RIM Goes In-Depth on BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac

BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac
By Kevin Michaluk on 23 Sep 2009 04:44 pm EDT

Previous rumors put the official release date of BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac to this Friday, September 25th, which is sounding better then ever given the fact over at the Inside BlackBerry blog they just posted an in-depth walk through of it. Interestingly enough, they refer to it as BlackBerry Desktop Software throughout the write-up (screencaps say BlackBerry Desktop Manager), so it seems like this highly-anticipated piece of software won't get any sort of exciting name, but simply be the Mac-compatible version of BlackBerry Desktop Software.  Follow the links below to learn how to use it.... and let's just hope it gets released soon!

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RIM Goes In-Depth on BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac


It is clean, efficient and will probably run flawlessly! My new Tour sits here eagerly awaiting :)

I have the leaked version, had a client w/ a bad usb port on his curve... no bluetooth support for this product that i can see... bummer, as mac's usually handle bluetooth flawlessly. Any word on syncing? Does it allow you to reconcile in the event of a conflict? haven't tried it yet, as i don't have a bb myself... :(

I downloaded the Beta version of the Blackberry Desktop Manager and later realized I had to delete it as soon as possible. It removed some of my Blackberry menu choices on my Storm (such as Edit a Contact or Send My Location from BBM or Send Voice Note from BBM). The only way I was able to get them back was to downgrade to a lower OS on a PC and then upgrade back to my original OS. If this terrible bug is fixed, I will definitely like this BB Desktop Manager better than PocketMac or The Missing Sync for Blackberry.

Why Mac version looks better than Windows version?... I would like to see something so much more informative like this Mac edition of DM but for WIndows...

Its because if it not "Oooo, shiny" then the MAC crowd are not intrested.

Lokk on the bright side, they still have to use a PC to install a beta OS.

Before I get flamed, I have owned a MAC in the past.

The beta worked great until I updated to Mac OS 10.6.1 then it no longer works. Anyone have ideas about using this software with iPhoto? I see no way to transfer or sync photos with this application.

It is about time. I guess because they took so long to make it for Mac, it was only natural when they announced it a while bak that it will come in September, that they wait for the end of the month to release it... Thanks RIM. It's about time.

From what ajmac25 said, hopefully the "official" release that comes out is compatible for Snow Leopard 10.6.1.

Well, for sure the beta works for me on Snow Leopard, so you'd figure the official will when it's released.

If you look at what the previous comment before my original comment said, he had issues after upgrading to snow leopard. That is why I said that. I never tested the Beta, I was only pointing that out

The blog article did not talk about sync'ing multiple BBs. Can that be done? Easily? Done how (i.e. changing device options each time)? Hope the User Guide discusses that capability and whether the DM 4 Mac modifies which BB is being done based on the PIN.

Tomorrow is one of the best days I've had in a while, I get paid a lot of money tomorrow, I have the day off, and BB desktop mng gets released for mac!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why do Mac users get this sweet looking BB Desktop and Windows users get the same crappy version every time. Step it up RIM and make this version for Windows too!

Is that a messed up pic or does the curve 8900 in the pic have blue letters and end symbol thats cool i want one