RIM Updates All Instant Messaging Clients v2.5!

RIM Updates All Instant Messaging Clients v2.5!
By Bla1ze on 23 Sep 2009 08:20 am EDT
Over at the BlackBerry Support forums it's on record that all Instant Messaging clients did get a refresh and are now available for download. Seems this is the only official announcement after updating of Facebook, MySpace and BlackBerry App World applications as well for 5.0 OS, yet RIM remains silent about those. Some additions to the applications are:
  • Add dedicated icons to the Home Screen for one-click access to conversation boxes of specific contacts. The icon appears as the contact’s display picture or avatar.
  • Add contacts and display pictures or avatars to the address book to easily instant message, email, SMS, or call right from the address book or conversation box.
  • Search through saved conversations
  • Add dedicated emoticon icons in the conversation box

So if you haven't already grabbed the individual updates and use the IM applications on a daily basis, you just might want to grab the latest and load them up and see what else is new that you can find within them.

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AppWorld Has been updated too and I just installed it on my Tour!

tony bag o donuts

new version is not supported for the 8330.....?????

guess I will stick with yahoo 2.1.48


I deleted the yahoo messenger on the 8330. I went to black berry apps and down loaded yahoo messenger. It is the 2.5.

Hope this helps.


with all these updates to FB and now all the chats it seems OS 5 may come soon


Oh well...come on Onyx! Time for an upgrade. My 8310 is getting left behind. :-(


Am I the only one who can't figure out how/where to actually download the update? Does it have to be through App World?


I upgraded to the newest AIM and when I go to log into the app I receive and error,"Unexpected error: sign-in again if you are signed out due to this error 100)


Yeah it wont work on my 8330 either tony..oh well.


are these neccessary updates....use BBM 5.0 and txt my non berry friends...but I guess some people use these IM apps...


Any news on whether the updated versions are compatible with yet?

MSN is the only thing stopping me from moving to the leaked OS full time (I just went back to


Try the Download through your BB's browser, at: wwww.mobile.blackberry.com, go to the Instant Messaging option, find any of the messengers (i.e MSN, etc) and download. It is "rumored" to work on 5.0 ;)


Claims device in't supported.


RIM or Editors should not use the word 'ALL' when referring to updates and these services.


But BBM 4.7 & 5 already works with OS 5. So yes, ALL is appropriate.


But not ALL of us are using AIM, and Y! and Win Live. And as I am on an 8330 4.5.x OS, I dont have an updated BB messenger. So, ALL of the non-RIM messengers have been updated.


Won't work on my 8330.


Is 2.5.27 for my 8350i ... woohoo


maybe this means bbm 5 will be official soon? AND maybe we'll get another OS 5 leak for the storm other then the .191 to .230 upgrade only option that we have now.
wishful thinking....


It looks ok but it still do not support away mgs and icons of members on you list. But it looks good RIM is geting there. I just wish it look like it does on the Sidekick :(


I tried to link to the site using Opera Mini and I got a notice saying my device or browser is not compatible. However, it did go thru when I used the BB browser. Interesting.


I've actually never been able to access a download through Opera, I've always had to default to the native browser.

Chief Beefalo

if this was a prank, i am very sad.


The sametime icon is included in the graphic above, but nothing about ST is mentioned by RIM or any other source. Will ST now work with 5.0 as a result of this upgrade? Anyone know?


i used mobile.blackberry.com site is very busy but i got a few down. Like the new look too.


Downloaded and installed version 2.5.27 from App World. I'm running OS Tested home screen icons and works like a charm.

tony bag o donuts

because dl from rim's mobile site ain't happening for me :(


doesnt work on my storm with .140 straight up deleted icon also


Instead of updating Instant Mesage clients how bout we get BIS fixed. WTF!


Where can I find the updated AIM?


Is this a single download or are we just downloading each IM client? I am not sure if I am doing this right because I can't seem to find these new downloads or they are just not working on my Verizon 8330.


