of story. If they cannot influence a change (and as the letter states) they haven't, they must go.

Take Nokia as a classic example. RIM mirrors Nokia in every regard; delays, mismanagament, etc....and Elop came in and said "Nokia, your platform is burning" (a classic and awesome speech) and he has affected change within that company. Did he piss off a few people, probably really good and smart people? Yes, on purpose. He roused them up and called them out. Those who could not stand it, left, and honestly, those were the problems - the ones that were left to do their task with no deadline or consequence.

Good riddance.

I do NOT want RIM to fail......but with 'LaziBal' in charge, they will. They are the direct reason that once proud company is failing.


It's well documented that Nokia had made a major marketing mistake, declaring that they will switch to Win7 Mobile in 12 months:

~instantly killing existing top/mid phone sales (why bother to buy an expensive new phone when you KNOW it's going to be outdated in 12 months or less?)

~Symbian developers instantly felt being second-class citizens

Like a boat that cannot row to either side of a river, it is stuck in the middle and going nowhere--existing Nokia smartphones are not Win7 Mobile yet, and future Nokia Win7 Mobile products won't be out for another 4-6 months.

- - - - - - -
Now, back to RIM, does above Nokia marketing fiasco sound familar? It should.

RIM had prematurely announced that all smartphones would be switching to QNX hopefully in 2012.

Imagine the consumer confusion from this.
Pity the Apps developers even more.

So the OS7 generation smartphones coming out mid/end Q3 2011 and beyond would be obsolete in 12 mths time, at least if you wish to use the most update Apps.

Some are already saying that at the (glacially slow) rate OS7 products are rolling out (no release date yet?), QNX products may well be delayed to end 2012 or even 2013...

I myself would be buying either the upcoming Torch2 or Bold 9900 to vote with my wallet as a hardcore BB supporter.

But I must really say that in the past 1-2 months (since May'2011) the tone of BlackBerry supporters have changed drastically; at least a number of BB fans have lost some of their respect for RIM management, and perhaps with good reason.

Like the employee letter said, it's high time for BlackBerry "...absolutely must deliver great, solid products on time."
This employee's open letter action plan sounds plausible and workable.

Just my 2 cents.

Nokia didn't make a mistake they made a smart move !!! Honestly Win 7 is light years ahead of BBOS so what's your argument ? Stick to failing RIM and don't worry about others.

Really ..... a letter from a disgruntled employee gives credibility to the theory that RIM is on the ropes? Please, every large organization has dead wood and those employees who think they are smarter then everyone else. A simplistic statement of "deliver or move on and get out" is not reality and especially in Canada with labour laws and employee protection.

I fully agree with the statement that RIM CEO's and senior management are fully aware of all the issues and frustrations of employees and consumers. Their next moves and direction are critical in the success or failure of the company. I will wait and judge for myself as a consumer and watch the reaction of shareholders and the investment community. I certainly won't worry about an "open letter" from an employee as these are a dime a dozen.

This is the era of blogs, anonymous letters are automatically declared valid.

It's also an era where people have all the answers as to what companies should be doing based on hindsight. If this guy knows what RIM should be doing, why is he an employee? Why isn't he running his own business? He won't even put his name to his own letter. Much easier to snipe from the sidelines.

As for BGR, the only way they can get traffic is by flaming RIM. Why aren't they more popular than Engadget and the other blogs if they have such insight? They have so much advice for multi-billion dollar companies yet can't even master their own market.

I know people who work at RIM, they have been complaining about these issues for a while now. While it may or may not be from a RIM employee, the points are accurate.

As far as putting their name on the letter, there is a huge culture of secrecy at RIM. The employees are even afraid to say what brand of coffee is in the coffee machines...

@WilliamLee and @Truckswain, you guys need to really, really check your fanboyism's at the door. This is real. We ALL see the delays, the issues, the lack of developers, developers jumping ship, everything this letter states is 100% accurate and verified if you do your research.

Why do you have to sit there idle and not really see the truth?

Because you don't want to.

I LOVE BlackBerry, I really do, preach it to the Heavens to everyone but I have to be realistic and know the actual events that are stated are verifiable.

Please, for the love of all things good, stop being naive.

