RIM working on their own video conferencing app for the BlackBerry PlayBook

RIM working on its own video conferencing app for the BlackBerry PlayBook
By Bla1ze on 10 Mar 2011 11:12 pm EST

If you've looked around the BlackBerry PlayBook homepage lately then this may not come as a huge surprise -- and really it shouldn't as the real news here isn't that the BlackBerry PlayBook has the ability to do video conferencing. But rather, that Research In Motion is working on their own application that enables video conferencing on the BlackBerry PlayBook instead of relying on a third-party developer such as Skype or say Qik to do it for them (though nothing would prevent third parties from developing these apps on their own as well).

As noted by our friend Al Sacco in a recent interview he had with RIM's VP of enterprise strategy, David Heit, Research In Motion has been working on a peer-to-peer video-conferencing app similar to that of Apples FaceTime video chat and is expected to have it available soon and presumably on the BlackBerry PlayBook at launch.

No indication was given if and, or when we may see it on the BlackBerry smartphones but as the article states, it appears to be a BlackBerry PlayBook specific app only at this time as none of the current BlackBerry smartphones can even make use of the feature. Hit up the source link for the full details of the interview.

Source: PCWorld

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RIM working on their own video conferencing app for the BlackBerry PlayBook


Seriously. This is totally to be expected! I would officially call RIM stupid if they were to make a tablet with a forward facing camera and not take the time to develop their own software for it. Good job RIM... If you manage to make this available at launch, it will really help with pb sales. My only hope is that the delay in the pb launch is simply to have features and software like this available.

Guys, I tweeted you about this today. I had a hands-on experience with the Playbook today and saw the app, its called video chat. I recommend people go to my blog notanalogDOTcom for my first impressions.

Can I chat with people that are on a PC with this?

Just read your blog which says skype available at launch. That'll be cool most of my family will not buy this one the day it comes out, like me :D

Well yes, if they have Skype and you are using Skype on the Playbook.

It is coming with GMail standard too, which leads me to think if Google Talk will work on the device, I didnt ask...

This is what Steve Jobs meant by copycats.


Sadly, RIM is a poor copycat.. They never do things right.

They remind me with Microsoft.


Looks like we have an Apple Fan Boy in the hiz-ouse!

Copycat? really? You apple people. It's called competition. Obviously ifone company is making money off of something, the rival companies will need to do it as well.

RIM never does anything right? They sure own the enterprise market pretty well, and doing pretty good in the consumer as well. Remeber, the iPhone just took 1st place over the Blackberry in last quarter. Blackberry was owning for quite some time. Also, iPhone sales are dropping like flies. Android is picking up the slack there.

Microsoft? really? What's the market share there? If it wasn't for microsoft investing in the all mighty apple, they would be out of business right now. So, I guess I just proved your point, Microsoft screwed up badly there for rescuing Apple.

Good points but a clarification- iPhone took over 1st place sales only in North America (possibly only the United States), globally RIM is still #1. And if I made add Android is on pace to over take iPhone in the U.S in 2011.

the IBM Simon in 1992 was the first smartphone and he copied it like everyone else did. Then again the idea of the tablets was out in 1966 in star trek. The only thing jobs did was make it popular and prove to the world that everyone no matter who they are will buy the same POS year after year as long as you change as little as possible. well in iphone and ipad's case its every 6months, i mean the iphone4 is nothing more then the iphone3 with 2 camera's and more reception problems.
edited due to me being dumb.

I understand a comment like this but you have to understand that QNX is totally new and a break from other RIM products. Just like Apple bought their OS from Next, Google bought android, RIM bought QNX, so the comments really are not fair.

RIM reminds you of MS because like windows, RIM smartphone have been hampered by the legacy issues. PLaybook is not.

cant wait till they make this into a phone
i thought they would put this in bbm but it might cause too much traffic

Okay, this is getting sad.

1) RIM, just release the damn thing! I've heard enough about you want, could, should do. Just release the tablet!

2) RIM, compatibility? Understand what it means? This tablet - if it EVER gets released - is going to find it's why into corporations. Corporations use Microsoft's UCS, Lotus' Sametime, or Cisco, Avaya, Polycom video products. The small ones use Skype Enterprise. They WILL NOT use a new, proprietary system. Spend your time getting apps for the existing products on your vaporware tablet.

3) RIM, consumers like compatibility too. Get it? That means, they want to video chat with Skype, Yahoo, Google Chat or Live Messenger. They DO NOT want YET ANOTHER proprietary solution. Get it?

m'kay. Now that that is clear, release this damn tablet!

