RIM wasn't at IFA 2012 but the BlackBerry PlayBook 3G+ was

BlackBerry PlayBook 3G+
By Bla1ze on 3 Sep 2012 04:48 pm EDT

if you're a huge tech follower then you likely know IFA 2012 took place in Berlin, Germany last week. As expected, RIM wasn't there in any huge capacity but there was a few RIM products hanging about on the showroom floor. One of them, being the BlackBerry PlayBook 3G+, was found sitting in the Vodafone booth showing off OS

The 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook went on sale not long ago but for areas without LTE or carriers not wanting to offer an LTE version, the BlackBerry PlayBook 3G+ will be sold in its place offering consumers 3G connectivity. Right now, RIM hasn't announced any availability for carrier connected PlayBooks outside of Canada but it looks like that may soon change.

Thanks to Richard Devine from Android Central, you can jump below to see some more shots of the BlackBerry PlayBook 3G+.

BlackBerry PlayBook 3G+
BlackBerry PlayBook 3G+BlackBerry PlayBook 3G+

BlackBerry PlayBook 3G+

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RIM wasn't at IFA 2012 but the BlackBerry PlayBook 3G+ was


That's odd, mine has been running like an atomic clock since day one (and I've been putting it through it's paces). Everyone that I know that has one, has had zero complaints about it. We're all eagerly awaiting the release of the PB OS 2.1 for our 4G LTE PlayBooks. I'm totally happy with mine.

I've had zero problems with mine.
Try fully draining the battery, then recharging it.
That should fix the problem.

That would require him to actually have a PlayBook in the first place! He's just a troll who's lost and can't find his way back home.

I had a battery drainage problem since upgrading to .668. Its reduced up to 50%, and my Playbook runs warm which is sad. However I discovered a temporary fix. I turn of my Wifi when I'm not using it, the battery life returns to normal. Patiently waiting for BB10.
Tablets are incredible

Do a back up then a security wipe then update to 840. You'll have great batt life.

I never have problems after an update if I wipe first.

If they go on sale for the price what the Wi Fi 16g,32g and 64g ones are in the UK at the moment then they will shift loads of them otherwise sales will be slow.

Ya I know what you mean. Out of all the tablets out there, the Playbook is the sleekest sexiest looking one.
Tablets are incredible

I'm curious why HSPA+ is considered 4G here in Canada and it's considered 3G+ across the pond? Am I missing something?

Not sure what you mean. The PlayBook 4G sold in Canada is true 4G LTE. My Rogers 9900 which is HSPA+ is not marketed as 4G and in fact it clearly displays H+ as the signal strength and not 4G.

It is a little bit tricky.

I believe LTE is only 3.9G (HSDPA is someting 3.75 etc.)and the real 4G is LTE-A.

I read a while ago about this, on the english wiki is (or was at least ;) ) a chart about that (on the very end of the page)

To this, for example the "new ipad" is using LTE frequences, probably the same on the PlayBook LTE, which are not used for LTE in Europe, or Australia.

That is the reason it is called 3.5+
I'm sure it is the same hardware you will habe as PlayBook LTE.

> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LTE_(telecommunication)#White_papers_and_other_technical_information

Oh thats an easy one, Outside if NA most carriers dont are not allowed to blatantly lie about such things.

OS is a curse! I thought I was lucky at first to have it..but now I charge my playbook like 2 times every day .. before the update I would go 2 days without charging

You're one of the lucky ones. I heard there are 2 gens of Playbook. Seems the people like me who have the 2nd gen are having issues. Did you get your PB in the beginning when it first came out?
Tablets are incredible

I have the 2nd Gen 64 GB Wifi PlayBook and the 4G LTE PlayBook. Both are currently running PB OS with no problems whatsoever and I've never had any problems prior to OS either.

Thanks for the input guys, its much appreciated. You're really lucky to have the 4G LTE.

I have a marjor battery drainage problem since upgrading to I found a fix. I turn of my Wifi when I'm not using it, the battery life returns to normal.

It seems a lotta people who have are having problems, while other are not. Its really random.

I'd really like to know how you like the new Playbook 4G. Is it as cool as they say?

Tablets are incredible

Well if you hold your PB on an angle, the screen will have a blue tint to it, and the Blackberry logo on the back is more raised.
Tablets are incredible

It was pointed out to me that on the original PlayBook the power button sat flush with the surrounding material. Some people had a problem with this being too hard to use, while some other people just like to whine and complain and it gave them something to whine and complain about. As a result, BlackBerry raised the power button about 1/2 mm. Other then that, I'm not aware of any other hardware changes, but that doesn't mean there weren't any, just that I haven't been made aware of them yet.


I never had any issue with the power button.

I guess I have a newer one or I am not "that special" ;)

I got mine "on sale" in December (a nice christmas present :) ) but I believe when it was build in May 2011.

(the power button is not plan but below one mm - never had an issue)

And using the "bad" OS version - one time the PB was drained when I put it in my bag but I'm sure this has nothing to do with the OS version.

I'm new to Crackberry. Nice to see a site dedicated to our Playbooks. Tired of always hearing iPad this, and Galaxy tab that.

As for being a curse, tell me about it. This is a real pain in the battery for me too. You know if RIM is gonna give us a fix for this update?

Would of been nice if you upgraded the camera to at least 12MP and bumped up the display ppi to make it an excellent video recording device.

I am pissed at RIM...
I heard the Playbook 3g was going to cost approx 549 CDN. I can get a iPad 3rd gen for 510 CDN at futurshop.ca

The iPad is 10" the Playbook is 7" no wonder why sales are down on Playbooks, RIM is selling them too HIGH!!! It should be under 400...

I visited IFA. I wish RIM would make also an European LTE version (for the 800/1800/2600 MHz bands) of the Playbook soon because Vodafone and T-Mobile where showing the new Samsung Galaxy Tab with LTE and download speeds ranging from 50 to 80 Mbps. Which was really impressive.