Go to www.mobile.blackberry.com (from your berry) and then select messaging and pick the one you want to download.


telus client here ibeen trying to update fb etc since 9am (toronto time) and nothing still shows the old versionz. i even went to the bb website n nothing... why put there is an update when i n otheres see nada.... not cool.


It looks like its only AIM and Yahoo that has the 2.5 update. I'm not seeing the updates for the rest of the clients as of 10:36AM EST.


No love for the 8320 either. Says Doesn't meet the requirements. WTF?!!


Ok, I deleted some apps, did a battery pull and I didn't have any problems downloading the updated Yahoo 2.5.27.


Just went to mobile.blackberry.com and updated Yahoo and Windows Live Messenger. Both look nicer. Might grab Google as well.

On AT&T with the Bold.


Does anyone know where I can find a link to a previous version of Messenger for Blackberry? Just downloaded 2.5.27 and Im really not happy with the new update.


just put the link in your phone


I was able to get Gtalk 2.5.27 from app world on my 8330... but for wlm it only let me download 2.1.48


how??? appworld is only showing me google talk 2.1!


I downloaded 2.5.27 versions of both Google Talk and MSN Messenger on my 8350i. The look is more BBM 5, but I think they might be a little larger and more CPU hungry so they seem slow.

The updated MSN Messenger client still does not use the latest protocol which allows multiple instances to be logged in at the same time. I don't know if this is proprietary.


Can't install it on my Storm...no workie. All the rest download and install great!


I have a Sprint 8330, and I was just about to try and update my Yahoo! and MSN Live Messengers. I see that the 83XX's aren't supported yet. I swear, I save so much time and frustration by reading all of your comments before I do ANYTHING. Thanks everybody! I'll just wait for them to include us, or just keep tpying in code. Bummer.


Yahoo 2.5.27 is working on my 8900 with =0)


Tried through the app world and the mobile Blackberry site. Unable to get the new version through either. Curve 8330 4.5 on Sprint.


I guess RIM was just having issues this morning. I went to http://www.blackberry.com/yahoo/messenger on my device browser and I was able to download and install the 2.5 version. It isn't anything to different. It looks a little better and the page with your info is better. Other than that nothing special that I can see.


almost complete for os 5, and still waiting for bbm 5 to work with it :(


I have a Pearl 8130 running 4.5 and it tells me my device is unsupported...but if I look at the official announcement and follow the link for "Minimum requirements" I meet all of them. What the hey? I'd uninstall my old versions first and then try downloading the new but if it doesn't work I will be stuck without my IMs yes?


Whoo hoo, just decided to retry downloading and Yahoo & Google Talk both downloaded for me.


I have a Bold and only be able to download yahoo messenger. I cannot find an updated msn...google talk download has failed a couple of times...trying again


On AIM. What the deuce!


I am getting a message that my device doesnt meeting the requirement for Google Talk. I have it now.


Downloaded WLM and now im gettin error 65 cant conect to the server.
I do a battery pull, deleted and reinstaled, resend service books and its not working!!!
help plz!!!!


I see in MSN messenger you can only sort contacts by groups and not by connection status like Im used to.. That sucks.. Wish i could return to the one I had before


@ajcastro...you can sort the contacts by connection status by going into Options/ then on "Show Offline Contacts" select "Group"...that did it for me..


App World had em for me this morning.


loving the updated versions of the IM clients...


How can I delete my screen name from aim and why is it saving anyway so dumb


Just downloaded Yahoo and Gtalk! Love the new updates!


i downloaded the aim update ... looks much more cool but still you cant see buddy icon or away messege so its still the same....


So I don't get it, if I didn't have a previous version of Google Talk installed on my 8310 would I just be screwed since it says my device doesn't meet the requirements for the new version? Is there anywhere to download old versions?


App World still have the old version




You can sort the contacts by connection status by going into Options/ then on "Show Offline Contacts" select "Group"...it seems kinda dumb though...


The new AIM looks nice. Was there update made for Facebook? If so, where can I get it on Blackberry's website?


