RIM teams up with Esquire Magazine in the Philippines

By James Richardson on 21 Dec 2012 11:14 am EST

Research In Motion has been getting some publicity in the Philippines recently when they teamed up with Esquire Magazine and had a night of extravagant fun and glamour .

Esquire Magazine celebrated their first anniversary in the Philippines with a ball gathering some of Manila's biggest celebrities and VIPs. RIM's Philippine team arranged to be one of the co-presenters of this event.  It had its own BlackBerry Alcove, where it showcased devices like the BlackBerry Bold 9900 and the Porsche P'9881. Prior to the ball, it ran a Facebook draw where lucky fans won a make-over and tickets to this exclusive event.

It's great to see RIM getting involved in some events which are not technology based to help boost their market presence.

Reader comments

RIM teams up with Esquire Magazine in the Philippines


This is all publicity I'm not interested in! I am interested on when the new BB10 devices will be available here in Manila! Until now, no update from 2 of the major carriers here, Globe and Smart. It's a month away! Attention RIM...

That publicity is important for RIM, cause many people (and investors) can discover Blackberry products thanks to this kind of event. RIM is laser focused in delivering BB10 on time anyway, so relax.


Why ONLY in Manila?

There a lot of real Blackberry users Cebu and Davao.

C'mon RIM. You know better.

See you soon in Davao (Hoping)

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