RIM Working on a Native Twitter Client... Should They?!

By Kevin Michaluk on 25 Sep 2009 05:28 pm EDT

A while back now I heard that RIM was working on their own Twitter client (project banshee) and with some word of it starting to surface today figured it was about to time drop some details. It'll be a BIS-B Push based handheld client leveraging RIM's past app experiences and making use of the new components being developed within MySpace projects. It will feature core BlackBerry application integration, and be tied in to the address book, browser and device setup wizard. You can expect the user interface to be along the same lines as other RIM-built social networking apps and offer a similar experience. As for features, it'll have everything you'd expect a twitter app these days to have, including trending topics. All in all, it sounds good.

Over the past few months we've seen lots of developers throw a lot of time and effort (and $$ no doubt) at their third party twitter clients and over time have built up a lot of users of those apps. There's no doubt that whatever RIM pushes will likely become the most-used client, hence the poll at the top. I'm curious what all of the current BlackBerry/Twitter users out there think of this. Feel free to sound off in the comments!

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RIM Working on a Native Twitter Client... Should They?!


I use Uber. However, it would be nice to see something designed by RIM. It may be nothing new, but it just might work well, be efficient and maybe surprise us with new tech. As long as they can do it quickly too.

I dnt use twitter but is good that RIM is working on a twitter client, but what they should really be working on is getting the I'm native apps better because right now, they not getting it done

Sounds good to me as long as RIM does not wait or get it done in 3 years time and by then Twitter is old news and something new is all the rage and no one uses twitter any more..

I definitely would like a Twitter app developed by RIM. Ubertwitter has a plenty of features, but a really poor interface. And SocialScope has a great interface, but a lack of features. And none of them have push updates! Seriously, how hard can it be to develop a working Twitter client!?

Native RIM apps are crap. Look at their separate IM clients vs Im+ or Beejive. No contest the native apps suck.

I disagree. I love the native apps. Better battery life, lower IM lag, contact/OS integration, and automatic login on reboot. I also have BeeJive but it's just sitting on the bench now.

i'd prefer a native rim client over anything else at all times, due to the options that only rim can offer, like push services and message/address book integration.

Kevin Michaluk Wrote: "You can expect the user interface to be incongruence with other RIM-built social networking apps and offer a similar experience"

Sorry this is really bugging me,

I think you meant "in congruence with" not "incongruence with" the first means equivalence, where as the second means nonequivalence

From FreeDictionary.Com
in·con·gru·ent (n-knggr-nt, nkn-grnt)
1. Not congruent.
2. Incongruous.

The last part of the sentence "offer a similar experience" implies congruence and not incongruence, because the experience will be similar.

Sorry, it was just eating a hole in my brain, it was probably an evil spell check mistake, I once misspelled anecdotal and let a M$ spell checker repair it to antidotal, in a memo that went to the board of directors, WHOOPS!

This comment just made my week. Seriously... I'm not a blogger or journalist. I'm a BlackBerry addict, period. I realize I should really care about grammar and using the right words and stuff like that, and I try to, but I write for the story and from the heart, and I'm usually writing in a rush so sometimes umm..make mistakes (lots of em). 

Anyways, I fixed the post.  Will try to do better the next time I use big words. :)

Have a great weekend!


Is it really that hard to bring Twitter's site in your browser (you can even bookmark it), and get your tweet on from there? I don't get why would I need yet another application eating up storage space on my devices for something that can be done from the web browser.

The apps bring a whole pile of features/functionality to the table compared to the mobile website. It's not even a comparison.

Storage space is there for you to use.

I think a RIM twitter app would be great, especially seeing how great the facebook app is. I am a fairly new 8900 owner, and all I can say is that the facebook app developed by RIM has actually turned me on to facebook.

I'd like to expand on my "yes" vote. Yes, I think they should develop a twitter client. However, I don't think they make the best apps all the time. Competition is good, so the more developers making apps, the better the apps will be overall.

I love RIM version of MSN and Yahoo messenger and they should expand their push technology to new areas. I would start using twitter more if RIM had a push twitter app. Right now I only log onto twitter maybe once a month.

I would have said yes when twitter clients were just rolling out for Blackberry phones but since the latest update of UberTwitter, they've FINALLY (after a long damn time) have added a notification icon for the homescreen banner! About time and now I'm happy.

RIM makes absolutely terrible apps. . . . The facebook app was sooooo laggy and cumbersome to use. (Not to mention it has less features than the mobile site, I.e. The like link). . . I deleted it. . . It's simply easier (and faster) to use the mobile site. . . . And the review states the experience will be similar to past ones. . .(Which indicates a slow, unfriendly, feature stripped twitter app) I'll pass. . .Thanks for the warning crackberry!

I use Twitter and Facebook quite a bit and have Alpha tested a few social networking apps. It's hard to beat RIM's Facebook client and I imagine that it's Twitter app would be pretty impressive as well. I just wish someone would make a LinkedIn app for Blackberry.

How bout they help in the process of making a "flash" browser for the curves first... seems that'd be a hellofalot more useful.

BUT...I prefer my UberTwitter.

I think they should work on bringing some apps up to speed with the competitors. (i.e. a Facebook app).

It has all the features I could ask for, but I wouldn't mind seeing a better looking interface. I tried TwiXtreme, and it's pretty, but it doesn't do crap. It would be great if RIM could create something that is both useful and pleasant to look at.

RIM, for the love of God, please resolve Error 552 (outofmemoryerror) first? Sick of reinstalling apps all the time. It's demoralizing!