RIM Supports Earth Hour With New Site!

By Bla1ze on 20 Mar 2009 06:32 am EDT
BlackBerry Earth Hour!

Listen up folks! RIM is reaching out to everyone looking for support to help out with Earth Hour. Earth Hour 2009 happens on March 28th and consists of doing something simple for one hour. Shut off your lights, that's easy right? Just for one hour (8:30-9:30). To help promote the word RIM has created a BlackBerry specific website.

Complete with downloadable media such as wallpapers and videos, they also provide links to social communities such as FaceBook, Twitter, MySpace and even YouTube to further spread the word. So what do ya say folks, will ya shut your lights off for an hour to help the cause for a better environment? 

PS: I checked, there is no need to turn your blackberry off, just your lights ;)

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RIM Supports Earth Hour With New Site!


i believe the issue is that the hyperlinks are directing to htttp instead of http. hope this helps.

Just like CO2 is eating at the ozone. but if CO2 has a higer atomic weight then oxygen or nitrogen, wouldn't it "sink", or lay below the oxygen/nitrogen that we breathe.

poppy-cock this global warming things is for the birds... i'll let you remove the 14inches of snow from my driveway.

i used to work in the pollution control field for 7 years, specifically coal fired power plants. i hate to burst the bubble on all those planning on shutting off your lights for an hour on this, or any other day, for that matter will accomplish nothing. just because you aren't using your electricity doesn't mean it won't be produced. power coal plants take many hours to sometimes even days to shut down and start back up so it's not like they will see the load drop and just shut units down for that hour. the entire greenhouse gas debacle is blown so far out of reality that it's completely alien to what is really produced on a daily basis. it would take approximately 24 days for all of the earth's power plants combined to produce the level of gasses that the "environmentalists" claim they produce in a single day.

I've been saying this ever since Al Gore opened his ugly mouth. There is something bigger going on, a money issue or something, because it has been proven wrong by so many, and yet people choose to remain ignorant on the issue.

The purpose of turning off lights for an hour is not to see how much energy we can save. It seems that in your quest to disprove human involvement in climate change, you're shouting too loud and not listening. The purpose is to show global leaders that people do care and motivate them to take action (legislation, international treaties, funding for alternative energy sources, etc.).

Open your eyes and ears!

My World of Warcraft guild is going to be participating in this worthwhile event. For that 1 hour we will be very respective of our environment around us. While running to raids and quest objectives we will not be running through the rare flora all willy nilly without a care in the world. We will stick to trails and roads instead of trampling the plants that supply air for our "toons". We also will not be randomly killing random creatures (like rabits,stray cows, and rats) for the sheer joy of it, just leaving the carcass to rot. We will not be using our mounts because anyone who has a brain knows that mount droppings are harmful to the air and ozone if left to fester for a long period of time.

In real life i will be sitting in my office with all the lights on. My plasma tv will be playing whatever game is on, my game PC with a 800w p/s will be happily playing WOW, and most importantly my fridge will be running full tilt chilling the drink of my choice which will be consumed at a rapid rate :)

I plan on starting my cars, turning on all my lights, computers and appliances, my generator, and maybe burning some plastic bottles out back.


Screw Earth Hour! Turn on all your lights and electronic devices! Charge everything you own during the hour.

(brought to you by those who work in the power generation industry)


Needless to say I won't be promoting or following this idea. hee hee, die animals, particularily by my hand so I can eat you.

Save the Earth? Global Warming? LOL kiss my white ass this planet is already gone to hell in a hand basket this going green crap is just a new marketing scheme and this time Al Gore can claim he was the founder just like he was of the internet :rolleyes:

Good practices should be exercised ALL the time, not just one hour. Replace your stuff with more energy-efficient stuff as they wear out, turn down your AC when you're away, reduce usage, etc... the prospective reward is lower electricity bills.

What a joke...turning your lights off for an hour does nothing..we have an abundance of energy...and if they need to conserve energy have them shut the lights off in vegas or these huge office buildings for one hour that will save more energy than we could turning our lights out for an hour..All this is just a type of control or conformity that we dont need...WAKE UP PEOPLE !!!!

I really don't feel the need to shut my lights out for an hour, in fact every light in the house will probably be on. Is that wasting energy? Maybe. Besides the fact that I live near a river and within 2 hours of 4 dams on that river, the energy I use is from a renewable resource. We create more than we can use so we sell it to other states. Have fun fumbling around in the dark using your BB as a flashlight, but I'm not!

I'm not usually one to be overtly blunt about things, but this is the stupidest thing I have heard of in years. If you really think that turning out your lights for an hour will save the earth (even a little), then please contact me because I'll be happy to sell you carbon credits.

Haha I was cracking up when I ready your post! I'm so glad to see that everyone on here is seeing through the BS the Gores are trying to feed you. Anyone notice how much $ everyone is making off this? They're going to ride this out as long as they can. Anyone notice how all of a sudden after this "global warming" garbage got popular, how EVERY single company on the planet is all of a sudden putting the word "GREEN" in everything? Buy this, cuz we're green! go green! No people, SAVE your green, and don't believe the hype. This has been proven wrong, and scientists have been shunned for questioning it. Scary world we live in.

Turning off your lights for an hour will not "save the planet". The planet is just fine and does not need saving.

If you are determined to do something symbolic to make yourself feel better about how much you care then go ahead.

Sadly all you are really doing is proping up the scam artists who are making billions off of the entire global warming scam.

On the other hand maybe it will be fun to spend an hour in the dark.

I have to agree it is nice seeing these comments. Nice to know this phoney global warming stuff is finally being see for the crap that it is.

Turning off the lights for an hour? Typical liberal "feel good" actions that don't actually do ANYTHING but make you feel good.

Pollution: a real issue. I don't want people dumping meth labs in rivers.

Global Warming: a cottage industry set up for liberal money making schemes and divisive politics.

"PS: I checked, there is no need to turn your blackberry off, just your lights ;)"

Oh and how is that? Doesn't it take electricity to charge them? Seems to me that hour turned off saves an hour of useage, and therefore saves on electrical charging. Not to mention the drain on the network, RIM's servers etc..

But I get it, turning off your BB wouldn't make you feel good, so it must not be helpful to the planet Earth.:D

Thank god people are waking up to this nonsense!!

For every animal you DONT eat, Im going to eat 3. Oh wait thats the wrong slogan, but somehow still applicable here I think.

For every light you turn off, Im turning on 3!!!