I believe you are absolutely right. Reading this letter I finally understood the reason for the faliure of such a huge empire. It is quite sad, actually, to see them go through this but as the letter stated, overconfidence was their mistake. It is time to be humble and listen to their customers.

I honestly never thought RIM was this kind of company, the kind that didn't listen to their employees, but I do now. Sucks..

It is my belief that this guy (or a person with his same thoughts and ideas) should be running RIM or Blackerry from now on. It takes balls to do what he did, even if he preferred to be annonymus.

This is probably the end for RIM if they don't change. The market changed and they decided not to change with it. Sad... But at least they had a good run.

What the guy did in this letter is to model a successful business that they compete with directly and use all points available anywhere for the world to see. Amazon has the book on Apple, the inside story.....great read, and it states all of this. None of this is secret, it is simply not adapting to your customers needs because your beliefs matter more than your customers. Go to this Youtube link (you'll need to add one and the other or this will get flagged...it is someone simply showing in a presentation how Apple does it right). Start at around the 2:00 mark or so. Great stuff for any sales or customer-oriented product/service. Basic tenet.

http://www.youtube. *and now add this to the end of the link* com/watch?v=qp0HIF3SfI4

Wow.. I must say that is an excellent video. Thank you so much for posting that. I hits the nail and explains the reason why RIM is failing right now... They did everything wrong while Apple and Google did everything right. It's not just about the quality of the product (which they are also lacking, btw), it's about identifying people with it.

Once again... thx for the post.

Hearing all this doom and gloom for RIM is quite sad really...
I guess many people (myself included) saw this coming, which is why I made the jump to iPhone. But truthfully speaking I would like to see RIM stay in the game, as competition is good! and ultimately benefits US the consumers.

Seriously, the guy who was in charge of that whole Storm software is still there? I don't care how long he's worked there, how good he may have been prior to that, etc., he should have been fired. Whoever was responsible for that does not deserve to put on his resume that he worked for RIM.

I'm with you. We purchased a couple of these storm phones and they really were a disaster. The sale of a phone cost many loyal customers to leave blackberry.
The iPhone guy responsible for the antenna issue that dropped your calls is gone.
RIMM should hold people accountable. So the guy running that program should go.
The two CEO structure is not so clear, they made a huge mistake out of arrogance from doing so well for so long. They have paid a huge price and now it is about execution. If they deliver on the OS7 and new bold touch, etc. and later with the QNX transition, I believe they will vindicate themselves. If they don't then RIMM will be sold to another company and lose its independence.
Also, agree they should market better. Much better. I love my Torch. I left bb for a droid but came back for the torch and now I'm quite happy. They need to market this new phones very well. If they do, RIMM makes a gradual but steady comeback. Go RIMM!

My wife and I made the switch from Treo phones (which we really liked) to the Blackberry. We too made the mistake of getting Storm 9530's. After a little over a year of battling those phones to get them working acceptably, and several warranty replacements, she did an early upgrade to a Droid X and I bought a used Droid 2 off ebay. I doubt either of us will ever go back to Blackberry.

Although the validity is suspect coming from the editors at iBGR, I like the content of the letters. The author has it spot on about end-user experience. GO RIM GO!! I want to see this company turn around quickly and get back on top so I can watch all of the iNerds come crawling back to a mobile platform and devices that blow the iCrap devices out of the water.

This almost reminds me of Google's mistakes in social media. Even Eric Schmidt admitted "he screwed up". Hopefully RIM's upper crust will do the same and get busy.

How so? His poor work humiliated him, his co-worker simply stated a fact. Responsibility and accountability obviously do not exist at RIM if they allow that poor work to ship and then do nothing to correct it.

a great letter
RIM should fire those two lazy CEOs and scrap the new BB phones with BB 7(just another catch up)
instead, release one super QNX phone by the end of this year.(mission impossible)
RIM does not need to show several different products in order to give confidence to investors and fans
just focus on ONE QNX phone which can match or beat up Icrap. then focus on the rest

but , but, i think it is too late for RIM , sad , very sad

Fake letter!
Any RIM employee wanting to leak a letter to BB users would have gone to CrackBerry, not BGR. BGR loves to make up this shit for publicity.