I tried to update AIM and Google Talk when I saw the updates. I updated both and received an error message when trying to run the apps. I had to delete both apps, do a battery pull and then reinstall. Once I did this they both claim to have installed successfully, but only google talk works. The icon for AIM is absolutly nowhere to be found. I tried deleting followed by battery pull and reinstalling, but it's the same thing. It's not in any of the apps, downloads, or messaging folders; but the apps menu in advanced options shows it as being installed. Anyone have any ideas how to locate the icon to run the app?


I tried to update AIM and Google Talk when I saw the updates. I updated both and received an error message when trying to run the apps. I had to delete both apps, do a battery pull and then reinstall. Once I did this they both claim to have installed successfully, but only google talk works. The icon for AIM is absolutely nowhere to be found. I tried deleting followed by battery pull and reinstalling, but it's the same thing. It's not in any of the apps, downloads, or messaging folders; but the apps menu in advanced options shows it as being installed. Anyone have any ideas how to locate the icon to run the app?


Gtalk showing no love...tried downloading from every location but I get the "your device does not meet the system requirements" message

Finally downloaded from App World for my 8310...


Downloaded it and my phone is now nuked. Sweet.


VZW has previously warned the IM is handled as SMS rather than a web app. As such, it you don't have an unlimited SMS package, your IM counts would be huge!

Any news on this front?


tony bag o donuts

for standard non smartphones?


All IM applications use data now...


just downloaded Yahoo's update. downloaded and installed great but i don't notice much difference at all between the older version and this update except that it took up more memory on my Bold.


someone please tell me where to get the updates from i have the 8330.


I don't know about the 83xx devices, but I have a pearl 8130 with OS and the install of AIM (I didn't try the other ones) went just fine. It took a while and I did a battery pull after but I haven't gotten any error messages yet.

I downloaded it through App World on my phone.


Finally downloaded from App World for my 8310...


i just downloaded the new version for my BB Pearl (Sprint) from http://www.blackberry.com/aim


confirmed working on my 8320


Can someone post the .cod for wlm 2.5.27 somewhere?


Eh, nothing special for the AIM...you still cant put up a pic and it pretty much looks like the BBM, thats bout it :(


So I have Windows Live Messenger installed previously, and didn't see an update for it in App World (but see 2.5 versions of AIM and Google talk in App world for some reason)
I looked at the online version of App world, and it shows that it has a 2.5 update for WLM...
I've deleted WLM and battery pull and still could not install it on my bold...any ideas?


upgarded to the new messengers just bbm5 is left for me to upgarde im still having issues maybe when it comes out i will be able to upgrade to it


updated all but icq i received a error that said .cod so i didn't update icg i'll try later.


Ok so I updated the Yahoo and went to the contact that iwanted it to have posted on my home screen and chose that option but its not showing up.. Any ideas?


My yahoo icon disappeared after I downloaded the update! Any suggestions???


are these updates available for the storm???

Peter M

How can I go back to version 2.1.32 of AIM? I downloaded this new one today and it is buggy as all hell. I liked v 2.1 just fine. I have no idea why I downloaded 2.5. Is there a way to downgrade versions?


Did this update fix the MSN issue where it drops messages without notice, so people think you are ignoring them?


How about a Google Maps update so I can use it on my Tour. Haven't been able to DL it since I got the Tour. I get "Not Compatable with Your Device", evertime I try. Then I am prompted to go to the web to try. Not that I would do that each time anyway but I tried it and it didn't work either.

Unfortunatley Verizon doesn't see it as a problem so I am unable to exchange for a different one for this reason.


Google Maps has worked on the Tour (Sans GPS on Sprint and others) since it came out. It was the first app I downloaded. Do you have your BB Browser set to anything other than BlackBerry under "Browser Identification?" Go to google.com/gmm on your BB browser.


Updating AIM has bricked my Blackberry Tour....anyone else have this issue?


