RIM urged by Jaguar Financial Corporation to sell itself or patents to anyone willing to buy

By Bla1ze on 6 Sep 2011 03:48 pm EDT

While the month of August brought about a lot of changes in the mobile space, now that we're well rolling into September -- it doesn't seem as though that news is slowing down any. In fact, it seems as though things are just heating up more then ever. Samsung and Apple are having squabbles, Google's Motorola acquisition raises more questions then it offers answers, and HP seems rather lost with what, exactly to do with webOS while gaining an influx of new webOS users. As for RIM, well -- their investors' concerns are still there. 

The latest news has Jaguar Financial Corporation, a claimed significant investor in RIM, publically asking directors to "commence a value maximization process that may include the sale of RIM" which of course would also include any patents held by RIM. Though, nobody knows how invested Jaguar actually is. Jaguar, in their publically available info, states their reasoning for the push. Poor share price performance, lack of innovation resulting in a loss of market share, corporate governance concerns, and recent consolidation in the mobile and patent spaces top their list of reasons -- quite an interesting read, really.

Our friends over at WPCentral have played with the idea of Microsoft picking up RIM or at the very least, the patents they hold, and while we've seen Steve Ballmer and Mike Lazaridis close as of late, Microsoft does appear to have their hands quite full with their acquisition of Nokia. Kevin in the past has given us reasons as to why Google could potentially be a buyer as well, though with the acquisition of Motorola that ideology is off the table now.

This isn't really a post about who could potentially buy RIM, rather -- a post to question whether or not RIM is at the point where they should start considering these options. It's well known RIM is working through a transition phase right now and while history shows those transition phases typically don't work out for the best, will RIM be one of those that does succeed and prove every one of their investors wrong? BlackBerry 7 devices it seems -- are selling quite well, carriers such as T-Mobile and Sprint have been out of stock online for the past few days and the general feeling surrounding RIM's future has lightened up. RIM will announce their Second Quarter Fiscal 2012 results on September 15, 2011, hopefully then we'll get a better look at RIM's financial stance.

Source: BloomBerg; via: WPCentral, Jaguar

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RIM urged by Jaguar Financial Corporation to sell itself or patents to anyone willing to buy


LMBO not sure why they should sell. I believe RIM is just getting started and that BB 7 phones are a good stop gap on it's way to QNX phones. The doom and gloom is quite hilarious to me..but the ball is in RIM court...and I think they will know what to do with it.

+10 - it's call a momentum play and BTW to the OP of this story, you obviously haven't a clue about market capitalization.

There's nobody with pockets deep enough to buy them at this point. Not gonna happen my friend, however, they will do great on their own, and they have been in the past month. They will also prove the naysayers wrong in a big way. STay tuned. They will become even more unaffordable in the coming months.

I like what you wrote man. Totally agree with you on this whether or not we are market strategists....which BTW are they really that good considering the current global economy?

RIM, in my opinion, is starting to wake up. Did they take too long? Most def they fell WAY behind, but they also have not only a good following but a good set of tools; the BBs and their big lil bro Playbook. What an awesome combo and what a way to bring you into their eco system.

Now what they are doing with BBM is pretty cool, they see the power of what the "social network" does. You guys have seen the threads on the forums I'm sure, people building playlists etc. I can see not only the cool factor in this but what a way to get people to know each other in a totally different way.

I'm leaving Android today and moving to the 9930 on VZ. I liked what I saw yesterday and I like what I've been reading for the past few weeks.


Who cares about companies like this kitten....

RIM just has the best product-line with it's own OS, best pushmail, best keyboard, best security, best social platform, the list goes on and on

BUT BUT…Last but not least.... a big customer base, or should I say FAN base !!

The future will show. Just hang-on you crackberry users...


Jaguar doesnt appear to be a Warren Buffett/Carl Icann/T Boone Pickens

http://goo.gl/sF8qH (graph of Jaguar financial performance over time).