BGR probably has more visitors than CB, meaning more people will hear about it. Also, CB readers are mostly fans, which means this would not be shared by a ton of people. BGR readers are fans of different companies, so they're more than likely to share this with friends, co workers, relatives, etc.

Exactly what I am thinking! Something is just fishy with this open letter and then of course BGR is involved too.

so a `senior exec` saying all apps are sh*t at the mo, then says he wants RIM to entuse more devs to work with them? didnt he just shoot down his opwn idea by slating his own platform?

I think he is saying the apps suck because the tools that the developers are given are crap, not because the developers suck. No native SDK for the Playbook out yet. I still question if this is even real since Gellar over at BGR is Steve Jobs' sperm dumpster, but the content of the letter is stuff we know they need to fix.

"RIM has a lot of people who underperform but still stay in their roles. No one is accountable. Where is the guy responsible for the 9530 software? Still with us, still running some important software initiative."

Wow, being an early adopter of the Storm 1, I really thought they fired or got rid of the person that was in charge of the software for that phone. That phone just did not function properly.

Fake or not, It's all true. For the part that the CEO's of this company think that they are invinsible. Just take the case of Mr Balsili and the NHL, where did that get him? No where. I was a Blackberry user and have switched. Waiting and hoping for a quality product. Good resolution screen, fast internet browsing and nice interface to work on.

As for now RIM is way behind. But there is still time to take new directions.
If this was fake, RIM should look for this guy and offer him a job.
If this letter is truly from a RIM employee, this guy deserves a BIG promotion!!!!

My 2 cents

It's times like this i wish there was a like button.
I'm a die-hard BB enthusiast but i cannot deny that most of the points in the letter ring true.

This letter hits the nail on the head. If it is fake it will become real once a RIM employee gets a hold of it and disseminates it to the intended parties. To sum it up with one word, Interesting!

@Kevin - I work for a very large corporation and we face many of these same issues, the thing is either management doesn't know or the are too complacent to fix it or they simply cannot do a thing about it.

I think its a combination. Senior management may know there are issues but they do not have the visibility into the inner workings of each department to which employees are the issue. It is also very hard to just get rid of someone work the current labor laws.

When you have employees under achieving with underachieving mangers and underachieving directors you have a lot of people who are just fine with what they are doing, why rock the boat.

It would be major undertaking just to figure out who to let go and a MONUMENTAL overhaul for a company of this size to actually clean up it's house.

I *really* hope RIM gets it's act together, and releases a device that's as ground-breakingly awesome as they used to be able to release.

That being said, Amazon Wireless has already shipped my HTC Trophy, and I'm looking forward to the switch.

I know that feeling... worked for a 300+ employee company, good in a way, but management was stuck in 1980. Managers with 30 years in the same position... BS Bureaucracy... Change was very VERY hard to implement.

Come on RIM, we need you to CHANGE NOW!!

Whether this letter is made up or not, or whether BGR is trying to generate traffic into their blogosphere, it does speak volumes of what consumers are feeling or thinking. But no one person can fully affect change, we need a whole mind set. Of-course the CEO's were proud of their accomplishments because of the success they've seen over the years, but for someone to say that the company is in trouble, is a mistake. They are in danger of being 3rd or maybe 4th for a long time, but they are not out of the race. If this guy feels this strongly about what he wrote in his letter, he should have the guts to go face to face with the boss instead of doing it in secret to save face, even if it would cost him his job. Right now he seems like a disgruntled employee rather than one that wants to affect change. In the public's eye, it is RIMAGEDDON as it's been called, but besides what the media is reporting, WE DON"T KNOW THE FULL STORY, we are just speculating cos everyone else is trying to keep up with the Joneses. I believe that the guys in charge know of and see what's going on, and they are trying to make a change, and if that change means more delays, then so be it. I honestly would rather have a 100% complete brand in hand rather than a 90% completed one with promise of 10% coming later. The Steve Jobs keynote makes sense, and that's why Apple is where they are as a company today. They weathered the storm (no pun intended) and became great. RIM is still relevant and I'm speaking as a consumer that likes their product for what it delivers, not just how it looks. So looking into the future, they need to invest their time, into more time. More time to develop a rock solid QNX superphone, more time to develop rock solid marketing campaigns, and more time to invest in quality developers and developing tools even though it seems like time is of the essence. Greatness was not rushed, but developed ans strengthened in time. We just need to be patient even though we all want that 9900/9930 or QNX SuperPhone Now! My 2cents!