I have always used WLM, YIM, AIM, and GoogChat on my 8100 and now on my Storm 9530. I updated all for apps fine from the default web browser on my Storm. Go to the BB mobile site; then click on the instant messaging link. They're all there and functional on my end..

Downloaded them all, they all installed without a problem. I'm generally content with the updated 2.5 versions; however, I miss the ability to hide the grid lines on my buddy lists (all 4 clients previously had this feature); and that annoying little "Add a friend" row at the top of my lists is redundant.. being that there is an icon to add friends already present.

I didn't see much of a change other than the new login screens for WLM and I think Yahoo.. And a new WLM icon.. the ability to send buddies to BB home screen as an icon..

A bit long winded i know.. but in summary, gonna try to downgrade to - i find that to be the best visually and functionally.. I may keep AIM 2.5 though; hopefully the server time out is fixed by now.


Hi: when I first enter to www.mobile.blackberry.com. This page states me that my device dint have the requirements but now five or six hours later I could download the updates for WLM and for GOOGLE. Yes now it works finally for curve 8310. The only app that i have seen that havent been update through this link for 8310 is facebook well i could download the latest , still doesnt show. The latest


I must admit that the update make IM look beautiful I love them, rim is just the best, love bb


I went and read the release info on blackberry.com and it says OS 4.5 or higher. So not sure why its not working on 8330s>>>>edit not its working....jeeze


am i missing something or can i not download this without a data plan? im on an IM/email plan with rogers, so i can't use app world.


Is there another place to download? mobile.blackberry.com never works on my Pearl, it always says "Unsupported Browser".


downloaded google talk update on my VZW 8330. works cool.


deleted the older version first, then did battery pull and the new version installed just fine.


Im mad you still cant see the buddy icons or see the away/status messages!!!


Soooo close to official 5.0 OS cant wait


I have realized that wln remembers all email adresses i dont like that i wonder if there is a way to avoid, why if many people uses this app so wlm will recordad six or nine addresses i dont like, this should be optional

Tim is on the Internet

Interesting note: AIM's Remember Password option no longer works.


The auto-sign in feature is no longer working with the updated version.


Are there no support for pidgin and other Linux-based IM's?

Fear Flying


Does anyone know if you're able to chat while being offline or chat to people who are appearing offline?


I installed Gtalk 2.5.something. It works but all of my contacts disappeared. Anyone with the same problem?


I'm having the same issue. Tried uninstalling, rebooting, and redownloading but it's still not showing any of my contacts. Have you found a fix yet?

Anyone else have suggestions?


It seems problem is solved. I couldn´t log in my contacts in Gmail (using my browser in PC) after the installation of new GTalk in BB. Now it´s OK and I´am online. Uf :-))


I'm having the same problem. when I downloaded the update this morning, all of my contacts were there. Now this afternoon they're all gone. What going on!!


Updated to 2.5 this morning and it appears to have lost the auto-sign in feature. In the previous version, AIM would stay connected even if I was in other applications, but this one seems to sign off VERY quickly! Not cool at all and I wish I could go back to the earlier version.

My phone is a Verizon Tour with the official OS.

I wonder if it is related to the same problem people have with Facebook sessions timing out . . .


The IM updates seemed cool.. a lil' better functionality..
.......... that Myspace update is SH*T, i have tried it 5 times now on my Tour & it has cmpltly deleted my Myspace application.. Thank gawd i dont lik Myspace more than Facebook...


Using this on my 8330. Has anyone noticed that with Google Talk even if you check to save your password that it doesn't save after it reboots? I tried completely removing and reinstalling but that didn't seem to help.


My Battery seems to drain faster then before now that I'm using this new aim app. also the icon in MY Info can't be changed. In the Yahoo app you can change it to any picture from your SD card. What is wrong with that. Does any one have the same issues?


I have the 8520 with a data plan, yet everytime i sign in to windows live messenger i get this " service not enabled for this handheld." Where and how do i enable the software? I've even re-installed it, same with blackberry messenger as that doesn't seem to work either ( doesn't receive any invites or people don't receive my pin.) Help would be appreciated thanks!