I don't disagree with the news, but maybe "consider the source?"

*Thanks to DeRussett for heads up

If they sell, the brand will die and the existing customers will not carry over to whoever picks it up (for example if M$ bought them), they will defect.

That said these various financial morons have been preaching the same crap for years now. They end up being completely wrong, so they wait a few months, then say the same crap over again...

I find all the wall street anylysts extremely annoying, they short the stock its at an obscene valuation. Either u believe they can make the transition or not. This line of thinking has no societal value. I guess its why there is such hate for bankers

These so-called investors would short their father and spin-off their mother if they could make a few bucks out of that.

They don't really care about the entity they are investing in, they only care about and only about the return on investment.

have anybody heard of Jaguar Financial Corporation before? I don't know even if this investor even owns 0.1% share of RIM stock.

Jaguar is tiny. As at June 30 they had under $15M in assets. This includes investments in other firms. RIM has a market cap of $16B. The name is Jaguar, but they're really just a pussy cat.

They're still ridiculously profitable, and still getting more and more profitable each quarter. I've thought the doom and gloom was over the top the entire time, but especially since the BlackBerry 7 phones have provided a nice placeholder until the real competition begins again with QNX. Actually about 10 minutes I found out another friend just joined the ranks of crackberry addicts, and she is the second brand new BlackBerry user I know since BB7 launched (in the same period I don't know anybody who left BB for something else, although I do know 2 who did that in the 3 or 4 months prior during the height of the doom and gloom media). I'm not worried.

Everyone talks about RIMs marketshare decrease but the smartphone market is an expanding market. A market which up until a few years ago, RIM was the only real player (along with Windows Mobile and Palm OS (arguably neither company was a "real" player)). This is also evidenced by the meteoric rise in market share of iOS and Android.

That said, I am curious, does any one know if RIMs customer base has actually shrunk? Or is it that as the smartphone market has grown, their percentage of that pie has decreased?

Do any of these guys actually pay attention to what is going on with RIM and the rest of the mobile market?

They are dangerously close to missing the boat on the bandwagon

Jaguars Holdings are split across 8 company's and their total holdings are sub 10,000,000 dollars

Why are they even discussed?

Isn't it obvious? Since the release of the BB7 devices, the news around RIM has been far more positive that it was 2-3 months ago. So, if you are a nobody in the financial space and want to get your name out there, just make a statement that is a debbie downer about RIM.... and then all the sites who live on reporting and speculating on the bad news will post your "enlightened wisdom" about RIM regardless of logic :).

A cynical publicity ploy by a two-bit financial services company. No one had even heard of them until now....let's see if their own stock gets above $0.60 with this news feed. Shameful.

RIM is in a great position right now. They are releasing phones on a platform that will not be supported 4 or 5 months from now and the public knows this yet these phones are still selling out. When Windows announced a new platform, their sales plummeted, when Palm did the same thing, their sales plummeted. RIM may make it through this transition in good shape and if they do, they will be here for the long run.

I agree, RIM will stick to their current strategy, BB7 devices should be a nice transition til QNX phones are released, it's true that RIM (and any other company in the mobile market) must have a plan B, but for RIM that would not even been consider being sold or anything like that right now, since their big bet are QNX OS phones and their integration with out beloved Playbook.
They company remains higly profitable, with a market cap of almost 16 BILLION USD, and hopefully with the actual momentum will regain some market share in the smartphone pie.
But this Jaguar Financial Corporation is a JOKE, they are nobody, they should not be allowed to make statements on RIM's financial situation, since they are so very small, they have a market cap of 8.09 MILLION CAD, yes I said Million not Billion. As someone already said, they are getting free publicity out of all this.
I have full confidence on RIM, I just beg them now to release the BB7 new phones in Mexico anytime soon, we are wasting a huge opportunity, to reestablish the brand here before the new iphone hits the shelves. I am a huge PlayBook fan, but I urge RIM to work harder with developers, since a lot of apps that I love on my current phone (Blackberry Torch 9800) aren't available on the PlayBook yet (Bloomberg, CNBC, Linkedin, XE Currency, MLB At Bat 11, CNNMoney Mobile, etc).

