RIM VP David Heit gives a demo of the BlackBerry Playbook

By Michelle Haag on 11 Feb 2011 08:53 am EST
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RIM VP David Heit gives a demo of the BlackBerry Playbook


I was thinking the exact same thing....  maybe lag, maybe unfinished apps... or maybe something super duper secret and mindblowing. I'd love it to the be the latter... guessing maybe it was the first?? 

I'm curious to see how much further along (and close to market ready) the PlayBook will be next week at MWC in Barcelona. I'm sure RIM will be showing it off like crazy there.

Probably personal info considering he is on his personal tablet and was showing things from his personal BlackBerry. I would LOVE to think they were cutting out some sort of super-secret surprises, though!

Its all just wonderful...now could they please just load a bunch into a delivery truck and head my way, I am tired of everyone else getting to touch one.

Personally I'm sick of all these teasers, they need to just release the damn thing and go back to focusing on their phones. I understand they are business oriented, but what about the teens like me who have no intention of buying any type of tablet. I want a cooler phone. :(

There are separate development teams working on the phones as opposed to the tablet. They have not stopped or slowed development on phones to work on the Playbook, nor have they insinuated as much. BlackBerry and RIM are not geared at teens and they never have been. They are a business-oriented company who started out making phones that gave business people a way to send and receive email while on the go. Don't worry, they will certainly be pumping out "cooler phone"s very soon, just as they always have.

OMFG, I MUST have one of these! My only problem is figuring out whether I'll buy this or the Sony NGP (PSP2) first... The NGP seems like it will do as much as this does, but with 3G service and a more powerful processor... But THIS... THIS is absolute tech candy!

Still excited however, growing a little weary. All I know is that with all the hype and hoopla and demos and leaks and pre-reviews and contests.... THIS HAD BETTER BE SOME KIND OF DEVICE! :-)

OK, another video showing us the same thing BUT at least this one gave us a better timeline. The one thing again was it showed the browser running off Wifi & not thru the "bridge." I'd LOVE to know for sure that we'll be able to run the browser off our current data plans with this "bridge" that connects our emails, calendars, etc. before I get more excited about this device. I mean if adding another data plan is going to be the only way to get online with the Playbook it's a huge drawback. Now I'm sure people are going to saw "of course you can you use the bridge," too bad it's never been shown or to my knowledge mentioned by anyone from RIM, hopefully I'm wrong & I'm overlooking some kind of release that specifically says that it's possible.

Of course you can. I'd imagine the reason they haven't shown it is because the speed is contingent on signal strength and quality.

I think RIM would love to allow the PlayBook to tether to your phone for internet access. But that would not allow cell carriers to charge you for it. Considering that all carriers who officially allow tethering charge for it; why would they make an exception for RIM? So how can RIM get them to carry a PlayBook that will add load to their network and generate no ongoing revenue? Besides, until we have 4G BlackBerry phones it would really just slow the PlayBook down. Based on these facts I will be surprised if we see a PlayBook that can tether for internet access. Of course someone might create an app to allow it.

I am just trying to be patient and wait till it arrives.
The video just reinforces the previous statements, but it was still worth the time to watch.
I have the cash set aside, just need to get through the winter and wait for the arrival of the playbook.

As most of you guys, I'm really excited for PlayBook launch and will run out to get one. However I have one question and was wondering if someone can answer me.

What is the purpose of true multitask? Beside the purpose to tell the competitor and customers that it "can do it", is there any real purpose behind it? Yes, it looks nice and is nice to have something run in the background but I assume having a hd movie, game, etc to run in the background must consume a lot of battery power.

I think it would be amazing if PlayBook could let the users decide to enable true multitask or not and I'm pretty sure most of the users would rather have additional x hours of battery instead. This also could be good selling point if RIM can proudly say it runs x hours above todays industrial standard.

Started out as a question but became my 2cents..

"What is the purpose of true multitask?"

You want to be able to move from app to app, bringing content from one to the other without going through a lot of mechanics anclock-spinningng while one app shuts down, another loads . . . . To the extent the Playbook is an effective operational tool for content creation and editing, then this becomes all the more desirable. But even with more limited devices like smartphones, you want to take a picture from a website and put it in a document or email, or something, and it can be so laborious to do. The Playbook looks very smooth and fast, so that you may be able to do such things almost as fast as at your desktop.

If you've ever been waiting for a webpage to load and then get a message, you'll want true multitask. When you leave the webpage to go answer the text or email or whatever, the page will continue to load so when you go back to it, the page is done... no waiting. Without multitask, it stops loading while you're on the message and only starts up again when you go back to the webpage... meaning more waiting.

That's a generalized example because I think other devices have gotten the webpage example figured out, but not other things.

Target launch in the next 60 days? How about the next 48 to make it before the end of March?

Did someone say "true MultiTasking" ??

There hasn't been a TRUE multitasking machine since the commodore
amiga series computer !! 500, 1000, 2000, 3000 computers .. and yes thats
right your 2011 pc computer is not a true multi-tasking machine !! kinda find it
hard to believe the Playbook will be tooo ....

So when exactly are the Playbooks going to be available for sale?and do we know what retailers will carry them?

Also it's my understanding that the 1st version to go on sale will be wi-fi only is that correct?