"If this guy feels this strongly about what he wrote in his letter, he should have the guts to go face to face with the boss instead of doing it in secret to save face, even if it would cost him his job."

Really? Trash your job or career for something as mundane and, in light of the bigger picture, meaningless as a mobile phone?

If this guy has a family and/or mortgage depending on that income, I highly doubt he'd share your recklessness with his livelihood.

Then my feeling toward that would be, if you can't survive and/or don't want to get fired then don't write the letter. No true source, no true credibility. I could have wrote this letter.

It may seem reckless in my part because I'm not him, but as motivated and qualified as he claims to be, then why not work on changing the mind set. At this rate he is also being as complacent with what he calls mundane day to day activities they same as he's accusing his leaders. There are too many people in this world that want to see change or make a change, but they expect someone else to do it for them. If he remains anonymous, then to the leadership at RIM, this letter may have been written by someone that knows someones brother, that has a cousin that works at RIM. However BGR came to authenticate the source, we can only take their word for it whether this person is a troll or not, we won't know for sure. Don't get me wrong here, but I'm not asking this "RIM employee" to be a martyr, but if he is this passionate about his recommendation and also use Apple as a source, then he needs to start with himself and make those necessary steps that will affect change.

Sure- make things better or get out.


I've been in cultures like he'd describing. Upper management that's so intensely proud of their accomplishments that any suggestion of change is seen as denigrating. Ineffective middle management who only have the goal of protecting themselves. IME, in situations like these, the squeaky wheel doesn't get oiled- it gets replaced. I can see an anonymous open letter being considered a safe way of getting one's point across.

Of course, in a situation like I read about in that letter, the door would have already failed to hit me in the ass on the way out.

LOL! Lets just hope that if this letter is legit, that it is taken seriously, and that from the announcements that have been made about an internal overhaul taking place at RIM, they will consider Anonymous Employees sentiments and make the necessary changes that have been put on hold for a while now. Pride has always and will always be the down fall of any leadership. I wonder if the RIM leadership has read the book Leadership and Self Deception, if they haven't, then it should be highly recommended or "anonymously" gifted. In fact, I highly recommend that everyone whose reading this, to read the book. I'm in no way advertising for the Arbinger Institute, but it's a good read.

My 2cents

That's just stupid and irresponsible.

What? Tell off the boss and leave? You lose your job and it's business as usual at the company.

No, this is the correct move. Attempt to correct the deficiencies from within. Garnish support from the workforce and present your case to the higher-ups in a format that can't be summarily dismissed quite so easily.

It starts with management. Find out who's not doing their job, and put someone in there who wants to be in there. Then hold that person directly accountable. Things will start to change when management gets their ass chewed out on a daily basis for the production of their department. Make people come in on weekends and holidays. Change will happen, the people who don't want to be their will quit, and someone who would love to work for RIM could get a shot

As much as I would like the new Bold 9900, it is definitely looking less and less appealing with all that is going on internally at RIM. If they are scrambling to push out phones with QNX (which at this point they pretty much have to), why would I want to get a new BB with a refreshed OS which will probably lose support within a year. Also as developers are abandoning RIMs OS, QNX phones may not be all that we want them to be.
I really get a long with my 9700 right now but I can see moving on to a different platform in the near future and not sitting around with RIM as other technologies are pushing forward.
Just listen to the last podcast on crackberry and you can sense the tone from the group...the writing is on the wall folks...RIM may not go under but they may be bought out!

RIM should make the best decision and sell the company to Microsoft before their value drops down even more. Don't make a stupid move as a Company anymore! or will happen the same thing like Nokia.

WOW, its been obvious for months now that RIM was not the same company it was about 5 years ago. Change is a must if you plan to succeed in this business and RIM is operating in the past, hoping that its global business will take them to the next level...........NOT!!!

Sometimes, I believe RIM never follows forums or blogs like crackberry.
I mean people often write and discribe what the want/expect next.