It sounds like Jaguar's people have been hanging out on the complaint threads here -- you know, the ones who regularly announce that the sky is falling and RIM is breathing its last. Same advice to both groups -- get out of doors a little more, there's a lot more to the world than the little bit you choose to see.

None of the above matters. Rim has a low number of apps available for their phones, the phones are generations behind others and their lock on email has almost been broken. Corp users are what is keeping RIM afloat now. When Corp IT moves from RIM the games ends. Look I was a big RIM supporter but Android and iPhones have left RIM is the dust. Its over very soon, QNX or not

At 6 cents for Jaguars stock and a total of 3 employees and 7 million dollars under management. They are a drop in the bucket. Who cares. I wish RIM the best even though I don't own a Blackberry anymore after 7 years. I really hope they can make a comeback with QNX. Selling is not the right answer right now. A change up in management is needed. How hard would it be to take a phone like the Samsung Galaxy S2 with all the same specs and put QNX on it with access to Android Apps. Then I can have my BBM and other features I love about Blackberry but still have the best of Android. Or Maybe Samsung CHAT ON will be the solution available across all platforms. Time will tell.

RIM should get everything working on the playbook- Calendar, email, android apps and BBM. Then share BBM with the other platforms and charge a small fee as revenue.

Why are some of the phones selling out? Because of the pent up demand for BB replacements in the corp world and perhaps conservative initial orders placed by somewhat skeptical carriers. We all have our opinions but mine has soured regarding RIM over the last few years.

who is jaguar ?....... dey sud find a rock and crawl under joor, or betters till sell their investment in RIM to me .......

Don't be too hard on them, they're probably holding a few RIM shares and feeling the pain.

The crazy thing is they just need to be patient. RIM's technology has always been good, like IBM with the PC they just missed market sentiment.

RIM will probably never be back at $150, but $100 is certainly within reach. Especially when QNX phones work with QNX Playbooks over wireless.

At any rate Jaguar have absolutely no clue about the cell phone market and should never have invested in something they don't understand.

RIMM is just fine .. the new BBs are doing great .. the new Bold 9900 / 9930 is amazing and Best in Class! ... ... RIMM shares will be double within a year, IMO!

.... They should tell Jaguar to sell their shares and take a hike if they don't like it! ...from reading the article its clear they are clueless on what's happening right now...

Hey, we both predict the same thing!!! Shares will double! Heh Heh!

I'm serious, it won't take much to do that.

The new BB7 devices are rocking the airwaves. Sprint & T-Mobile are apparently sold out of 9900, and that's despite all the bad press and doom & gloom from investment advisors.

Don't see what the fuss is all about here, this is typical Canadian business bull$hit. Where Canadian companies grow and become successful in the hopes that one day it gets taken over by a big US company. Pathetic. I've seen it happen before and I'm very sad at what's happening it RIM but this seems like a very recurring theme among Canadian businesses.

The stock can go to $80 easily if we beat on shipments this quarter and if the new QNX phone could be out by Christmas with all the wonderful specs that have been leaked. No buyout needed. Im holding the stock long term.

Exactly, but a buyout isn't even possible. Their market cap is too high for anyone to afford. Not possible.

apple or microsoft or even google could easily buy them out, especially when this OS 7 bubble bursts.

Wait till the samsung galaxy 3 and iphone 5 come out

My opinion on Jaguar's suggestion isn't that great, but this is not an easy subject. The question is always around public companies, as they balance growth & risk with hopefully great strategy & execution.
The better the performance & the expectation, the greater a company's latitude to chart their course. That's reality in a free market. You invite or repel criticism/attacks.
We may think that we make a commitment when we buy a phone that comes with options for exit/change, but a shareholder's commitment is different. They need to be satisfied & and they vote with their shares - BB's are doing better now but disappointing. Together we are two sides of the free market (don't forget employees and suppliers too). Sorry if this is too much for a blog site. I do hope for big 7 sales (including mine) & a stronger RIM.