Ok so, my preivous comment indicates that I saw this today and if you didnt read my blog post then I will help you out here:

1) April
2) To be launched with cisco webex for companies to use,
3) to be launched with skype for consumers to use

The Galaxy Tab was released with a native video chat app for gtab to gtab only, BUT they have apps on android for video chat. so chill. its coming.
read my blog post and let me know if you have questions :)

Have a good weekend all.

It won't come as a shock to RIM that companies use existing products, but just like bbm doesn't stop anyone using other im clients on a blackberry this existence of this application won't stop the playbook from hosting other applications too or even this app being directly compatible with existing standards if it also has some specific playbook to playbook options too thats offers something extra for them in features or performance.

As far as whining about them not releasing it, they announced a q1 release and it now looks like they could miss that target by a few days if the april 10th stuff turns out to be true, so ranting about them not having released anything before they were intending to do so is just daft.

Please don't leave out Skype RIM. Having a BB video conferencing app is great but unless it comes to BBM then I will not have much friends to chat with on it. Well until the playbook gets popular among my friends that is. I need skype on my Playbook or I will have to look some place else for a tablet. Even Steve Jobs allowed skype on the Ipad 2.

BBM next generation :) Let's hope it is something we can all use (not just business). FaceTime is garnering believers, so what is RIM's response

I agree with CanisMinor: just get it out there! The PlayBook doesn't have to have everything in version 1. There is room for additional apps, OS upgrades & revisions. Getting the PlayBook in the hands of the public is what is important so as not to look like a follower but a leader.

" just get it out there! The PlayBook doesn't have to have everything in version 1" u NEED to understand that if they release the Playbook, and it Lacks things, ppl will whine about it, i THINK they rather be well prepared before launching; Which i think that is a GREAT thing, i rather wait and get something that wont need any fixes, at least for a while.

BBM next generation :) Let's hope it is something we can all use (not just business). FaceTime is garnering believers, so what is RIM's response

I agree with CanisMinor: just get it out there! The PlayBook doesn't have to have everything in version 1. There is room for additional apps, OS upgrades & revisions. Getting the PlayBook in the hands of the public is what is important so RIM does not look like a follower but a leader.

I suppose Nightsniper thinks Apple invented video conferencing? Perhaps Apple invented the tablet as well? Certainly, Apple made the tablet work and sold it well with a number of great apps and an easy to use GUI. I think success is going to Job's head if he thinks that Apple is the center of the universe.

Look how the first BlackBerry changed what we thought of pagers and personal organizers. When Palm was building the Pilots, RIM was building BlackBerry. Lazaridis didn't run around calling everyone else a copycat. Look how the iPhone changed the landscape for user interfaces on a handheld. Look at the iPad. They're all great innovations, and they foster great competition -- this is all healthy for consumers and the industry.

I hope they integrate it with BBM. Can you imagine if we could do a video call using BBM ala Yahoo Messenger? It would ROCK!

I think saying this is the next BBM is really missing the boat. Survey's say kids today would rather text than talk. BBM is about bing fast move on, video talk doesn't fit that.

Maybe an option but video chat and BBM are not even close products.

Man, you guys are taking this way too seriously.
Video chat is the way commiunication is going. No one is copying anyone, hell, Skype had video chat before Apple integrated it. It's the evolution of tech.

That said, I'm putting my suggestion forward for the name of the new video chat service:
PlayTime :|

Video chat, yes,. Video chat on Playbook, ya I can see that. Video chat holding my phone in front of my face no. Have lots of friends that have iPhone 4s as we all do, and none of them use video chat, yes you heard correctly, none.

Video chat is cool, and I do use it some, but here is the problem: I will have a blackberry playbook but no one else that I happen to want to video chat will. Instead of all of the brand specific apps for video chatting, why don't every one jump on board for a universal video chat app so that I can be on my playbook and video chat with a friend on an iphone4, or one sitting behind a computer with skype or yahoo messenger where anything works with anything. That's the main reason why more people aren't video chatting today, it's too brand specific.

Since it is supposed to be a business tablet, a multi person video conference should be in the works and not just a one on one.

Having the ability to connect to, for argument sake, up to four people at one time would make buying the PlayBook worthwhile for business and charitable organizations. The cost savings in fuel to get to meetings alone would pay for the PlayBooks.

Seeing as how RIM is so embedded into corporate IT infrastructure, RIM should create a business-class webinar application (think WebEx, LiveMeeting, or GoToMeeting) and do an app version for the Playbook that supports video conferencing. If I'm traveling to a bunch of meetings or a conference and need to be on a webinar or video conference, I'm going to want to use my Playbook rather than having to boot up my stupid laptop.