Research in Motion Teases "The BlackBerry Tour 9650 is Coming" on Facebook

By Adam Zeis on 27 Jan 2010 10:14 am EST

No need to go camp outside the Verizon store just yet, but RIM dropped this quick note on their Facebook page earlier today. The message simply stated "The BlackBerry Tour 9650 is coming! Check back soon for official news!" This hopefully means that the device will actually be announced sometime in the near future. The Tour 9650 (which maybe won't be called the Tour 2?) was expected to drop in the first part of 2010, so that leaves another month or two for RIM to stay in our good graces. Lots of good signs in the last few weeks that the device is on its way, but we know the only thing that really matters is having an official launch date to mark on our calendars :-) Thanks to everyone that sent this in!

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Research in Motion Teases "The BlackBerry Tour 9650 is Coming" on Facebook


Now if RIM and Verizon could make it up to Tour owners by offering a speacial upgrade. Just some kind of trade in for the customer's who purchased a brand new to the market phone that got replaced 7 or 8 months later. If not I still love my Tour.

Your upgrade price? Full retail. Seriously, this is the same crap Storm owners were crying about a few months ago right before the Storm 2 came out. Get over it. Upgrades happen. They don't have to make anything up to you.

Deal with it. Most new devices don't last much over a year anyway. If you don't want to get to get "screwed" as you feel you have, sign a 1 year contract and upgrade every year.

Get used to it, this is technology for you. Its the same thing when you buy a car because you know next year will be a new one.

I personally lost the hype on the 9650, I just stick to my 9630 and still love it.

"I personally lost the hype on the 9650, I just stick to my 9630 and still love it."

LOL man you are missing out my friend. Ever since I upgraded to the S2 I can't even use an S1 anymore. The screen is like pressing on a marshmellow cloud, with battery pulls 3 times a day to clear the memory.

The deal with the S1 and S2 is nowhere close to comparable to the Tour1 and Tour2, because while the Tour had some trackball issues in the beginning, there really wasn't anything else wrong with the device. OS works fine, keyboard's fine, once they got the trackball issue squared away, no problems, perfectly useable device! The Storm1 got launched and there were a ton of problems from the get go, OS issues, screen issues, design flaws, it was a flawed device from the get go, not so with the Tour, the only difference between Tour1 and Tour2 is a trackpad and WiFi, other than that, they're the same phone...

I love my 9630, and while the addition of WiFi would be nice, it's not going to make me angry to have my Tour, it's 3G, it's plenty fast out of the box, and I've got great signal everywhere I go. I can wait until I'm due for an upgrade.

100% agree. In fact I think they should give it to 9630 owners for free. And not for the fact that the release came so soon after, but the fact that the 9630 is a POS that simply doesn't work.

RIM screwed up big time with the 9630 and honestly they don't deserve our money for the "fixed" Tour. Bastards if you ask me.

I have nothing but Love for my TOUR. Have had no issues. Great phone! Definately don't feel anyone should get a free upgrade or a discount. Deal with it. I got my Tour for Free through USCC. Maybe you should use a better phone carrier :)

Well, just face the fact that you aren't getting a 9650 for free because you had a "bad" experience with the 9630. To my knowledge some of the first Tours had battery and trackball issues, but based on others' comments, that seems to have worked it's way out. Anyway, people like me who have been sticking to older, proven, phones like the 8330 will gladly pay RIM for the new 9650.

There is no way the Tour is a POS. The first batch had a few problems but no biggy. You should try a S1, now that I don't really have a problem if people call it a POS even though I still wouldn't call it that.

and should they offer free upgrades to the magnum to everyone who buys the tour2? Because I'm sure there will be plenty of people who ran out an get the T2 screaming that it's not fair, no one told them that the magnum was in the works, and they should get a free/discounted upgrade?

For the average user, these sorts of complaints are annoying. But from people who visit technology websites, it makes me scream. You buy what you buy. If it malfunctions have it warranty replaced, separately from that, shut up and live with your choices.

Since when can ppl only comment if they have a complaint? Isn't that the point of having a "comments" section and not separate "for" and "against" sections?