Of course, we all know investors know what's best for the company and its employees. Also, they know how to run a company.

LOL!!! These type of investment houses are all bottom feeding parasites. They produce absolutely no value but they feed off others who actually build real stuff and create real value, and suck them dry for their own gain. SAD!!!

Jaguar doesn't care about RIM or their BlackBerry users and subscribers. They only care about their short term needs for higher profits. They have no concern for RIM as an organization. They want to make their profits and they'll probably divest themselves of any holdings as soon as they get what they need.

This has nothing to do with what is best for RIM or their BlackBerry users. Selling patents? Are these guys serious??? Does RIM desperately need the cash right now? NO! Market cap may be suffering but they have cash in the bank, a very promising and optimistic quarter coming up, and if they salvaged a small profit from last quarter with no new products, and no decent up-to-date BlackBerrys for consumers to buy for most of the quarter, that would be amazing.

It is sad that a company like Jaguar is even getting this kind of press! Do they care who runs RIM or if RIM is sold off into pieces? No. Do they care about the technology; in fact, do they even understand the technologies and patents the company owns? No. They just want the profits NOW!, and this is really a very sad reflection of the investment industry. The process is seriously broken because it really doesn't matter what you invest in. Investment houses treat businesses like puppets. They squeeze them and drag them through the mud just to make profits. They just want to buy and profit on their gains, short them then they're not doing well, and punish the companies when they don't make enough money. Sounds like that John Cleese movie Fierce Creatures.

This past quarter was certainly a low point in the existence of RIM, but we expect that now and then during a major transitional phase. This is such a time for RIM. They've enjoyed 12 years with the same BB OS, and now they're moving to a new OS. They also adopted a new market line as well with the PlayBook and QNX. The future looks very bright for RIM. In early 2012, they will have completed that transition to a next generation OS, and the Jaguars of this world will be standing in awe at what RIM has accomplished.

Sure, they'll continue to be a bit behind Google's Android and Apple's iPhone for market share. It doesn't mean they're out of the picture, and it doesn't mean they don't have a superior product. Indeed! I suppose many will disagree with that statement, but they're only looking at the user interface and the number of apps available for their fav platform. What about the business enterprise? What about business collaboration? What about security? What about pushed services? What about messaging? What about having the most reliable hardware? What about app integration? What about having the most powerful & flexible mobile OS out there in QNX?

RIM's been in the game a lot longer and they have a more mature outlook on the business and user experience than the new guys on the block. For example, Apple is finally handling notifications like RIM has been all along in iOS 5. Even today, neither Google or Apple handles pushed services as efficient as RIM. RIM has a very valuable contribution to make in the wireless world, and they have made a significant contribution over the past 12 years. In the next year, we can expect some amazing QNX superphones that will change the landscape. Let Jaguar sell their shares off right now. The price will likely be double what it is today this time next year.

Kudos to RIM for a fairly smooth transition to a leading mobile computing company!


That is the travesty of being a public company. You get the funds but you also run the risk of being subject to the pressure of those moralless bloodsucker investors who won't mind running the company to the ground if they could get a juicy ROI in the process.

@ Joe257, I agree with you 100%. Jaguar Financial corporation is hungry for money. I went to their website to analyze their financial position. I did not do a full analysis on them, but I did notice that they have obligations in relation to securities that were sold short in the amount of (2,959,350). "As at June 30, 2011, Jaguar held a short position in the shares of a company whose shares the Company believes are overvalued. The short position as at June 30, 2011 has resulted in an unrealized investment loss of $504,372, which is recorded in net gain on investments." From this statement, I would assume they have lost on RIM due to the short position. "Since commencing operations as a merchant bank in Q1 of 2007, Jaguar has invested in publicly traded securities of over seventy companies, which the Company believed were undervalued. Most of those positions were sold over the course of the last four years. As at June 30, 2011, the Company owned shares in seven companies and short sold the shares of one company. The Company is a merchant bank, focused on creating value for Jaguar’s shareholders by making investments in what management considers undervalued companies in various industry sectors. " Note: the company lost money in 2009 - (164,658) and 2008 -(24,102,323). You can go to their website http://www.jaguarfinancial.ca/investorinfo_financials.htm to obtain this information.

