RIM Updates IM Clients Again?

RIM Updates IM Clients!
By Bla1ze on 27 Mar 2009 09:28 am EDT

I'm really starting to think that RIM testers and employees might be spending too much time utilizing the RIM built IM clients rather then actually working on more important issues like say, a better web browser or even ohh I dunno... a new OS for the BlackBerry Storm lol.

I do have good reasoning for this thought of course, it being the fact that RIM has updated all their IM clients again only after having just done so back in beginning of March. The current version available on http://www.blackberry.com/instantmessaging is now 2.1.44 for devices other then the BlackBerry Storm, which is at 2.2.31 as the Storm has its own variation of the applications. In typical RIM fashion no change log was provided so no one but RIM knows why the upgrades were even made available (though maybe a knowledge base article will pop up??).

For these applications to be updated so often they must be using them a whole heck of a lot to find bugs in them, meaning they spend way too much time instant messaging! Anyone agree that may be the case, lol? It's just a theory, but let me now what you think. And to any RIM employees who may be reading this, relax, it's a joke, unless of course I'm right in which case don't you have work to be doing?

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RIM Updates IM Clients Again?


Anyone know if you can finally read other people's away messages yet? Finally in the newer versions you could edit your own away message, but still no ability to see what other peoples' are. The T-mobile application that comes with all sidekicks have been able to do both of these functions for a really long time, when are Bberries going to be able to view other people's away messages??

This would be a wonderful update if it included the ability to see other's away messages...that is so annoying in AIM for the BB.

I actually went to mobile.blackberry.com and just went to instant messaging. They are actual updates, but thanks.

That's what I ended up doing too... I kept searching (after fixing the link) but WLM wasn't showing up at all...
Hope this fixes WLM for me, I can never get it to work consistantly.

Hah, sigh. I went and downloaded the latest AIM app on my Bold, and after reboot guess what, bbmaps icon disappears. Why does life have to be so hard.

Not a big update... maybe some bug ironing here and there... I would like to see a wider gallery for the BB IM smileys

I would love to see an update to BBM. It was one of the major reasons I went to the blackberry anyway, and although I know emoticons are not a required part of blackberry horsepower it would be nice.

So which app is the best. I do not really want to create another e-mail address to use instant messenger but I would like to be able to Instant Message (say home) instead of sending e-mails or text messages all the time.


I did not see any comments but the link is missing the first 'n' in instantmessaging. Minor thing and most people would figure this out anyway but in case others don't...

Just updated my GoogleTalk & tried it, yeah, couldn't really tell a difference at all. But like everyone else, would like to know about the new facebook!

There was a bug in the original, if someone IMs you multiple times, the Red LED indicator would flash and never turn off, even after you clear the conversation.

i hope that was fixed, cuz i had to reset my BB to turn it off.

Look for FB 1.5 elsewhere in the forums. There was a leaked version link. I've been using my 1.5 for some time now...