Was prolly removed because instead of everyone giving rim props, they got ripped into on the comments for the 9630 deeal lol

Wasn't long they released tour yep , but this is suppose to be a new and improved model , time will tell if it is and if so how much so . :)

I am a current Sprint customer and I'm available for an upgrade. I currently do not have a BlackBerry, but I have been doing research on the Tour 9630 and the HTC Hero. I mainly will be using my new phone for phone calls, messaging, e-mails, etc....

If anyone has any helpful advice for me it would be appreciated. Any former or current HTC Hero (Sprint) users out there? Also, now that the Tour 9650 will be coming out soon, should I wait for that one or go with the 9630? I called our local Sprint Store a few days ago and they are out of stock on the 9630 but they said by no means does this mean they are discontinuing it.....they went on to say that the rumor is March for the Sprint Tour 9650.

Do not get an HTC. Get a Blackberry. Trust me, it's everything the blackberry is minus some awesome features!

Blackberry is not as customizable as the hero but if you got tons of friends with blackberry then you will love it. I guarantee you will get addicted to BBM in no time and the way email works on the blackberry has no comparison.

I find RIM's device launches to be tedious at best. At least they pushed the Storm 2 almost to a year. The Tour was the biggest mistake they ever made. It was a half ass attempt to get rid of the 8830. Hey RIM why don't you put as much effort into the Webkit as you do milking the public with your device launches.

An yes I love my Storm 2 but I am fed up with this kind of crap.

Go ahead and blame it on rim. Tour wasn't the biggest mistake the storm was. I agree the storm was a POS. In the end it was the providers like vz and sprint that pushed the release of the tour. If they gave it rim a little more time they would have put the trackpad on the tour as well. Not sure about wifi.
I have been patient because rumors of the tour 2 were circulating days beforethe original tour launch.
So all these people that say they have been patient or did their research are full of crap.

An yes the tour 9650 is a "slight" upgrade over the 9630. So it has Wifi whoopidy doo. The Storm 2 has WiFi and you wanna know how much I have used it? Whenever there is a BB data outage. Blame that on the carriers. oooh oooh the 9650 has the Trackpad!!! So will every berry they release from here on out.

The answer is not in the hardware. The hardware is great. The problem is in the OS. The damn browser is so outdated that it can not even make use of the increased speed provided by WiFi. I am not saying it needs a total overhaul like many others are, I just think they need to step the R&D on the OS side of things and for gods sake get the webkit to the damn people. That is the MAJOR area where the Blackberry platform is lagging behind

New phones come out all the time. There will ALWAYS be something new and around the corner. Customers want variety. Some devoted "fans" swap phones regularly.

It has been said many times that Veizon, Sprint and RIM only owes customers various devices to choose from that work. You have a 30 day period in most cases. If it does not work, take it back. Try another device. Repeat/rinse.

I wanted the Tour when it came out but did not want a device with "firt-run" issues. As the Tour was released last summaer it was well documented that future BB's would have wi-fi included. Since most carriers require a data plam (BIS or BES) "why" is wi-fi such a deal breaker and a must-have reason to upgrade? For areas of spotty Wireless Data coverage?

I would like a Tour Type BB, but until I can view flash content and there is a better browser, I will stick with my Curve 8330.

you can only trade a phone in after 30 days ONCE

"You have a 30 day period in most cases. If it does not work, take it back. Try another device. Repeat/rinse."

you can't "repeat" the try-for-30-day-period
if you could i would be fine because i would just switch from my newly upgraded tour to the tour 2

That's the $1 mil. question here, I've had my Tour since Sept. 09 and I enjoy it very much. My wife is due for a phone upgrade in 2 weeks, might have to tell her to wait until this new tour comes out..

Who cares about another TOUR?? SO what if it has the same specs as the 9700, the 9700 is way sexier.

