RIM Teases Masses With FaceBook 1.5 Again!

By Bla1ze on 11 Mar 2009 10:07 am EDT
RIM Teases With FaceBook 1.5 Again!

Anyone notice anything a little weird about the description of the Facebook application here? How about the fact the page is describing FaceBook 1.5 functionality when it has yet to be released?! Way to go RIM, you tease us with mistakenly  intentionally releasing information in the RIM support knowledge base then you go ahead and update the FaceBook description on the landing page yet, you still don't release it to the masses. That my friends is called creating anticipation, although I have other words not so work friendly for it.  How about we give you to the end of the day to release it or else we start a CrackBerry Picket!

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RIM Teases Masses With FaceBook 1.5 Again!


Whats the point of the teasing? People are gonna download it, or they wont. Its not like they're trying to drum up sales.

I install/uninstall only when i need to upload pictures to FB. Otherwise, the web version is lots better than the application. Why is everyone so excited about this. It's like myspace saying they've had millions of downloads, I'd be more interested if they could prove how many deletions they've had after those installations.

When I go to that page I get the old message as well. That is completly different and says nothing of any new features

I don't get why they are trying to "create anticipation" for a slightly upgraded FB app. It's not even like it's 2.0 or anything. I find it kind of pointless to up play something so minor.

You kidding me??? Still not released?!? I would be VERY excited to get this by the end of the day...come on RIM, give us a break!

Any word on whether FB1.5 is going to work with google sync? If google sync updates my phonebook with my gmail contacts and FB1.5 will do the same... Well... I think you get where i'm going with this.

...my sources say next week. :) So nobody get their knickers in a knot - it's coming! The online update just proves that RIM is getting ready to launch.

Hope that helps!

I snagged it for my 8830 the day it came out and then found out later that it was recalled. I haven't had any issues with it though...

I downloaded 1.3, or what was at least claiming to be 1.3, from the facebook site today. No real changes. Just seems to run a little bit faster.

So how did that picket work out last night? We all know that we can count on our Crackberry friends to back up their promises and represent us :=)

...release the stupid thing. Hype means nothing if the product doesn't deliver. Let's say they do all this work to hype the stupid thing, and then it's just as buggy, what then? I will be sorely disappointed if RIM releases basically the same Facebook app with a shiny new finish. No sense rewaxing the car when the engine blew up...