RIM unveils the BlackBerry Curve 9350, 9360 and 9370

Curve line
By Bla1ze on 23 Aug 2011 01:14 am EDT

Press Release

Sleek, fast and easy-to-use smartphones feature next-generation BlackBerry 7 OS and deliver smooth social experiences wherever you go

(WATERLOO, ONTARIO-- Aug. 23, 2011) - Research In Motion (RIM) (NASDAQ:RIMM)(TSX:RIM) today announced three new BlackBerry® smartphones featuring the BlackBerry® 7 Operating System (OS). The all-new BlackBerry® Curve™ 9350, BlackBerry® Curve™ 9360 and BlackBerry Curve™ 9370 smartphone are exciting additions to the popular BlackBerry Curve series.

These new models are designed to address a large and important segment of the global mobile phone market where customers are looking to upgrade their existing feature phone or existing BlackBerry Curve with an affordable, easy-to-use, full-featured and socially-connected smartphone.

"These new models will build on the incredible success of the BlackBerry Curve line and further expand the largest global launch of BlackBerry smartphones in our history," said Mike Lazaridis, President and Co-CEO at Research In Motion. "The new BlackBerry Curve smartphones are absolutely stunning and offer a significant performance upgrade with an unmatched mobile social experience for the millions of feature phone users in the market as well as our existing Curve customers."

Everything You Need

The new BlackBerry Curve smartphones are slim, stylish and simply beautiful. They are ergonomically designed with a comfortable and iconic keyboard for fast, accurate typing and an optical trackpad for easy, one-handed navigation. GPS and Wi-Fi® support are also included, as well as a 5MP camera with flash and video recording so that memories can be captured and instantly shared on social networks. The microSD/SDHC slot supports up to 32 GB memory cards for additional media storage.

In addition to supporting the new BlackBerry 7 OS, the new BlackBerry Curve smartphones feature a range of powerful hardware enhancements including upgraded processors, displays and memory, and built-in support for NFC (Near Field Communications), a new technology that is enabling many exciting capabilities, including the ability to pair accessories or read SmartPoster tags with a simple tap of the smartphone.

Next-Generation BlackBerry 7 OS

BlackBerry 7 introduces a next generation BlackBerry browser which combines the dramatically improved performance of the advanced WebKit browser engine with the hardware enhancements in the new BlackBerry Curve smartphones to deliver a significantly faster, more fluid web browsing experience. Additional enhancements to this next generation BlackBerry browser have also enabled smoother navigation and optimized HTML5 performance for incredible gaming and video experiences.

BlackBerry 7 OS also includes a number of other pre-loaded applications and integrated functionality for increased productivity and collaboration right out of the box. The Premium version of Documents To Go is included free of charge, offering users powerful document editing features as well as a native PDF document viewer. BlackBerry® Protect is also pre-loaded*, offering customers the peace of mind that personal data can be backed up and secured in the cloud. With BlackBerry Protect, users can locate their misplaced BlackBerry smartphone using GPS or remotely turn up the ringer for an audible notification if their handset is close-by. BlackBerry® Balance (announced May 2, 2011) is integrated in BlackBerry 7, allowing users to enjoy the full BlackBerry smartphone experience for both work and personal purposes without compromising the IT department's need for advanced security and IT controls. The popular universal search capability has also been enhanced with support for voice-activated search, so users can now simply speak to begin searching their device and the web for information.

Best In Class Communications and Social Experiences

The next generation BlackBerry Curve smartphones deliver the world's best mobile communications and social experiences with a highly refined and integrated suite of phone, email, messaging and social apps to keep users connected and productive throughout the day.

The latest release of BBM™ (BlackBerry® Messenger) is pre-loaded and now extends the real time BBM experience to a range of other apps, such as Foursquare, allowing users to easily interact with each other from within the 'BBM connected' app (see separate announcement on July 28, 2011).

The updated Social Feeds (2.0) app has been extended to capture updates from media, podcasts, and favorites all in one consolidated view. The new Facebook® for BlackBerry smartphones (2.0) app introduces features like Facebook chat and BBM integration that makes it easier for users to connect with their Facebook friends in real time utilizing push notifications. Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones also delivers a deeply integrated experience including use of real time push notifications and Social Feeds integration.


The BlackBerry Curve 9350, 9360 and 9370 smartphones are expected to be available from carriers in Canada this month and from other carriers around the world beginning in September. Availability dates and pricing for specific devices from specific carriers will be announced in conjunction with RIM's partners.

Additional Information

For additional information please visit www.blackberry.com.
(i) BlackBerry Protect may not be available in all countries.

Reader comments

RIM unveils the BlackBerry Curve 9350, 9360 and 9370


The 9370 CDMA/GSM model is for carriers like Verizon and Sprint who want a "Global" model so that customers can roam onto GSM networks overseas. The 9360 GSM/UMTS model is for carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile. The 9350 CDMA only model is probably for prepaid carriers like Virgin Mobile, Boost Mobile and possibly MetroPCS.

Ok i don't wanna sound like an arss but this is only my opinion and doesn't have to reflect any one, and if you agree replay with a +1.

Why rim dint make one model from all 3 models and name it 9567, in this way they saved money on all the parts from the models 9360 and 9370. So in this way was one model for all carriers and could have all the GSM/UMTS/CDMA/WEB(What Ever Band).
With money saved from that two devices could make an better Device or Put it in to some salary and hire good ppl like KEVIN or Bla1ze, or some one who already graduate from school and what to work for rim as a developer or i don't know u name it.