It would be so easy to read the costumer's wishes.

Either they ignore that or they don't read open forums

I'm sure there are RIM employees on this site just lurking and taking down notes, but when they pass that information to their management it just get thrown away.

I don´t wanna say that I`m not happy with my bb.

But my excitement shrank from the point as the torch came out.

I mean did you remember the jump from the 8700 to 9000
or from 83xx to 8900 - that was awesome...

But since then (2008 - 3years!!!!!), nothing really new came out!
Even the specs. are still the same!

Kevin, your post seems to me to be that open letter to RIM, but I doubt they will take any action based upon your voicing of our collective concerns. I have been a loyal Blackberry enthusiast for years, but despite the need for a reliable corporate communication device, I have found myself looking at options for the future when my contract with Verizon expires. It is really a shame that a company that had so much promise has become so ineffective in handling the changes that are required in the tech industry.

As I write this comment from my BlackBerry PlayBook that is currently bridged to my 9700 while I am commuting from Corinthos to Athens, I must say that RIM has taken some positive strides. I love the PlayBook and the functionality it provides, but like the analogy of being stuck in the right lane is spot on. BlackBerry isn't passing anyone. From the moment the true "hardcore" BlackBerry enthusiasts begin to question RIM, well then, there is no looking back. We all agree that we want RIM to pull through this but a deep shake up is needed It can be done. just look at apple and what they have become, heck look at microsoft and there WP7! Come on RIM, lets get this done!

Great...an unsigned letter! That takes alot of courage. I have issues with this letter and the writer:
1. Sign your name and make your comments legit.
2. Quit pretending to be "doing" your job at RIM...this type of employee action is typical of the problems.
3. Do something about your comments...not just write them.
4. You are the company...we are just shareholders.
5. Executive staff understand these issues...it requires a change in the co-workers also!
6. Trimming the dead wood at RIM is healthy...many of us have already been through this exercise in the last 2 years...it makes those who remain much more productive.
7. A job is not a "right" or "entitlement"...you need to earn it everyday.

RIM is going through change...it will survive and be a stronger company. Trust those who have guided the ship so far...change for change's sake will do nothing. The Co - CEO's have a vision and a plan...they need to execute it more effectively...and to do that they need co-workers who will step up to the plate and not criticize in an anonymous fashion on a blog site BGR which is highly critical of everything RIM. If you don't believe it, read today's newly released BGR review of the HP tablet and compare it to their review of RIM's PlayBook. BGR can't wait to cut down a RIM product. Sure BGR verified the letter and it's writer...as it was probably written in house...He-he!

Other than possibly for 1 or 2 little tidbits of info, this letter could have been written by anyone with a browser.

I am not sold on this being a "senior" RIM employee.

That being said.....I like what was said by a healthy Steve around the 8:40 point.

"I will say I am not part of a large group of bitter employees wishing to embarrass us."

And yet, it reaches BGR of all sites.

This alone reveals this letter is fake.

BGR click bait.

(I read it on Berryreview -- didn't go to BGR.)

Look, Nokia with Stephen Elop, a great example of humble leadership...was when he personally asked each employee how they felt and took it all in and made changes. Even if Nokia fails, NO ONE can say he didn't do EVERYTHING he could to make things happen. This is what RIM needs to do, humble themselves. When my boss tells me his failings, it makes me want to help him far more than when he rides us as a team telling us what to do. We work better underneath a strong and humble management style. The CEO of our company personally sits with each employee and asks us what we want to see the company do and how we believe we can grow. That's our success story, it is also Apple's success story.

Integrity begins with humility. After humility comes growth because you allow yourself to see what others see and make rational, wise decisions that are based on reality and perception, which we all know drives marketshare,

"@boygenius Jonathan S. Geller
Will be on CNBC's Fast Money around 5PM today talking about the RIM open letter we published"

I guess BGR is getting into the lime light for the published letter. Publicity stunt? What?!?!

Does NOONE else find it odd that all the MAJOR NEGATIVE unverifiable events are coming from BGR.

Its always from an anonymous source, always verified. Guess what, i heard from an authorized anonymous source (who's identity and credentials and credibility i have verified) that BGR is MAKING ALL THIS STUFF UP. I can understand they have their alliances, but what theyre doing is ridiculous.

