RIM stock up as Vodafone acquisition rumors emerge

By Bla1ze on 5 Oct 2011 06:55 pm EDT
Myself, not being much of stock watcher -- I always find it interesting sometimes to see what causes stock in companies to go up and down. The latest rumors surrounding RIM are that Vodafone may possibly have an interest in a RIM buyout and while the rumor itself is debatable, the more interesting thing here is the effect it appears to of have had on RIMM.

Research In Motion stock rose 14% on the news of these rumors and it's not exactly the first time RIMM has gone up strictly based on acquisition rumors. Some investors have faith in RIM, while others are it seems, hoping someone steps in for an acquisition.

No matter how you look at the situation, the fact people are so fascinated with each and every RIM acquisition rumor that comes out, and the fact their stock either goes up or down depending on whom it is suggested as being the one to take over is interesting to watch. It shows you many people are still interested in RIM and their future as a whole.

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RIM stock up as Vodafone acquisition rumors emerge



but its obviously a sign that RIM has to get their sh*t together with their 'superphones' and QNX OS2 for PB, otherwise its going to happen, with Vodafone or someone else...

and in contrast to all the bad news we have been hearing about RIM for the last month, this is not so bad....

iPhone 4S sucks? Rim, this is your chance to shine!

That's right, they need to take a hard look at the HUGE HUGE mistake that Apple just made, and make sure that they don't follow them. This is a Do or Die situation for RIM. This is their chance to outshine all those MoFo's. Let them know that we are sick and tired of this and we ain't taking nobodies sh*t no more. RIM needs to come out with guns blazing and blasting with the new BBX and top of the line hardware. We need a sh*t load of good apps.

RIM needs to let them know that we are taking what is ours and theirs, and we run this Sh*t ! ! !

Unfortunately Vodafone would do wrong long-term-deal with buyout of RIM's shares. They may become some important shareholder but nothing else. It's not in telecoms' M&A policy to take over RIM (or any other main-stream-player on the smartphones market). Connections between them are only allowed to relate to short-term-strategy (especially in marketing and technology fields), but not in crucial finance matters. Risk is too big that very close relations with one device company would burn bridges towards another.

Vodafone has a market value of 84.40 Billion GBP
Research In Motion has a market value of 11.03 Billion USD

I let you do the math, it was just a rumor I think.

Tuesday's news of iPhone4S was a huge failure by Apple to pull away for good. This is a six month window of opportunity for RIM (and others) to strike back and if f that includes a take over, I'm all for it.

The fact that the stock rises and falls with rumors only shows how intrested people are in RIM and their future. Its a gold mine, they all know it...its just a tad tarnished at the moment.


Yup your right, the new BB with QNX needs to be something out of this world... Apple dropped the ball not putting out an iPhone5 with 4G... If the new BB has 4G, that will put RIM ahead of Apple and drive stocks way up... We will find out in a few weeks...

RIP Steve.....

Wow Jobs death (sad loss of a pioneer) really has just opened the door.

I mean not to be cruel, but I gotta ask this question:

Has the stars aligned for a RIM comeback?

*grieving for the loss of Steve Jobs... Not an Apple guy, but I respect him and his innovations. Apple IIe was my first computer*

(says "Not like this... no not like this")

I feel terrible about Steve jobs passing :( hopefully he was with family and was not watching apple drop the ball with the iphone 4ss

I know Steve Jobs was on the darkside of the phone world. You can't help but be inspired by what he did. A true visionary and as simple as a human being he will be missed. May God grant his family peace in their hearts. We can be so blessed to be as passionate as Jobs.

Even though he could and was battling cancer, his heart couldn't take it when Apple released that %$#$ iphone 4S.

Since I couldn't comment on the Steve Jobs post, I will write it here: RIP Steve Jobs. You revolutionized the world of Technology and although I am a blackberry lover, I still admire your work at Apple and it was great being raised in the iGeneration. The generation YOU created!

Vodafone? Its doesn't make sense does it?

A Carrier that only sells one type of phone? A Carrier that sells all brands but tries to sell you into their own? A Carrier going into battle with Apple? Competing Carriers would drop BlackBerry?

I don't see it working.

On the plus side, we get our RIM Stores!

R.I.P. Steve Jobs, the world lost a great visionary and extraordinary human being.
"Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish." - Steve Jobs

I Agree, I'm a blackberry Guy as well, but I have a lot of respect for Steve Jobs and Apple, they took mobile to the next level for certain, RIP Steve, you're already missed. My 6 year old Loves her Ipad, my wife and 14 year old daughter Love their Iphone 4's just as much. Thanks Steve. What a legacy that will live on

P.S I Love my ipod touch but not as much as my torch and Playbook.

Honestly if the source is BGR I really don't want to hear about it. Confirm with a reliable source first please.

Steve will be missed that is for sure & his family was with him when he died. The family must have known that the end was near for all of them to be there.

God Bless the family

i do think that next year we'll see a rim sale. once the qnx systems are introduced later this month, i would be surprised but not shocked at an acquisitions before the devices hit the stores. most likely it;ll happen after they hit the stores but if i were rim and looking to be bought, i'd sell shortly after devcon while the iron is hot...if it'll be hot at all. let's hope so.

Although I loathe everything Apple I have respect for the man who started it and all he did for the tech world.

Nobody should have to die at such a young age.
RIP Steve Jobs

If this will happen (vodafone-aquisition) I will inflame my BlackBerry and will convert to htc or apple or whatever.... Vodafone (germany) means the same to me like apple to an average BlackBerry addict: you KNOW, that the apple user are fashion-fools with non-hetero tendency... The disadvantage of vodafone germany (in comparison to apple) is the fact of a full living chairmen... Sorry Steve- but in heaven you will be forced to use a BlackBerry- iPhones are gay...and the catholic church has its opinion to this and the german pope is main shareholder of heaven... and as a german I know what germans have done to dissidents in the past- especially the catholics.... :-) I wouldnt be surprised when (after my death) the main-entrance to hell will carry a vodafone-advertising...:-D

RIM is now trading at just 3 times earning and has 4 billion in the bank. To me this stock is a bargain. If the stock stayed at this price and earning stayed the same you'd have your money back in 3 years and still own the stock....there is not much of a down side on buy at this price point.