I quite frankly don't know what all the hype is about?

is obviously about having a fully featured blackberry equivalent to the bold, but on a CDMA carrier. i for one love the 9700 but would never sell my soul to ATT. what good is a communcations device with no service?

i got the tour a week after launch date, i told myself id wait and see how it played out, and even knew about the tour2's imminent launch....but i was on a used palm centro that loved to freeze a few times a day so i bit the bullet, decided i could get by without wifi, or a trackpad, and bought my 249.99$ tour, added a line to my account to have it, and now pay 140$ a month to have my tour and my old dare on a family plan.

everything was great for about 25mins with my tour before i realized the headphone jack was no worky. not to mention the screen ripple...back to verizon i go...tour number 2, whats this? a wack trackball, screen ripple, and loose battery door? back to verizon...ok this is gettin dumb tour 3 better be the one, things are good...OH WAIT, fucked up trackball, wats this? BRICKED. back to verizon, "well send you out a refurb" oh awesome, thank you verizon, thank you for my refurbished tour i paid full price for and went thru 4 models on before i could actually use it, and whats this? o heres the tour for 99.99$ and the tour2 less than a yr later..

god dammit.

oh well, as much as my tour drove me nuts in the begining, my refurb works pretty flawlessly especially with the .419 leak. i mean i cant even figure out how i used 4.7 for so certainly in love with my tour, but damn that tour2 just screams buy me..

I agree, the tour 2 should be free for all tour users. The tour has a lacking battery, terrible trackball and still hasn't seen the light of 5.0 for most users. The Tour2 is going to be a true improvement as a point upgrade is to OS X. Silly cause it should be a "patch."

What will be the difference between the Tour 9650 and the Bold 9700?? Visually they will look exactly the same, except the red numbers on the Tour, if that stays the same...


the bold is supposed to have a faster processor plus being rim's flagship device, and smaller form factor..thats it really

I don't understand why all the 9630 owners are upset over. Especially if you are on Verizon's network. You can upgrade in one year even if you are on a two year plan like I am, it will just cost you an extra $50. I have a Tour and I love it except for my track ball sticking every now and then. I have to wait until September to upgrade for and extra $50 bucks.I will upgrade because the track pad will be less of a headache for me but the WiFi is no biggie becasue of where I live. I will upgrade my wife's phone to because she has the junk Storm 1. Anyways, Verizon owners stop complaining! You can upgrade after one year no matter what!

Well your half right. If you are on VIP Status the $50 Upgrade fee applies. I was with Alltel for for 14 years and have never missed a payment.

size is what really matters! The tablet is impressive...but im not impressed? Price is gonna be the biggest factor here for me

I have that same notification on my facebook wall!!!!!!
My first Tour is awesome! I know some people claim to have problems but mine has worked great from day one. I am running the .416 OS and am VERY, VERY happy with the OS. I do have to clean my trckball from time to time but nothing major. For those that keep harping about WIFI not being a big deal it is for someone like me. At home I always have voice service but hi speed data is always going in and out. Also when I am in some larger buildings in downtown L.A. I have the same issue with having voice but spotty high speed data, WIFI is a big plus for me. Come on Tour 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RIM, you are such a tease. Why do you do this to me? It's time to give in and put out. You know you want to.

I have a Storm 1, and I have to say I do love it. Thinking about getting a Storm2 when I can upgrade next Saturday. But if RIM gives us a date of the Tour2 I may hold off and get that instead. Still debating with myself about it all.

Rim and Verizon are famous for rushing phones to market and the early adopters often pay the price for it. I bought the Tour the day it came out and was very pleased for about a month. dont get me wrong even a bad tour is still and upgrade from the curve but the things like the battery door, trackball not scrolling properly, screen ripple bug me. I sent my tour in last week for a replacement, the trackball works now but they still didnt get the door fixed. I was all set to sell the replacement Tour and get a storm 2 until i installed hybrid on the phone and now it is just plain awesome. I do however feel that when the 9650 comes out the early adopters should get upgrade pricing on it. try the hybrid its amazing, it hasnt "hourglassed" yet. here is the link.
if you try it make sure you give credit where credit is due.

I was actually gonna wait till this phone was released to make my crackberry account, cause this phone will be my first BB.

BUT, i couldnt waittttt!!! im so happy its coming soon :D

I need Sprint to jump on this as soon as Verizon does, hpefully -_-

so my two year contract was up after christmas so i switched to a droid the day after christmas (dec. 26th)
i disliked it so i returned within a month and traded it in for the tour (i had to switch from the droid within the month or i would have to pay full price on what i switch to).
i switched to the blackberry tour and it's awesome, but will there be some option for me to upgrade to the tour 2 without having to pay the full price and everything? i remember verizon did not do that for anyone who owned a storm when the storm 2 came out... any chance verizon will give me a break because i literally switched yesterday (jan. 26th) and that was the last day i had within the month to decide i didn't like the droid. if they don't it would really suck to have to pay full price for a new version of the phone i just switched to.