Any way this 3 devices are amazingly Curvy and nice but in my opinion they could done better. "also i might thing i miss something here no Curve Touch" or they will called Curve Torch.


The curve is a low-end model, your plan would push up the cost to the carriers or Rim by including stuff that was no bloody use to them at all e.g. the cdma radio on a gsm device, so there is no way one model would have been suitable.

Costs are clearly of such high importance on these devices that it was even cost-effective to produce a cdma-only variant for the carriers that weren't interested in a worldphone model.

So one Curve is CDMA/GSM...the other one is CDMA only...and the last one is GSM/UMTS?

Regardless of the confusing models, they look great.

Don't be foolish, clearly its a design issue.....jeez! What are you planning to use NFC for just now then?

The 9810 reuses the body of the 9800 so they probably couldn't fit in the additional antenna and who knows about the 9860, but the odds are that from now on all new blackberries will have NFC and these ones are simply following on from the 9900 in that respect.

So since RIM is moving towards a QNX based OS, does this mean that the Curve line will no longer exist? Since many rumors suggest that the "Colt" will feature a single core processor (fingers crossed for dual core) I highly doubt the Curve line with be able to keep up. Unless of course RIM releases a QNX Lite OS. This would be great for existing users of BB7 devices and future lower end Curve devices.

We can't be sure what is going to happen, but realistically there will be Curves in 2012 as it is too important a product for Rim to make blackberry more accessible to all.

Perhaps we will see single-core qnx, but maybe we will get os7.x devices at the low end too next year.

see, theres my difficulty? with my sprint early upgrade discount coming in october, should I go for this or pay more for the Bold? if only this thing had the faster processor and touch screen, i would take this over the Bold in a heartbeat. it has NFC, and it has the AF camera i need, with flash, and 5MP.

I'm thinking the same thing. I just wish RIM would release a Bold-sized Curve, with the touchscreen and everything, just change the keyboard to Curve's keyboard. I don't like Bold's keyboard.

son of a bitch and where the ffff is my touch screen?!! where's the 9380??? these bums i tellz you. they left out the only good curve. *sigh* Say, how's mango looking? ;)

The 9380 was clearly not going to be in this first batch of devices, leaks about it came much later on than the earliest os7 devices and the odds are that it is intended to be out in time for xmas.

I hope you're right. Because I'll wait for the touch Curve even if it comes right before christmas, as long as it comes to Tmo.

It's official: the new Curves have put the last nail on the 97xx line; better camera, more RAM, faster processor, OS7...

You mean OLD 97xx. The 9790 beats the Curves isn't it so?

Anyway. Good thing NEW devices are better spec'd than OLD devices, no matter the 'family'.

I'd be scared if they didn't.

Except that 9790 may not even be released. We don't have anything besides a few pictures and a couple of rumors.

Why is the 9360/9370 thread in the forums, not yet moved from the rumored section:-)?
This month has just 7 days more. That is fast.

More than likely, the 9370 will be Verizon's Curve and the 9350 will be Sprint's Curve. The primary difference is that it is rumored that Verizon will be launching a 4G LTE Curve, which would make sense considering that the 9370 is both CDMA and GSM. AT&T and T-Mobile will be getting the 9360 which will more than likely be a HSPA+ 4G Curve. So, it seems that Sprint will be the only one left with a 3G Curve, as doubts of a WiMax 4G BlackBerry will even exist.

Thank you and a few others for the informative post. I wish people would stop judging things before they even UNDERSTAND what the reasoning is for....

Is the 5MP camera with auto-focus? If so, i would prefer this rather than the bold, i don't really care about whether there is a touch screen or not

One thing to love about RIM is their dedication to all levels of users. There will always be an entry level device, a device for those wanting something current like a full touch screen and those wanting something universal, tried and true like the 9900.

Hi @samuelmorgan,

Alex from RIM here. You are 100% correct – we like to give our customers options. The new Bold 9900 and 9930 rock a physical QWERTY keyboard and are the thinnest BlackBerry smartphones to date. The Torch 9860 provides a larger, all-touch screen that makes videos and photos really pop. Finally, the new Curve features the same BlackBerry 7 OS and NFC technology as the Bold, and it's one of the lightest BlackBerry devices ever at 99 grams (with battery).

For a more complete look at all of these devices, stop by our Inside BlackBerry Blog to read some early reviews and get more detailed information on the new Bold (http://bbry.lv/ooTnsv), Torch (http://bbry.lv/qINY3c), and Curve (http://bbry.lv/qwtcUM).

Alex, RIM Social Media Team

Can someone help me out? The only difference between this phone and the new Bold is size (Bold is bigger) and the processor? Anything else?

Did the compare on Blackberry.com:

Curve is slightly smaller in size and weight
Curve display is slightly smaller, as is battery life in talk time
Bold 9900 is HD video recording; Curve is VGA video recording
Bold is 8GB onboard memory, Curve is up to 1GB onboard memory
Curve keyboard is slightly slimmer than Bold
Curve has no dedicated media keys and no touch screen

Memory is big for me, so I'll still plan to buy the bold, if AT&T ever wants to release it this century.

No reference to Liquid Graphics. No dedicated GPU on these models?

Edit - okay the website says Liquid Graphics.

Soooooo I'm slowly leaning towards the new curves I was going to get a 9900 bold :o, but curve was my first love <3 ;)

RIM really needs to get away from their numbering system. So confusing. Call it the 93something internally but give it a name customers have never seen in the past.

If not, call it the Curve 4 or whatever generation it is!