QNX is Jaguar's native OS for all 2011+ dash displays.
sure they are paying a premium now that QNX belongs to RIM.
now be educated.

What's going to happen when RIM can do everything Apple and Android can do but even better? Who is going to sell off their Apple Stock then? I hate Stupid idiots like these Morons!!!! QNX will crush every field compared to IPOS or Android CrapSandwich!!!! Kill Them RIM!!!! Show No Mercy and Slaughter IPOS and CrapSandwich!!!!

well, i urge RIM to ignore these idiots, and they should, because i have more common sense lol.
what the first thing you DONT do when there is a `smartphone patent war` going on? oh ya, DONT sell you patents lol.

Jaguar just proved that they're clueless idiots. Mike & Jim will not spend a second pondering their statements or threats. How much do they really have invested in the company, and will they keep those investments for the long term? Somehow, I don't suppose they will.

This is just retarded. RIM is still a huge company with a huge market even if currently they are behind Apple and Google in sales, which imo there is a huge possibility that will change in the next couple of years. Hopefully RIM keeps the momentum going and surprise us with the QNX phones soon, then we"ll see what these morons think.

These recommendations to sell are laughable. These guys never look at the big picture, as much as blackberry is RIM, there is so much more they are getting into. The sercurity that these devices get approved for at government levels is important; corporate clients are important. The general consumer always benefits from this. Our local police department just purchased a new charger that runs with the playbook; its similar to the one that was a RIM HQ. Why wouldn't the just get the icharger, wait, there isn't one that meets the need. I know about 6 people who bought a Curve in the last few months, why? Good price, cheap plan and the name. The last 3 times I went in the Telus store, someone was buying a berry. I think the market is just growing, not RIM is getting less sales. Everyone buys a smartphone now, that wasn't the case 3-5 years ago.

This interesting that I found from WSJ:


"There’s no takeover fever infecting Research in Motion shares today.

A little known investor urged today a shakeup or sale of the struggling maker of the Blackberry smart phones.

Normally, you’d think we’d see some investor enthusiasm that something, anything might jolt RIM’s stock price. And yet, RIM’s shares are barely budging today. (Granted, most other stocks are deeply in the red, so RIM’s 12-cent bump today might be as close to wheeeee as the markets can manage today.)

As Deal Journal has written before, RIM would be a hard sell. First, even at a depressed share price, it remains a $16 billion company. Moreover, some analysts believe Canada wouldn’t be warm to foreigners scooping up one of the Maple Leaf’s biggest companies. Last year, Anglo-Australian mining giant BHP Billiton Ltd. dropped a nearly $40 billion bid for fertilizer maker Potash Corp of Saskatchewan after Canada blocked the deal on grounds that the offer did not provide a “net benefit” for the country.

And then there’s the nature of the investor pressure itself. We’ve never heard of Jaguar Financial. Its website says the firm invests in undervalued small cap companies. In other words: we fish for minnows. RIM is not a minnow."

Microsoft does appear to have their hands quite full with their acquisition of Nokia

?? Can't find this anywhere? There were rumors which were said to be not true? All I can find is the the partnership. Can't find anything that says Microsoft actually bought Nokia. Any links or such?

Financial Post reports they own less then 5% shares all of which was purchased in july..How much below 5% do they really own?
How is this making news?