It's pulled but I wonder if it's because people were saying much of what we have said as far as talking to the carriers to get a discount on the Tour2 because of how quickly they released the Tour2 after the Tour1 and all the issues people have experienced with the Tour1.

dont blame rim thye are just pruducing quality smartphones. Blame your carrier. They're the ones who pushed the release of the 9630. If they waited just a couple of months, there would be no posts on this because the trackpad technology will be used on every RIM smartphone from here on out.

I wish people could be happy with what they have. I know the Tour had some issues. Mine gave me problems two months into having it, but the replacement has been perfect. I still am running the 4.7 OS I will not do an upgrade without hearing from Verizon. I know doing a leaked version can either cause issues or work out just fine. I prefer to be safe and just wait for the official release. I am not having issues and all is fine.
People keep cutting down other device models. Storm this, Storm 2 that. Not everyone is going to have a problem with their phone. I know there are millions of cars out like mine, someone might have a lemon but not all of them are bad. Same with a phone.

People are losing jobs, losing their homes. And yet.....all I am reading is I wanna this and I wanna that.

Be happy with what you have !

so a friend over from bestbuy hit me up tellin me they jus got the demo models for the 9650 n they have them in stock as of right now and will b releasing on feb 3 as of what is said so far

So why doesnt verizon stop being freakin retarded n jus get the bold 2 on their line up
when att said they have the hottest pda phones they were right
but damn forget the tour 2 or wat not
n get the bold 2 to get released on vzw
its a freakin amazing phone

I began hearing rumors about this right after I bought my 9630 the day it came out on sprint which initially made me feel some type of way but rather than get all worked up in a lather I just reminded myself that 1. cell phone life span is ridiculously short and 2.that the tour is a great phone (minus the trackball issues)3. Chances are as soon as I go out my way to get a tour 2 there will be rumors of a tour 3. So the addition of wi fi and a trackpad are nice they arent monumental improvements that are worth me plunking down another couple hundred bucks.

I have the Tour 9630. And I feel like after it came out, there was nothing. Out came the Storm 2 and then the new curve. The Tour got pushed to the backburner. So why another one?

I usually try not to get involved in the back-and-forth debates that sometimes occur in comments... but being a Tour owner myself, I have some very strong opinions on this issue that I wanted to share.

First off, I will tell all you who tend to respond "deal with it" that I understand how quickly technology moves, that new devices are constantly coming out, etc. I learned that when I first started buying cell phones back in 2000. I've come to accept it, and it's even a bit easier now that Sprint Premier gives me 2 year pricing after 1 year.

HOWEVER... there are several other factors that I feel make this a different circumstance than just the usual new technology emergence. First off, the Tour has only been out 7 months -- just over half a year. This seems kind of soon to be re-releasing a phone... how long was the 8330 out before the 8530 came along? Easily 1.5 years, if not closer to 2? That vast time difference is a little hard to swallow for me.

The biggest peeve for me though is the fact that the Tour is supposed to be top of the line. It's the highest priced CDMA BlackBerry. Why were WiFi and trackpad left out of the original release when the 8530 (mid-level, less expensive phone) had these features included, and was released just 3 months later?

If RIM was releasing a phone with a slightly different form factor under a different name, or had this occurred well over a year after the 9630 was released, I don't think there would be as much controversy. But this is barely more than 6 months after the Tour 1 release, and with as highly anticipated as that release was, you'd think they would've done it right and made that phone everything it could be. At risk of sounding like a broken record... releasing the new Curve just months later with the two missing features from the Tour was like a slap in the face. It makes me feel like RIM tricked me, and got me to buy a halfass device that they prematurely released when they knew the real thing was coming less than a year later. It seems so obvious that customers would want these features, and that they would be willing to wait for them. I shouldn't be as surprised, really... corporations just want your money and aren't really concerned about the feelings of the little people. I just thought RIM was so great and it kinda sucks to find out they're not so perfect after all.