It's a very interesting letter and I hope RIM takes some serious consideration into what it says. Recently I made up my mind and decided to switch away from blackberry for a little while. I consider myself a very heavy BB user and, as such, my phone is loaded with tons of apps and I'm always trying to get the max out of it. Sadly, I've realized that the only thing I'll miss is BBM (and whatsapp won't make me miss all that much), since I can do pretty much everything on other platforms and I don´t have to see that stupid clock every other time I open an app, nor have to be worried about cleaning the memory because if I don't then my phone will just get laggy. I hoped that when I got my Torch all of that would go away, but sadly it didn't. It's just not cutting it anymore, which is way I'm going to try an iPhone or a while.
Maybe when the "QNX superphone" arrives I'll switch back, maybe I won't.
Only time will tell

in think kev should write one next as a concerned community leader and the voice of the people. they can't fire him like this guy, so he has nothing to lose but everything to gain.

I feel RIM needs to come on.

its like cheering for a team that has the last few minutes to score a point for a tie or a win.(and you know deep down the might not make it because they are weak or don't have star players)

they need to restructure quickly.....I have been a blackberry fan for a few years now and not even the nice droid phones and technology or because i own an imac and i can control it from an iphone would make me change, but something got to give, i'm tired of sitting here arguing with people with apple and google os at there hands, trying to defend Rim platform.

I got many friends and family overseas that own blackberry devices , its so cool to stay in instant contact with them that ill be sad if i got to trade to another platform , yes there's a lot of apps out there that can help with the transition , but its just not the same.
lets hope for the best but prepare for the worst , if things don't start moving forward and FAST!!!
LET'S GO R.I.M !!!!!!! there's still a lots of users cheering for you guys LET'S GOOOOOO!!!

This letter has a lot of truth within it, but I'm not too sure how credible it is. I'm having a hard time believing that a RIM employee wrote this.

Anyway, the truth in the letter can't be ignored. RIM needs to do some catching up with the rest of the mobile tech world, and if that requires doing some internal shuffling, then fine. Being stubborn to progressive (and fast) change can't afford to happen right now.

I'll always be rooting for RIM's success, even if I ever move away from using my BlackBerry. Even if they don't retake the number one spot in the mobile tech world, I hope they don't have another quarter as terrible as the previous one.

This is click bait like several others have pointed out. It reads just like every BGR article about RIM and it celebrates Apple and Steve Jobs (how BGR rolls). It is very well written but do you really think there was one guy who was in charge of 9530 Software? Every point made has been written about over and over again at BGR, nothing insightful was mentioned, no reason to believe this anything but fabrication.

" I've stopped myself though, because the realization I keep coming back to is that it honestly doesn't serve a USEFUL purpose. An open letter to RIM makes the assumption that RIM's senior employees and the CEO's don't have a clue as to what's going on around them. Trust me, THEY KNOW. They're not stupid. I guarantee there's not one thing in this open letter that RIM's CEOs and top management don't already know and haven't thought about. If I thought I could tell RIM management in an open letter something truly useful, I'd have done it already. "

Human psychology is an interesting thing. We might know there is a problem on some level, but it doesn't enter our consciousness until someone points it out. Have you ever mentioned something about a friend's boyfriend/girlfriend, and they get all upset like they never noticed? The same thing happens when you use a phrase that makes something seem better, like "downsizing" instead of "firing people". It makes the problem seem less bad, even though the reality is that nothing changes.

A letter like this, especially when it comes from a (supposedly) credible source, might not tell anyone anything they didn't already know. However, it will bring forth the issue into focus, rather that let it remain behind a subconscious block. It certainly doesn't feel good, but then constructive criticism rarely does.

So while harping on the issue does absolutely no good, bringing it to the attention of those in charge shows them that other people have noticed and see the problems that RIM is having. This makes it seem more real and pressing than if it was handled purely behind closed doors. If the management takes the constructive criticism to heart instead of ignoring it, I'm sure that RIM will be much more willing to commit themselves to a course of action that will put them back on top. Giggity.

"We urge you to make BOLD decisions" hahahhaahahaha,pun intended? I think so,am I the only one who caught that?