RIM wants to patent blogging on your BlackBerry smartphone

RIM wants to patent blogging on your BlackBerry smartphone
By Bla1ze on 23 Aug 2012 11:37 pm EDT

Have you ever blogged something on your BlackBerry smartphone? There are a few apps out there that allow you to do so, most notably WordPress. A new and rather interesting, albeit convoluted, patent has now been filed by RIM and from looking at the abstract description of it, it looks like RIM wants to patent blogging from your smartphone in one way or another:

There is disclosed a system and method for automatically drafting blog entries. In an embodiment, the method comprises: defining a triggering event for generating a draft blog entry; detecting the triggering event; and upon detection of the triggering event, automatically generating a draft a blog entry in a predetermined format. The triggering event may comprise, for example, capturing an image, video clip, sound clip, or a browsing a webpage having a URL on the wireless mobile device, and the method may further comprise automatically inserting the captured image, video clip, sound clip, or URL into the draft blog entry in the predetermined format together with automatically generated text. Some of the text may be generated in dependence upon the triggering event.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about this patent, aside from it sounding really cool, is the fact it was filed in part on behalf of Gerhard Dietrich Klassen or, as you may know him, Gary Klassen, the inventor of BlackBerry Messenger.

I don't think RIM has any plans to launch their own blogging platform soon but with patents generally being broad, there is a lot of potential in owning this one as it covers a lot of what folks do on smartphones each and every single day.

Source: USPTO; via: Engadget 



Had to read that thrice. My eyes are still crossed.


...and it is a perfect example of patents that should never be granted. Over-broad and already in use.


Yeah, I'm no expert, but I think that's called, "prior art." If that's all there is to this patent app, there's no way it should be granted.


Read this again: -

"defining a triggering event for generating a draft blog entry; detecting the triggering event; and upon detection of the triggering event, automatically generating a draft a blog entry in a predetermined format"

there is no "prior art" in that.


like some or most of apples patents

i say do it cut Apple down to size and join in in their own stupid game


Mildly interested.

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I hate that RIM has to file these kinds of patents that are overly broad, just to build up their warchest for the inevitable battles ahead.

That said, it's too late for me to decipher what that patent's about. May have to ask Gary myself.

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I think they're doing it incase they get into a predicament like apple samsung. Or if they get sue happy like apple


Sounds just like the wp "blog this" feature from the quoted description...


Software patents are ridiculous...
And Gary didn't invent BBM as IM already existed, even on smartphones. He just coded 1.0.



Whoelse created bbm then? Keep it 100 and give the man his credit and stop slick hating.


ofutur: That makes 0 sense. In fact, you basically just proved your own comment wrong with your own words.


This is disappointing, I'm no expert in the patent department but this patent confuses me. Why didn't they patent BBM and I'm chat in general. RIM should have thought about that in the first place. Now they are filing stupid claims, please don't spoil BB10 for me.

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Looks like it's just an autosave action with a certain set of variables coded in. Sounds like a plan to me, especially with Apple, Samsung and Google ripping each other off.
I say git er done!!
If we're going to swim with the big boys who clearly like suing each other over infringements, then we should be prepared ourselves.


So if I just say "overly broad" I can say I've refuted patents without making an actual argument over what specific claims in the patent are "broad"?


Based on the apple samsung outcome last night, I'm thinking that companies are going to have to start patenting "stupid" stuff like this just to protect themselves from apple coming along and patenting it, claiming they invented it.

Self preservation...unless the patent system gets fixed, every company is going to need it.


I don't see this as a bad idea. If they want to patent something, let them. If it gets approved after zero conflicts, it'll be very interesting. Besides, patents are patents, regardless.


getting moar patents is definitely better than getting sued by those who patented it later. that's obvious lol. you are either stupid or other company's spy if you oppose your company getting more patents. lol.