RIM wins court ruling on BBM trademark

By Bla1ze on 31 May 2012 05:14 pm EDT

Remember a few months back, when the Toronto based broadcast industry group BBM Canada decided they would go ahead and file a trademark infringement suit against Research In Motion? Their defense being, that they were constantly being confused with Research In Motion. As it turns out, the courts have now decided RIM can use the term "BBM" however they do so wish:

“We are pleased that the Federal Court of Canada sided with RIM and confirmed that RIM’s use of BBM does not infringe the trademark rights of BBM Canada as they had alleged,” RIM spokeswoman Tenille Kennedy

At the time, I noted I wasn't sure how RIM could possibly win this case. Nice to see I was wrong on the matter entirely and RIM can continue to use BBM from here on out, losing the BBM mark would not be good at all. it's certainly about time RIM had some good luck go their way.

Source: Globe And Mail

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RIM wins court ruling on BBM trademark


BBM is not a trademark belonging to RIM or any company. The acronym first evolved when users of Blackberry Messenger called it BBM for short. The term then became widespread among consumers that RIM decided to incorporate it into their marketing.

I remember back when Blackberry Messenger started becoming popular, me and my friends would call it BBM way before RIM patented the name. Even if RIM didn't claim the name, consumers would still call it BBM...naturally. Legally the name should be used by the consumers however they want...so in reference to Blackberry Messenger it shall be.

Noo... we use "Shut up, Meg" when people say something worth noticing. Don't waste it on troll posts. :p

Seeing as this court case involved their most prized possession, I don't see how this was a frivolous case.

A BlackBerry without BBM is like an iPhone without fart apps

You don't seem to know how this works... They were TAKEN to court, or they had the option of settling and losing the BBM name, which is not a damn option you crazy nut!

You got served [insert random letters/numbers here because user is too lazy too come up with something meaningful as a username]!!

Thank God someone pointed out that horrific mistake, because for a moment I thought the world was about to implode, explode, implode faster, and then turn into a Fig Newton!

I honestly don't see why RIM didn't win this case earlier?

I mean, BlackBerry Messenger = BBM as an acronym, but BBM Canada, as an acronym fully would be BBMC? According to copyright laws, a company is allowed to designate the name of their company or product for that matter to an acronym provided the acronym does not intentionally pose a copyright infringement.

OK too much weed I'm talking crap. And I think I may be confusing acronyms for...what's that other one that exists?

I believe an acronym is a shortened version of a name that forms a useable word (like Scuba, or self contained underwater breathing apparatus) and initialism is a shortened version of a name where the letters do not form a useable word (like BBM, or BlackBerry Messenger).

Are you kidding me the grammar police are here? Give me a break...

Going out of business? Seriously dude... 2.1 Billion in the bank and they own everything outright, come on they will be fine.

Only positive vibes from here on in.

Good work RIM lawyers!

Not unless they buy the rights to BBX from the owner of the trademark. Which, at this point would probably cost them more than they are willing to spend for an untested name.

I do believe they need to replace BB10 with something new and different. Someone pointed out BBNX (pronounced BBNeXt), in a different article which caught my eye.

I used to think BBX sounded/looked better from a marketing perspective, but in recent times, I'm not so sure. "OSX" (whether you pronounce it "ex" or "ten") is synonymous w/Apple. I'd be extremely jittery if they went w/"BBNeXt" as it rings of Steve Jobs' "NeXT" platform (amongst others) before his return to Apple.

That said, the NeXT box was quite brilliant (one man's opinion), and it does offer a nice soundbyte, but RIM would be crucified by it in the end. (Not that it could do much more damage than the media trying to nix them... *sigh*)

No offense to all the inventive names out there, but RiM isn't going to touch this one. They don't want to beat at a dead horse and risk getting sued over and over again. They have a name and they're going to stick with it, it's never going to change again (since it's been announced as BlackBerry 10), so you'll have to deal with it.

Good morale booster with this win. Like Bla1ze, when I first heard about this I thought it would be a loss on RIM's side. I'm glad they got the win here. They need all the positive news and "wins" they can get (esp in North America, where everyone is very much AGAINST them). Hoping they can pull out of this slide and come out swinging!

Now on to getting BBX back! C'Mon, you have a few months yet! ;)
Throw 100 Million at them. That ought to shut 'em up.

We can use that 100 million for research and development. Get the product right..worry about naming a product once its actually complete..

I've used a Blackberry for eight years. I've also worked with BBM data for over 30 years, and in fact have been to their offices in Toronto, and it never occurred to me that the acronyms could be confused.

I really wished that RIM could have gotten BBX. The new branding and marketing would have been easier. If I owned it I'd have just given it to them...for a new BlackBerry 10 (BBX) phone. That seems like a fair trade! :)