RIM unofficially announces the BlackBerry Bold 9790 and Curve 9380 to the World

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By Bla1ze on 14 Oct 2011 03:05 pm EDT

In an effort to keep BlackBerry Developers in the loop so that they can have their apps compatible for newer devices coming out, RIM has once again unofficially unveiled not-yet-announced devices. For a while now, the BlackBerry Bold 9790 and BlackBerry Curve 9380 have been popping up but nothing official from RIM has been announced about the devices. That said; pretty safe to assume an official announcement will be coming soon, especially with BlackBerry DevCon Americas kicking off in only four days.

Getting back to real intent here -- BlackBerry developers can now download a new set of BlackBerry device simulators to test their apps on including sims for the BlackBerry Bold 9790 and BlackBerry Curve 9380.

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RIM unofficially announces the BlackBerry Bold 9790 and Curve 9380 to the World


Am I the only one thinking why even make these devices? Why not just make the curve touchscreen and keep the list of devices smaller.

I believe it all comes down to giving consumers the option... some prefer touch screen devices while others prefer Blackberry's iconic keyboard...

While I agree that it's splitting the company's limited resources... I think it will pay off in the long run.

Come on now, all the fan people can't really be bought off by this nonesense, or can they? The problems with RIM go much deeper than new offerings of the same old problems. Too many screen sizes, resoulutions, processors, touch, no touch, Its all for naught, unless they can come to market with a clear direction to developers..."we're open to great ideas, and motivated by consumers". I guess when they finally wake up, it'll be too late!

Rounding 3rd, heading for home!

i think the reason RIM has been experimenting with several touch screen devices is probably to get their first BBX superphone to be right on the money. I think its a good move. however, having two bolds at the same times makes no sense. they could give a separate name to the 97xx line and keep the bold name for the 9000/9900 line. Hopefully those waiting for the first superphone from RIM will take the opportunity and grab one of these beauties :)

What is it with that "superphone" crap? I just hope that it still has a keyboard and can send and receive emails. Get yourself one of the apple things if you are more into playing "supergames" or whatever.

Too many phones RIM! Consumers are already over(under?)whelmed by the sheer number of devices out there, let alone from the same manufacturer!

damn. so many phones. which ones are these again? they're supposed to be like the older models? why? such a waste. i like that with rim i've got choice (i own a pearl 3g), but this is getting crazy. already on the website, there are 5 different bolds, 4 torches, 5 curves.... not to mention the style and pearl. now they want to add ANOTHER bold and curve??

Seriously RIM, sell 1 bold (touch+kb), 1 curve(kb-only), 1 torch(touch-only). make them work on all networks. Load it up with bbx and hire a rockstar advertising agency. when you got 10 billion in the bank and the trust of your customers and investors back, then think about releasing an extra device.

i know it's not that easy, but all these bolds and curves, it's so confusing.

go to the site and count em.

im into tech and love blackberry and this shit is confusing. if that makes me stupid, what does it make the other majority of people who would just rather have an iphone than try to compare and figure out all this. You go to blackberry.com and they tell you to compare 3 different versions of the same phone to figure out which one is right? If someone told me i could have a torch 9800, 9810, 9850 or a 9860 for free.. i would have no idea which one is what an what would work on my network. it's like having ice cream that's called chocolate 001, chocolate 002, chocolate 003. but you have to look in the ingredients to find out which one is milk chocolate, mint chocolate or white chocolate. it's bullshit.

good luck with your "new" bolds and curves rim. send me an update when your real new bbx phones come out. oh ya, you wont because no matter how many different emails i give you, you never send me an update.

yes, but the touchscreen curve has a 3.2 inch display while the bold has 2.44 as the old small ones. that's where the big ppi difference comes from too :).

