RIM working behind the scenes on a desktop dock for BlackBerry smartphones

Desk Dock Patent
By Jared DiPane on 13 Apr 2012 03:56 pm EDT

The motions begin behind the scenes long before something ever hits the market for consumers, and it appears as though RIM has a desktop phone dock of sorts in the works for BlackBerry devices. This dock would allow you, while at your desk, to place your device inside and have access to your contact book, phone and more.

Allowing you to use your cell phone as a desk line is something Enterprise customers could definitely find good use for. The patent has been in filing for a while and of course we have no idea when this would surface, if it does at all. Always good to see things happening behind the scenes and here's to hoping for a matching desk dock for our new BlackBerry 10 devices!

Source: USPTO; via: Engadget

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RIM working behind the scenes on a desktop dock for BlackBerry smartphones


There are already office desktop dock on sale for some android handsets in Hongkong...so I doubt they can get the patent...well, maybe they can get a patent specific to Blackberry....but how useful would that be is beyond me....

due to the age of the patent, it`d be very valueable, as theyd either force them to stop making the current models, or (and way more likely) license the patent and rake in the $$

not really, if someone has been producing a commercial product before the patent-holder has produced one, it almost automatically qualifies the one who produces it first to continue producing because it's usually self-evident that its developed independently. Patents are intended to prevent copying of innovations, not monopolize technology.

Actually, if you look at the filing it says it's a reissue of a patent originally filed in 2001:

This is a continuation of U.S. application Ser. No. 12/965,222, filed Dec. 10, 2010, which is a continuation of U.S. application Ser. No. 10/146,556, filed May 15, 2002 (now U.S. Pat. No. 7,885,645), which claims priority from U.S. Provisional Application No. 60/291,303, filed May 15, 2001, all the above applications hereby incorporated herein by reference.

I hadn't looked at the filing

I have since, and wow this is taking for ever to go through, I wonder if MVS was developed due to this patent going so slowly

I like this idea. I played with something similar my Verizon Rep brought in for another OS. A lot of users in my org are remote office. This would save some soft phone CAL's. However, This would only really be a cost benefit if you are using something like MVS or Agito.

It really does make sense, many people are dropping their landlines, and this helps avoid any "radiation" worries.

Yes please. This a fantastic idea especially if it uses a wireless docking system enabling it to work with all BB10 phones. Wireless charging, Use NFC to initiate the bluetooth connection when the handset is placed on top.

I like it. I'd buy one for the office, though probably not for home since I carry my phone pretty much everywhere I go.

This patent is 11 years old guys....just look at the BB Phone in the drawing...2001 anyone? Now, I'm never one to bash this site cause I do love it more then my last girlfriend but HOW IS THIS NEWS?!?!?!? Cheers

Long Live The RIMpire!!!

Handspring came our with something very similar about a dozen years ago...it was a dock for their "Visor", which could be considered a "Palm" knockoff, but for the fact that it was created by the guys that designed the Palms. Idea was the same, only it was intended to create a dock that would allow the "handset" to operate as a cordless phone.

It wasn't a good idea then. Don't believe they sold many of them.

I guess if this thing is created and sold, the market will tell us if it's a good idea now.

It would be great to see this with support for both bb10 and playbook on one dock. Provide the land line style phone, but also send a wireless signal to a wireless hdmi input to view content from both devices on a tv or monitor screen while using bluetooth mouse and keyboard to navigate. (or wireless usb that opens a window of the phone and tablet content on a desktop or laptop)

Your wireless carrier would be very happy when people start switching from landline to wireless :)

- Charles

I was a loyal BB user. I moved on. Lackluster news and broken promises. Please BB, just put out a phone. i want to come back.

I hope this can provide something more than Panasonic's link-to-cell feature. Otherwise it may be just a fancy BB docking station.

Ah side scroll wheel, how much do I miss thee!?! LoL. All kidding aside. I remember having a desktop dock station back with the "pager" models 950 & 957. Now they didn't come with a handset, but it did sync and charge the device. I don't know why they stopped coming out with it. I was also a fan of the hard hip case/holder that the BB would just slide/click into...but I should save the rest for the forums to rant in

Seems like a bunch of hype for a very outdated concept. What other (new) benefits would you get from this...that you cannot already get TODAY with Bluetooth enable phones like the ones from Panasonic, Vtech..etc?

Where's my PlayBook dock that has HDMI out, full size SDXC support and 3 full size USB ports? All this time and still no dock with at least an HDMI out!