In the disclaimer at the bottom of the statement is a description of Jaguar themselves:

“Jaguar is a Canadian merchant bank which invests in underperforming, undervalued or unappreciated companies and acts as a catalyst to create value.”

Catalysts to create value??? Create value by holding a fire sale? These guys are the ones who should have an article written about them and their skewed business model. They are a tiny insignificant 3-man puny investment shop whose investment in RIM is so meager that they rely on a press release like this to solicit other 'like-minded' investors to contact them to make their tiny little mouse voices even barely audible. If their plan works, then they sell on the news of the selloff, RIM dies, and they move on find another host for their parasitic appetite. These guys are as bad as the patent law firms buying up any patent and figuring a way to sue companies and developers for infringement. Short-term win for them and long term loss for consumers.

Yeah, I had to laugh that they "act as a catalyst to create value." What rubbish! These guys must have been smoking something seriously harsh to come up with that dribble! The only thing investments houses like these create is more and more headaches!

RIM should sue their butts as they've tarnished their good name! For some reason, RIM is unduly taking a lot of heat from a number of different sources. It seems that some folks just want RIM to fail. Well, it ain't happening!

Well, Mike & Jim, we stand behind you guys. Continue the great work, and make these crackheads eat their words!!!

I'll bet we'll soon see Jaguar shares being sold at a fire sale when they file for bankruptcy protection! Ha!!!

This isnt news worthy if you ask me.
What I can say is everyone in my family had blackberrys 2 years ago (8 of us) then Rim started falling behind and everyone jumped ship for the shinny new icrap 4 and HTC evo. Now only 2 of us have blackberrys. But thats all about to change. Contracts are almost up and guess what? 8 of us will have blackberrys again :) before xmass. The new bb 7 phones look great and guess what THEY WORK! and the work well. Between work and home I see lots of people switching back to blackberry after "dealing" with other phones. RIM will rise again

Good for you and your family! It's not always that everyone can agree on one platform, but it works in your case :)

I know I'm giving my 9860 a whole lotta love!!! It's slick and I love the way OS 7 works. Lots to like even over OS 6. I can see why RIM called it OS 7 as it just behaves so much better. Most of the performance gains are due to the improvements in hardware performances, but

Friends who have the new Bold 9900/30 are also loving that phone. That is really a landmark phone for RIM, and the 9860 isn't far behind it. The 9900 keyboard is the best keyboard EVER! Couple that with a touchscreen and you're looking at a dream machine!

For me, I need a bigger screen to read & write, so I do hope the QNX superphone will have a 4-inch screen!

Some will switch back, but not everyone. Some have an affinity to Apple and Google's Android. Some newer Android phones look nice but I still think RIM has the better OS with more useful services that actually work well!

Jaguar can go F**ck themselves ... if i am RIM Management .. I say ... ok buy us out at $100+ /share ... then we may start to listen to you .. otherwise .. get lost you little punk .. we're busy ....

Only thing I found of interest in Jaguar Financial Corp is their stock price - C$0.07 - http://investing.businessweek.com/research/stocks/snapshot/snapshot.asp?....

Some of my friends in Canada have said that JFC is in danger of being delisted due to stock price being below C$1.00. Company only has stock in 10 companies.

Also, Jaguar Financial is under investigation in Canada by the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada ("IIROC") for various charges. Link here - http://investing.businessweek.com/research/stocks/news/article.asp?docKe...

I think the Canadian government might have a little bit to say about the sales of the nations largest tech companies and valuable patents to foreigners (and only they could buy it). That little bit would be .... NO!

"lack of innovation resulting in a loss of market share" and they hit the nail on the head.

RIM is sinking whether you believe it or not. The Playbook was a huge fail, and Blackberry 7 is not enough to save the company.

the OS cannot compete with the Iphone, be real. Its 5 steps behind, I can't see people sticking by RIM much longer, why settle for mediocre when you can have the best?

This is a PR stunt for an investment company. The WallStreet Journal reported that they never heard of them before ... ever ... move along ... nothing to see here.