I totally approve new devices like the touchscreen curve. There a lot of new Blackberry users , many of them young people, who mainly use it for bbm. At least in emea countries. Why? Bbm is great and phones and plans are very cheap ( in Romania for instance you get a bis prepay plan for 4 euros/ month with unlimited traffic : first 300 mb traffic at 3.6 MB/s and the rest limited to 128KB/s- yes, its low speed but for bbm and email and ocasional brosing is fine) - add a voice/ texts prepay plan thats 5 euros, and you get some pretty decent and dirt cheap package. And I think most of you agree that teens like touchscreen only phones :).
Give people choices and you will sell more, since you will cover more of the buyers options.

I read it wrong, i thought the curve had a touch screen.

But it is still getting very confusing with all these models.

c'mon RIM. You got the nice form for the 9900/9930. So keep the 9780 for a cheap Bold and the 9900 as a flagship. I think the 9790 is wasting resources.
A cheap fulltouch device, o.k. but then you have to kick out the 9300 and the older curves out.

I wonder how the bold is gonna look like on the 9790 or whatever lol I always loved the size of the 9700/80 series hmmm.. But yeah don't need more same old blackberry devices they should just come out with one super device

the 9790 will have a sort of identical look to its predecessors, the 97xx. However this will be the thinnest Bold 97xx ever made today, packed with all of the features of the 99xx PLUS the autofocus 5MP camera, however you need to compensate it by not having the same thin form factor as the 99xx though. I read from the CB as well few months ago that the 9790 will also support NFC. So basically, the Bold 9790 is the 9900/30 in a smaller form factor, 2.4" screen, with the autofocus 5MP camera.

I think RIM gives another option for Bold lovers to choose what handset they're looking for. In the end, there are 2 Bold series (actually 3, since the 9930 is the predecessor of the Tour -- which has been diminished), 2 Torches and 2 Curve models.

But I also have another thought that.. the 9790 will be the last 97xx generation, do you reckon that guys? coz people love how the Bold 99xx is now formed and I think RIM is getting the real image of the Bold back, as the flagship of all BBs.

Could this be the one AT&T is holding out for? I love my 9700 but I don't know if I need this size phone with a touch screen. I like pocketable devices so the size is great. I just want AT&T to get the new curve, very affordable at an out right price so I can upgrade and not have to pay an arm and leg or sign another 2yr agreement.

So im really confused now is the bold 9900 going to be obsolete now that they are coming out with two new blackberrys?! Should i not buy the bold 9930 now?

I seriously love how just last year people were complaining how there weren't enough options of BlackBerry to choose from and now that RIM is actually giving us more choices people are STILL complaining. I have the 9900 because it was my choice but I think it's great that RIM are giving more choices so thumbs up!!!

Lol!.. I know seriously!.. They complained so much & now there's so many to choose from and I see complaints still!.. I've got my 9850 and I'm completely satisfied :) pin:3301E88C

Apple is successful because they make one compelling phone. Cheaper models are just simply older versions. With a fraction of the resources that Apple has RIM tries to make a model for everyone, a jack of all trades and a master at none. They should release one, dual core, high-res, touchscreen device and one "Bold" style with a keyboard for the diehards. That's it, two models, both "world" phones that do GSM & CDMA...just my opinion!

So confusing....

I'd like someone to make a really dynamic website just showing blackberry devices and how they all stack up in each product line (Curve, Bold, Torch, etc)

Yea I was thinking the same thing...I personally think its a damn shame the devices dont stand out enough on there own. Wayyyy to confusing

A "flagship" device on BB right now is sad

ATT can't even manage to get the 9900 out to customers...the BBX phones are just around the corner...is there any point to releasing more of the same technology...I will always have a Blackberry...but this boggles my mind...

480 x 360 is a pretty low res for a 3.22 inch screen. Kinda like the original Torch which had a pretty bad screen res

Can anyone confirm if the 9380 would have an Autofocus camera? ..or will it be the usual "People who pay under $400 (No contract) for a curve don't deserve an Autofocus camera".. :(